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Translation 8B

(2007-06-04 15:27:31)

8B Unit1

1、  自从搬到这里我就认识那位牙医了。

I’ve known the dentist since I moved here.

2、  一小时之前飞机安全降落在机场。

The plane landed safely at the airport an hour ago.

3、  身边有这么多好朋友,我从不感到孤独。

With so many good friends around, I never feel lonely.

4、  他结婚以来就一直住在这里。

He has lived here since he got married.

5、  幸运的是,我们在飞机起飞之前赶到了。

Luckily, we arrived before the plane took off.

6、  尽管李先生70多了,他看上去仍然很健康。

Although Mr Li is over 70, he still looks very healthy.

7、  Jack还没有看过这部电影。

Jack hasn’t seen the film yet.

8、  学生们对苏州的过去与现在了解多少?

How much do the students know about Suzhou’s past and present?

9、  我想知道新公园启用多久了。

I wonder how long the new park has been in service.

10、              我弟弟已经能够独立乘车上学了。

My younger brother has been able to go to school by bys on his own.

11、              祝你假期愉快。

Wish you a happy holiday.

12、              由于这些变化,野生动植物正在失去生存之地。

Wild animals and plants are losing their living areas because of these changes.

13、              早起享受清新空气令人愉快。

It’s pleasant to get up early and enjoy fresh air.

14、              乘坐轻轨去市中心需要40分钟。

It takes forty minutes to go to the city centre by light rail.

15、              旧工厂关闭之前噪音污染是个严重的问题吗?

Was noise pollution a serious problem before the closing of the old factory?


Unit 2

1、  主题乐园里的一切如此美丽以至于我们在里面度过了一整天。

Everything in the theme park was so beautiful that we spent the whole day in it.

2、  你给家人买了什么作纪念品?

What did you buy as souvenirs for your family?

3、  当贝克汉姆走过时,球迷们激动的向他挥手尖叫。

When Beckham walked past, the football fans waved to him and screamed excitedly.

4、  身着色彩缤纷演出服的演员们正随着音乐翩翩起舞。

The performers in colourful costumes are dancing to the music.

5、  这件金色丝织连衣裙与你头上的蝴蝶结十分相配。

The golden silk dress matches well with the bow on your head.

6、  晚餐吃日本料理怎么样?

What about having some Japanese food for dinner?

7、  士兵们冒雨前进。

The soldiers marched in the rain.

8、  电话响起时他们正在花园里拍照。

They were taking photos in the garden when the phone rang.

9、  秋天是游览长城的最佳时节。

Autumn is the beat time for visiting the Great Wall.

10、              农夫们终年在农场上忙碌的劳作着。

Farmers are busy working on the farm all year round.

11、              精彩的音乐会结束时,全体观众起立鼓掌。

When the wonderful concert was over, all the audience stood up and clapped their hands.

12、              我从未见过这么讨人喜欢的孩子。

I’ve never seen such a delightful child.

13、              我表哥参军四年了。

My cousin has been in the army for four years.

14、              请告诉我这个单词是什么意思好吗?

Would you please tell me what the meaning of the word is?

15、              看起来今天完成这项工作是没希望的了。

It seems to be hopeless to finish the work today.


Unit 3

1、  你可以用遥控器开关电视。

You can use the remote control to turn the TV on and off.

2、  他是中国空前受欢迎的电脑游戏的设计者之一。

He is one of the designers of the all-time favourite computer games.

3、  这部小说的主要人物是一个11岁的热爱旅行的男孩。

The main character of the novel is an eleven-year-old boy who lives traveling.

4、  一天辛苦工作之后,他很快睡着了并做了个奇怪的梦。

After a day’s hard work, he fell asleep soon and had a strange dream.

5、  每答对一个问题,你就会得一分。

You’ll earn a point every time you answer a question correctly.

6、  格林先生打算在春节期间带孩子们去一个他们从未去过的地方。

Mr Green is going to take the children to a place they have never visited before.

7、  这个游戏通过测试语法与词汇的知识来帮助你提高英语水平。

The game helps you improve your English by testing your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

8、  电脑肯定是出问题了,因为屏幕上什么也没有。

Something must be wrong with the computer because there’s nothing on the screen.

9、  苏州所有的名胜在地图上都已用亮紫色标出来了。

All the places of interest in Suzhou have been marked in bright purple on the map.

10、              这本教育杂志将会被推荐给我校教师。

The educational magazine will be recommended to all the teachers in our school.

11、              这种太阳镜是目前市面上最好的,已经销售一空。

This kind of sunglasses is the best on the market at present and it has been sold out.

12、              我认为把重要信息储存在硬盘上比较好。

I think it’s better to store important information on the hard disk.

13、              并非所有的塑料袋都对环境无害。

Not all the plastic bags are harmless to the environment.

14、              这门课程涉及许多主题,包括食品和购物。

The course covers many topics, including food and shopping.

15、              我还不习惯在网上订购书籍。

I haven’t been used to ordering books online yet.


Unit 4

1.         我希望我能成为主持人。你如果想成为一名好的主持人的话你必须多练习。

I wish I could be the host. You must practice a lot if you want to be a good host.

2.         我们必须把传单分发出去告诉人们来捐钱。

We should give out leaflets to ask people to donate money.

3.         我不知道我今天怎么了,我总是打破东西。

I don't know what's wrong with me today: I keep breaking things.

4.         我错把盐放进了茶里。嘲笑犯错误的人是不礼貌的。

He put salt in the tea by mistake. It's not polite to laugh at the person who made a mistake.

5.         她的外套正挂在门上。是谁把它挂在那里的?

Her coat is hanging on the door. Who hung it there?

