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涉世之初 STEPPING INTO THE SOCIETY(摘自朋友的博客,有志之士共免之)

(2007-11-30 16:45:33)


How to avoid making detour when stepping into the society and start your enterprise with a good beginning? The following 10 pieces of advice accumulated by forthgoers are helpful to you. Please remember and follow these pieces of advice and suggestion, which are as important as what you've learnt in class.

1. 买个闹钟,以便按时叫醒你。
1. Buy yourself an alarm clock to wake you up on time.

Overage Sleeping and unpunctual habit will make a stumbling block on your work and career at any time. You need learn not only how to be punctual, but also ahead of schedule. For example, when you travel to some place, the landscape on the roadside is so atrractive and you can't help getting off the vehicle to have a look, so you will be late even when you finally get the destination. The alarm clock is a simple singal and  prompt, and how to use the time neatly needs everyone's consideration.

2. 如果你不喜欢现在的工作,要么辞职不干,要么就闭嘴不言。
2. If you don't like you present job, resign it at once, otherwise shut up please.

People firstly touch the world always with geart ambition, who don't wanna do littile affairs while can't handle big ones in another hand. Don't form a habit of being choosy. You can't bother on bringing umbrela in rainy day, while fearing of caughted in rain without a umbrela. You can't complain everywhere. Remember, once you decide to do, just do you best.

3. 每个人都有孤独的时候。
3. Everyone feels lonely sometimes.

When learned how tolerant loneliness, you become mature. Young people like laughing and joking. When got into a unknown environment, you always don't know what to do, even haven't anybody to talking with. At this time, you should calm down and can't be blundering, just learn how to tolerant the loneliness. Try to  think in loneliness, get mature in thinking and sublimate in maturity. Don't be rattled because of loneliness, or wasting your time doing helpless things.

4. 走运时要做好倒霉的准备。
4. Get ready about bad luck when you feel lucky.

One day, a fox walked near to a grape garden, and saw arractive dilicious grapes. But the barrier turned it back. So the fox fasted for three days, and got very slim so it could came into the garden and engorged. But when it planned to leave the garden with satisfation, it eated so much that it can't get through the barrier. No one wants to be such a fox. The leeway is also very important. Get food with you even full, and get umbrela with you even it's sunny.  Accumulate enough and you will get successful. Something looks worthy nothing today, but it's price may rise up hundred of times one day.

5. 不要像玻璃那样脆弱。
5. Don't be so frail as glass.

Someones stare at himself, so he can't look far; blaming everyone and everything will make others disgusted. Don't be so frail as glass, but as transparent as crystal, as shiny as sun, as tough as calyx canthus. If you planned to open the eyes and enjoy the cool brought by the wind, please don't complain the sand in the wind.

6. 管住自己的嘴巴。
6. Get your mouth in control.

Don't talk about yourself, especially don't talk about otheres. Talking about yourself will make you proud, and get lost in overstate. Talking about others will make your trapped in ravelment by trifiles. It's not good thing drinking and chatting with your colleague after work because you will comment on your colleagues and friends during the time. I'ts not good commenting on others in private, especially on others' disadvantages, which will debase your moral quality.

7. 机会从不会“失掉”,你失掉了,自有别人会得到。
7. Chances won't be lost. If you lose a chance, other people will get it.

Fate won't help you. Don't just stay in waiting for chance. Chances only means to people who get ready and good at catching it. Properly when you are regretting and complaining for losing a chance, the chance just is caught by the hapless guy in opposite to you. If you haven't a chance, you should try to creat a chance; when there is a chance, try to catch it dexterously.

8. 若电话老是不响,你该打出去。
8. If your phone hasn't ringed for a long while, you should phone to someone.

Phone often brings you unexpected good luck, so it's not a kind of furnishings like a jardiniere. Don't forget your old friends you make a new friend. Initiative means good communication. Good popularity and praise will help you a lot on your enterprise.

9. 千万不要因为自己已经到了结婚年龄而草率结婚。
9. Don't get married curtly even if you get the age.

If you wanna get married, you and your partner should love each other and will help each other. Don't regard love as game, or get your work delayed by love, further more, don't be barriered by a curt and frustrated marrige. Your will spoil the ship for a halfpennyworth of tar if you swayed by your emotions.

10. 写出你一生要做的事情,把单子放在皮夹里,经常拿出来看。
10. Write down on a paper what you want to do in your life. Put it in your wallet and check it frequently.

People should have goals, plans, remind and pressure. Littile golas joined together will make you a huge goal of your whole life. When life become comfortable and environment become improved, please don't forget your thin paper in your wallet


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