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美剧《24小时》剧情回顾 中英对照 第10集

(2009-06-24 05:48:11)




分类: 学习

9:00 A.M.
Medics work on Jamey’s wrist wounds and move her out of the building. Nina notifies the rest of the office that Jamey tried to commit suicide, but she urges everyone to get back to work. Jack calls Nina from his car for help getting around the roadblocks that the police have set up to trap him. Teri, using the phone she stole from Eli, calls CTU again, and Nina connects her to Jack. Just as Teri is about to speak, Eli and Rick enter the barn to look for Eli’s phone. Jack listens as Teri hides the phone from the distrustful Eli. Although Rick notices that the phone is sitting on a rafter, he tells Eli nothing. With the call still connected to CTU, Milo continues his attempts to trace the call.



9:09 A.M.
In a limousine on their way to an appearance at Grant Elementary School, Sherry argues with Palmer. She is still opposed to his releasing the story about the accusations against Keith.



9:12 A.M.
Although Milo has narrowed Teri’s location down, it is still too large of an area to pinpoint the exact spot. Tony finds an encrypted email on Jamey’s computer and has Milo decode it. Nina and Tony receive news that Jamey has died in the hospital.



9:18 A.M.
After Eli leaves, Teri gives Nina and Jack clues to lead to her location. As he speaks to her, Jack gets pulled over by the police. When the officers approach his car, Jack peels away and the squad car gives chase. Jack pulls into a crowded parking lot and gets out of the car. The policemen follow, but Jack expertly evades them. While hiding underneath a car, Jack draws more information from Teri about where she has been taken. He then asks her to include Kim on the call, and Jack pledges his love to them, vowing to come to their rescue.



9:26 A.M.
Eli returns, and Teri hides the phone again. Jack and Nina listen as Eli attacks Kim. Suddenly, the cell phone beeps when its signal starts to die. Eli finds the phone. When he puts it to his ear, Jack threatens him about hurting Teri and Kim. Eli hangs up. He goes to notify Gaines, but Rick stops him with a warning: Gaines will not be happy to learn that Teri and Kim called for help with the phone Eli lost. Nina dejectedly tells Jack that they were unable to get the trace before the call was abruptly ended.



9:32 A.M.
Still hiding from the police in the parking lot, Jack hotwires a car. He pulls out onto the street and escapes. Tony tells Jack that he found the name Ted Cofell on Jamey’s computer. Jack finds out where Cofell works and Jack decides to go there—it’s the only lead he had. He warns Tony that Gaines may still make contact with Jamey because he doesn’t know that she is dead.

为了躲开警察,杰克仍然藏身于停车场内,他连通了一辆汽车的电线,启动了这辆车。然后将车开上了街道,逃离了追捕。托尼告诉杰克,他在杰米的电脑上发现了一个名字:特德.科菲尔(Ted Cofell)。杰克查出了科菲尔所工作的地方,决定去那儿——这是他唯一的线索了。他提醒托尼,因为不知道杰米已死,盖恩斯也许仍然会设法与她取得联系。


Gaines attempts to send a message to Jamey, but receives no response. Andre Drazen calls from a Lear jet on his way to Los Angeles. He and his brother are upset that the Palmer assassination has not been completed. Gaines assures him that the job will be accomplished by the end of the day. Drazen threatens that he will instruct Cofell to empty the bank account from which Gaines was to be paid. It becomes clear that Gaines has only a monetary interest in seeing Palmer killed. To the Drazens, it’s personal.

盖恩斯尝试给杰米发送一条信息,但没有收到回应。安德烈.德拉赞(Andre Drazen)从一架飞往洛城的里尔喷气式飞机上打电话给盖恩斯。表达了他和他的弟弟的不爽,因为针对帕默的暗杀任务没有完成。盖恩斯要他放心,在今天结束前任务会被完成的。德拉赞威胁称,如果他搞不定,他会指示科菲尔将盖恩斯得到酬劳的银行账户清零。明显地,盖恩斯筹划杀死帕默只是为了金钱利益,而德拉赞则是为了私怨。


9:36 A.M.
Sherry calls Carl, Palmer’s former political “fix-it” guy, and asks him to prevent Maureen Kingsley from running the story. Although he won’t divulge his actions, Carl admits to “taking care” of the evidence against Keith.



9:38 A.M.
Jamey’s email shows a $1 million wire transfer to Gaines from a Swiss bank account. Since Cofell is involved in finance, he is probably the one who made the transfer. After Nina briefs him on Cofell’s background, Jack calls the man’s office and pretends to be an old friend. He learns that Cofell will be leaving at 10:00 a.M.



9:43 A.M.
Tony informs Nina that a temporary replacement for Jack is being sent to run the CTU field office. It is Alberta Green, who used to work under Nina, but it’s clear that there’s no love lost between Nina and Green.

托尼告知尼娜,一个临时顶替杰克职位的人将被派来领导反恐组的外勤办公室。这个代理长官叫阿尔贝塔.格林(Alberta Green),曾经是尼娜的下属,但是,明显地,尼娜和格林之间相处地并不怎么好。


9:45 A.M.
Kim asks her mother why Jack had moved out. Teri explains that after Jack was away on a mission, he returned home distant and angry. Although separating for a while, they decided to get back together.



9:46 A.M.
Tony learns that Cofell is scheduled to take a private plane to Denver, but he does not know if there is any connection is to Gaines. Alberta Green arrives at CTU, and Nina introduces the staff to the Acting Director. Jack has been indefinitely relieved of his duties, and Green announces that Jack is now a fugitive wanted in the assassination attempt of Palmer. Finding him is their first mission.



9:50 A.M.
While reporters watch, Palmer talks to the kids at the Watts School. Palmer’s chief of staff, Mike Novick, receives a call from Frank Ames, Palmer’s biggest campaign donor. Ames has learned of the accusations against Keith triggered by the confessions of Keith’s therapist, Dr. George Ferragamo. He is wary that two other contributors ordered Carl to get rid of the therapist. Scared of becoming involved in something so scandalous, Ames tells Palmer he is disavowing himself from the campaign. Palmer is furious, and has Novick contact Carl.

在记者们的注视下,帕默与瓦特兹学校的孩子们交谈着。帕默的办公室主任,麦克.诺维克接到了一个叫弗兰克.艾姆斯(Frank Ames)的人打来的电话,这个人是帕默竞选活动的最大捐助人。艾姆斯知道了针对基思的指控是由基思的心理医生乔治.菲拉格慕的证词引发的。其它两名竞选活动的重要捐助者指令卡尔去“解决掉”菲拉格慕,他对此警觉了起来。他害怕卷入一件如此“肮脏”的事中,所以,他告知帕默,他将会与帕默的竞选活动划清界线。帕默极为恼火,叫诺维克联系上卡尔。


9:56 A.M.
Nina lies to Green, saying that she has not spoken to Jack. Green is aware of Nina and Jack’s past relationship, and she suspects that Nina is hiding something.



Jack arrives at Cofell’s office, but Cofell is already in the elevator. Jack pulls the fire alarm, and Cofell’s elevator stops, giving Jack time to dart down the stairwell. In the garage, Jack approaches Cofell’s driver. Cofell arrives in the garage and gets inside his limo. He does not notice that Jack is at the wheel.



9:59 A.M.
Kimberly notices Teri grab her belly and wince slightly in pain. She asks Teri if Eli had hurt her, but Teri says no.




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