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A history of cybertron (转2)

(2009-06-28 18:12:50)


5. Revolution 革命
Roughly three thousand years after the Quintessons came, their seemingly loyal military commander, Scorponok, turned against them. He and his officers had pretended to be loyal for millennia, while in reality they were building their strength in secret. Scorponok was shrewd enough to know when the Quintessons came that his army, unused to actual conflict, could not defeat them and their Mandalorian allies; the Mandalorian Death Watch was the most feared army in the universe at the time, and had never been defeated. Instead he waited, professed loyalty, and then, when his army was ready, they all revolted en masse. In honor of this deception, Scorponok named his army the Army of the Decepticons.
大约在五面怪来到塞伯特恩三千年之后,他们表面上忠诚的军事指挥官蝎子王转而反抗他们。他和他的部下几千年来装作忠于五面怪,实际上却在秘密地积蓄自己的力量。蝎子王非常精明,他知道当五面怪来到塞伯特恩的时候,他的军队,虽然没有实际上的战斗,是无法打败五面怪和他们的马达洛同盟。马达洛死亡时钟部队是当时宇宙中最令人畏惧的军队,从未被打败过。他选择等待,伪装效忠于五面怪,然后,当他的军队准备好了的时候,全面的革命爆发了。为了纪念这个计谋,蝎子王用Army of the Decepticons来命名他的军队,也就是霸天虎。
Scorponok's armies ravaged Quintesson positions all over Cybertron, and the war continued for months, until finally the Decepticons massed at the gates of Iacon, the Quintesson capital, and laid siege to the city and its Death Watch defenders. They had never met the Death Watch in battle -- only lesser Mandalorian troops -- and the outcome was very much in doubt.
6. Gladiators' Revold 角斗士起义
In the city of Iacon, the Quintessons had built a grand arena, and in it, they had ceaselessly enjoyed pitting Cybertronian warriors against all manner of foes. It was in this arena that a great many of the great warriors of the later Cybertronian Wars learned to fight, many of them as bewildered civilian conscripts who would be lucky enough to survive long enough to learn to win. Among the most famous of the products of the Iacon Arena were Sideswipe, Grimlock, and Starscream (who had been, respectively, before their conscriptions, a construction worker, a police officer -- the police force had always been separate from the army -- and a space explorer). The undisputed champions of the Arena, though, were a pair of Iaconian brothers, twins, one a police officer and the other a transit worker: Ultra Magnus and Orion Pax. So talented in the arena was Pax, in fact, that the Quintessons had contracted with the Mandalorians to build a suit of the Mandalorian Death Watch's characteristic power armor for him to be cyber-bonded with, the better to increase his combat class.
在Iacon城,五面怪建立了一个宏大的角斗场。在角斗场里面,他们不停的观赏塞伯特恩斗士和他们各式各样敌人之间的战斗。许许多多在后来塞伯特恩战争中成名的伟大战士就是在这座角斗场里面学会如何战斗的。当然了,他们中间很多人是最初是糊里糊涂地被抓来的,却幸运的在战斗中存活的足够长的时间来学会赢得战斗。在所有Iacon角斗场中走出来的斗士中最著名的人物是横炮(Sideswipe), 钢锁(Grimlock)和红蜘蛛(Starscream) (在他们被抓来之前他们曾经是一个建筑工人,一个警察--警察部队一直和军队是分离的--和一个空间探索者). (注:中文译名是从互联网上查来的) 角斗场毫无争议的冠军是一对孪生的Iacon兄弟: Ultra Magnus(通天晓?)和Orion Pax. 他们一个是警察,另外一个是运输工人。在角斗场上,Pax展现了巨大的天赋,以至于五面怪为他订制了一套具有马达洛死亡时钟部队特征力量的装甲来提升他的战斗等级。(不知道怎么翻译Cyber-bonded)
Before this could happen, news of the Decepticon Revolution came to the arena, and Orion Pax, a great orator, inspired his fellow conscripts to follow their example and revolt from within. The revolt began, and as the gladiators fought their way to the control rooms, Pax sent his brother Ultra Magnus to the weapons rooms to seize some better firepower for them. There, Magnus discovered the Death Watch armor meant for his twin brother, and, since they had the same configuration, he donned it. It immediately cyber-bonded with him, becoming a part of his own body, and to this day, Ultra Magnus is never seen without it.
