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(2008-02-23 15:43:45)



         English-Chinese Fairy Story-Telling Gathering






                       Whose Fault Is It? 


There once lived a plump hen with her clutch near a wood.

And when the clutch grew strong enough, being chicks, the plump hen used to take them together to go out to look for food. When she found something delicious to eat, she often lowered her head to peck again and again, chuckling in order to ask her children to come and enjoy it together.

It was obvious that her purpose was also to make them learn how to look for food. And there was another aim for her to do this way. So she was sometimes scratching among some grains of sand with both her claws, pecking one grain of sand, or another, showing her children, and either swallowing it or giving it to her children to taste.

She said, “Dear children, remember this: grains of sand in our stomachs can also help digest. And what’s more, our gastric juice can digest the grains too. ”

Her children were learning from their mother consciously and attentively, distinguishing what was their food and what wasn’t, just as their digesting and the like.                 

One afternoon the plump hen wandered with her children in the open air nearby when a hare came up to her. The hare asked whether or not she would like to let her children have some physical exercise with him.

She said, lifting her head high with bad manners, “Oh, thank you very much. However, I would rather let them lie down and sleep under my both wings than train with you.”

The hare kept on persuading, “You’re not quite all right to do this way, Mrs. Hen. I know you train your children in search of food. That’s only one part of living. Another one is physical quality. It won’t do without it, you see, too. And training can keep us healthy and strong. If there is any danger, we can…”

But the plump hen cut him short, laughing, “Aha, your words are so interesting that I can’t help wanting to sleep for a while. However, nothing is worth doing. Do you see it? Now, we are full and want to sleep. Good-bye, my dear.”

With that, the plump hen squatted there, closed her eyes and lifted her both wings once, as if the hare hadn’t been there. After a while, she opened her small and round eyes again, and saw her children singing happily and trotting over to lie down under her wings. What pride she took in her children and herself, you see! It seemed that there was nothing to worry her at all on the earth!  

There are actually unexpected storms in nature, while there are unpredictable fortune and misfortune in life. Just at that time, a strong and vigorous male hawk, with two sharp talons stretching, flew down very fast.

The hare had a look up and sensed the danger. He at once ran, like an arrow, through a few thick bushes of Chinese rose and hid himself deep in the wood. The hare’s healthy physical and mental qualities further proved that it was really great of that “preparedness is a protection against danger”.

On the contrary, the frightened plump hen lost at least two or three of her children before she knew what had happened.

   “Whose fault is it?” Someone may ask. However, the only thing that embarrasses lies in not learning from his or her own mistakes.












野兔子不停地劝说:“你这样做不太理智吧,鸡夫人。我知道,您在训练孩子们寻找食物 ——这只是生活的一部分。另一部分是体质——您也明白,没有体质是不行的。而锻炼身体,能使我们的保持健康强壮。如果遇到危险,我们就能……”










                     Braver Is Better


There lived a black hen in a city. And she had lived there for a long time and felt somewhat bored. She sighed: “Yes, there is a crook in the lot of every one.” Yes, having too much delicious food makes one tired of it, let alone the place where the black hen could only see grey sky covered with black smoke and dark clouds, sucking water with a terrible smell and hearing noises of traffic and machinery of one sort or another. She also, of course by nature, wished very much to breathe fresh air, drink sweet spring and live in peace and quiet surroundings.

The black hen, therefore one day, suddenly wished eagerly to go somewhere else to stay for a change. All of a sudden, she thought of one of her friends, a white hen, which had been lived in a meadow in the countryside. So she first asked someone to send a letter to the white hen, and then she set off to her friend.

The black hen walked a long way, passed by some villages, walked through a wood and crossed a bridge over a river. All along her path, though quite tired, she was enjoying very much the beautiful sceneries, such as the vast and blue sky with white clouds floating, swinging green trees of all kinds in the breeze and sweet colorful flowers of one sort or another. She sighed unconsciously in delight: “Oh, my god! The natural beauty is the prettiest scene in the world!”

At last the black hen got to her destination, the meadow by noon.

The black hen’s friend, the white hen, met her warmly by the road near the meadow. With a sweet smile, the white hen greeted her friend sincerely: “Welcome to my simple home, my dear friend!”

“Thank you, my dear, thanks a lot, really. Very nice to meet you again! ” The black hen smiled from ear to ear, holding her friend’s right hand in both her hands shaking, “Very nice to meet you again! Very nice to meet you again!” She said again and again happily.

With those, the two friends walked hand in hand leisurely to the house in the meadow nearby a big tree.

Then the two friends had their lunch together, talked to each other happily for a while. The white hen said to the black hen, “Please take a nap in my bedroom and have a good rest for a while. I am going to look for something nice, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, grains of oat or corn or something in the open air. I will make a big meal to treat you, you see. Well, I will be back in an hour or so. ”

 “How can you make me sleep with all attractive and fresh things around me?” The black hen said to her friend, sharing an open character: “Let us go together. Two heads are better than one. Maybe I can do something that delights you, too. Besides, I also hope I can go to the fields to pick some beautiful wild flowers. Are there dandelions and fleur-de-lis in the fields? Do you think I can pick such flowers there? ”

“Yes…or maybe not.” said the white hen with hesitation, “You maybe get dandelions. Fleur-de-lis has, nevertheless, been faded for a long time, so you can’t get any. All the only left blade-shaped leaves of fleur-de-lis are overgrowing everywhere, with most 20 centimeters tall, some especially nearby the bank of water about 40 meters or so tall.”

