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prison break 台词摘录(4)

(2007-02-19 22:24:38)
分类: 越狱系列
prison break 经典台词摘录

1.Michel:I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.I've been in Fox River nearly three weeks now.In that time, I've managed to get out the back of my cell and into the old steam pipes that run through the prison.Those pipes are our way out.Think of this place like a map of the U.S.Our cell over there,that's New York City.The infirmary, our exit,that's California.The pipes beneath our feet that connect the two...Route 66.
我的目的就是为了阻止这一切发生,我在fox river快3个星期了,那段时间里我成功的从监牢后出来,进入到可以通遍全监狱的管道,这些管道就是我们的出路,想象这里就是美国地图,我们的牢房 那就是纽约,我们的出口 医务室是加利福利亚,我们脚下的管道通往...66号公路
2.Michel:I got to be able to justify it to the bulls and how it's got to be some actual work to be done in there for me to get in there.You follow?
Abruzzi:Then you better figure it out.'Cause if we don't get in that room,we're not getting out of here.
那你最好搞定,如果咱们进不去那个房间, 咱们就别想出去了.
T-Bag: I'm feelin' kinda left out. New York, California, St. Louis. What are we discussing?
我觉得有点被孤立呀,纽约? 加利福利亚?圣路易斯?大伙在讨论什么呢?
Michel:Talking baseball, actually.在谈棒球
T-bag:Huh?Now that's a subject I just happen to know quite a bit about.
Abruzzi: What a shame.The conversation's over.
T-Bag: Really now?That any way to treat a teammate?I'm coming along on this endeavor whether you like it or not.'Cause I've got a hell of a singing voice otherwise.
3.Veronica:Those boxes contain seven years of criminal appellate work.If there's a precedent in there somewhere that can help us suspend Lincoln's execution, we're gonna find it.
  Veronica:You can just leave those by the door,Lucasz. I'll bring them in.
  放在门那儿就行了 lucasz,我自己搬进去
  Lucasz:Oh, that's okay.I've got your key right here.
  Nick:If I didn't know better,I would say Lucasz was sweet on you.
4.T-Bag:You're slow-walking me,aren't you?
Abruzzi: Why would I do such a thing?
T-Bag:You think Bellick’s gonna pop me for shankin’ that C.O. Bob. You’ll take a little walk, tell him yourself, right? Then I’ll be outta here for good. Well I got news for you. If I go down for killin’ Bob, believe me, I’m gonna take a little walk of my own. Tell ‘em about that hole you got behind your toilet.
你以为bellick会因为我杀了Bob而枪毙我,也许你会跑去告诉他,接著 我就彻底消失了,那我可得跟你说,如果我杀bob的事抖出来,相信我,那我也会把你厕所后面的洞告诉他们.
5.LJ:I don't know if you remember,but that summer before fifth grade,when I stayed with you a couple weeks,and you thought I broke your glass coffee table...
Lincoln: Uh-huh.
  LJ:And when you came home,I denied it.But you told me you could care less about the coffee table.You just didn't want me lying to you.And you said I'd feel a lot better if I just told you the truth.And you promised not to be angry.I remember.Well, I broke it.I know.You know, if there's anything that you want to get off your chest , you can tell me.And I promise I won't get angry.
你回来之后 我说不是我弄的,但你告诉我你可以不在乎咖啡桌,你只要我不说谎,你说如果我说真话,我心里会轻松很多,你还发誓不生气,我记得,嗯 其实是我打碎的,我知道,如果你有任何憋在心里的话,都可以跟我讲的,我发誓不生气.
6.Guard: What the hell are you doing' here?
Michael: Clean up detail - we thought this was storage.
Guard: This look like storage to you, you idiot? It's a restricted area. It's the CO break room. Now back it up!
7.Why him?He can be trusted.How does one become a trustee?
Just have a spotless record for the last 30 years.Pretty much count's all of us out.Which means we've gotta get him on board.
Forget it.The guy's a Boy Scout.
算了吧 他是一个童子军(意指很听话 遵守纪律)
8.Westmoreland:I don't want another.Besides, it's a moot point.She was grandfathered.Once she's gone, no more pets.
Michel:Wouldn't be an issue if you were on the outside.
只要你出去了 就可以再养别的
Westmoreland:Still tugging on that leash, eh?
Michel:Yup.And this is the part where I extend a formal invitation.
Westmoreland:'Cause you still think I'm D.B. Cooper?
因为你仍然以为我是D.B. Cooper?
Michael: I don't think. I know. The way I see it, you're in here doing 60-to-life for a vehicular manslaughter. It would have been 20, but the car you were in was stolen. Felony murder rule cubes up your sentence, and here you are. Hitting that woman was an accident, but the car? No one accidently steals a car. So the question is, why would Charles Westmoreland be in Arizona boosting a car, ten states away from where he lived, and only ten miles away from the Mexican border? And why, two days before that, would someone make a phone call to his wife from a motel in Portland, a stone's throw away from the airport out of which, shortly after, flight 305 was hijacked by one, D.B. Cooper? Seven hours after the hijacking, records show Charles Westmoreland