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(2008-02-13 15:05:01)




  The room was completely silent. Dumbledore's eyes passed over Sirius Black, who tried his best not to notice the disappointment there. Next, he moved on to James Potter, whose gaze did not waiver, and justly so, for the boy was a hero. Finally he focused his glance on Severus Snape, whose eyes remained on the floor. His dark hair had created a curtain, but did nothing to hide the dry blood on his lip. Even in the warm office the boy was shaking.房间内很安静.邓布利多看了一眼小天狼星布莱克,小天狼星试图不去在意这儿失望的气息。然后转向詹姆波特,在他的眼睛里看不出来,事实上也不是,这个男孩是个英雄。最后他目光集中在西弗勒斯斯内普身上,斯内普的眼睛依旧看着地板。他的黑色头发已经理短了,但是没有什么能掩盖住他嘴唇上已经干了的血迹。

“Professor...” the silence was broken. Dumbledore's sad eyes moved back to Sirius.“I didn't- I never meant for him to get hurt sir.”Dumbledore nodded solemnly, expecting Severus to have denied that statement, but the young Slytherin remained silent."教授..."安静被打破。邓不利多悲伤的眼睛转向小天狼星。 “我没有--我从来没有伤害他的意思,先生。”邓布利多严肃地点点头,希望西弗勒斯会否认这句话,但是这位年轻的斯莱特林依旧保持沉默。

“I know that, Mr. Black. However, whatever your intentions may have been change nothing Sirius gulped and nodded.”“I think, however, before we discuss punishment, we must discuss awards.” He turned his attention to James.“Mr. Potter, you made a decision tonight that showcased the best of Gryffindor nobility and bravery. You have a history of enmity with Mr. Snape and yet you still risked your own life to save him. Fifty points to Gryffindor, and you are dismissed.”“我知道,布莱克先生。然而,无论你的意图是什么这都能够转变为没有事情发生。”小天狼星僵硬地点点头。.“我认为,在我们讨论惩罚之前,我们必须要讨论一下把奖励。”他把注意力转向詹姆。  “波特先生,决定授予你格兰芬多最崇高思想和最勇敢行为的奖励。你和斯内普先生有过敌对的历史,然而你仍然舍弃自己的生命去救他。格兰芬多50分,你可以离开了。”

James stood from his seat, obviously shocked. He bowed his head slightly to Dumbledore and gave Sirius a small, comforting squeeze of his shoulder before leaving. The Headmaster sighed softly, shaking his head. “Sirius, what could you possibly have been thinking?”詹姆从他的椅子上站起来,明显有些吃惊。他有礼貌地向邓布利多点点头,然后给小天狼星一个微笑。离开前放松地耸耸肩。校长轻轻地叹了口气,摇摇头。“小天狼星,你当时想了些什么?”

Sirius opened his mouth, and then closed it, and remained silent for a long moment. “I don't know sir,” he said finally. “It was just supposed to be a small joke. No one was supposed to be hurt. I... I'm just glad James figured out what I'd done, because I wouldn't have made it there in time.” He fell silent once again. “I suppose I wasn't thinking sir. I never stopped to think that I could have made my own best friend into a murderer.” His eyes widened for a moment. “I didn't even realize I'd be sharing his secret with one of our biggest enemies,” he said quietly, risking a glance over at Snape.小天狼星张开口,然后合上,继续沉默了了好一会儿。“我不知道先生,”他最后说,“那只是一个小玩笑。没有人想被伤害。我...我很高兴詹姆猜出了我要做什么,因为我没有考虑到这么多。”他又一次沉默。“我想我没有考虑到,先生。我一直没有停止思考过我可能会使我自己最好的朋友成为杀人犯。”他的眼睛睁大了一灰。“我甚至从来没有意识到我在把他的秘密传达给一个我们最大的敌人。”他迅速地说,警惕地看着斯内普。

“One of your biggest enemies,” Severus mumbled quietly, without looking up. The look of confusion on Sirius's face would have been funny, had the moment not been so serious. Dumbledore took notice immediately.“So it seems Mr. Black you were unaware of the friendship Severus and Remus seemed to have formed.”“一个你们最大的敌人,”西弗勒斯喃喃地说,没有抬起头。小天狼星脸上混乱的表情很有趣,有那么一会似乎不那么严肃了。邓布利多立即注意起来。“这么看来布莱克先生你并不了解西弗勒斯和莱姆斯看起来已经建立的友谊。”

Sirius narrowed his eyes at Snape before a sort of realization came over him. It all made sense now. Snape had been so quiet... Everyone had been expecting him to beg for Sirius to be expelled, and yet he'd stayed mostly silent... “You knew,” he said quietly. “You knew he was werewolf, didn't you?”小天狼星的眼睛盯着斯内普,突然明白了点什么。这都被判断了出来。斯内普这么沉默...每个人都希望他请求小天狼星被开除,可是他居然那么沉默...“你知道了,”他低声说:“你已经知道了他是一个狼人,是吗?”

