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(2007-02-05 10:08:00)
分类: 散-文:行走的脚步
"Was spring late" turned "the palace of the crown prince"
      Article /yuanshuoshi
    I thought CCTV "the spring is late" first was in 1997 in a Shenzhensalt field video recording hall, that kind of feeling on likely readthe sentiment color novel which the first secret circulated forperusal.
    Spring Festival has come, the dormitory person mostly went home, isleft over I with a Henan's cadre, he led on the girlfriend to eat thefamily dinner on lunar new year's eve with me in the dormitory to exitthe lover's rendezvous. The empty dormitory is lonely lets the persongo crazy. If is usually, I might oneself while away the time byindividual, read, listen to the music to pass. But this is the newyear's celebration, also is first time in outside, felt as if is putby the storm in an isolated island small boat, is looking the othershore which the setting sun is unable to arrive yearned for, in theheart empty
    I knew has some workshops the staff in renting a room, I knew theyhave not gone back, is returning to one's native village aregistration time female worker's whereabouts all not to let off. ButI cannot go disturb, has some customs in the countryside, the bumperyear drops around only can wait till after the second year morning.Also I at that time was the cadre, generally is may have some staffs'supports in the workshop with to echo, but truly enters the life verypossibly to despise by the staff, in factory rank some times are verydifficult to let the people true achieve the mind and the friendshipcommunication.
    I do not have the destination to loaf on the street. On the street,nearly all shops all closed a door, originally saw every day thecoming and going to work dense number of people actually cannot findin the holiday, looks like a war time the castle which gets rid.Several piece of white trash in airborne dance in the air in under thecold sea breeze help, nobody responds the street has then become theirparadise. These trash all are the workers meal bags, because of us allin shoes industry factory, in factory popular hepatitis B, the staffmust go to eat in outside, but goes to eat the tool is the chopsticksand the white models the plastic bag, models the plastic bagoriginally is does not have freely, because nobody responds, they thenenlivened. I could not really be dull, looked like to have surely thewealth eruption household to lose all properties between a night to besame, is void equally airborne approaches trash plastic bag in faintlyrecognizable to throw oneself seizes the happy intelligence. I must goto the town center take a stroll, there at least also has severalshops in to do business, can see to several people, in the heartgeneral meeting happy.
    In in four villages openings, I saw has a video recording hall in todo business, has shocks the strength a square meter big character,askew Niu Niu's writing on red paper. "The scene direct seeding SpringFestival the evening party" several characters basically seize thevideo recording hall wall surface, each the eye which passes in andout from four villages all is unable to reject its existence. How manyshadows outside the video recording hall doesn't have, I want to besupposed very many people also to wish in advance the new year recentdevelopment on the family dinner on lunar new year's eve liquor table?The party is certain looked that, I have not ever looked, cannot againleave behind the regret! Remembered also in studies, in the villagethe rich farmer has first bought the monochrome set, every day eveningmoves to outside the threshing floor to look, we all the chairassemble from oneself belt are pursuing fashionably, has a lookoutside the mountain the world to have any to be strange I saw thefirst soap opera was "the Bian Card", ever had not looked a completevolume, inside had only known says is foreigner's love story, kissesthe lens are a topic which the village most caused a stir at thattime. The parents often come out look for me, at that time did notknow how always can find, moreover each time all punishes me as soonas to kneel is 12 hours. Afterwards only then understood that, in thevillage on several televisions, the antenna iron all rises on theeaves, which place stands all can see in, I basically did not have thegood fortune with the television. To in 1994, I have been able towatch the color television in the school, because the school increasedtwo subjects, was an audiovisual education, was a microcomputer. Butmy some times felt the monitor has one kind of pressure to me, itlooks like a huge evil spirit, either will understand the thing whichor will not understand to entice me, will instill into somestratification planes contents to me which never will contact. Ialways want to the father to propose buys a television, even if is 9inches black and white eliminations goods, but I always am unable theaperture. The father already was old, works cannot some people want.In the family is poor every year grain to pay agricultural Fei Shuiduto be insufficient, but the father can be the odd-job in the late atnight to the small town to study for our brothers, already was verymany people all cannot achieve. This chapter, I cannot miss in anyevent looked time "the spring is late", has a look remote Beijing onlyto be able from to draw embraces saw actually the star is any type,does their dance have the fable moving; Actually has a look remoteBeijing only to be able the form which reads from the books to be anytype. Does their joke have the fable interesting to listen to;Actually has a look remote Beijing only to be able the crosstalk whichestimates from the imagination to be any appearance, does their imagehave the fable moving. I look like the child which never broadensone's outlook, I all fill the selfish desire to many matters.
