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(2008-10-14 19:01:40)


分类: 记单词
第32 课
       --------------------第187 讲
   pos 词根表“放置”
→ position  姿势;位置,职位;放置,定位
I am in an upright standing position. 我呈站立的姿势。
Fix a ship’s position by observing the sun and stars. 根据太阳和星辰的位置为船只定位。

→ dispose  (vt.) 排列,布置;(vi.) 除掉,处理
dispose the chairs into a semi-circle 把椅子排成半圆形
dispose sb. to 使…倾向于
His previous criminal record doesn’t dispose me to trust him.
Man proposes, God disposes. 谋事在人,成事在天。
dispose of 除掉
Their objections are easily disposed of. 他们的反对意见很容易驳倒。

→ disposal  清除,排列
The safe disposal of nuclear wastes is our current major problem.

→ expose 暴露,揭露 (ex-出,外面,-e动词后缀)
Don’t expose your skin to the sun. 别把你的皮肤暴露在阳光下。

→ exposure 暴露,揭露
exposure to 对…暴露,暴露在…下
Too much exposure to the sun is harmful to your skin. 过多地在阳光下暴露对皮肤是有害的。

→ preposition  介词(pre 表“之前”)
→ positive  积极的,确实的
→ compose 组成,创作,调解(com- 一起)
She began to compose songs at an early age. 她很小的时候就开始创作歌曲了。

→ composition  写作,作品;合成物
→ deposit  沉淀,存放;存款,押金(de表“向下”)(向下放置的东西)

--------------------第188 讲

   pos 词根表“放置”
→ composer  作曲家,调停人
Beethoven is a great composer. 贝多芬是个伟大的作曲家。

→ decompose  分解,腐烂
decompose without trace 分解得无影无踪
→ exposition 说明,展览会(ex 表“出”,放到外面就是“展览”)
horticultural exposition 园艺博览会
world exposition 世界博览会

→ disposition  部署,性格,意向
a cheerful disposition 开朗的性格
disposition to jealousy 倾向于嫉妒心理
→ impose 强加于,征税
impose a tax on wines and spirits 对果酒和烈性酒征税
impose a fine 罚款
impose an imprisonment 执行监禁
impose…on 强加给…
impose her idea on me 把她的想法强加在我头上
impose her sense of value on me 把她的价值观强加在我头上
I have never thought of imposing myself to someone else. 我从未想过要强行地让谁接受我。
→ oppose 反对,反抗
oppose sth. against sth. 用…来反对…
oppose sth. to sth. 用…来反对…
Don’t oppose your will against mine. 别用你的意志和我对抗。
→ opposed  反对的,敌对的
be opposed to 强烈地反对…
She is opposed to your going abroad. 她非常反对你出国这件事。

as opposed to 与…形成对照
The coffee carpet looks agreeable as opposed to the white curtain.
I am here on business as opposed to a holiday. 我来这里是工作而不是度假。
→ opposite 对立面的,相反的
   opposite to   ①另一侧,在对面;②与…截然相反
①I sit opposite to her. 吃饭的时候我坐在她对面。
Her house is opposite to mine. 她的房子位于我的正对面。
②Light is opposite to heavy. 轻和重是一对反义词。
I have expected it to be a sunny day, but it turns out to be quite the opposite.

--------------------第189 讲
   pos 词根表“放置”
→ propose  提议,建议,计划;求婚
He proposed to her, but she refused. 他向她求婚,可是遭到了拒绝。
The committee proposed that new legislation should be drafted. 委员会建议草拟新的法案。
 should be drafted.