Severus stayed completely silent. And his silence was just as good of an admission.西弗勒斯依旧沉默。他的沉默恰恰代表着默认。

“May I please be excused, sir?” the Slytherin asked, his voice barely a whisper. Dumbledore watched him with sad eyes for a moment.“我会被原谅吗,先生?”这个斯莱特林问,他的声音接近耳语。邓布利多用悲伤的眼睛看了他一会儿。

“You may, Severus.” Without looking up, Snape stood and quietly left the office, leaving only Sirius and the Headmaster.“你会的,西弗勒斯。”没有再说什么,斯内普站起来很快地离开了这间办公室,只留下小天狼星和校长两个人。

“He knew,” Sirius said once again, mostly to himself before he looked up at Dumbledore. “But why... Why would he go straight to a werewolf if he knew, Professor? Did he want to...” his voice drifted off as he answered his own question. Severus Snape had wanted to die.“他知道了,”小天狼星又说了一遍,好象是给自己说的,然后他抬起头看着邓布利多。“但是为什么...如果他已经知道了那么为什么他要面对一个狼人?难道他想...”他的声音低了下来,像是回答自己的提问。西弗勒斯斯内普想死。

“Professor Snape?” Harry's voice was soft, timid. Snape didn't bother to look up from his desk, covered with rolls of parchment.“斯内普教授?”哈利胆怯地喊到,声音很柔软。斯内普没有从他被羊皮纸卷轴覆盖的桌子上移开注意力。

“Mr. Potter, your first detention isn't until tomorrow morning. You've no reason to be here now .”He paused. “If you're here with the intention of begging for your detention to be rescheduled, you've wasted your time. I will make no allowances.” He looked up, his gaze cold and hard. “Not even for the Quidditch game.”“波特先生,你的第一次禁闭没有持续到明天早晨。你现在没有理由待在着儿。”他中断了一下。“如果你在这儿是为了取得原谅为了取消对你你的禁闭,那么你是在浪费时间。我不会有任何宽容。”他抬起头,眼睛冷漠无情。“哪怕是因为魁地奇比赛。”

Harry swallowed, trying not to avert his eyes and finding it impossible. “No, sir,” he barely whispered. “I came... I came to ask you how Dra- Malfoy is doing.” For a split second, the utter contempt in Snape's eyes seemed to waiver.哈利咽了口气,试着不把自己的目光转移开,但是他发现那很难。“不是的,先生。”他几乎是在说耳语。“我来...我来是问了问您德拉科马尔福是怎么做的。”漫长的一秒钟,斯内普的眼睛里毫不掩饰流露出蔑视。


   累死我了,~~用了接近一个小时时间居然才翻译那么一点点~不行!     回学校后一定要加强英语学习!                                                       

“Mr. Malfoy is spending his last night in the infirmary right now, Potter.” He looked back down to the assignments, shifting through them busily as though he didn't know where else to focus his gaze. “There will be some minor scarring, mostly on his chest. His face seems to have healed well.”

Harry didn't say anything. The room remained silent for what seemed like an eternity. “Was there anything else, Mr. Potter? Perhaps you wished to tell me how it is you really happened upon that curse?” Harry's throat went dry.

“I... I told you sir. I don't remember which book...” his voice trailed off.

“I understand I'm not your favorite teacher, Mr. Potter. But I still don't appreciate being lied to. Especially when one of my own students has been placed in mortal danger.” He peered up through his lanky hair, a black eyebrow raised at the shock on Harry's face. “Yes, Potter. Mortal danger. Had I not arrived to administer the counter just in time, Draco Malfoy would have bled to death.”

“Sir? If you knew the counter curse... You must've read the same book I did. Right?” Harry's voice held no accusation, just pure curiosity.

“If all you came for was to inquire about Mr. Malfoy, I'd ask you...kindly to leave now.” Harry remained for a minute or so after, but upon realizing Snape wasn't going to say anything else, he turned and left.

Dumbledore listened intently, nodding every now and then as the doctor from St. Mungo's fed him a summary of his “session” with Severus. His blue eyes remained on the young boy, sitting awkwardly on the white cot, his eyes focused on his hands.

“Severus.” With a small sigh, Snape looked up at Dumbledore, noticing the doctor exit out of the corner of his eye. “I hope you understand that given the... circumstances, I was required to make sure he spoke with you.” Snape nodded. “He tells me you're feeling better?”

Reluctantly, Snape nodded. “I am,” he answered quietly. “May I go back to the dormitories, sir?”