    I returned to the dormitory in a hurry, because I must completeseveral matters. One, completes own New Year supper, one is for thatHenan cadre message. The dinner does not look like in the family to beable to eat greatly castrates the chicken to cook the surface, whileconvenient the hot noon food left over has filled bottle of beer tosend the belly My goal looks at " Spring late " Is stemsfrom in a friendly way for that cadre message, perhaps has destroyedthe good condition because of mine existence which they carelessly hasan affair, after the message also must quickly walk, so as to avoidhas the awkward scene I walked the message strip pressure in hispillow.
    Shenzhen's winter, evening or comes the comparison early, the day doesnot have at night to come, the light already exaggerated the dim lightof night grotesquely and gaudily. In the factory has severalsecurities to kid around is coming out from the cafeteria, they allare can bear the lonely person, some once stood guard in the armylooked at the lawn which two years went out of cultivation. But theyhave not been certainly lonely, because the security all lives in thesame place, and all is the person which works together, but the scenecadre all in each different department, every day get off work havenot nearly exchanged, in the heart has any matter all to suppress, forfear that makes an indiscreet remark interferes with the work. ThatHenan's fellow relates well with me, but also does not have how manycontacts, nothing but is enters shop trains for two month-long thetime has made the drill together, divided on basically after the scenecannot say a speech. I but actually quite am happy in the base,nothing but is the coolie lives more than 1, but the face cadre likelyhave all taken the mute medicine, the identical department also didnot say the speech. Some times always felt the factory the matter isextremely complex, the power and responsibility contradictory strugglethroughout is constraining each cadre. Usual I am do not drink,frequently maintains the sober brains, the bumper year is drinkingalso intentionally relaxes oneself! Saw makes the security to be ablerelaxed happy, my mood has been also good many.
    Just arrived the projection field, let me be amazed! Obviously daytimethe multi- people's place did not project on a bay on likely the wavedregs to come, outside the video recording gathered many people, thiswas I 万万 has not thought, probably all was is lonely seeks whilesaway the time? On a Spring Festival evening party, all looks like meto be same has not looked? Four villages on such 5,000 person offactories, had more than 3,000 people to go home, live basically havein three villages one half, must say should not also have such manypeople to look "the spring was late", unexpectedly outside the fieldgathered on hundred people, likely the drill ground just dispersedholds, all crowded to in a workshop gate. I buy the ticket, ispreparing to enter, in the curtain cloth on likely one by one piles upwith the number of people the disgusting behavior artware, not only isunable to enter, the silver screen light all with difficulty seesunder, so long as is low drills, can feel strange the gas which letsthe person suffocate is tumbling the stomach. I want to look "thespring was late" does not have the gate, day! In the hand also isgrasping 20 Yuan tickets!
    I really had to curse at people! But, listens to the old person to saythat, the new year's celebration curses at people the tooth, have tolooks like in the hot pot the ant, runs around in circles. Listens tothe ticket seller to explain repeatedly that, inside had many peopleis the afternoon has come, should leave the location all not to walk,rather the hungry belly was buying a ticket looked, but also had someis comes early, early occupied the seat to be much happier. Theyreally have the experience, factory that many senior staff, no wonderthe plant management that is no wonder complex, no wonder many cadremeet greeting all not to have, no wonder I have such lonely! I havethat many year not to look, all looks like me? Is absolutelyimpossible, to think in my heart the fable is because their pursue toois crazy? !
    Looked! Must have to look! Even if watches a program! Even if looks ata face! Even if were already not the scene direct seeding! Even iftranscribes effect star's cheek mistakenly position! Even if only canhear to the inside sound! Looked! Certainly must look! This resemblescertainly is not only looked a program, should be wants to understandhow the factory the staffs psychology is thinks, the unenlightened earand the blind eye already were unable to untie the worker mind thepassword.
    After the direct seeding, I finally was allowed to go in. Afterrebroadcasts starts, in the hall the crammed full number of people,has desired strongly again the eye throws oneself seizes the picture,finally the picture is not "the spring is late", but is "the palace ofthe crown prince love story". My corona! I am not obedient the pharynxand larynx obeyed the sense of smell order, put out along with an odordid not have the digestion the New Year supper.


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