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着迷英语900句文本( 002 )

(2007-03-11 03:01:16)
分类: 着迷英语900句文本
着迷英语900句文本( <wbr>002 <wbr>): Of course, sir. We send flowers anywhere in the country. 当然, 先生, 在这个地区里任何地方我们都送的.
: Well, tulips are very pretty. 嗯, 郁金香是很漂亮的.
: They look like... uh... well... cups. 看起来像是... 嗯... 杯子.
: Oh, she likes roses. Then send her roses. 噢, 她喜欢玫瑰, 那就送玫瑰给她.
: No, in fact, tulips aren't as expensive as roses this year. 不, 实际上, 今年的郁金香不像玫瑰那麽昂贵.
: Fine. How many tulips do you want to order? 好, 你要订多少郁金香?
$10.00 I can?: Certainly. For send sixteen. 当然了, 十块钱可以送十六朵.
: Yes. We usually include a short note with the flowers. 是的, 我们都在花中夹一便条的.
: "To Mom. Happy Birthday." Yes, that's fine. Your mother's name and address, please? "送给妈妈, 祝您生日快乐", 是的, 那很好, 你母亲的名字和地址, 能告诉我吗?
: Mrs. G. Crawford. 143-29 Park Avenue. Is that C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D? 郭佛太太, 公园大道一四三之 29 号, 是不是 C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D ?
: Thank you. And your name and address, please? 谢谢你, 请告诉我你的名字和地址.
: Michael Crawford. 342 88th Street. Thank you very much. Have a nice day, sir. 迈克尔郭佛, 八十八街三四二号, 谢谢您的惠顾, 祝您有个愉快的日子, 先生.
BILL: Hi, Ali. Where are your parents today? 嗨, 阿里, 你爸妈今天到哪儿去了?
ALI: They're eating in the Italian restaurant again. 他们又上意大利餐馆去了.
ALI: I like hot dogs more than spaghetti. 我喜欢热狗甚於意大利,
ALI: And ice cream is the most delicious thing in the world. 然而冰淇淋又是世界上最美味可口的东西了.
ALI: It's not fair. 那是不公平的.
BILL: What isn't fair, Ali? 什麽不公平, 阿里?
ALI: They can eat as much spaghetti as they want. 他们高兴吃多少条就能吃多少,
ALI: But I can't eat as many hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches as I want. Do you have children? 但我想吃多少热狗和冰淇淋三明治却不能. 你有孩子吗?
BILL: I have two boys and two girls, 我有两男两女,
BILL: but they are all older than you. 不过他们都比你大.
ALI: How old are the boys? 男孩有多大?
BILL: Bill, Jr., the oldest, is seventeen. Jack is sixteen. 小比尔最大, 他十七岁, 杰克是十六岁.
ALI: Do they play baseball? 他们打棒球吗?
BILL: They sure do. Do you play baseball? 当然了, 你也打棒球吗?
ALI: Not yet. But I'm going to learn soon. I'm almost seven years old. 还没. 不过, 我很快会去学的, 我差不多七岁了.
MR. NIKZAD: Ali! I'm sorry, sir. Is my son bothering you again? 阿里! 很抱歉, 先生, 我的孩子又来打扰你了吗?
BILL: Not at all. He's a fine boy. 那里, 他是个乖巧的孩子.
MRS. NIKZAD: Thank you, Mr... 谢谢你, 先生...
BILL: O'Neill. 奥尼尔.
ALI: Father, Mr. O'Neill's sons play baseball. 爸, 奥尼尔先生的孩子都打棒球.
MR. NIKZAD: That's nice, Ali. 阿里, 那很好啊!
ALI: I want to learn, too. 我也要学,
ALI: But nobody wants to teach me. 但是没人教我.
MR. NIKZAD: You're too young, Ali. 阿里, 你太小了.
ALI: You always say that. 你老是那麽说,
ALI: I'm pretty big for my age. 就年龄来说, 我已经很大了.
