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(2007-08-26 12:13:07)



Giving Assignments 布置作业

Have you all handed in your exercise books?你们都交练习本了吗?

Monitor, have you collected all the exercise books?班长,练习本收齐了吗?

Yes, here they are. 是的,(本子)已收齐了。

No, not yet. Some students have not finished yet.没有, 还没收齐, 有的同学还没做完作业。

Li Ming left his exercise book at home. He will hand it in this afternoon.李明把练习本忘在家里了,他下午交。

Collect all the exercise books after class, and take them to my office, please.下课后请把作业本收齐,送到我的办公室。

Here are your exercise books. Please give them out.这是你们的练习本,请发下去。

Be sure to keep your exercise books neat and clean!练习本要保持整洁和干净。

Don’t smear your exercise book with ink.练习本别沾上墨水。

Don’t forget to bring your pen with you next time.下次别忘了把钢笔带来。

You should have finished your homework. 你本应该把作业做完。

Write the first and second questions of exercise IV on the blackboard.把练习四的第一、二题写在黑板上。

For today's homework / assignment, you must make sentences with the following words , learn the text by heart and do the exercises on page 40.今天的家庭作业是,用下列单词/词组造句,背书,做40页上的练习。

For your homework, please review the text carefully and be prepared for oral questioning / a test.关于家庭作业,请仔细复习课文,准备口头回答/测验。

For your homework, write a letter to your parents telling them about your life at college. 家庭作业是,写一封信给你的父母亲,谈谈你的大学生活。

No written work for today. The periods on Friday will be devoted to oral drill.今天没有笔头作业,星期五的课专门用来做口头练习。

Learn the lesson thoroughly. You will be given a quiz on Wednesday.熟读课文,星期三有小测验。

Learn the new words taught today. Be sure that you know their spelling, pronunciation and meaning.学会今天教的生词,要掌握拼法、发音和词义。

Study the text carefully and be sure that you are able to translate it into idiomatic Chinese.仔细学习课文,必须能把课文译成通顺的汉语。

Be ready to retell the story.准备复述课文。

Learn by heart the passage beginning from paragraph 2 to paragraph 4.背诵第二至第四段。

Learn the poem / dialogue by heart.背诵这首诗歌/这个对话。

Every student must do his homework carefully and finish it in time.同学们都要认真做作业,并及时完成。

You should take your work seriously.你们应该认真对待作业。

You must review today's lesson before doing your homework.做作业前必须复习今天学的功课。

Prepare the last two chapters for Monday.预习最后两章,星期一讲。

Your homework for tonight is to prepare chapter 6.今晚的家庭作业是预习第六章。

Prepare as far as / down to / up to page 20.预习到第25页。

I'm not going to set (you) any homework this time.这次我不打算布置家庭作业。

Revise what we did today and then try exercise 4.先复习我们今天所学内容,然后试做练习。

Go through this section again on your own at home.请你们在家里把这一节自己看一遍。

This was your homework from last time.这是上次余下的家庭作业。

You were supposed to do this exercise for homework.你们本该把这个练习作为你们的家庭作业。

Finish this off at home.在家里完成这个作业。

Finish the question you're working on at the moment, and do the rest at home.把你们正在做的那道题做完,其余的在家里做。

There will be a test on this next week.下周五将对这个进行测验。

I shall give you a test on these lessons sometime next week.在下周某个时候对这些课文/章节进行一次测验。

Learn the vocabulary because I shall be giving you test on it in the next lesson.记住这些词汇,下次上课我们就此进行测验。

General Revision 复习

You must make a plan for the general review, and be sure that you follow / stick to it.你们应订一个复习计划,并切实按计划做。

I would like to give you some advice on how to review / revise your lessons.关于怎样复习的问题,我想给你们一些建议。

You must use your time wisely and have proper rest.你们必须好好利用时间,并作适当的休息。

See that you understand every lesson thoroughly and be able to tell the main idea of each lesson.必须彻底了解每一篇课文,并能说出每课的中心思想。

