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(2008-10-26 19:11:06)


分类: 上师心髓
1、我们要批评什么人,看一清二楚再讲,看一清二楚以后,任何人都不敢批评了,知道都是因果、业障、演戏,没什么很严肃。Before criticizing others,we must see through the entire cause and effect. But then, after we see through it, we dare not make any criticism because then we understand that everything is only the perfomance of causality,of karma. of play; nothing serious. 


2、什么人都好,都是情况造成的。Everyone is good. Only the circumstances make the difference.



We ourselves must be sincere,diligent,endeavoring; never should we forget the Buddha's power within ourselves.We should always pray to it to help us.We call this power Buddha or God, which is our Real Self.



We live in this world, but we should not be attached to it. We need to know that everything in this world is trouble and to keep our mind in the supreme teaching,just like lotus flowers in a muddy lake without being contaminated. 


5、如果有什么问题,多打坐就会没有。If you encounter problems, just try to meditate more and they will be gone.


6、丑陋的东西有时候也有它的美,如果我们用比较开悟的眼睛看,任何东西都有它的美。Ugly things can be charming sometimes. In the eyes of the enlightened, everything has its own beauty.


7、每个人都是佛菩萨,有可能他们还不了解自己是佛菩萨;但我们还是要尊重他们,对待他们就像对待自己一样;既严格又包容,既疼爱又不执着。Everyone is Buddha. It is possible that they may not realize it. We should still respect them and treat them like ourselves. Be strict with tolerance and be loving with detachment.



The more hoard for ourselves, the more we lose; and the more we give, the more we gain.



Nobody but the person himself can carry out his spiritual practice, light the lamp and walk the way.


10、不是佛不想度众生,是众生不想度自己。It is not that Buddha does not wish to liberate sentient beings. It is that sentient beings do not wish to liberate themselves.



Aspiritual practitioner becomes more and more ordinary; it is best if no one knows that we are practicing.



The best way to change ourselves is to communicate with our God Power inside, and then let that God Power change us.


13、宁可伤害自己,也不伤害别人。Rather hurt oneself, but never hurt others!



If we really love someone, we would love him the same, even if he made mistakes.


15、天堂、地狱都是我们自己造的。Heaven or hell,they are all created by ourselves.



Helping others to attain liberation, and helping others to know the 'True Path" are the highest forms of help we can give; they also bring the highest form of merit.


17、并不是我们没有痛苦、快乐,只是我们不管它而已。快乐就是因为我们自己不变,任何情况我们都保持一样。It is not that we do not have misery or happiness. It is just that we do not care about them.  Thus, we are at ease. Happiness comes when we ourselves do not change; when we remain the same under any circumstances.


18、不管做什么事,心很安就知道是对的,心不安就不要做。No matter what you do , as long as your mind is at ease, you know that you have done the right thing. Otherwise, you should not do it.


19、我们静下来的时候,很多事情的答案会出现。When our mind is still, all the answers to our problems will be revealed.



The most comfortable feeling comes when we lay everything down.


21、我们的心想什么目标,我们会得到那个目标。We shall attain whatever goal we set in our mind.


22、工作是为了训练自己,为了爱心贡献,为了报答世界的恩义。We work in order to train ourselves,to become more compassionate and to repay the debt we owe to this world.


23、修改自己就是修改世界。Repairing and changing ourselves is the same as repairing and changing the world.


24、爱干净也是一种布施,因为给旁边的人舒服的感觉。Cleanliness is kind of giving charity because it gives surrounding people a pleasant feeling.



It is not important whether you are a monk or not.The important thing is that our mind is liberated and wisdom is opened so that we can help the world.



Our heart, body speech and mind are joyous and open and we feel that way because we sacrifice for others and because we practice for our own liberation. This is the true spirit of monkhood.


27、应该找到自己内边的爱力以后,才能够真正的爱人。We have to find our love and compassion within us before we can truly love others.


28、如果我们拿人家财产,等于我们拿人家业障一样。If we are greedy about other's property, it is the same as taking their karmic hindrances.



Master Is Wisdoom, Love and Power. You cannot use space to keep Her away and you cannot use any distance to be separated from Her.



Do not flatter and thus poison each other causing other people's level to fall. This is crating karmiv hindrance.


31、我们如果相信上帝的话,任何时候都不会抱怨。If we truly believe in God Almighty then we would not complain under any circumstances.



Our bodies need food to keep us healthy. Our souls depend on love to grow.


33、不能喜欢任何东西,一喜欢我们就执着在那里,我们应该心无挂碍。We should not like or desire anything of this world.If we do then we would cling on to it. Our hearts should not be attached to anything.


34、即使我们懂得要和上帝同一体,不过还是要自己体验才行。Even though we know we want to become one with God, we still need to experience it by ourselves.


35、“道”不是用知识能够分析的,“道”是里面的悟解。The Tao cannot be analyzed with knowledge; the Tao is an inner understanding and an internal realization.


36、要听内在真正的本人,自然的反应就不会错。You can never be wronng, If you listen to the natural responses of your inner Real Self.


37、里面如果没有风波,外面就不会有风波。If you didn't have any turbulence in your heart, there wouldn't be any turbulence outside.



We should do things without any low-motive in mind. It applies to any job.Unconditional devotion is the best.


39、上帝用我们在哪个地方都好,我们安份在那边就好。God Almighty put us at any place,then that place is just fine. We should feel contented at that very location.