BILL: Excuse me, there's a big crowd over there. Business before pleasure. 对不起先生, 那边有一大群人, 我先去做生意了.
MR. NIKZAD: Certainly. 那当然, 当然.
ALI: Good-bye, Mr. O'Neill. 再见, 奥尼尔先生.
BILL: Bye, Ali. See you soon. 再见, 阿里, 待会见.
ALI: You know, Father, he isn't really an ice cream man. He's just pretending. He's really a secret agent. 爸, 你知道吗? 他不是真的冰淇淋小贩, 他是伪装的, 其实他是个密探.
MRS. NIKZAD: What an imagination you have, Ali! 阿里, 你真会想象!
MR. NIKZAD: More imagination than sense. 想象超过常识.
MRS. NIKZAD: Don't spoil it for him, dear. Childhood is the happiest time of life. 不要责怪他, 亲爱的, 童年是一生中最快乐的时期.
: Hello. 哈.
: Hi, Bill. 嗨! 比尔.
: Oh, no. But it's Saturday night! 噢, 不, 今天是末晚上!
: Yes, I know. But we never see each other these days. The children never see you, either. 是的, 我知道, 但这几天我们彼此都没见面, 孩子也没见过你.
: And what about dinner? It's almost ready. 那晚餐怎麽样? 我都快弄好了.
: I know. That's the way it is. I'm just disappointed. 我知道, 就是这样, 我只是很失望.
: Around 9:00? Well, OK. Wait. Why don't you let me type your report? Then you could come home now. 九点左右? 好罢, 等等, 何不将你的报告让我来打字? 那麽你现在就可以回来了.
: No. We don't need any. We have lots of paper at home. 不, 我们不需要, 家里还有很多纸.
: OK. Good. See you around 8:15. Bye, dear. 好罢, 八点十五分再见, 拜拜, 亲爱的.
MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, step into my office, please. 瑟姑拉小姐,
MR. CRAWFORD: Bring your steno pad. 请带著速记簿到我的办公室来!
MR. CRAWFORD: To Mr. James C. Wilson, President, United Printing Corp. 给联合印刷公司董事长詹姆斯?威尔逊先生,
MR. CRAWFORD: You can look up the address in the files. 你可在档案中找到他的地址.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: "Dear Sir: Please send this office 10,000 copies of the World's Fair brochure. Thank you. Sincerely," and sign my name. "威尔逊先生, 请寄一万份世界博览会手册, 谢谢您" 然後签我的名字.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Send that out this morning, Ms. Segura. 今天早上要寄出, 瑟姑拉小姐.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: It's Mrs. Crawford's birthday. 今天是郭佛太太的生日,
MR. CRAWFORD: I want to buy her some flowers. 我要买些花给她,
MR. CRAWFORD: Call up the florist and tell him to send my wife a dozen roses. 打个电话给花商, 请他送一打玫瑰给我太太.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的. 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, 瑟姑拉小姐,
MR. CRAWFORD: here is yesterday's letter to Bissell Industries. 这是昨天给比塞尔实业公司的信,
MR. CRAWFORD: There is an error in the second paragraph. Please be more careful, Ms. Segura. 在第二段中有个错误, 请多加小心, 瑟姑拉小姐.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Any questions? 有什麽问题吗?
LAURA: Only one. 只有一个.
MR. CRAWFORD: Yes? 什麽事?
LAURA: When do you want to look for a new secretary? 您什麽时候要另外找一个秘书?
MR. CRAWFORD: I don't understand, Ms. Segura. We don't need another secretary. 我不明白你的意思, 瑟姑拉小姐, 我们并不需要另外新的秘书啊?
LAURA: I am giving you two weeks' notice, Mr. Crawford. 我给您两个星期去物色, 郭佛先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Are you resigning from the firm, Ms. Segura? 瑟姑拉小姐, 你真的要辞职吗?