“Not quite yet, Mr. Snape. There is something else we must discuss.” Severus said nothing, choosing only to look up at the Headmaster. “Last night, one of the elves found a letter you'd left on your bed.” Snape averted his eyes almost immediately as Dumbledore handed him the familiar parchment. Snape's eyes stayed on the letter as Dumbledore continued.

“I... wanted to make sure no one would be...” Severus tried to explain, but his voice failed him."我...想确定没有人会..."西弗勒斯竭力解释,但是他的声音背叛了他.

“I understand Severus. This letter explains nothing of the reason you made the choice you did, but I think I may have a feeling... Please Severus. You are a brilliant child; Do not be so quick to believe what others tell you. Follow what you believe.” Dumbledore fell quiet. When it appeared Snape would not reply, he sighed softly, and turned toward the door."我明白西弗勒斯.这封信

“If you ever wish to speak with me about anything Severus, anything, do not be afraid.”

Severus was left alone in the infirmary for only a few brief moments. He didn't bother to look up as the door opened once again, figuring it would be Madam Pomfrey or that ridiculous “doctor” from St. Mungo's once again. A minute or two passed in complete silence before Severus finally looked up.

“What are you doing here?” he asked immediately, though too exhausted to sneer as usual. Sirius stood quite awkwardly, halfway toward the cot, and a few steps away from the door.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Sirius's voice was quiet. Snape watched him wearily as he stood mostly still, shuffling his feet stupidly.

“I'm alive,” Snape shrugged, having given up for the day on being cold as he usually was. Sirius winced at his words. He sighed inwardly to himself before taking a few steps to the cot where the Slytherin sat.

“Snape I... I wanted to apologize...”

“You've no need to. It was my own choice.” He paused. “After the past few years, did you honestly believe I'd just follow your instructions to that damn tree, without suspicion?”

“Not... Not just for that.” He chewed the inside of his cheek. “For everything. The past five years.” Snape rolled his eyes at that, turning away from Sirius to glance out the window.

“As I said before, you've no need to apologize for that either. Don't worry, your conscience is clear. Not even the worst of your little games these past five years had anything to do with what I was trying to accomplish last night.”

Sirius stared at him, mouth slightly gaping. “Snape... you were trying to get yourself purposely killed last night.” Snape shrugged, not looking at him. “Are you crazy?”

With a wry smile, Severus turned to him. “Would you believe me if I said no?” Sirius looked down at the floor. “You can leave now, you know. I'm sure Dumbledore is satisfied with your apology.”

Black shook his head, his clear grey eyes meeting Snape's cold, black stare. “Dumbledore didn't make me do this, Snape. I told you. I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“And now you've seen. Goodbye.”

Sirius ran a hand through his hair, looking frustrated. He closed the distance between he and Snape and sat down beside him on the cot, ignoring the shocked expression on Snape's face. “Do you always have to be so difficult?” He seemed to notice for the first time the parchment laid on Snape's lap. “Is that...?” Snape nodded wordlessly. He noticed Sirius staring at it for a few moments. Sighing, he tossed it over to him.

“Go on, read it. Satisfy your morbid curiosity. Maybe it'll help you plan your next great prank.” Sirius just looked over at him, his eyebrows raised.

“I'm not that cruel,” he mumbled, averting his eyes toward the parchment. He scanned over the letter once, and then a second time. “You sound very adamant about no one else being blamed.”

“I may not like you Black, but did you honestly think I'd let you be expelled or thrown into Azkaban for a murder you didn't commit? And Remus... He'd be put to death.” Snape paused. “Though that's probably what you deserve. Had I been a complete idiot in following your instructions, I would've been killed. And had that not been my actual intention, you'd be in quite a bit of trouble right now.”

“I know that,” Sirius said quietly. “But I honestly wasn't trying to get you hurt Snape. I guess I was just trying to scare you.” He sighed. “I thought I'd be able to stop you before yo got into the tunnel, but I got caught up. James was trying to talk to me and I told him what I'd done so he'd shut up and let me get to you. He came with me and as soon as we got outside we both transformed, and he got to you just in time...” Suddenly Sirius looked up from the letter. “How could you do that, Snape? I don't understand how, but Dumbledore said you and Remus are friends, and you were going to let him kill you? Do you have any idea of the guilt he would face?”

Almost immediately, the atmosphere changed and the familiar hatred returned. “First of all, Remus wouldn't have killed me, there werewolf would have. They aren't the same person. Secondly, what if I hadn't wanted to die, and was killed anyway? Do you have any idea how Remus would feel? Being used in his other state just for an 'innocent' prank?”

“I... didn't think of that,” Sirius admitted.

“Seems to be a trend with you.”

The infirmary remained silent for a few moments.

“Snape? Why do you want to die so much?” he asked point blank, feeling that beating around the bush with this boy was not necessary.

“There,” he paused and continued on slowly, as if considering every word, “seems no point in me living,” he said finally.


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