在订制的装甲到来之前,霸天虎革命的消息传到了角斗场。Orion Pax显示了他作为演说家的一面,鼓舞他的同伴们遵循榜样的力量从内部攻击五面怪。起义开始了。当角斗士们打通了通往控制室的道路的时候,Pax派他的兄弟Ultra Magnus去武器室为他们夺取更好的火力装备。在那里,Magnus发现了给他孪生兄弟订做的死亡时钟战甲。由于他们具有同样的身形(Configuration, -_-b),他穿上了这套战甲。这套战甲立刻和他紧密结合在一起,变成了他身体的一部分。自他以后,Ultra Magnus从来没有脱下过它。
7. The Fall Of Iacon Iacon陷落
Scorponok's forces, outside the gates, were beginning to tire by the time of the Gladiators' Revolt. They had made no headway against the Iaconian defenses, and while they had not yet met the Death Watch in combat, their fearsome reputation was beginning to unnerve the already tense and restless Decepticon force. Scorponok feared that all would be lost if something in the impasse did not change quickly.
That something changed _very_ quickly, as the rebel gladiators from the Iacon Arena seized control of Iacon Control and opened the gates for the Decepticons. Scorponok wasted no time in capitalizing on this advantage, sending his troops charging into the city, and in the streets of Iacon, the Decepticons and the Mandalorian Death Watch met for the first time in open combat. The carnage was unbelievable on both sides, and the Decepticons, for all their might, appeared to be losing until the Mandalorian left flank was suddenly hit hard by the rebel gladiator force. This sudden and unexpected attack from a force that should have been pinned down in City Control (they had used the city's ancient network of transit and maintenance tunnels, of which Orion Pax, being a transit official, had an encyclopedic knowledge) stunned the Mandalorians, who had never even been threatened by an opposing force before. Scorponok and Orion Pax pressed their advantage, and before the day was finished, the Quintessons and their Mandalorian allies were in open rout, fleeing Cybertron as fast as their ships could carry them.

然而僵局很快就被打破了。起义的角斗士们从Iacon角斗场攫取了Iacon控制权并为霸天虎们打开了Iacon的大门。蝎子王立刻抓住了这个战机,派他的部队开始冲进城内。在Iacon的巷战中,霸天虎和马达洛死亡时钟部队第一次在战斗中遭遇了。双方都死伤惨重。虽然霸天虎们尽了一切努力,战争天平还是开始向另一方倾斜。突然,马达洛人的左翼遭到起义角斗士重创。这个突如其来的攻击决定了这个城市的控制权(他们利用了这个城市运输和维护的管道。作为一个运输官员,对于这些,Orion Pax是一部百科全书)。这个打击同样也使得从来没有被对手威胁过的马达洛人昏头转向。蝎子王和Orion Pax继续利用优势施加压力。在那天结束之前,五面怪和马达洛朋友被彻底击溃,他们仓皇逃离了塞伯特恩。
8. Peace 和平
For the next six thousand Standard years, Cybertron was peaceful and prosperous. The Decepticons remained ever vigilant against outside threats, while the populace went about their lives in relative happiness. The arts and sciences flourished. It was during this time that a civilian spiritualist developed the discipline of transformation, which was to transcend a spiritual discipline and become a racial characteristic by the end of the period. It was during this time that the Cybertronian race began to call themselves “Transformers”.
Recognizing that they themselves might become a threat to peace at some point, the Decepticons comissioned from the weaponsmasters of Mandalor (who, being professional mercenaries, held no grudge from the rebellion rout) a force of guardian robots, huge and mighty machines to defend the cities, and put them under the control of the civilian militia. It was a popular maneuver which convinced the populace of Cybertron that they were destined for permanent peace. But, like all things, this golden age could not last.