LAURA: Yes, Mr. Crawford. I'm sure you can find someone better than I. 是的, 郭佛先生, 我相信您一定能找到比我更行的秘书.
MR. CRAWFORD: Very well, Ms. Segura. Put an ad for a secretary in tomorrow's paper. 好吧, 瑟姑拉小姐, 在明天报上刊个徵求秘书的广告.
LAURA: Yes, Mr. Crawford. 是的, 郭佛先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: This is very inconvenient. 真是麻烦.
LAURA: I'm sure it is. 我相信是很麻烦.
SALESMAN: Can I help you? 我能效劳吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: Yes. I want to paint my son's bedroom. I think sky blue is pretty color. 是的, 我要粉刷我孩子的卧室, 我想天蓝色的颜色很棒.
SALESMAN: How big is the room? 房间有多大?
MRS. NIKZAD: Not very big. 不很大.
SALESMAN: How many gallons of paint do you want? 你要多少加仑的油漆呢?
MRS. NIKZAD: I don't know. 我也不晓得.
SALESMAN: Look, why don't you tell your painter to buy the paint? 嘿, 你为什麽不告诉你的油漆匠去买油漆呢?
MRS. NIKZAD: I am the painter. 我就是油漆匠.
SALESMAN: Well, then. Do you know the size of the room? 哦, 那麽, 你知道房间的尺寸吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: No. I'm sorry, I don't. 不, 很抱歉, 我不知道.
SALESMAN: Is it larger or smaller than this store? 它比这个商店大或小?
MRS. NIKZAD: It's about half the size of this store. 大约是这个店的一半大小.
SALESMAN: You need two gallons. 你需要两加仑.
MRS. NIKZAD: Now what do I do? 现在我该怎麽办?
SALESMAN: Madam, why don't you get a painter? 夫人, 你为什麽不找个油漆匠?
MRS. NIKZAD: My son and I want to paint the room together. 我儿子要跟我一起粉刷房间.
SALESMAN: All right. Here. Read these instructions. Do you want the paint now? 好, 这里, 看看这些指导说明, 你现在就要油漆吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: Yes, please. 是的.
SALESMAN: $21.39. 两加仑天蓝色的共是二十一元元角九分.?Two gallons of sky blue. That's
MRS. NIKZAD: Thank you. What time do you close? 谢谢, 你什麽时候关店?
SALESMAN: We're open till 6:30 tonight. 我们今晚营业到六点卅分.
: I think I'm falling in love with him. Oh, what am I going to do? 我想我正与他谈恋爱了, 噢, 我怎麽办?
: Could I be his wife? 我能成为他的妻子吗?
: How long could I live in a little apartment on a poor street? 我能在这穷巷小屋住多久呢?
: He's an artist. He doesn't think about money, but I do. 他是个艺术家, 他不在乎钱的问题. 但是我在乎,
: I like life's little luxuries. 我喜欢一点奢华的生活,
: I like to buy pretty things -- new dresses and jewelry. 我喜欢买一些漂亮的东西 -- 新的衣服, 珠宝等.
: I could live without them, I guess, but... do I want to? 没有这些固然可以生活, 我想; 但是我希望这样子吗?
: I guess I could always find a job. I could work in an office or I could teach Portuguese. 我想我随时可以找到工作, 我可以在公司里工作, 或教教葡萄牙文.
: Or could I? 我能吗?
: Maybe Mama is right. Maybe I couldn't live on 88th Street. 或许妈妈是对的, 说不定我无法在八十八街过下去,
: It's a long way from home in Brazil. 从这里到巴西太远了,
: Paulo wants to stay here, but Mama is going to go home soon. 保罗希望留在这里, 只是妈就要回家了.
: She misses Papa and her life there. 她怀念爸爸和在那里的生活,
: And what about me? 而我呢?
