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9A Unit 5-9B Unit 2 Translation

(2007-06-06 15:06:13)

9A Unit 5

1.  他不仅在美国而且在其他国家也很有名。
He is not only famous in the USA but also in other countries.

2.  她的梦想是当一名成功的舞蹈家。
Her dream is to be a successful dancer.

3.  这位老太太还在为儿子的死伤心/失去儿子而伤心。
The old woman still mourns for her son/mourns the loss of his son.

4.  在她很年轻的时候,她就加入到电影产业中。
She entered the film industry at a very young age.

5.  最新的007电影至今已经吸引了全球百万人进入影院。
The newest 007 film has attracted millions of people all over the world to the cinema.

6.  加入NBA标志着姚明辉煌事业的开端。
Joining NBA marked the beginning of Yao Ming’s successful career.

7.  在她的一生中,她只在一部电视剧中扮演角色。
During her lifetime, she acted in only one TV series.

8.  她想通过向我们展示自然之美来提醒我们应该保护环境。
She wanted to remind us that we should protect the environment by showing us the beauty of nature.

9.  她用余生和UNICEF紧密合作来帮助世界上其他地区的贫困孩子。
She spent the last few years of her life working closely with UNICEF to help needy children in different parts of the world.

10.              她在这个领域里的努力使她获得了许多奖项。
Her efforts in this area earned her a number of awards.

11.              葛优被选定为这部电影的主角。
Ge You was chosen to play the lead role in the film./Ge You was chosen to be the lead role of the film.

12.              不久之后,他因主演了Harry Potter而成名了。
Shortly after, he became famous because he played the lead role of Harry Potter.

13.              爱迪生把他的一生致力于科学。
Edison devoted all his life to science.

14.              当他回到家乡时,他的祖父已去世了。
When he returned to his hometown, his grandfather had passed away.

15.              我喜欢动作片因为它们很刺激。
I like action films because they are very exciting.

16.              他气喘吁吁地跑回学校,因为他把杂志忘在教室里了。
He ran back to school out of breath because he had left her magazine in the classroom.

17.              这本书适合所有年龄段的人看。
The book is suitable for all ages.

18.              这部电影讲述了多年前居住在胡同里的一家人的故事。
This film tells the story of a family that lived in the hutongs many years ago.

19.              由Daniel主演的恐怖片给人,尤其是青少年带来了不好的影响。
The horror film starring Daniel had a bad effect on people, especially teenagers.

20.              巩丽是个天才的演员,她对表演非常有经验。
Gong Li is talented and she is experienced in acting.

21.              截止到去年八月底,我们已经去过澳大利亚十次了。
We had been to Australia ten times by the end of last August.

22.              老师经常提醒我们在离开教室前要关灯。
Teacher often reminds us to turn off the lights before we leave the classroom.

9A Unit 6

23.              “你弟弟为什么穿成那样?”“因为他想做个侦探。”
 “Why is your brother dressed liked that?” “Because he wants to be a detective.”

24.              那个中等身材的男人因谋杀而被通缉。
The man of medium height is wanted for murder.

25.              有人看到他是昨晚8点离开家的。
He was seen leaving home at 8 last night.

26.              警察已经证实受害人是个22岁的电脑程序员。
The police have confirmed that the victim was a 22-year-old computer programmer.

27.              我们正请任何一个昨晚看到异常情况的人联系我们。
We are asking anyone who saw anything unusual last night to contact us.

28.              雨下得太大,因此我们没能出去。
It rained hard, as a result, we couldn’t go out.

29.              士兵奋力抵抗敌人的进攻。
The solders put up a fight against the enemy’s attack.

30.              这个人被控犯有偷窃罪。
The man was charged with stealing.

31.              很可能有不止一个绑架案的目击者。
It is possible that there is more than one witness to the kidnapping.

32.              警察正在核对现场指纹和其他线索,他们将全力破案。
The police are checking the scene for fingerprints and other clues. They will work hard to solve the case.

33.              嫌疑犯有证据证明在案发当时不在现场。
The suspect had evidence to prove that he was at another place at the time of the crime.

34.              昨晚电视上有个姚明的采访。
There was an interview with Yao Ming on TV last night.

35.              我听说那个受害者以前因为电脑犯罪而被捕过。
I heard that the victim was arrested before for computer crimes.

36.              我们的邻居说,如果我们再吵嚷喧哗,他就要向警察投诉。
Our neighbour said he would complain about us to the police if we made any more noise.

37.              你敢晚上一个人出去吗?
Dare you go out alone at night?

38.              她说她第二天将把嫌疑犯的画张贴出去。
She said she would put up the drawing of the suspect the next day.

39.              我想知道是否要出席今天的会议。
I’m wondering whether to attend the meeting or not this afternoon.