9. Corruption 侵蚀
Approximately twenty thousand Standard years ago, a strange corruption spread through the Decepticon forces. Exactly what this was is unknown; some have said that it was Unicron, reaching across space with his will and touching Primus's children, dividing them against themselves. In any event, the Decepticons very abruptly became radically imperialistic, militant and cruel. Scorponok himself was one of the first to fall to this corruption, becoming a maniacal dictator, but not losing his sense of strategic planning _or_ his ability to take a battlefield situation that has gone outside his plans and command his troops to an improvised victory. These skills proved devastating when he turned them against the local militia.
大约在两万年以前,一种奇怪的侵蚀在霸天虎部队中蔓延开来。没有人知道这种东西究竟是什么;一些人说这种东西来自于Unicron, 他的意志穿透了无尽的空间感染了Primus的子民,让他们自相残杀。无论如何,霸天虎们突然从根本上变得残酷,军事化和崇尚帝制。蝎子王自己就是最初被这种侵蚀感染的霸天虎中的一员,变成了狂暴的独裁者。但是他并没有丧失他制定战略的天赋,也就是他那种能够扭转战场上的颓势并取得最终胜利的能力。这些能力无疑是破坏性的,当他把矛头转向了本地民兵的时候。
However, the Guardians proved impossible to defeat except by massed attacks and seemingly endless sieges. Losses of Decepticon forces were so heavy in the destruction of a single Guardian that the Decepticons were forced to go to the Mandalorians _again_, this time for a weapon which could defeat the Guardians. The Mandalorians, who were not fools, had not built into the Guardians anywhere near their greatest potential power, however, and to defeat them, they simply rented to the Decepticons (who could by no means afford to purchase them) five Heavy War Droids, the most terrifying engines of destruction yet created.
然而,那些曾经证明是不可战胜的守护者机器人最终在无休止的大量攻击面前败下阵来。霸天虎付出了极其惨重的代价才能消灭一个守护者机器人。这些巨大的代价逼着霸天虎再次去马达洛人那里寻求帮助,这次是一种能够消灭守护者机器人的武器。 马达洛人也不是傻瓜,他们在建造守护者机器人的时候没有采用他们顶尖的技术。他们租借给霸天虎五个巨型战争机器人(霸天虎们买不起)来消灭守护者。这些战争机器人是有史以来最令人恐惧的破坏机器。
(注:根据google, Droid是在科幻小说星球大战中使用的智能机器人)
The five War Droids had wiped out the Guardians by the end of the Standard year, and Cybertron belonged to the Decepticons.
Sidebar: The Last Guardian 补充说明:最后一个守护者
One of the Guardian robots did survive the Decepticon terror, and became one of the Autobots' staunchest defenders. His name is Omega Supreme, and he was the Guardian of Iacon itself. The story of his survival is one of the few truly touching moments of Cybertron's civil-war period. Before the Corruption came, Omega Supreme befriended a Decepticon unit which frequented the Iacon area, the Constructicons. The Constructicons, being away from headquarters, were untouched by the initial sweep of the Corruption, and were horrified when their forces began to destroy the Guardians. They went underground, trying to figure out what to do.
在守护者机器人中有一个从霸天虎的恐怖统治下幸存了下来,并且成为最坚定的汽车人中的一员。他的名字叫做Omega Supreme, 也是Iacon的守护者机器人。有关他幸存下来的故事是为数不多的塞伯特恩内战时期的动人故事之一。在侵蚀发生之前,Omega Supreme和一个经常出现在Iacon地区的霸天虎小队成了好朋友。这个霸天虎小队就是建筑机器人。(注:就是组成大力神的那几个建筑机器人。) 因为距离总部很远,所以建筑机器人最初没有被侵蚀接触到。当他们的部队开始攻击守护者机器人的时候他们被吓坏了。他们转入地下,希望能够弄清楚究竟发生了什么事情。
Hook and Scapper, the team's design geniuses, came up with a plan involving radical reconfiguration of their bodies, a bizarre new take on the transformation process. They instituted design changes in all the Constructicons, working against the clock to be finished by the time the war reached Iacon.