: We could live six months here and six months there. 我们可以在这里住个半年, 在那边住半年,
: No. That's ridiculous. 不行, 那太荒唐了,
: What am I going to do? 我该怎麽办呢?
: I love his eyes. Who knows? 我喜欢他的见解, 谁知道?
: We all grow and change. Anything could happen. 我们都会长大而改变的, 任何事情都可能发生.
: It's not easy to be the mother of four children, take care of a house, and go to work. 当个有四个孩子, 又要照料家务, 又要出去工作的母亲是不简单的,
: I'm not complaining, though. Really I'm not. 可是我不抱怨. 真的, 我不会抱怨.
: Bill has a good job, and he always works overtime to make as much as he can. But we can always use some extra money. 比尔有好工作, 他时常尽可能的加班, 而我们也时常需要额外的钱,
: Four children eat a lot of food. 四个孩子要吃的东西是很多的.
: I didn't go to college. What could I do? 我没读大学, 我能做什麽呢?
: I was a mother at nineteen. 我在十九岁的时候当了妈妈.
: I didn't see much of the world then. 因此我对这世界看到的并不多.
: The children are all in school now, and I want to do something new. 现在孩子们都上学去了, 我希望做些新的事情,
: I'm not old yet. I want to live and learn and grow as much as I can. 我还不老, 我要尽我所能的生活、学习和成长.
: This is my first job in eighteen years, and I love it. 这是我十八年以来的第一个工作. 我喜欢它,
: I love to work with flowers. I want to learn about the business, too. 我喜欢跟花一起工作, 我也要学习有关做生意的事.
: Someday, I'm going to own a shop like this one. 有一天, 我自己将会拥有一间像这样的店.
: You know my brother, Ali, but you don't know me. 你知道我弟弟阿里, 但不认识我,
: I am Hussein M. Nikzad. I'm nine and a half. 我是胡辛 M?尼克萨德, 我九岁半,
: I am very strong for my age, and I'm very smart in school. 我很健壮, 在学校里也相当聪明,
: All my teachers say so. 我所有的老师都这麽说.
: I do my homework, and I pay attention to my teachers. 我做我的功课, 也听我的老师们的话,
: I like books. I read all the time. 我喜欢书, 所有的时间都在看书,
: I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. 我能加、减、乘、除,
: I can read and write English and Farsi, 我能读与写英文和波斯语.
: and I know all about the heroes of my country. 我晓得我的国家所有英雄的事,
: I am going to be famous, too. 我也要成为著名的人物,
: I am going to build cities and roads and bridges and everything. 我打算建造城市、道路、桥梁, 以及一切的一切.
: Ali is a strange kid. 阿里是个奇怪的孩子,
: He thinks everyone is a Martian and ice cream vendors are secret agents. 他认为每一个人都是火星人, 以为贩卖冰淇淋的人是密探.
: Why does he eat ice cream all the time? 为什麽他老是吃冰淇淋?
: Sometimes I think Father is right. Ali acts like a child all the time. 有时候我认为父亲是对的, 阿里的行为始终像个小孩,
: He never could sit still. 从来不曾安静下来过,
: He doesn't listen to anyone. 他不听任何人的话,
: He's forgetting Farsi, too. 他也逐渐忘了波斯语.
: What is he going to do next year in Iran? 明年在伊朗他将做些什麽呢?
: Ali hates me. It's not my fault. 阿里憎恨我, 那并非我的错,
: He hates me because I'm bigger and smarter, and I'm Father's favorite. 他恨我是因为我长得比较大也比较聪明, 而且我是爸爸所疼爱的,
: Father doesn't say that, of course, but I know it. 爸虽然不说, 但是我了解,
: And Ali knows it, too. 当然, 阿里他也知道.
: But Ali's okay, really. 不过阿里真的也还好,
: Sure, sometimes he does crazy things, 当然, 他有时候会做些疯狂的事来,
: but he's not a bad kid. 但是他不是个坏孩子.


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