40、随时保持警觉心, 做事要独立、合逻辑、合自己的良心。We have to be on the look-out at time. When we do something, we have to be independet, logical and with clear conscience.


41、我们做工作应该做到完美,不给人家抱怨、烦恼,那个才好。We should strive for perfection in whatever work we do, so that we don't give others any reasons to complain or worry.


42、一旦我们开悟了,每件事都会变得简单。我们会想得快、做得快,会在适当时机做正确的反应,那就是成功的要诀。If we are enlightened,all things will become easy.We think fast; we do things quickly; we react precisely at the apprropriate moment.and that's the key of success.


43、对人诚信是我们保护自己尊严及良知的最佳保障,也是最好的方法。To be honest with other people is the best protection for our dingnity and our conscience. it's the best way for us.


44、事实上没有所谓定命,就是我们修行不够而已。Actually,there is no such thing as fate. it's just a matter of having not done enough spiritual practice.


45、没有什么方式比“爱心”和“谦卑心”更好和别人沟通了。Here is nothing better than love and humility in establishing mutual understanding with others.



We must never forget God, we'll have everything because everything comes from God.



We must be trained under the circumstance of pain, injustice and misery. As we make a breakthrough, we will truly be liberated. 


48、有慈悲心,但不因此而骄慢;布施,但不求功德回报。We have compassion, but no arrogance arises from it; we give, but no return of favor is ever sought.


49、我们的心应该跟小孩一样,很单纯、很简单接受加持,这样才能够很快进步。Like a child, we must keep our kearts pure and open to receive(Blessing), so that we might progress quickly.


50、如果我们还不能感觉到别人的痛苦,还不能了解别人的心情,我们还离道很远。If we still do not have empathy with the suffering of others, or the capacity to understand the feeling of others, then we are still far from the Tao.


51、这个世界都是柔赢刚的,愈没有力量、愈无形、愈柔软,力量愈大。Gentleness always defeats toughness in this world; the more tender,formless or supple,the greater the power.


52、当我们被情况逼迫时,我们才知道我们有智慧,这就是修行的结果。When we are pushed into a situation, we realize (our wisdom) the fruit of our practice.



What is meant by "enduring insults"? It means to be able to see clearly, in whatever situation, that it is our own karma, and not other's fault.


54、一个人的好坏是看他的目的和他的心,不是看他的行动。Whether a person is good or bad should only be judged by his purpose and intention, and not his actions.


55、公理很好,不过爱力才是最好。Justice is good, but love is the best.


56、拥有什么并不重要,能否知足才重要,任何情况都能满足,就不会有问题。Possession is not important, contentedness is. Be contented in any situation and problems will be kept away.


57、单纯的生活是随遇而安,有什么享受什么,这就是我们所认为的简单生活。You see, simple living means stay where you are, enjoy what you have. This is in my thinking as simple living.


58、最好的意念就是没有意念。The best is having no idea at all.


59、干净的品质,就是圣人的品质。Cleanliness is saintliness.



Within the bad, there exists the good. Just like roses have thorns, we can't always look at the thorns. We must gaze at the rose.



You have to learn also to have your own initiative, to decide what is good for that moment. You have to be decisive and use your wisdom that is already opened.


62、试着柔顺、谦虚、臣服,那你会更清楚看到上帝。Try to be soft, humble and surrender, and you will see God better.


63、真正的爱是人家感觉不到我们的存在,不在他旁边、不挤他的空间,不让他感觉到被绑,愈靠近我们愈舒服。True love means the other party does not feel we exist, that we are not around him, not taking up his space, not making him feel bound. He feels more comfortable being close to us.


64、君子要知道应对,要知道进退,要知道刚柔,才是真正的一位好人。A gentleman needs to know how to respond.when to go forward or backward, and what is tough or tender, then he is truly a good person.


65、挑战愈大,我们灵性的领悟及成长也愈大。The greater the challenge, the greater our spiritual understanding and growth.


66、在这世界上,不论我们的任务是什么,最重要的是彼此相爱。The most important thing in this world,regardless whatever our mission, is love one another.


67、最大的浪费是我们不认识自己的智慧,不明白自己拥有上帝的力量,忘记自己是上帝的小孩。The most wasting is that we don't know we have wisdom; we don't know we have God's power; we forget that we are the children of God.


68、我们解脱自己那些执着的概念、黑暗的思想和绑住的感情,这样就叫现世解脱。When we free ourselves from the concepts of attachment, negative thinking and binding passions, then we are liberated in this lifetime.


69、我们集中注意力,自自然然做事的时候,结果才会完美。When we do something with concentration and spontaneity, then the result comes out perfect.


70、我执、自满和自尊心是我们最大的敌人。The greatest enemy we ourselves have is our ego, our own pride.


71、一切痛苦不是来自外在的情况,而是源自我们自己的态度。The cause of all suffering is not through an external condition, but it is truly our own attitudes.


72、我们可以培养自己成圣人,也可以使自己成罪人。We can cultivate a saint out of ourselves, or we can make a sinner out of us.


73、我们应该过得简单而非简陋。We should live a simple life, not an impoverished lot.


74、透过打坐来获得更多的内在保护及智慧,那是我们唯一能得到安全的方法。The only means that can provide security is to obtain more inner protective power and wisdom through meditation.


75、当我们把关爱、仁慈、宽容和体谅扩及于别人时,我们就创造了天堂。Every time we extend loving kindness,tolerance and understanding to others, at that time we create heaven.



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