Top executives 高级管理人员

They all started from the basics.

You did step up. 你确实有进步。

Eliminate a person. 淘汰一个人

I want to select it randomly. 随机的选择。

Let’s open to the discussion.

You can see the whole layout… 整个布局

Swing for fences. 跳出框框套套

Failure is not your option.

Don’t negotiate with underlings. =subordinate 下属

There is some tension between you. 火药味,关系紧张。

People tossed them. 扔掉

Capture people’s eyes. 吸引眼球

That is what I do day in and day out.

Let me guarantee you.

I past out. 我晕过去了。

I have nothing else to do but to …

You are emotionally unstable. 你情绪不稳定

They strategize to …. 他们想方设法。。。

may I have a chance to defend myself? 为我自己辩护?

S hut up and stay out of my face. 从我面前消失。

I don’t like to keep anything inside. 我不喜欢把什么事情都憋在心里。

That is very immature. 非常不成熟。

You speak over me. 打断我的说话 interrupt

One thing I don’t like to work with women is…..

One advantage men have is that they can yell, scream, get it over with moving on.

Mediate 中止调停

One of my big concerns is mediating the conflict.

That would be fake. 虚伪

I get along with everybody. 处的来

What we can do to get rid off problems?

Negotiation is a very, very delicate art. 微妙的艺术

Some time you have to be tough, some time you have to be the sweetest pie. 甜言蜜语

It’s not nearly learned, it is almost innate. It is on the genes. 天生的

We have to say something more than anything else---negotiation, something we are very familiar with.

These guys do for a living is negotiation. 以。。为生

do you have a pen handy? 你手上有笔吗?

Just in case for they get lost. 以防他们迷路了。

We are on the thing. 我们同病相怜。

I saw right through him.

That is one of the biggest moments of my life that I shake that man’s hand.

I was impressed by… 被。。。感动

We have fixed price. 固定价格

How about cut 10%, you are making money. 你亏不了的。

We got the deal. 我们成交

Don’t stress out. 不要有压力

The plan didn’t implemented. 完成

There are a lot of margins there. 利润

We can call it a tonight now.

We can call it a day now. 完工了 收工了