→ proposal  提议,建议;求婚
proposal for 有关…的建议
proposal for marriage 求婚
His proposal for marriage was refused by her. 他向她的求婚被拒绝了。

proposal to 对…的建议和议案
proposal to uniting two companies 合并两个公司的议案

→ purpose 目的,意图,效果(pur = pro,明摆在面前的东西即“效果”)
for the purpose of 为了…的目的
I come for the purpose of seeing you. 我来的目的是为了看望你。
on purpose 故意,有意地
I inform you about this on purpose. 我是有意通知你的。
→ suppose 猜想,假定,期望
be supposed to 被期望应该…
He is supposed to arrive by now. 他现在应该已经到了。

→ postpone 推迟,延期(pon = pos,前缀post 表“后的”)
His arrival is postponed. 他还没有到。
Postpone your decision until more information is available. 推迟你的决定,直到掌握更多的信息。

--------------------第190 讲

  pon 词根表“放置”
→ component  事物的组成部分,部件;组成的,构成的
this factory supplying components for the car industry 为汽车制造业提供零部件的工厂
Analyse the component part of this sentence. 分析一下这个句子的各个组成部分。

→ compound (pound = pon)
①(n.) 复合物,化合物;(adj.) 复合的,化合的
②  (v.) 混合,掺和,使…恶化,严重
compound chemicals 混合化学药剂
compound sth. of sth. 用混合的方法制造…
Her character is compounded in equal parts of activeness and quietness. 她的性格动静各占一半。
put  放置,记下,写下,表达
put off 推迟
His arrival is put off. 他将晚点到。
put on 穿上衣服
I put on my clothes for it’s getting cold. 天变冷了,我穿上我的衣服。
put out 出版,发布;炉火熄灭了
put up 把…举起来;张贴;搭帐篷,搭建
We put up a few tents along the lakeside. 我们在湖边搭起了几个帐篷。
I put up a picture on the wall. 我在墙上贴了一张画。
  put up with 忍受…
We have to put up with this loss. 我们必须忍受这项损失。
  put across 解释清楚
I am so happy that you remember every word I put across to you.
put away = put aside 储存
put down 记下,写下
I always put down everything you says. 我总是把你说的每一件事情都记下来。
put forward 发表意见

→ input  输入;投入的资金
We need huge input to realize this project. 我们需要投入巨额资金来实现这个项目。
→ output [5autput] 产出,产量;输出
The average output of this factory is twenty cars a day. 这个工厂一天可以生产20 辆汽车。

--------------------第191 讲

possi 词根表“能力,能够”
→ possible  可能的,做得到的
It is possible. 有可能。
I will try to help you as hard as possible. 我将尽一切可能来帮助大家。

→ possibly 可能地,或者,也许
→ possibility  可能性
There is no possibility of his coming. 他不可能来了。

→ impossible  不可能的
That’s impossible. 一点可能都没有。
   potent 词根表“能力,能够”
→ potential  潜在的,可能的;潜能,潜力
potential trouble 潜在的问题
power  能力,威力,势力
water power 水力;
electricity power 电力;
labor power 劳动力

→ powerful  强大的,有权力的
a powerful government 一个强大的政府
→ horsepower 马力

--------------------第192 讲
   preci, price 词根均表“价值”
→ precious  宝贵的,珍贵的
my precious 我亲爱的;
precious metal 珍贵金属
→ priceless  无价的,极其珍贵的
priceless treasure 无价之宝
→ appreciate  欣赏,领会,感激 (ap-向,对于某件东西的价值认同)
I really appreciate your help. 我真的很感激你的帮助。
appreciate the wine 鉴赏葡萄酒

→ price  价格,价钱
price of the wine 葡萄酒的价格
What price are you asking? 你要什么价钱?
The goods should be clearly priced. 商品都应该标明价目。

→ prize  奖赏,奖金(prize 是price 的变体)
the Nobel Prize 诺贝尔奖
We prize honor above money. 我们珍视荣誉甚于金钱。
   quail, quanti 词根分别表“性质”,“量”
→ quality  质量,品德,性质
The quality of the good is very important. 质量很重要。
good quality 质量好;
poor quality 质量不好
a poor quality of cloth 质量低劣的布料

→ qualify  使合格;赋予权力
I hope to qualify as a doctor. 我希望取得医生资格。
be qualified to 能胜任…

→ qualification 资格,资历,限制条件
What qualification have you got to have for this job? 申请这个工作你所具有的条件是什么?

→ quantity  数量
a great quantity 大量的
in quantity 大量
It’s a lot cheaper if you buy it in quantity. 如果你买的量大,会便宜很多。

→ quantify  把…量化


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