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2010 Overview(2010年概况)金牛座(上)-配本人翻译

(2009-10-24 11:45:14)


分类: 奥修、塔罗、星座运势

Taurus 2010 Overview
The Major Trends and Themes

Jupiter expands whatever he touches. He usually spends about 13 months in each zodiac sign. His job is to bring joy, adventure, open-mindedness, advanced education, travel, global perspectives, and a sense that we are all one big happy family and not so very different from each other. Because of his expansive tendencies, he brings “prosperity” and “abundance” to whatever concept he is focused on. If things are good, he brings an abundance of good. If things are bad, he brings an abundance of bad.





As 2010 begins, Jupiter is still in Aquarius and your tenth house until January 18th when he moves into Pisces and your eleventh house. Normally, Jupiter spends about 13 months in each zodiac sign, but this year it is a bit different. Jupiter flies through Pisces at mock speed and then moves into Aries and your twelfth house on June 6th. Later, he turns around and heads back into Pisces and your eleventh house on September 9th. Then on January 22nd, 2011, he moves back into Aries and your twelfth house again, where he will remain throughout the first half of 2011.


While in Aquarius, Jupiter focuses on social networking, friendships, group activities, the Internet, and teamwork. Aquarius rules over independence, freedom, eccentricities, and wanting to be seen as both a unique individual and a great team player. “All for one and one for all”, “We are all in this together”, “Together we stand, divided we fall”, and “I am my brother’s keeper” are Aquarian philosophies that Jupiter is working to encourage and embrace. Globally, this has been one of the major themes of 2009.

虽然水瓶座,木星主要集中在社会网络,友谊,小组活动,互联网,和团队精神。水瓶座的规则对独立,自由,偏心,并希望被视为一种独特的个人和一支伟大的球队的球员。 “人人为我,对所有”,“我们在这一起”,“我们共同的立场,分裂我们秋天”之一,“我是我弟弟的门将”是,木星正在努力鼓励和接受水瓶哲学。全球范围内,这已是2009年的主题之一。

For Taurus, this is happening in your tenth house of professional goals and aspirations, leadership, public reputation, climbing the Ladder of Success, and what your role is within your community. Careers involving teamwork, networking, the Internet, sciences, engineering, and/or interconnectivity could seem very appealing to you. Being allowed to be your unique individual self while also contributing to something bigger than yourself is going to work better for you rather than having to be one of many unknown drones in a large bureaucracy. It is not that you are not capable of doing drone work, but that Jupiter is passing through this area of your chart and reminding you of how important it is for you to be your authentic self and to not sell out on your dreams.

虽然水瓶座,木星主要集中在社会网络,友谊,小组活动,互联网,和团队精神。水瓶座的规则对独立,自由,偏心,并希望被视为一种独特的个人和一支伟大的球队的球员。 “人人为我,对所有”,“我们在这一起”,“我们共同的立场,分裂我们秋天”之一,“我是我弟弟的门将”是,木星正在努力鼓励和接受水瓶哲学。全球范围内,这已是2009年的主题之一。

In Pisces, Jupiter focuses on kindness, compassion, charity, emotional well-being, spirituality, intuition, empathy, and bringing a sense of “magic” to the world.


For Taurus, he will be in your eleventh house of friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, networking, science, interconnectivity, and the Internet. At this point, Jupiter’s focus will become more about your social life, sciences, networking, teamwork, and the Internet. Your life is blessed with more friends, more social outings, more clubs, etc. You could find that careers involving committee meetings, teamwork, networking projects, Internet activities, and/or the sciences (interconnectivity) are also blessed at this time. When Jupiter is left to do as he pleases from within Pisces in your eleventh house, he will bless this area of your life and could possibly include financial growth as part of his “abundance”. When other planets clash with Jupiter as he travels through here, he will increase the chances for dishonesty, secrets, self-destruction, and/or bureaucracy to cloud whatever you are trying to do. You could find that a friend or colleague is hiding something from you and the rest of the group or you could be the one who is not being completely honest with your colleagues.


In Aries, Jupiter embraces Aries’ pioneering spirit, enthusiasm, fiery passion, and willingness to compete for the sheer entertainment of it. Unlike Aquarius’ teamwork approach to life, Aries is all about racing to the top and being number one. Aries is generous, boisterous, and charming. The competitive nature is not a selfish or mean energy, but a childlike “last one there’s a rotten egg!” type of playful energy. Jupiter can have great fun bringing more of this optimistic can-do energy into the world.


For Taurus, it happens in your twelfth house of mental health, attitudes, addictions, self-destruction, secrets, intuition, spiritual mysteries, charities, bureaucracies, and hidden forces working behind the scenes. While Jupiter travels through this area of your chart, he will be working to bring you more joy, emotional stability, a “can do” attitude, and a sense of adventure to your life. When things go badly though, he will increase the gullibility, deception, bureaucracy, self-destruction, and/or depression that can occur in this area of your life. However, his goal is always to bring joy and good luck whenever the opportunity arises.


When Jupiter backtracks and revisits Pisces and your eleventh house, you could find that he is either bringing back friends, colleagues, and acquaintances from the past, or he is simply giving you a second wave of strong positive social networking energy to work with. Once again, you could be dealing with dishonest, delusional, and/or destructive friends and colleagues or you could be enjoying good times with good friends and finding it easier to networking and collaborate with various teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, etc.


