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'WC" 的故事  (The story of the "WC" )

(2010-11-22 06:01:16)







分类: 英语

由于 Water Closet (厕所)和 Wayside Chapel (教堂)的缩写都是“WC”,因此有了下面的故事。读起来也蛮有趣。


Sometime ago, an English school teacher, looking for rooms in a small town in Switzerland, asked the local school headmaster to make recommendations. He showed her several different places and she finally settled on a small but charming cottage not far from the town centre.



However, on her way home, it occurred to her that she didn't notice a Water Closet ("WC"), so she immediately sen民t an email to the headmaster to ask if there was a WC in or near the cottage.

可是,在回家的路上, 她想起,刚才没有注意到 water closet (厕所)在哪里。于是她立即给那位校长发了邮件,问在我的住地或者附近什么地方有WC(厕所)。????

 'WC" <wbr>的故事 <wbr> <wbr>(The <wbr>story <wbr>of <wbr>the <wbr>"WC" <wbr>)

On receiving the email, the headm aster was troubled, because he was not totally familiar with many English abbreviations. He then decided to ask his friend, the local parish Priest, for assistance. After considerable discussion and deliberation, they concluded that the lady was referring to a "Wayside Chapel" (a place of worship), so they  sent her the following reply:

接到这个邮件,校长有些困惑。因为他不大熟悉许多英文缩写。于是他决定求助于他的朋友——一位当地的教区牧师。校长和牧师经过一番认真的讨论和考虑后,认为那位女教师要找的是一个"wayside chapel"(做礼拜的场所,教堂)。所以他们给那位女教师做了如下的回答:


"I am delighted to inform you that the WC is situated only 2 miles from the cottage you rented, and it is set amongst a beautiful grove of trees with wonderful scenery, and it is capable of seating up to 250 people, however there is also standing room for another 100 people. In fact, sometimes it is so busy, we actually have people standing outside the open doors peering inside to observe the various proceedings inside !


 'WC" <wbr>的故事 <wbr> <wbr>(The <wbr>story <wbr>of <wbr>the <wbr>"WC" <wbr>)(wayside chapel)

The WC only opens on Wednesdays and Sundays and I hope this will not inconvenience you if you are used to going more regularly. On the other hand, I'm sure you will be pleased to know that many people even bring their lunch with them and make a day of it, while others who cannot spare so much time of ten arrive by car just in time. I would highly recommend that you visit the WC on Sundays, as there is always an organ accompaniment. With such huge pipes, the sound quality is truly excellent and even the most delicate sounds can be heard audibly by everyone.



It may interest you to know that my daughter was married in our WC and it was actually there that she met her husband ! I remember the day quite well, because there was a rush for seats and there were 12 people sitting where only 10 would usually sit, and it was wonderful to see the expressions of happiness on their faces.



My father has been a regular visitor to our WC since he was a young boy, and he recently donated a bell to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his first visit, and the bell rings every time somebody enters the WC. A bazaar will be held during the time of your visit in order to raise funds to help to upgrade the seating, as some residents feel  the seats are somewhat hard and uncomfortable in their present state.



My wife, who is rather delicate, can't attend as often as she would like. It has been six months since her last visit and I can assure you this situation pains her greatly.



Anyway I shall b e delighted to reserve a seat for you next to me in our WC during your visit.

With my warmest regards,





PS: Remember to bring your camera, as I am sure you will want to keep a memento of your visit to our WC. If you don't have a camera, do not worry, as our newspaper editor attends every session of the WC and he usually publishes selected photographs in our town newspaper "The Sentinel".


记着带上相机。我想你肯定要为访问我们的“WC”留些纪念。如果你没有相机,也不必担心,因为我们报纸的编辑每次都出席“WC”的活动,通常他们会选择一些照片刊登在我们的报纸"The Sentinel"(哨兵)上。




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