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Be in love with t.A.T.u.

(2007-05-13 18:51:41)


分类: 80后的思想
Be <wbr>in <wbr>love <wbr>with <wbr>t.A.T.u.  Be <wbr>in <wbr>love <wbr>with <wbr>t.A.T.u.
Why do I love them?  What makes them so special?    
How did we fall in “love” with them?
My friends keep asking me why I have so strong loyalty for the girls. Well, I just use this journal to talk about this issue.
Do I love them just for the curiosity?  The answer is N.O.
Yes, it is true they are really different as their image once was just like a couple of young lesbians. (Cynical but cool to teens) It really shocked me when I saw them kissing in the rain. (In the music video of all the things she said) how could two girls of my age commit such an act? But the feeling of it was not liking, instead, it was disliking. So I felt I wouldn’t watch more about them, and it did work for about a couple of years. The breaker was 30 minutes, which just opened my heart and made me wanna listen more. And when you know more about them, you will lose your self, can’t help loving them. It is really hard to save words to explain why and how, what you feel so truly is nothing but that you have already been in “love” with them.  
是的,她们的确很特别她们曾经给公众一对年轻的女同性恋的形象。(对于青少年来说那愤世嫉俗的形象的确是很酷的)当我看到她们在雨里接吻时真的是被吓呆了(那个镜头出自all the things she said)两个和我同龄的女孩子竟然做出了这么夸张的行为?而那种感觉并不是喜欢而是厌烦,所以我决定再也不看她们的表演了。事实上我的确也有几年没再关注过她们。打破这个局面的是30 minutes。这首歌的确打动了我,让我想听她们更多的歌。而当你了解她们越多的时候你就会发现自己不得不去喜欢她们。这很难用只言片语来解释,你不知道自己为什么或者是怎样“爱上”她们的,你只是知道你已经“爱上”了。

Before t.A.T.u. my favorite band was always BSB, for almost 8 years. I always spent hours listening to their songs feeling the feelings the lyrics just transmitted to me. I even never listened to other singers just considering no else band will ever take their stand in my heart. However, when I really got to know the girls, I felt how stupid that I had ever been, there are so many different kinds of music and singers in the world. The girls have just opened my eyes and made me wanna see all kinds of things in life.
Do I mind their image of young lesbians? 
               Yes, but I will forgive them.

After seeing them kiss and embrace so passionately, it is really difficult to consider them as normal friends. However, the fact that one of our girls Yulya has already had a baby (her nickname is Vika) and they all have boyfriends makes it so clear that they are not a couple at all. I am really sorry for that. However, allowing for their young ages and the attractions of being a focus of public for the girls, I know I will forgive them. 


                   All about the gossips                       

The baby Vika
In September 23rd 2004, Yulya bore a girl baby, whom we call Vika. The baby’s father is Pasha, a very beefy and bull-headed man. (I am really sorry to be rude, but I bet that no fans will ever like him) The arrival of the little baby brought a terrible break in their career. The fans even cried frightened of that they may never return the stage. However, in my opinion the baby may just did a good job, during the break the girls could think more about their past. They, of course did a lot of wrongs. Then they returned, never pretended to be lesbians in public any more. So baby Vika, you are good for our girls indeed.


Yulya’s orientation
Though our Yulya firstly had a baby instead of Elena who is a bit older than her, Yulya once announced that she was a B.I. And Elena also said that Yulya once had been with a girl. So it seems that she is really bisexual. There is no one to blame about her orientation, however, if it could happen, we would wanna see that our girls were together in the reality.

虽然Yulya早于比她大一点的Elena 先生了一个宝宝,但是她却声称过自己是个双性恋,而Elena也曾说过Yulya 曾经和一个女孩在一起过。看来她的确是了。关于她的性取向我们当然不能责备任何人。只是如果可能的话,我们倒是希望女孩们在现实生活中能真的在一起。

Elena’s emotional state
Elena once said she just moved in her boyfriend’s. However, Elena not like Yulya, seldom has so many gossips and doesn’t show a lot of privacy in public. Judging from her diaries, we can see that she seldom talks about her boyfriend and often wanna the fans know the girls are “together”. (Though they may be in different cities even countries) I don’t know quite much about it myself, but I guess she is more faithful than Yulya and may just get married someday and give us a shock!


Are they really so close?
I doubt, but I wish they are, like what they say, like a family. The only gift Elena mentioned in her diary about her 22nd birthday is Yulya’s present, a pair of diamond earrings. Is that a sign that they are really very important to each other? Or just because Elena knew the fans would like to know it more than other gifts? And in Elena’s diary, what she wrote about her wishes for Yulya’s 22nd birthday, “I will always be with you, no matter what happens” is truly a touching statement of care and love. So let’s just wish they are really close and the friendship will last for long, then we can have more about them.

I really don’t wanna this journal to be a collection of gossips, so I must stop talking about the gossips here.
                The changes after loving them

I would never be so tolerate and open-minded if I had never listened to their songs or watching their shows and videos. The girls have just opened my eyes and made me feel the world that I have never touched before. They make me think more about life and love, trying to understand different kinds of people. I love the faith that they hold, “Be in love, be yourself”. So let’s just be honest and love each other…





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