Hook和Scapper, 团队中的两个设计天才,弄出来一个颠覆性的重新配置他们身体的方法,一种奇异的全新的变形过程。他们对所有的建筑机器人做了一些设计上的改动,抓紧一些时间希望在战争来到Iacon之前完成。
They barely made it. When they emerged from their bolthole, War Droid MG-5 was at the gates and doing battle with Omega Supreme, and Omega Supreme was losing badly. He was gravely wounded and could not survive much longer. The Constructicons, trusting in the genius of Hook and Scrapper, went into action, and put their bizarre plan into motion. They transformed to their construction-vehicle forms, and then transformed again, interlocking and uniting into one gigantic robot, the size of a Guardian and with the terrifying power of a force of nature and the combined intellect of all six Constructicons. This monstrous machine, calling himself Devastator, dispatched MG-5 without difficulty and saved Omega Supreme's life.
他们几乎完成了。当他们从隐蔽所暴露的时候,战争机器人MG-5正好在大门口和Omega Supreme战斗。Omega Supreme输得很惨。他受到重创,没有什么生存下去的希望。出于对Hook和Scarpper的信任,建筑机器人开始行动,实施了他们奇异的计划。他们变成了他们建筑车辆的形态,然后他们再次变形,相互紧密结合形成了一个和守护者同样大小的巨型机器人。这个机器人天生就具有恐怖的杀伤力和六个建筑机器人的智慧总和。这个自称为破坏者(貌似当年的翻译有问题)的巨型机器人毫不费力的拆散了MG-5,救了Omega Supreme一命。
[Today, Scrapper claims that Devastator's name is actually an acronym, standing for Dynamic Excavation Vehicular Assault System for Threat Annihilation and Tactical Operation Response. The other Constructicons deny this; Bonecrusher goes so far as to say that Scrapper is "blowing it out his recirculator".]
Omega Supreme would go underground and reappear years later as an Autobot. The Constructicons, sadly, were caught up in the Corruption, but before it could happen, they modified themselves further, damaging the neuromimetic connections so that when Devastator was formed, he had the mind of an idiot. When they finally reported to Scorponok, they, with one final defiance of the Corruption, lied and told him they had destroyed MG-5 so that they could have Omega Supreme's kill for themselves, to prove Devastator's worth to the Decepticon cause.
Omega Supreme就此销声匿迹,很多年以后作为一个汽车人再次出现。不幸的是,建筑机器人们最终还是被侵蚀。不过在那发生之前,他们把自己做了进一步修改,破坏了模拟神经联接,所以当破坏者被组合的时候,他就是一个白痴。当他们最终为蝎子王卖命的时候,他们头脑中最后的一丝清明让他们撒了一个谎,说他们干掉MG-5是因为希望能够亲手杀死Omega Supreme,借此来证明破坏者对于霸天虎的价值。
10. Autobots 汽车人
Alpha Trion saw the Corruption coming. As one of Scorponok's closest civilian advisors, he watched his friend grow more and more erratic, until finally he went over the edge. Alpha Trion escaped before he could be destroyed or imprisoned by Scorponok's growing paranoia, and began attempting again to organize the resistance he had tried unsuccessfully to bring into play against the Quintessons. In doing so he contacted the leaders of the Gladiators' Revolt, but of them, only Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, and Grimlock could be recruited. Starscream had become a Decepticon and been caught in the Corruption, and Orion Pax refused to fight again. The resistance force, calling itself the Autobot Resistance in reference to the fact that most of them were transportation and maintenance workers (as well as most of the police) initially, became a nuisance to the Decepticons, but nothing more.
