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智慧寓言故事选集----10. The monkeys awoke

(2007-11-02 13:14:30)


分类: 智慧寓言故事选集

10. The monkeys awoke

There was a lazy man in the country of Chu. All day he was thinking of how to make a big fortune without much effort. He thought that the person who kept bees could get honey and who kept the fish eagle could get fish. Why not raise some monkeys? They could pick fruits for me!

So he bought a group of monkeys and locked them in an empty house. He also bought a lot of baskets for loading the fruits and taught the monkeys how to carry the baskets. With a whip in hand, he trained the monkeys strictly. Then he bought many fruits and taught the monkeys how to load them. If any clumsy monkey got a bite of the fruits or bruised them, he would whip the monkey fiercely. Very soon, the monkeys were under his control, daring not disobey him. Only until then would he free the monkeys into the forest to pick fruits for him.

It was true that the monkeys were very obedient. Everyday they started early and came back late, carrying back all kinds of fresh fruits for him. All he had to do was to take these fruits to the market and sell them. From then on, he lived a comfortably off life.

This lazy man is very hard on the monkeys. Every morning he drove the monkeys into the mountain. No matter how many fruits the monkeys picked, he only gave each of them one fruit. The monkeys had been working tiredly for a whole day, how could one fruit appease their hunger? So they squeaked with hunger. But he would give them no more and even beat them. Whoever cried more loudly would be beaten more heavily.

The monkeys were fed up with their master's ill-treatment,but none of them dared to say a word because they knew clearly what it meant by being whipped.

One day the monkeys went to pick the fruits as usual. Although they were extremely hungry, they just put the picked fruits into the baskets as they had been taught to do so and dared not put the fruits in their mouths.

They were hungry to the utmost and the master was not there, so a daring monkey began to eat the fruits. When seeing this, the others were watering their mouths. Later, they really couldn’t resist the temptation any more and also started to eat the fruits.

When an old wild monkey saw this, it couldn’t help laughing, "Kids, these are wild fruits. Take it easy and eat. Look, you have been treated without any attributes of monkey. Eat, eat them."

The monkeys looked at each other and talked in confusion,"These fruits don't belong to the master. Anyone can pick and eat them."

"The master is too lazy to go up the mountain and he can't see us, so let's eat boldly."

Quickly the monkeys climbed onto the tall trees one after another, picking the ripest and biggest fruits to eat. After a while, they were quite full.

While eating, they discussed,” I bet the right to pick the fruits on the mountain belongs not only to the master!” I have thought that master feeds us, but now I realize that it is us who support him!” The mountain is the nature's and everyone can go up the mountain; fruits are the wild fruits and everybody can pick them. He is too lazy to work and even force us to work for him. Why should we endure the torture he gives us?” And how! We are asking for trouble ourselves."

Having been hungry for a long time, the monkeys fell asleep soon, lying disorderly. When they woke up, the sun was descending behind the hills and the baskets were not full.

A little monkey said,” If we go back today, we will certainly be beaten. Huh! Even if I will be whipped, I won't work for him any longer and I want to have a word with him!" Another monkey said,” Master is always rude. If we don't work for him, he would sell us!” The monkeys scratched their heads, not knowing what they should do.

An elder monkey was a bit cleverer. It said,” Why should you go back? The mountain and the forest are without end. Why couldn’t we find fruits to eat? The road of life is just under our feet. We should make up our mind and leave here immediately!” The old wild monkey interrupted again,” That’s right. Go, let’s go together!"

Throwing away the baskets one after another, the monkeys jumped and laughed happily. Then they entered the boundless forest.

In the evening, the master waited restlessly and impatiently, but the monkeys didn't come back. When he went up the mountain, there was not a single monkey except the disorderly laid baskets. He flew into a rage, but was still too lazy to work. At last he died of hunger on his own bed.




















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