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(2007-03-04 14:26:13)
1. 他迟到总有借口。He’s always making excuse for being late.
2. 他病了,那就是为什么他没来。He was ill. That’s why he didn’t come.
3. 他在电脑前坐下。He seated himself at a computer.
4. 他昨天从北京回来了。He came back from Beijing.
5. 他不是学生,他是一名工人。He isn’t a student. He is a worker.
6. 他是一个花花公子。He’s a playboy.
7. 他仍在睡觉。He is still sleeping.
8. 他同我一样地爱你。He loves you as dearly as I.
9. 他极少9点以前起床。He rarely gets up before 9 o’clock.
10. 他住在一套公寓里。He lives in an apartment.
11. 他不瘦,他很胖。He’s not thin. He’s fat.
12. 他为曾经做过的坏事而后悔。He regretted having done wrong.
13. 他在城里有一家商店。He has a business in the town.
14. 他今天情绪有点反常。He is not quite himself today.
15. 他气喘吁吁的跑到她的面前。He ran up to her breathing heavily.
16. 他在睡觉吗? Is he sleeping?
17. 他仍在睡觉。He is still sleeping.
18. 他喜欢啤酒,但他不想要。He likes beer, but he doesn’t want any.
19. 他向我道歉了。He offered me an apology.
20. 他擅长绘画。He does well in drawing.
21. 他尽可能的快。He is as fast as possible.
22. 他不得不承认做错了。He had to admit having done wrong.
23. 他不够用工,所以考试没及格。He didn’t work hard enough and so he failed the examination.
24. 他比以前更慢了。He is even slower than before.
25. 他来自哪里?Where does he come from?
26. 他答应今天要把这篇文章完成。He makes a promise to finish this article today.
27. 他对他们房子的要价很高。He is asking a lot of money for their house.
28. 他问我会不会开车。He asked if I could drive.
29. 他喜欢朋友守时。He likes his friends to be punctual.
30. 他要到9点才能到。He will not arrive until 9 o’clock.
31. 他家人正等着他。His family are waiting for him.
32. 他让我问你一个问题。He wants me to ask you a question.
33. 他失业后,自己开了一个小商店。He opened a small shop of his own after he was out of work.
34. 他今天在干什么?What is he doing today?
35. 他可能没有赶上火车。He may he may have missed his train.
36. 他的殷勤既让我满意又讨我欢心。His attentions to me were both pleasing and flattering.
37. 他是一个很好相处的人。He is easy to get on with.
38. 他是这两个人中比较好的。He is the better of the two.
39. 他有80多岁了。He is in his eighties.
40. 他说得好。He speaks well.
41. 他在英语上取得很大的进步。He has made great progress in English.
42. 他在我家住了6天。He stayed with me for five days.
43. 他藏有齐白石的一幅画儿。He has a painting by Qibaishi.
44. 他来自奥地利。He comes from Austria.
45. 他能回答所有的问题吗?Could he answer all the questions?
46. 他走上楼去敲门。He went upstairs and knocked at the door.
47. 他到家很晚。He arrives home late.
48. 他拿错了我的书。He took my book by mistakes.
49. 他的政治观点很保守。His politics are rather conservative.
50. 他每个月末领工资。He collects his salary at the end of each month.
51. 他喜欢环球旅行。He likes traveling around the globe.
52. 他觉得不舒服。He feels ill.
53. 他不懂英语。He did not understand English.
54. 他有组织才能。His real talent was as an organizer.
55. 他有今天的报纸了。He’s got today’s newspaper.
56. 他于2000年从大学毕业。He graduated from  university in 2000
57. 他很容易的八汽车停放好了。He parked the car very easily.
58. 他把小刀递给了阿列科。He handed Aleko a knife.
59. 他常常早到学校。He often goes to school early.
60. 他累得无法做功课了。He was too tired to do his homework.
61. 他得照顾生病的母亲。He has to take care of his sick mother.
62. 他开了灯,但没有看见人。He turned on the light, but he couldn’t see anyone.
63. 他要我代他向你问好。He asked me to remember him to you.
64. 他能轻松的胜任这项工作。He can make this work easily.
65. 他正在花园干活。He is working in the garden.
66. 他看起来像一个相当正经的人。He seems quite a decent fellow.
67. 他从不敢请她跟他到任何地方。He had never dared to ask her to go anywhere with him.
68. 他自己玩得很开心。He is enjoying himself.
69. 他星期日去理的发。He was at the hairdresser’s on Sunday.
70. 他的生日是8月26日。His birthday is on the 26th of August.
71. 他一辈子努力工作。He worked hard all his life.
72. 他走路像你一样慢。He walks as slowly as you do.
73. 他住在乡村一个相当僻静的地方。He lived in rather a lonely part of the country.
74. 他马上就到。He’ll arrive in a minute.
75. 他是一个颇为严厉的人。He’s a rather hard man.
76. 他比我高的多。He is much taller than I.
77. 他将乘9点的火车。He’ll catch the 9 o’clock train.
78. 他签了两份文件。He signed both the papers.
79. 他个子很高。He is very tall.
80. 他大部分时间都在电脑前工作。He works at a computer most of the time.
81. 他什么时候学习英语。When does he study English?
82. 他每天晚上学习英语。He studies English every evening.
83. 他每天给花浇水,以免土壤太干旱。Every day he waters the flowers to stop the soil getting too dry.
84. 他是医生还是牙医。Is he a doctor or a dentist?
85. 他星期一、星期二没有去上学。He was absent on Monday and Tuesday.
86. 他紧盯着那个陌生人。He fastened his eyes on the stranger.
87. 他是第二候选人。He was the second to be chosen.
88. 他从人群中挤过去。He pushed his way through the crowd.
89. 他是什么发型?What kind of hair has he got?
90. 他无法使他的电脑运作起来。He can’t make his computer work.
91. 他很霸道。He is pushy.
92. 他每天看报纸。He reads newspapers every day.
93. 他昨天看过了这张报纸。He read the newspaper yesterday.
94. 他明天看这张报纸。He will read the newspaper tomorrow.
95. 他正在看报纸。He is reading the newspaper now.
96. 他已经看完了这张报纸。He has read the newspaper.
97. 他住在能看到大海的房间里。He lived in a house with fine views over the sea.
98. 他结束了工作。他回家了。He finished work. He went home.
99. 他结束了工作。他回家了。After he had finished work he went home.
100. 他吃完午饭后要了一杯水。When he had finished lunch he asked for a glass of water.


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