钛师傅目睹了侵蚀的发生。作为蝎子王最亲密的内政顾问之一,他亲眼看到他的朋友变得越来越不可理喻,最终不可收拾。随着蝎子王的偏执越来越重,钛师傅在他被杀害或者投进监狱之前逃离了。他开始再次尝试组织那些以前没有成功抵抗五面怪的力量。在这期间,他联系了角斗士起义领导人,但是他们中只有Ultra Magus, 横炮和钢锁加入。红蜘蛛那个时候已经变成了一名霸天虎,并且受到了侵蚀。Orion Pax拒绝再次战斗。因为大部分早期都是交通和维护系统的工人(警察也是),抵抗力量称他们自己为汽车人抵抗军。汽车人抵抗军成为霸天虎统治下的星星之火,不过也就仅此而已。
Scorponok thought, in his ever-growing paranoia, that the possession of the Ultimate Weapon in the universe was the only thing that could make him and his position safe. To this end, he enlisted the aid of the Constructicons, ordering them to create the most powerful weapon in known space, more powerful than anything ever seen - powerful enough to subjugate the Mandalorians themselves. His empire building dreams had encompassed Mandalor of late, and he wished to remove his dependence on Mandalorian weapons by taking the planet and assimilating the technology for himself.
The Constructicons outdid themselves with the creation of the Hammer of Primus, which was, without doubt, the Ultimate Weapon. It was a massive anti-matter annihilator cannon, capable of destroying entire worlds at a single firing. Mounted on the most powerful space cruiser the Decepticons possessed, the Hammer of Primus promised quick conquest of any sector of space. Indications are that Scorponok succeeded in conquering Mandalor, but before he had the opportunity, unknown circumstances intervened, and the Mandalorian civilization inexplicably fell. Records from this period are chaotic at best, but all indications are that there was some external war which the Transformers survived (possibly thanks to the presence of the Hammer of Primus) and the Mandalorians did not.
建筑机器人的确创造出了一种毋庸置疑的终极武器,Primus之锤。它是一种威力巨大的反物质攻击加农炮,强大到一次发射就足以摧毁整个世界(像伊谢尔伦雷神之锤,J)。霸天虎们把Primus之锤安装到他们所拥有的最强大的空间巡洋舰上面。凭借着这件武器,他们似乎可以很快征服空间中任何一个部分。有证据显示蝎子王成功地发动了征服马达洛的战争,但是在他有机会能够征服马达洛之前,情况发生了变化。马达洛文明悄悄的衰落了。这一时期的记录是最为混乱的,但是所有的证据都表明在变形金刚们和马达洛人之间有一场战争,变形金刚们幸存了下来(可能是借助于Primus之锤), 而马达洛人没有。
However it unfolded, the weak Autobot Resistance became deeply frightened by the Hammer's power, and ceased for a time even their nuisance-level attacks and raids.
Scorponok's ambitious lieutenant, Megatron, saw an opportunity in the Hammer of Primus. He had already subverted the Constructicons, guaranteeing that they would be more loyal to him than to Scorponok, and now he had them sabotage the Hammer. Willing to make any sacrifice for personal power, Megatron caused the Hammer to "misfire" upon its return to Cybertron and destroy Cybertron's star-sun. The planet was plunged into an eternal twilight, dependent on internal energy sources for light and warmth, and Megatron, blaming Scorponok, challenged his leader to a duel of honor.
Scorponok had no choice but to fight the duel. The Hammer had been under his command, and had been his project to begin with; any defect or error was his responsibility. His still-intact, if slightly warped, honor code would not permit him to pass the buck. He met Megatron in battle, and was defeated and killed. Some say he allowed Megatron to kill him, perhaps in hopes that Megatron would eventually rise above the Corruption that Scorponok had been, unknown to everyone, valiantly battling within himself for all of his lucid moments. At any rate, Scorponok was dead, and Megatron took control of the Decepticons and the Hammer of Primus, which he immediately ordered "repaired".
蝎子王没有其他的选择,只能接受这场决斗。战锤是在他的命令之下,也是在他的瞄准之下开火的,所以任何的瑕疵和错误都是他的责任。他那追求完美的基因代码不允许他推卸责任。 他和威震天在战斗中相遇,被击败并被杀死。有一些人说他让威震天杀死他,也许希望威震天能够最终从侵蚀中解脱出来。这种侵蚀使得蝎子王一直都在经历着不为人知的痛苦。其实在他所有的狂暴时刻,他内心之中一直都在和他自己在激烈斗争。无论如何,蝎子王死了,威震天接掌了霸天虎,并立刻下令“修复”Primus之锤。


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