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Sarah Brightman最近在官网论坛发的帖子

(2009-12-31 10:24:24)


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Sarah <wbr>Brightman最近在官网论坛发的帖子

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Post Hi everybody!


Hi everyone,

Now that the Latin American tour is over, I have a few days off, so I wanted to stop in say "hi" to everyone here!

Looking back on the tour, I feel that it went amazingly well. What was nice for me was that I was able to showcase 25 years of my career in a 2-hour evening, instead of focusing on the theme of just one album. So everybody got a bit of everything.

We set the tour up just for Latin America, so that we would be able to bring it to as many fans in as many countries as possible... many of whom have never see me live in concert before. It was just me with an orchestra, a choir and a band. We didn't have huge sets but it was entertaining all the same. The audiences were extremely appreciative and warm. What is lovely for me is that when I met the fans, they shared their thoughts, their well wishes, presents. I'm very appreciative of it all, and I definitely hope to visit again.

I found touring in Latin America exciting, because I hadn't really been to many of the countries on this tour... apart from Mexico and Brazil. As an intrepid traveler, I found it all fun and informative, even though I wasn't able to do as much sightseeing as I would have liked.

I'm always work-oriented on tour, as I should be, as people are expecting the best. Most of my brain is focused on work, so even when I have two days off, I'm worried to let too much go as I'd have to gear myself up for the next performance. But I did go out for meals to restaurants, to try the food, the local beer and wine. And obviously, I met a lot of people at the shows, which helped me get a flavour of the areas.

Overall, 2009 has been an amazing year. It began with the Symphony Tour in the East, which I also enjoyed tremendously. This was followed by preparations for a movie which I later shot in Scotland. The character I play is a fiesty one, so I spent a lot of time preparing for it... working with coaches in New York and elsewhere. And then I did various recordings for Japan, followed by preparations for the Latin American tour, and the tour itself... which brings me up to this point.
纵观2009,真是绚丽缤纷的一年。年初同样让我津津乐道的Symphony亚洲巡回,之后在苏格兰拍摄的电影。我扮演的角色非常棒,我花了好多时间准备。还有在纽约和教练们以及在其他地方度过的时光。之后我在日本发行了精选唱片(指AMLFI),还有录音了新歌(Stand Alone)。再然后,我就开始着手准备刚刚结束的拉美巡演了。

Looking ahead, I've got some very exciting projects, which are based on something quite different and unexpected. I cannot talk much about it at the moment, but it will be announced when the time is right. It's actually a dream come true for me, and involves huge amounts of creativity, so I'm really looking forward to the next 18 months!

I know I haven't been in touch very much here on this forum. I do appreciate everyone bearing with me on this. It's mainly because I've been through quite a lot of emotional turmoil... which seems to be very much a part of my life. But I finally got through it!

I'm very aware of all the conversations and worries that everyone has. It's wonderful that you're all here, listening to my music, saying "hi" to me, and keeping in touch with Siew May. I want you to know that I am familiar with all your news, so thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I hope you enjoy watching my next chapter, because I think you'll find it very interesting and exciting!
我了解大家在这里的对话,大家的担心。你们在这里,听我的音乐,对我说“Hi”,和Siew May保持联系,非常好!我想让你们知道我了解你们在这里的所有消息,感谢你们在这里分享你们的想法。我希望你们在我的下一个篇章得到乐趣,因为我想你们会在其中得到乐趣感到激动的!
Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:38 am

Sarah <wbr>Brightman最近在官网论坛发的帖子



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