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(2009-10-24 11:42:59)




分类: 我的日记

Meet a university professor
who uses his past to help other’s futures
October 08, 2009

A keen outdoorsman, HSIEH Chin-Mou (谢智谋) has climbed to the summits of numerous mountains. But life hasn’t always been full of high points for hsieh. He’s certainly experienced and learned from his share of low points as well.


Growing from his past
Growing up in a violent home put Hsieh on the path toward a lfe of crime. Getting into fights with people and into trouble had become a habit for him. After stealing a stranger’s motorcycle, he was arrested and put in a detention center. Three days after being released, he failed his second year of high school. This low pint was a life changing wake-up call for Hsieh. He realized he was becoming someone he didn’t want to be.


So, Hsieh decided to turn his life around by finishing high school, college and a master’s degree program. Combining his interests in psychology and outdoor recreation, he went on to complete a Ph.D. in experiential education and adventure therapy at Indiana University. After becoming a Christian in graduate school, he determined to use his life to serve people.

因此,谢智谋决定改变他自己的命运,继续要完成高中,大学和 硕士学位课程。结合他户外的娱乐兴趣与心理学,他继续就读于印第安纳州大学并完成了体验教育和探险治疗的博士学位。完成学业后,他就阪依了基督徒,决定以他过去的不幸经历来告诫别人和服务人群。
Persevering through medical challenges
During the next eight years, Hsieh finished his Ph.D. and took groups of at-risk youth on outdoor wilderness trips. Then in 2006, a serious heart attack permanently damaged his heart. Consequently, his weakened heart now supplies only 55 to 60 percent of the total oxygen that a healthy heart pumps.


Only four months after heart surgery, he led a group of university students on a sea kayaking trip in Alaska. For Hsieh, falling into the near freezing Alaskan water with his heart condition would almost certainly be fatal. Two weeks in such dangerous waters taught him and his group lessons about overcoming fear with courage and faith.


Hsieh accepted an even greater challenge in the Himalayas the following summer. The oxygen poor air at great heights causes a person’s heart to work extra hard. Hence, climbing mountains is especially risky for peo0ple with heart disease. Until that summer, no one with Hsieh’s heart condition had ascended above 4,500 m. By climbing the 6,189-m Island Peak, he set a new record for altitude among people with his heart condition.

在接下来的夏天,谢又接受了更大的挑战,攀登喜马拉雅山。高山的缺氧常常会引起人们工作额外的辛苦。因此,攀登高山对有心脏病的人来说,尤其特别危险。直到那年的夏天,与他一样的患有心脏病的人群中,没有一个像谢的心脏状况的人能攀上高达4,500米的高度。 由于谢攀上高达6,189米的岛峰,他创下了有心脏病患者新的海拔攀高记录。
Adventures with a purpose

The constant possibility that his next day could be his last has been a powerful force in Hsieh’s life. Certain that living for himself would be a waste of time, he spends his life serving others.


Hsieh loves helping Taiwan’s youth who are at risk. Having been in their shoes, he is able to help young people who face violence as well as behavior and drug problems.


Hsieh currently teaches at National Taiwan Sport University. Each year, his students plan, organize and lead an overseas adventure trip that somehow meets people’s needs. For example, the 2006 Alaskan adventure was a way to raise money for an at-risk youth program in Taiwan.


In 2007 and 2009, after climbing in the Himalayas, Hsieh’s students completed several projects for a Sherpa community school. And in 2008, after conquering the 5,895-m Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, his class built restrooms for a nearby school. In addition, they initiated a community-wide soccer program.

2007年和2009年攀登完喜马拉雅山之后,谢的学生就为夏尔巴人(西藏的一个种族)的社区学校援建了数个项目。在2008年,谢在坦桑尼亚征服海拔5,895公尺的乞力马扎罗山 [坦桑尼亚东北部](非洲最高的山)之后,他的学生(班级)就为附近的学校建起一所公共洗手间。除此之外,他们在全社区里创立美式足球训练班。

Hsieh’s example helps others to discover the adventure and satisfaction of living generously.



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