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(2011-09-16 09:40:56)


分类: 新闻、展览和赛事资讯
帆布外,玩字体: <wbr>北京设计周CONVERSE字体展览 <wbr>OFF <wbr>CANVAS: <wbr>A <wbr>STREET-LEVEL <wbr>TYPOGRAPHY <wbr>EXHIBITION

In support of Beijing Design Week, Converse presents a street-level exhibition of typography design, canvassing the imperial city in hidden places that mark China’s thriving creative subcultures. 


With over one hundred years behind the brand, the exhibition celebrates two things vital to Converse’s heritage of storytelling – words and type. OFF CANVAS showcases the work of international and local artists renown for their artistry of words. Culling from the diverse worlds of graphic design, art and graffiti, the installations reveal communities and unexpected canvases within the worlds of independent art, music, fashion and skate in Beijing. 


Check out the artist Bios below! 

Neville Brody (英国 UK) 

作为一名国际知名设计师和字体艺术家,Neville Brody同时又兼任艺术总监及品牌策略专家。除了他自己的工作室之外,他还是一个在设计界始终激情洋溢的人物,一个在创意产业中反文化的教育家和发言人。职业生涯之始,他曾在Rocking Russian、Stiff Records以及Fetish Records等多个唱片公司任职。期间,他推动了视觉形象和创意的跨界发展, 并且为几支重要的乐队创立了标志性的音乐形象。在他担任FACE杂志艺术总监和ARENA杂志创意总监时,其天赋在出版界得以继续延伸。之后,他建立了自己的同名工作室,现在称为Research Studio。1988年,V&A博物馆展出了他的作品以及他的第一篇专题著作《Neville Brody的图形语言》(The Graphic Language of Neville Brody),后者已经成为世界最畅销的平面设计书籍。 

Neville Brody is an internationally renowned designer, typographer, art director and brand strategist. Alongside his studio work he is also a passionate voice in the design community, an educator and a spokesman for counter culture in the creative industries. At the start of his career he worked for several record companies; Rocking Russian, Stiff Records and Fetish Records where he pushed visual and creative boundaries and created iconic music imagery for seminal bands. His talent expanded into the publishing world as Art Director of The Face magazine then Creative Director of Arena Magazine, after which he established his own namesake design studio, now called Research Studios. In 1988 the V&A Museum held an exhibition of his work to accompany his first monograph The Graphic Language of Neville Brody, which became the world’s best selling graphic design book. 

Niels Shoe Meulman (荷兰 NL) 

Niels Meulman (又称Shoe) 是一位国际知名的艺术家、平面设计师,来自荷兰首都阿姆斯特丹。Meulman在1979年开始使用Shoe署名,并且在他18岁时就成为了一位涂鸦艺术的传奇性人物。在80年代,他遇到了几位纽约艺术家,如Dondi、Rammellzee、Haze、Quik和Keith Haring。随后,他和来自巴黎的Bando以及来自伦敦的Mode2组成了Crime Time Kings,在欧洲推动了一种独特的涂鸦风格的发展。2007 年,Niels发起了他决定性的行动,创造了”Calligraffiti”, 一种融合了书法和涂鸦的艺术形式。其后,其书法涂鸦作品(以NSM署名)在各种国际展览上展出,且被多家博物馆收藏。他最近的绘画风格可以描述为带有书法元素的抽象表现主义。 

Niels Meulman (also known as Shoe) is an internationally known artist and graphic designer hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Meulman began tagging ‘Shoe’ in 1979 and became a graffiti legend by the time he was 18. In the eighties he met New York artists like Dondi, Rammellzee, Haze, Quik and Keith Haring. He then formed the Crime Time Kings with Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London, driving a new distinctive style of graffiti in Europe. In 2007, Niels launched his definitive movement “Calligraffiti,” an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti. Since then, his Calligraffiti pieces (signed NSM) are shown in various international exhibitions and are part of several museum collections. His more recent painting style can be described as Abstract Expressionism with a Calligraphic origin. 