Be sure that you can read aloud the text properly.要能正确朗读课文。

Sentence patterns are useful. You must learn to imitate them.句型很有用。你们应该模仿套用。

A careful study of the mistakes that have appeared in your written work will be helpful.仔细研究你们书面作业中出现过的错误,对你们是有好处的。

Go over your exercise once again, try to find your chief weakness and in that way you can best avoid them.把你们做过的练习再从头到尾看一遍,设法找出自己主要的弱点,这样才能最有效地加以克服。

In revision, mutual help is necessary. Still I expect independent work from you.复习时,互相帮助是需要的,但我更希望你们自己努力。

In reviewing, memorizing work should be combined with a good understanding.复习时记忆工作必须与正确的理解结合起来。

In writing or in doing translation, we must pay special attention to sentence construction, agreement, sequence of tenses, verb forms, etc.在书写和翻译时必须注意句子的结构、一致关系、时态呼应、动词形式等等。

When you review your lessons, please mark the places which you don't understand, and I will give you some coaching.复习功课时,请把不懂的地方用符号标出,我给你们辅导。

You are bad / weak at grammar. You must spend more time on it.你的语法不行,你得在这方面多花些时间。

Examination 考试

What's eating you, Tom? Gosh, you look upset ?怎么了,汤姆?你好象情绪不好。

I did very poorly on my English test this morning.今天上午的英语考试我考得糟透了。

Watch out ! Professor Taylor sometimes will give a take-home exam or an open-book exam. How many courses are you taking this term ?当心!泰勒教授有时会进行家庭作业式的考试开卷考试。这学期你修了几门课程?

Five and the professors are very strict. You're over-loaded.5门,老师们都很严。你修的课程过多了。

The final exam is coming soon.期末考试快到了。

I wonder what type of exam the teacher is going to give us.我不知道老师将会考我们什么。

If it's all essay questions, I'm dead! 假如都是问答题我就完蛋了。

You have to really know your material. Besides that, you have as present it in composition form. I hope it's an objective test---true-false or multiple choice and cloze test are easier for me.你必须了真正了解你要回答的内容,此外还要以作文的方式写出来。我希望是客观题是非题、选择题、完型填空对我来说较容易。

I'm expecting to come out with two "A's" and three "B's".我希望得到的成绩是2A3B

For that you must work really hard, cut out some dates, and watch out for Professor Taylor. He usually flunks a good number of students.那你就必须真正用功,取消一些约会,当心泰勒教授,他经常给许多学生不及格。

What's the good of exams anyway ?考试到底有什么好处?

Well, they really serve as a review and they test the amount and accuracy and familiarity of knowledge retained. If you don't take the exams, you'll wind up with an incomplete, for which you get no credit. 考试实际上是一种复习,可以检查一下所记的知识是否正确和熟练。如果你没有参加考试,那门功课就不算修完,也就拿不到学分。

Suppose you get an incomplete because you are sick and can't take the exams.假如因生病缺考而未修完一门课程,怎么办?

Then you must make them up, so that you get credit for the complete course.那你必须补考,这样你才算修完一门课程,得到学分。

Soon we shall have the final examination.马上就要期终考试了。

The final (examination) is coming soon.

I hope you will come well prepared for your exam.希望大家为考试做好充分准备。

Everyone is busy preparing for the exams. How are you going to review your lessons ?大家都忙于迎考。你打算怎样复习功课?