Saturn creates our personal challenges and “tough love” learning experiences. He usually spends about two and a half years in each zodiac sign. His job is to create learning experiences that are often uncomfortable but ultimately quite meaningful. Saturn also rules over karma, cause and effect, ethics, and our sense of civic duty. Therefore, it is not only important that we learn our life lessons well, but that we also conduct ourselves with honor and integrity while going through these challenges. If we stay out of trouble, behave ethically, buckle down, and learn our lessons well, then Saturn rewards us with a gift just before he leaves that zodiac sign. For example, if Saturn were traveling through the area of our charts that deals with professionalism, leadership, and success, then he would teach us some tough lessons about those concepts. Then, if we learned our lessons and we behaved ourselves while doing so, Saturn would reward us with a job promotion, professional kudos, public recognition, etc. We would be better at our jobs, better at leading our companies and communities, and/or we would be better at marketing and advertising ourselves. If on the other hand, we did not learn our lessons, or we were unethical, blamed others for our problems, cheated, lied, etc then Saturn would simply move on to the next zodiac sign and we would have nothing to show for all the drama and trouble that we had just endured. Saturn gets a bad reputation because many people think he is simply mean for the heck of it, when in actuality, he is like a “tough love” parent forcing us to grow up and act like a responsible adult. Might not be very fun, but the rewards are well worth it.


As 2010 begins, Saturn is still making a preview visit in Libra and your sixth house. He will backtrack and revisit Virgo and your fifth house from April 8th until July 20th. During that time, he will make sure that you learned the life lessons you were taught over the last couple of years. Then he will return to Libra and your sixth house where he will remain until October of 2012.


While in Virgo over the last couple of years, Saturn focused on our ability to feel like useful members of society. Virgo rules over daily work tasks, to-do lists, coworkers, productivity levels, organizational skills, tools, and our physical health because if you are not physically able to do your fair share of the work, then you are not able to feel useful and productive. The idea is that we are contributing something to society and not just lazing around picking daisies and playing Frisbee. As lovely as eternal vacation might seem, at some point in our development, we all get bored of constant playtime and need something important to do. “Did my life matter? Did I contribute anything meaningful to the world? What is my legacy, if any?”


For Taurus, this happens in your fifth house of personal pleasure, lovers, romance, playtime, hobbies, creative talents, pets, children, sports, leisure, luxury, and happiness. With Virgo as part of this area of your life, you could find an interest in careers that involve these types of industries. Saturn would help you to analyze the pros and cons of each “happiness” industry and whether or not you really could earn a living in that manner. Everyone wants to love the work they do and feel as if they are being paid to do whatever they love best. Musicians, athletes, gourmet chefs, painters, actors, etc fall into this area of the zodiac. On good days, Saturn helps you figure out how to make these kinds of careers work for you. On bad days, Saturn convinces you that it is all a fantasy and that you should not risk it. Your challenge could be to make your dream job into a reality or your challenge could be to give yourself permission to have any fun at all. You could also find the lessons are about your love life, pets, children, and others that you love deeply. Maybe your loved ones are creating dramas, testing your ability to give them unconditional love, and/or you are struggling to be able to create these types of relationships in your life. Maybe you cannot find a lover, or you and a spouse cannot conceive children, or you are having terrible luck with finding a suitable pet, etc. Regardless, Saturn is challenging your “happiness”.


While in Libra, Saturn focuses on our partnerships. Libra rules over marriage, best friends, business partnerships, and competitors (think yin-yang). While in this zodiac sign, Saturn forces us all to look at who we choose to partner with, what kind of partnerships we like, and how we behave within our partnerships. It is not uncommon for marriages to suffer, best friends to “break up”, and for business partnerships to dissolve. Competitors can become vicious, especially if they are pointing out real flaws in our character and not just making stuff up. Libra rules diplomacy, fairness, justice, and mediation too. Globally, we could see these topics becoming quite challenging for all countries. Various government leaders will be challenged to pick carefully which countries they choose to partner with and which they choose to keep as enemies. They would do well to remember Saturn’s focus on karma, integrity, and civic responsibility.


For Taurus, hosting Saturn in your sixth house of daily work, to-do lists, productivity, physical health, and “feeling useful” can be quite stressful. Taurus is a hardworking zodiac sign that takes their responsibilities seriously. It can be hard on a Taurus to NOT be well organized, productive, healthy, and/or able to get along with coworkers. You could find that Saturn challenges your health, making it difficult for you to do your fair share of the work. You could find that a boss or authority figure constantly nags that your work and efforts are not good enough. No matter how hard you work, they do not appreciate your hard work and sacrifice. You could have trouble finding work, especially in this current economy, or you could be under-employed, or you are stuck in a job you hate because it is too risky to quit. It can be difficult to find a better job than the one you have. Remember that Saturn’s goal is to toughen you up, smarten you up, and prepare you for greatness. So, buckle down, do your job as best you can, and take care of yourself physically. When Saturn leaves this area of your life, your career and body should be in a stronger position than when you started. Since Libra rules your sixth house, you could find that business partnerships are especially vulnerable to Saturn’s “teaching moments.”



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