Nod Young (中国 CN) 

作为本次展览的艺术家中唯一一个土生土长的北京人,Nod Young是一位视觉艺术家,擅长数码设计和视觉艺术,对此他有着独特的风格与见解。通过对Nod的作品解读不难发现他一直在尝试打破规则,通过新旧元素进行重组并融入中国文化色彩。Nod多次参加全球性展览活动,从英国到西班牙、芬兰、新加坡、美国以及南非。Nod将其最原始的灵感归纳为通过艺术和创意来改变生活的渴望,希望其可以在某种程度上充分影响这个世界,并进一步丰富个人的感官。 

As the resident homegrown Beijing talent within the exhibition, Nod Young is a visual artist specializing in digital design and visual arts. His work is defined by a unique style and insight that cross-pollinates Chinese culture with elements ranging from the avant garde to the traditional, in a search for a new visual language and expression. Nod has participated in exhibitions around the globe, from the UK to Spain, Finland, Singapore, USA and South Africa. Nod cites his primary inspiration as the desire to change life through art and creativity in a way that can influence the world at large and enrich the sensations of individuals. 

Benny Luk (香港 HK) 

在香港和中国大陆视觉艺术文化的最前沿,Benny Luk将传统中国的设计理念、现代方法及主题结合了起来。他最近被《电脑艺术杂志》评为“世界最杰出的插画师”之一。他的设计工作室Sixstation主要从事平面设计、网站、字体设计和插画。他还管理着他自己的服装品牌——Beyond Fayte。Benny曾获国内外机构颁发的多个奖项,其中包括东京字体指导俱乐部(TTDC)所颁发的三个奖项,该俱乐部是中国和日本文字艺术表现的领军倡导者。 

At the forefront of visual art culture in Hong Kong and mainland China, Benny Luk combines traditional Chinese design sensibilities with contemporary methods and themes. He was recently recognized by Computer Arts Magazine as one of the “world’s greatest illustrators”. His design workshop – Sixstation works in the fields of creative graphics, web and typography design and illustration. He also mans his own clothing line – Beyond Fayte. Benny has won many awards from both local and international institutes, including three from the Tokyo Type Directors Club (TTDC), a leading proponent of the artistic expression of Chinese and Japanese characters. 

Ben Eine (英国 UK) 

Ben Flynn,又名 EINE,是伦敦最多产且最原始的街头艺术家之一,他擅长所有涂鸦艺术的核心元素——字母的形式。最初在25年前,作为一个“写手”,他以破坏者的身份在伦敦的大街小巷留下了他的第一个标记,而此标记最终发展成为一个独特的图形文字风格。EINE擅长于创作大型的、明亮的、多彩的字母,他的字体不断变化,且遍布世界各地, 包括洛杉矶、旧金山、巴黎、都柏林、东京、斯德哥尔摩以及他的家乡伦敦。他的字母可表达形式和情感,并且通过颜色、排列位置以及大小的组合,这些字母变成了抽象而独一无二的艺术作品。 

Ben Flynn, a.k.a. EINE is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists who specializes in the central element of all graffiti – the form of letters. Originally a ‘writer’ he started his career over twenty five years ago as a vandal leaving his first tag all over London before eventually developing a distinct typographic style. Eine specializes in producing huge, bright, colorful letters that have transformed streets around the world in cities including LA, San Francisco, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Stockholm as well as his home city of London. His letters depict form and emotion and through a combination of color, placement and size they become abstract and unique works of art in their own right. 

应永会 (中国 CN) 


Ying Yonghui comes from the southern island Xiangshan County in Zhejiang Province. Over that last decade he has established his craft within Shanghai as an artist and graphic designer. Within the China design community he is a known for his expertise and love of fonts and is celebrated as one of the industry’s foremost typography designers and researchers. More recently he has expanded his notoriety to the greater design scene with collaborative work and projects on various typography design and exhibitions across China. His work is defined by a sense of playfulness and challenge to convention and tradition, while upholding the beauty of Chinese script. 



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