The examination schedule is posted up.考试日程贴在墙上。

I wish you good luck.祝你们一切顺利。

I wish you every success.祝你成功。

The examination papers have all been distributed.考卷都分发了。

Don't worry. You have plenty of time to do your work.不要急。你们有充分的时间来答题。

Put your name on your examination paper. Write in ink, not in pencil.把名字写在试卷上。用钢笔,不能用铅笔。

Go over your papers carefully before you hand them in.交卷时仔细地把试卷从头到尾看一遍。

I hope all of you will successfully pass the term exam / entrance exam / graduation exam.希望你们都能通过学期/入学/

Dismissing Class 下课

It isn't time to finish yet.还没到下课时间。

The bell hasn't gone yet.铃还没响。

There are still two minutes to go.还有两分钟。

We still have a couple of minutes left.我们还有几分钟时间。

I only make it a quarter to ten. There's another five minutes yet.我以为现在是93刻,现在还有5分钟。

This lesson isn't supposed to finish until ten to ten.这节课要到950分才下课。

We seem to have finished a few minutes earlier.我们好像提前了几分钟下课。

My watch must be fast. I make it only five to ten.我的表肯定偏快。我以为现在是10点差10分。

What time do you make it ?你们看现在几点钟了?

It seems we have two or three minutes in hand / to spare.看来我们还有两三分钟。

One more thing before you go.在你们走之前,我还要说一件事

Don't go rushing off. I have something to tell you.别急于离开,我还有一些事情要告诉你们。

We'll finish this next time.下次我们学完这个。

I don't think we've got time to finish this now.我想我们没有时间把这个学完。

We'll do the rest of this chapter on Thursday.下周四我们继续学完这一章的剩下部分。

We'll finish off this exercise in the next lesson.我们下节课做完这个练习。

We've run out of time, but we'll go on with this exercise next time.今天时间用完了,我们下次继续做这个练习。

It's eleven thirty. We'll have to stop now.现在是1130分,我们得下课了。

It's almost time to stop. 快到下课时间了。

I'm afraid it's time to finish now.恐怕现在该结束了。

I make it almost time. We'll have to stop here.我看时间到了。我们就上到这里吧。

There's the bell for dismissal.下课玲响了。

There's the bell, as we must stop working now.铃响了,我们得下课了。

All right ! That's all for today, thank you.好吧,今天就学到这儿,谢谢。

Right. You can put your things away and go.好,你们整理一下东西就可离开了。

Try not to make any noise as you leave.离开时尽量别弄出声响。

No noise as you leave. Other classes are still working.离开时,不要弄出声响,其他班还在上课。

Let's have a break.我们休息一会。

Now we can relax.

We'll have/take a ten-minute break.我们休息10分钟。

We'll continue our lesson after break.休息后我们再继续上课。

So much for today.今天就讲到这里。

We'll stop / leave off here today.今天的课就到此结束。

If you need help, stay behind after class.如果你需要帮助,请课后留下来。

We're going to have coaching in the seventh period. Anyone who needs help, go to room 206.第七节课我们进行辅导,需要帮助的同学请到206教室去。

Don't sit over your work any more. Come out and stretch your legs.不要埋头用功了,出来活动一下。

I'm sorry I have not been able to wind up the lesson in time.很抱歉,我没能及时讲完课。

Don't leave your seats before you have been dismissed.在下课未宣布之前,不要离开座位。

After the breakI'll see you in Room 510 of the Language Training Center.休息后,我们到语言中心510教室上课。

There's been a change of room for next week.下周将调换教室。

We'll be meeting in Room 115 instead.我们将改在115教室上课。

The 6th period has been cancelled next Thursday as there won't be an English lesson.下周四的第6节课已取消了,所以那节英语课不上了。

I won't be here next week. Miss Wang will take / be taking you instead.我下周不在这里。王老师将代我给你们上课。

Go and join class 4A for your English lesson.4A班去,与他们一起上英语课。

I'll leave Bill some work to give you.我将委托比尔把一些作业转给你们。

This was my last lesson with you.这是我给你们上的最后一课。

That's it.到此为止。

Class is dismissed.下课。

Class is over.

Let's call it a day.

Goodbye, boys and girls.同学们,再见。(对中小学生)


Bye-bye, children.孩子们,再见。(对小学生)

See you later回头见。

See you tomorrow 明天见。

See you (on) Friday.星期五见。

Good-bye for the present !

Bye now, Bill.比尔,再见。

Be seeing you soon !希望不久见到你们!



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