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Nicole Kidman 妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中

(2007-09-16 11:06:25)


Nicole Kidman 妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中★★★ 

Get Lost in It
Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中Last year she wowed audiences in Moulin Rouge, and this year she unwows them as dowdy literary lioness Virginia Woolf in the Hours, the National Board of Review pick for best picture. Here Nicole Kidman talks about her current projects and how the pain of her private life informs her art.

EJ: You’re kind of drab-looking in this picture. Is it freeing not to have to look glamorous and gorgeous in every scene?
Kidman: It’s freeing to be given the opportunity to do it. I have to say Stephen Daldry is so bold, because a lot of directors would’ve shied away from it and he didn’t. He sort of ran with it. And he’s such a brilliant director. He is the spearhead for this whole film, you know. And the intellectual weight that it carries is because of him, and the look of it. He put us all together, and it’s his baby.
EJ: You were the bold one.
Kidman: I didn’t feel bold, I just felt like, "Wow, I get this opportunity to really go and do something I’ve never done before, and sort of exist within a character in a completely different way." And it was just at this time in my life when I was sort of umpin’ ’n’ roarin’ off to do it, and everything kind of came together. But it was frightening at times.
But it was strange because we had a small crew. It’s a small film like that, so that we were able—you didn’t quite feel, "Oh, my gosh! This could really be a disaster if it doesn’t work!" Now I look back at it and think, "What was I thinking?!" ’Cause if I’d stepped on screen and everyone had laughed, then the whole film doesn’t work.
EJ: It seemed like what you were going through in your personal life was so raw, to play a role like this . . .
Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中Kidman: Yeah, I didn’t want to. No, I tried to pull out. I have to say I wasn’t as bold as you would think, ’cause I actually called my agent and said, "I can’t do it. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to do this. This isn’t the right thing for me to do. If it’s too much at this stage, and I just need to sort of hibernate." And he and my friends all said, "Get on the plane and go. Go do it. Go and get lost in it." And that’s what the art is for at this stage, is actually to let it have some sort of cathartic effect on you.
EJ: You seem to have recovered so well from your personal traumas. Or is it just the actress in you that enables you to put a good face on it?
Kidman: I’m not good at acting in real life. I’ve got to get better at that. I tend to be very candid, and I sit—and I’m not good at protecting or shielding myself, which I kind of have to become a little better at, I think. But I don’t quite know how to do that. And when I work with a director, I’m like, "Here I am! This is who I am!" And I’m sort of willing to sort of open myself up. And I can do that also in an interview, which doesn’t always bode me well.
So I’ve got to be really careful about that, ’cause that’s my instinct. I love to meet people, I love to be around people, and I love to discuss things. I grew up in a family where we discussed everything.
EJ: So you’ve reached a point...
Kidman: I think you reach a point where you reach a certain age, where you’ve had a certain amount of life experiences, where you just go, "OK, well, this is the journey." And I think there’s a beautiful line in the film, where Meryl says this: "I thought that was the beginning of happiness, and it wasn’t. That was happiness." And I think you go, "OK, there’s happiness, and there’s great sadness, and there’s all . . . everyth[ing] . . . there’s the gamut of emotions." And if you keep waiting to be happy, that’s never gonna happen. So it’s more just saying, "It’s life." And that comes, unfortunately, as you get older—the wisdom of that, right? I mean, it just does.

Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中迷失在电影中

Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中基德曼:我不觉得,我只是想:哇,我真的有机会去做点我从来没做过的事——用一种完全不同的方式体验角色。那也正是在我生活很混乱艰难的那个时候,所有的事都撞在一起了。但有时候真觉得害怕。
《魔力英语》:经历了创伤后你看起来恢复的那么好, 还是说你作为演员的能力可以让你装作没事?

Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中One Piece of Wisdom
EJ: Test audiences reportedly didn’t recognize you in this role.
Kidman: I love that. That’s a great compliment. I think, for me as an actor, I think it’s so important not to be attached to your physical being. And so to be able to get lost within something, and actually have people sit through a film and not recognize you, is just something that I find incredibly gratifying to hear.
EJ: How much did you work on the look of the character?
Nicole <wbr>Kidman <wbr>妮可·基德曼——迷失在电影中Kidman: We did a series of makeup tests, but then it was more just trying to find it in her psychology—in the way in which it could just enter into my soul, in a way. I didn’t want to be caught up in, "Oh, my gosh, I have to mimic her. I have to try and be her." I wanted to just be true to . . .



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