40.              除了住在隔壁的人,Tom和邻居相处得很好。
Tom got along with all of his neighbours except the man who lived next door.

41.              别把别人卷入到你的案件中。
Don’t involve other people in your case.

42.              当他得知他儿子有偷窃的犯罪纪录时非常震惊。
He was shocked when he was told that his son had a criminal record for theft.


9B Unit 1

43.              人们想知道在海底生活将会是什么样的。
People want to know what life will be like under the sea.

44.              我原以为你过长城了。
I thought you had been to the Great Wall.

45.              她需要每天吃六颗药片直到康复(recover)。
She needs to take six pills a day until she recovers.

46.              现在也许很难想象,到了2100年,我们将住在火星上。
At the moment, it may be difficult to imagine we will live on the planet Mars by the year 2100.

47.              超市到了周末总是很拥挤。
The supermarket is very crowded at weekends.

48.              目前我们的航天飞机需要花几个月的时间才能把大批的人送上火星。
At present, it takes months to carry large numbers of people to Mars.

49.              人类需要食物、水和空气来生存。
Humans need food, water and air to survive.

50.              这个城市三分之一的土地是农田,五分之三的人是移民。
In this city, one-third of the land is farmlands and three-fifths of the people are settlers.

51.              为了阻止飘浮到太空中,火星上的人得穿特殊的鞋子来使他们重一些。
To prevent floating away into space, humans on Mars have to wear special boots to make themselves heavier.

52.              我们应该阻止孩子在河边玩水。
We should prevent the children from playing water near the river.

53.              这些靴子时装会变得非常时髦,也有很多设计供人挑选。
These boots will become very fashionable and there will be many different designs for people to choose from.

54.              在很多方面,火星上的生活要比地球上的生活好。
Life on Mars will be better than life on Earth in many ways.

55.              很多人认为机器人能做我们的大部分工作,因此我们有更多的时间来从事我们的个人爱好。
Many people believe that robots will do most of our work, so we will have more time for our hobbies.

56.              干粮肯定没有普通的食物美味。
It’s certain that dried food isn’t as tasty as common food.

57.              在电脑的控制下,机器人能做人们不能做的事。
Robots can do what people can’t do under the control of the computers.

58.              我认为氧气罐对宇航员来说是最重要的东西。
I think the air tank is the most important thing for an astronaut.

59.              我们学生正在努力学习使梦想成真。
We students are working hard to make the dream become true.

60.              他看起来愿意考虑一下这个点子。
It seems that he is willing to consider this idea.

61.              我觉得所有我们需要做的事都做了。
I think that everything we need to do is done.


9B Unit 2

62.              我不想听你说的话。
I don’t want to hear what you have to say.

63.              谁是我们班第一个拥有手机的人?
Who is the first person to own the mobile phone in our class?

64.              我们使用电脑以便节省时间。
We use computers in order to save time.

65.              蒋先生不再需要早起来做家务了,而且他还能在床上多睡一个小时。
Mr Jiang no longer needed to get up early to do the housework and he could stay in bed for an extra hour.

66.              小心不要把花瓶撞倒。
Be careful no to knock over the flower vase.

67.              他每天自己洗衣服。
He does the laundry himself every day.

68.              孩子们把厨房弄得一团糟。
The children made a terrible mess in the kitchen.

69.              我的电脑经常感染病毒,带来了很多问题。
My computer often catches a virus and causes a lot of problems.

70.              我相信使用机器人不会给我们的生活带来不良的变化。
I’m sure that using a robot will not bring any bad changes to our life.

71.              Jack一点都不满意他的新车,最终他决定把它归还店里。
Jack wasn’t happy/pleasant/satisfied/contented with his new bike. He decided to return it to the shop in the end.

72.              我的机器人做得看起来像真人。
My robot is made to look just like a real person.

73.              头发能从阳光中吸收能量使机器人充满能力。
The hair can absorb energy from the sun and make my robot full of energy.

74.              如果我们展览第一天就去的话,我们能得到一本免费的杂志。
We get a magazine for free if we go on the first day of the exhibition.

75.              我在你们的清单上选了张中等尺寸的床,但你们寄给了我一张大床。
I chose a medium-sized bed from your list but you sent me a large one.

76.              我不知道我的电脑出了什么问题。
I don’t know what’s wrong with my computer.

77.              很遗憾听到你妈妈生病了。
I’m sorry to hear that your mother is ill.

78.              你只需要把电池放进去来启动机器人。
You only need to put the batteries into it in order to start the robot.

79.              我们希望你会选择试一下新机器。
We hope that you will choose to give the new machine a try.

80.              请回复这封邮件来告诉我们你的决定。
Please tell us what your decision is by replying to this e-mail.


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