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越狱第4季剧情简介(中英对照)05 保险箱不保险

(2008-11-02 05:29:15)





分类: 影视

EPISODE 405 "Safe and Sound" 保险箱不保险

Airdate: 2008-09-22



To identify the rest of the cardholders, they will need a specialist to sharpen the video from the cell phone. Self realizes that he recognizes one of the guys in the grainy still image. The man is Oren, the head of Treasury's L.A. bureau, which is in the same building as Self's office. The task is put upon Self to get close to him, and Michael suggests that he fabricate a story about stolen bearer bonds used by Al Qaeda.


Mahone meets with his ex-wife Pam at a diner. He shows her photos and Pam positively identifies Wyatt as their son's killer.


Sara realizes that her wallet is open and that Bruce Bennett's credit card is missing. She becomes paranoid that someone is following her. Suddenly, Sara sees Wyatt approaching. She starts running and manages to lose Wyatt in the chase.


In the federal building, Agent Self flashes a badge as he pushes his way past the desk of Oren's secretary. Self claims he urgently needs to speak to the man because American lives will be in jeopardy. As Self launches into his speech about Al Qaeda operatives, Oren asks him to turn his head while he opens a safe. This allows Roland and Michael to start receiving data, which confirms that Oren is a cardholder. Oren then dismisses Self.


An out of breath Sara shows up to the warehouse and tells the gang that she was being followed by a tall black man. Mahone shows her a photo of Wyatt and Sara confirms it is the same person. "This is the man that killed my son," Mahone says. Wyatt has come to kill them all. Sara explains that she was in a bar. They try to figure out where Wyatt is staying.


Bellick and Sucre show up Gate, T-Bag's new place of employment. They tell the receptionist that they are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone providing information in finding him. T-Bag sees Bellick and Sucre from his office and hides. When the pair leaves, the receptionist tells T-Bag about the offer she just received and she wants his commission in order to keep quiet. T-Bag isn't willing to give it up, and they agree on 3% of his salary.


Self and the crew plan to sneak into the federal building and steal the data from the Scylla card in Oren's safe. Self sneaks them into the elevator. Then he surreptitiously squirts a black liquid onto the tan carpet of an office near Oren's. Dressed as janitors, Bellick and Sucre show up to clean the carpet. They need to plug their vacuum in an office and the secretary there gives them access. Lincoln and Michael climb from the vent and cut the sheet rock in the wall leading to Oren's office. They start drilling into the safe.


Wyatt returns to his hotel and offers the desk clerk $300 to let him know if anyone has come by looking for him. Mahone shows up to the hotel and the clerk tells him that Wyatt checked out. Mahone pays to see the room. When he heads back to the lobby, Mahone catches the clerk on the phone about to tell Wyatt. Mahone pulls a gun on the clerk, who tells Wyatt that no one has come by to look for him. Mahone then forces the clerk to hand over Wyatt's cell number.


Back at the federal building, Pad Man comes to meet with Oren. Michael and Lincoln break into the safe and allow Roland to successfully access the Scylla card with the tracking device. They place the card back into Oren's safe and exit the building.


Feng shows up to T-Bag's office and asks where Scylla is. T-Bag says that he doesn't have it at the moment. Feng threatens T-Bag that he has three days to come up with it or else he will "shoot him through the brains."



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