6.         我们再需要两个人来做这项工作吗?不,我们自己能完成。

Do we need another two people to do the work? No, we can finish it on our own.

7.         你愿意和我一起去看电影吗?我的意思是只要你想的话。

Would you like to go to the cinema with me? I mean, only if you want to.

8.         我有一点累。让我稍微休息一下。

I'm a little bit tired. Let me take a short rest.

9.         那晚一切看上去发生地如此之快,现在都结束了。

Everything seemed to happen so fast that night and now it is all over.

10.     最后证实实验成功。

The experiment proved to be a success in the end.

11.     农民们因为失去农田而相当伤心。

The farmers feel rather sad because of the loss of their farmlands.

12.     今后,确保你将准时参加会议。

In future, make sure you will attend the meeting on time.

13.     将来的某个时间,也许居住在地球的人们将会搬到月球上去。

Sometime in the future, maybe people living on the earth will move to the moon.

14.     观众们是如此的激动以致于都迫不及待要和表演者们交谈。

The audience were so excited that they could not wait to talk to the performers.

15.     Ricky直到三个半月前收到组织者的来信才开始致力于慈善表演的工作。

Ricky didn't start working on the charity show until he heard from the organizers three and a half months ago.

Unit 5

1.         根据报道一位老人在他死之前已经把他所有的钱都捐献给了ORBIS。

It is reported that an elderly person had donated all his money to ORBIS before he died.

2.         失明影响着世界上大约四千五百万的人,(他们)大部分在贫穷地区。

Blindness affects about 45 million people around the world, mostly in poor areas.

3.         这药对老人几乎没什么作用。它很难治疗他们的心脏问题。

The medicine has little effect on the old. It can hardly treat their heart problems.

4.         马医生过去常在飞机上给150个病人做手术,是吗?

Dr Ma used to operate on /perform operations on 150 patients on the plane, didn't/usedn't he?

5.         你为这次眼睛手术付了多少钱?我为这次的医疗付了大约6000元。

How much did you pay for this eye operation? I paid about 6000 yuan for this medical treatment.

6.         你家离学校多远?从我家到学校10公里远。

How far is your school (away) from your home? It's 10 kilometers (away) from my home.

7.         我通过收音机听到了一则UNICEF的广告。它是一个致力于改善儿童生活的组织。他们应该能够受到教育。

I heard an advertisement for UNICEF on the radio. It is an organization that works to improve the lives of children. They should be able to get education.

8.         老师以前告诉他的学生太阳东升西落。

The teacher told his students that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west before.

9.         那对父母对那位替他们找到丢了的儿子男警察真的很感激。

The parents are really grateful/ thankful to the policeman who has found their missing/lost boy.

10.     你们能通过募捐或做些志愿工作来帮助那些无家可归者。

You can help those homeless people by making a donation or doing some voluntary work.

11.     这本书一定是某个别人的。但是我不知道是谁留在这里的。

This book must be someone else's. But I don't know who left it here?

12.     乡村新鲜的空气治愈了我的头疼。

The fresh air in the country cured me of my headache.(cure sb of some disease/ cure sb of bad habits)

13.     孩子们突然想到了一个可以成功阻止污染的主意。

The children suddenly came up with an idea to prevent pollution successfully.

14.     阳光,和水一样,是使作物生长所必需的。

Sunshine, as well as water, is needed to make plants grow.

15.     虽然那位著名的舞蹈家得了癌症,但是她决定继续她的事业,就好象什么事也没发生过。

Although the famous dancer had cancer, she decided to carry on with her career as if nothing had happened.


Unit 6

1.       我正在为慈善行走训练。它是项募集资金的事情,对于支持慈善事业是有意义的。

I'm training for the charity walk. It's a fund-raising event. It's meaningful to support charities.

2.       这食物花了我至少8个美圆,但它最多值2个美圆。

The food cost me at least 8 dollars, but it is worth at most 2 dollars.

3.       你们愿意尽你们最大的努力来帮助需要帮助的人们吗?

Are you willing to try your best to help people in need?

4.       昨夜月光通过窗户明亮地照了进来。

The moon shone brightly in through the windows last night.

5.       给我拿个急救箱来好吗?我想它将会有用。

Bring me a first-aid box, will you? I think it'll be useful.

6.       我们必须多关注残疾人,聋哑人。

We must pay more attention to the disabled, the blind and the deaf people.

7.       乐施会毅行者活动什么时候举行?它自从1981年来每年在11月举行。

When does Oxfam Trailwalker take place? It is held in November every year since 1981.

8.       首先你得填张能从学校网站下载的申请表。

First you have to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from the school website.

9.       你参军多久了?十年了。我是1997年参军的。

How long have you been in the army? Ten years. I joined the army in 1997.

10.    后援队伍将在艰苦的步行中给我们提供食物和饮料。

The support team will provide us with food and drinks/provide food and drinks for us during the tough walk.

11.    我可以借你最喜欢的CD吗?当然可以。我借给你。但是你只能借一天。

May I borrow your favourite CD? Sure. I'll lend it to you. But you can only keep it for one day.

12.    当心,尤其是当穿过街道的时候。

Be careful, especially when walking across/crossing the street.

13.    这是我读过的最好的书。我在两天的时间里就读完了。

This is the best book that I have ever read. I finished reading it within 2 days.

14.    南山在阳光街以南五公里的河边。在去那里的路上,我们陶醉于乡村的美景。

South Hill is 5 km south of Sunny Street by the lake. On the way there, we enjoyed the beautiful view of the country.

15.    最好的是鸟儿能被听见在歌唱。今早在我经过图书馆的时候我听见它们正在唱歌。

Best of all, the birds can be heard to sing. I heard them singing this morning when I was walking past the library.




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