I am the largest real estate developer. 最大的房地产开发商

Casinos  赌场 Private resorts 私人度假胜地

I am billions dollars in debt. 贷款

I work all these out. 我都解决了

My company is bigger than it ever was.

I turn it Into the highest quality brand. 高档名牌

As a master I want to pass along my knowledge to some people else. 传授

They come from all works of life. 他们来自个行各业

Others are self-made …. 白手起家

Some have high school diploma. 高学历

It would be the dream work of life time.

Right on the fifth avenue. 第五大道

They will be divited into 2 groups.

My disabled sister. 残疾的   Let’s get started 我们开始吧

Attending a top business school gives you advantage. 上了顶级的商业学校会使你很有优势

There will be one business task to accomplish. 完成

Vendor. 小贩    I will ask you to be a street vendor.

All of you should be complimented.

Organization is my skill organizing and motivating people

it is corny. 太老套了

I will push for that. I will fight for that. 我回争取的

It is not appropriate to wear a tie.

Stock exchange 证券交易市场 securities

QQ is very emotional. 太情绪化了 she is not a good leader.

You have to focus on the task and keep you emotion out of it. 不要感情用事

She is totally irrational right now. 没有理性的不合逻辑的荒谬的

I am really concerned. 我很担心

The success of business doesn’t focus only on individual contribution but work on the team well.


Freezing lemon… 冰镇的。。。

High volume. 高音量

I am sort of lost you here. 我有点搞不懂你了

400% profits 4 倍的利润    They beat you. 打败你们了

Everything you saw is breathtaking. 惊心动魄的 惊人的

I don’t think there is not any deny. 没有反对

I don’t know what is her valuating. 评价。

Hustle 动词 摧赶 hustler

Stop hustling me. I am already a hustler. 性格急躁的人

That is a bad move. 这是不好的行为 动作等    Delegate 代表 名词

You are very inconsistent in the process. 上下不一致

Selective she is a selective leader. 偏袒的

Is this because QQ is going over the edge? 走极端

You will go back momentarily. 待会儿回来

He is a risk taker.