“Well, are they?” Blushing was the black hen made by the white hen’s explanation persuasively, and felt embarrassed a lot. Because she didn’t know when flowers of fleur-de-lis were in bloom, and now they passed out of bloom. But she easily managed to cope with it. “Never mind that,” said she, appearing a broad-mind happily, “If I can get one, that’s enough.” then she sneered, thinking to herself, “What kind of one do you know? I want you to guess yourself.”

“All right, then. Let’s go together. ” The white hen looked very calm. She sensed her friend’s disadvantage, but she uncovered her friend’s ignorance involuntarily. Now her friend didn’t seem to take that so much, she took it easy already. So she said delightedly, “So long as you are delighted, what do I have to say then? Of course, I feel delighted too.”

They both were out together, and soon they found themselves in the fields.

It had been some time since Beginning of Autumn. And there was a path under a few willows near the fields and some fallen willow leaves were rolling in a breeze on it. When the black hen saw them, she sighed, “Alas! A single fallen leaf tells of the oncoming autumn. Really it is so.”

“Aha. A single fallen leaf tells of the oncoming autumn?” the white hen was surprised with wide open eyes, asking curiously, “Did you sigh over the fallen leaves?”

“Yes, I did.” The black hen nodded, “Before Beginning of Autumn, it was very hot, especially in the city, it was as hot as sitting in a tight basket and sieve of bamboo for steamed bread.” She sighed long again, going on with a sweet smile, “But now, only after a few days of Beginning of Autumn, the weather has been much cooler, particularly in the countryside!So I have been very happy since being here, you see.”

“Yes, that’s the point. That’s one of our country folks’ advantages.” A happy look appeared on the white hen’s face that made her face even redder. “If enjoying, you can live here in your lifetime.”

“OK, that’s what I’ve wished best,” answered the black hen in high spirits. Then she hesitated, “However, I still…”

The breeze, just then, turned into a gale blowing. And not long before, the gale changed into a gustiness which was blowing harder and harder.

Suddenly something dark with the terrible gale rushed down from the sky. And when the black hen saw that, she ran for her life, crying out:

    “A cruel hawk is coming down to catch us…”

The black hen left the white hen behind and hid behind a big pine tree. Though she was in both a hurry and fear, she found a natural hiding-place — it happened that there was a hole in the big pine tree at the foot of it. It was, nevertheless, not big enough to be her shelter in which she could only hide her little head inside, leaving her other organs and limbs outside, shivering like willow twigs in the wind.

There hid the black hen, waiting and waiting for a long time. But nothing happened. And then the gustiness stopped all of a sudden. She seemed confused as if she had had a nightmare.

 “What’s the matter? How was it a nightmare just now?” The black hen asked herself in astonishment. She herself actually couldn’t understand what the matter was, too.

The black hen looked around and saw that the white hen was still walking about in the fields, in searching leisurely and attentively for something nice, such as peanuts, sunflowers seeds, grains of oat or corn or something, as if nothing had happened.

The black hen looked up, but she saw nothing in the sky.

“What’s wrong with my eyes? I really saw the hawk coming down with my own eyes. But where is it now? I must go and ask my friend if she has seen the hawk.”

The black hen came out from behind the big pine tree. She asked her friend, “My dear, you are really valor. But I’d like to know if you had seen the hawk.”

“Hawk? What kind of hawk is it?” The white hen asked in surprise.

“The hawk came down to catch us just now,” said the black hen. “Didn’t you see it.”

“Ha, ha, ha! I know what you say now,” Laughed and said the white hen. “No hawk can catch me, but I myself have caught a hawk.”

“Where is it?” asked the black hen.

“Here it is!” said the white hen. She pointed to a broken straw hat lying under her feet.

“…” The black hen opened her mouth a few times, but she couldn’t say anything. And her face turned red.

The white hen found that, so she encouraged her friend, saying, “Never mind, my dear! You will be braver gradually, I think. Let’s go on looking for something nice to eat. OK?”

“OK,” responded the black hen on the face of it delightedly, contrary to it, blaming herself secretly, “hey, lost face again, I see.”

After that, they went on looking for something they wished to. And then the black hen picked some beautiful yellow dandelion flowers in the fields, and along the lane home, she also blew two or three dandelion white-fluffy-balls flying all over, speaking out: “Fly high bravely! Why do I say ‘There is a crook in the lot of every one’ so often? Never say it again! Braver is better for ever — that’s the key of keys to everyone, I see!”


























黑母鸡丢下白母鸡,躲藏到一棵大松树后面去了。尽管她又匆忙又害怕,她还是发现了一个天然的隐身之地——碰巧,大松树根部有个洞。那个洞不够大,当不了黑母鸡的避难所。她只能把那小巧玲珑的脑壳躲藏进洞里去,而其他的器官和肢体却裸露在外面, 像风中的柳树小枝条一样颤抖个不停。



















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