was treated for a busted knee at a free clinic in Brigham City. Only way to get from Portland, Oregon to Brigham City, Utah in seven hours, is in a car breaking every land-speed record known to man, or flying. It's public record D.B. Cooper jumped out of that 727 about an hour after takeoff. Taking a dive at ten thousand feet with 1.5 million in cash and a hastily packed parachute, might make for a pretty rough landing. Rough enough to shatter some bones, maybe even a left knee. D.B. Cooper would've had a car waiting for him when he landed. According to D.M.V. records, in 1971, Charles Westmoreland was the proud owner of a '65 Chevy Nova. As it happened, a '65 Chevy Nova with the registration number scraped off was found abandoned with a blown gasket along
the Arizona border, a mile or two away from where you accidently hit that woman, with your stolen car.
  我不以为 我知道,这样想,你因为驾车杀人被判了60年,本来只需要坐20年,但你开的车是偷来的所以刑期加上3倍,这就是现在的情况,撞到那位女士是意外,但那车?偷车可是蓄意的,问题是为何charles westmoreland在亚利桑那州偷车,那里离居住地横跨半个美国,却离墨西哥边境仅十里之遥,而且两天前有人在波特兰的汽车旅馆致电自己的太太,离机场咫尺之遥的旅馆,很快,05航班就被D.B.Cooper劫持,在劫持7小时后,记录显示charles westmoreland在伯明翰城一家诊所治疗破损的膝盖,从波特兰,俄勒冈,到伯明翰城,犹他,要么开七个小时汽车,打破所有已知的人类路上行车记录或者坐飞机,档案说在727起飞一小时后,D.B. Cooper跳下了飞机,带著150万现金从1万英尺匆忙跳伞,可能著陆时地面不平,导致骨头受损,也许甚至是左膝,著陆后肯定有车等候,根据1971年车管所记录,charles westmoreland拥有一辆65年的chevy nova,之后 一辆65年的chevy nova 车号被刮,在亚利桑那的边界爆缸被遗弃,离你开被盗车意外撞上那女人只有几公里远.
Westmoreland: Interesting story.
Michael: Interesting man
9.Michel:Let's just say it would be in everyone's best interest,if a fire were to start in there.
Westmoreland: Marilyn, did you think he was the arsonist type?
Marilyn 你看他像一个纵火犯吗?
Michel:I'm not.I'm the clean-up crew type.The type that gets access to all kinds of tools.
Westmoreland:Michael, I'm grateful for this.I really am.But I've made it a point to keep my nose clean ever since I walked into this place.32 years without a blemish.If that parole board date ever comes,I wanna be ready.I can't jeopardize that.
Michael我由衷感谢 说真的,从我走进这个地方开始,我就暗下决心要做一个奉公守法的人,32年来没有任何污点,如果假释公告出来那天,我想我会有资格的,我不能拿这个去冒险.
10.You really think you're going to get to four buttons before I get to one?
11.Westmoreland:We've both been around long enough to know that when a con starts that snitching business,he's not long for this world.Don't put me in that position, boss.
  Bellick:If you don't tell me who killed Bob before I leave this cell,our friendship goes with it.That's a nice cat.
12.Westmoreland knows,and his jaw ain't that strong.
13.Sara:He doesn't fit the profile. Right?The man's got a graduate degree.He lives in my neighborhood.Guys like that hang out in Streeterville.They drink single malt scotch .They-they pay $200 for Cubs tickets.They don't rob banks.
  他并不符合罪犯模式,不是吗?那人有研究生学位,他住在我社区,那样的人应该去streeterville,喝single malt scotch,他们花200元买票,他们不抢银行.
  Dr. Brighton:Maybe he couldn't afford season tickets.Maybe that's why he robbed the bank.
  Sara:Thank you.I'm actually being serious.
14.Why do you care so much?
  Sara:'Cause he lied to me.
  They all lie to you.
  Sara:Maybe because he's the one guy in here I can actually get to...one guy I can...make a difference with.
15.Sue Parsons: I have a source that tells me, if you accept what happened and stop fighting your execution, your son will be left out of this. If not, I hope you said goodbye to him when he left here this morning.
  Lincoln: Who are you?
  Sue Parsons: One Burrows is going to die. Up to you which one.
16.Bellick's squeezing tighter and tighter around here.
And you were right--eventually, somebody's mouth is going to start moving.Thing is, Trokey,if I get popped for this,what with my priors and...predisposition to violent behavior...I'll spend the rest of my life in the SHU.But if you come forward with only your drug convictions and a whole lot of remorse...
  trokey:I can't do that, T.I ain't finished yet.No need. I ain't going down for murdering no hack.
  我办不到,T我还没说完,没必要 我不会为谋杀罪名背黑锅
17.T-Bag: Ugh, ugh. Yeah, Hold up here a minute, oh, hold up here huh... Seems to be a little confusion... I'm supposed to be on this brigade...
  停一下,啊, 好象你们搞错了,我想我应该参加,啊,这个工作队.
  Abruzzi (to the C.O): I don't think so.我可不这么想.
  T-Bag: Huh, John, you can't be serious, not after all long and illustrate histories we shared together. All those nights in New York City, in California, in St. Louis. They were good times, weren't they John? Tell the patch here about it... but if you want to... I certainly could.
  你是在开玩笑吧,在我们一起度过的那段漫长而光辉的历史之后,在纽约的这么多个夜晚,在加利福尼亚,在圣路易斯,那些时光不是很美好吗, John?把这些事都告诉这儿有徽章的吧,因为如果你想的话, 啊,我当然会.


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