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The Awakening of Intelligence-----2

(2009-04-15 15:24:59)


<<The Awakening of Intelligence>>(智慧的觉醒...334和335页)


[Are we related at all with another? Thought asserts that we are related, but actually we may not be, even though one human being may have an intimate, a sexual relationship with another.]


Unless one deeply understands the truth about relationship, it appears that human beings must inevitably end in sorrow, in confusion and in conflict. They may accept various forms of belief, or do social work, but all that has no value, unless they have established between themselves a relationship in which there is no conflict whatever. Is that possible? Can you and I be related? Perhaps you could have a very good relationship with me, because soon I am going away and then it is finished. Can there be a relationship between two human beings if each one is occupied with himself? - if each one is concerned with his own ambitions and worries, his opposition in the world and all the absurdity that human beings go through? When a human being is caught in that net, can he have any relationship with another?



Please, follow all this. Can there be any relationship between a man and a woman when one is a Catholic and the other is a Protestant, when one is a Hindu and the other is a Buddhist?



What then is relationship? It seems to me that it is one of the most important things in life, because living is relationship. If there is no relationship, there is no living at all; then life merely becomes a series of conflicts, ending in separation or in divorce, in loneliness, with all the fears, anxieties, problems of attachment, and all the things that are involved in this sense of being completely isolated. I am sure you know all this. One observes how extraordinarily vital relationship is in life, and how very few human beings have broken down the barrier that exists between themselves and another. To break down this barrier with all implications - not just the physical barrier - one has to go deeply into this question of action.



What is action? Action is not future or past action, but acting. Is it the result of, a conclusion and acting according to that conclusion? Or is it based on some belief and acting according to the belief? Is it based on some experience and acting according to that experience or knowledge? If it is, then action is always in the past, our relationship is always in the past, never in the present.



If I have a relationship with another - and relationship obviously is action - throughout the days, weeks or years of that relationship I have built an image and I act according to that image, and the other acts according to the image which he has; so the relationship is not between us but between these two images. Please do observe your own minds, your own activity in relationship, and you will soon find out the truth and validity of this statement. Our relationship is based on images, and how can there be a relationship with another, if it is merely the relationship of these images?



I am concerned with having a relationship in which there is no conflict whatsoever, in which I am not using or exploiting another, either sexually, for reasons of pleasure, or for the sake of companionship. I see very clearly that conflict destroys any form of relationship, so I must resolve that conflict at the very centre, not at the periphery. And I can only put an end to conflict by understanding action, not only in relationship but in daily life. I want to find out if all my activities are isolating, in the sense that I have built a wall round myself; the wall being myself concerned with myself, with my future, my happiness, my health, my God, with my belief, my success, my misery - you follow? Or is it that relationship has nothing whatsoever to do with me or myself? Myself is the centre, and all the activities that are concerned with my happiness, my satisfaction, my glory must isolate. Where there is isolation there must be attachment and dependency; when there is uncertainty in that attachment and dependency then there is suffering, and suffering implies isolation in any relationship. I see all this very clearly, not verbally but actually - it is a fact.



For many years I have built images about myself and about another; I have isolated myself through my activities, through my beliefs and so on. So my first question is - how am I to be free of these images? - the images of my God, my conditioning, that I must achieve fame or enlightenment (which is the same thing), that I must achieve success and so I am afraid of being a failure. I have so many images about myself and about you. How am I to be free of them? Can I end the building of images through the analytical process? Obviously not.



Then what am I to do? It is a problem and I must end it, not carry it over to the next day. If I do not end it today, then the problem creates disorder, a disturbance, and the brain needs order to function healthily, normally, not neurotically.


<<The Awakening of Intelligence>>智慧的觉醒...334和335页)





I must establish order now, during the day, otherwise the mind worries about it, has dreams and is incapable of being fresh the next morning; so I must end this problem.

How am I to prevent this building of images? By not creating a super-image - obviously. I have many images and not being able to be free of them the mind unfortunately invents a super. image, the higher self, the Atman;





稻城客(241032500) 11:04:29
Unless one deeply understands the truth about relationship, it appears that human beings must inevitably end in sorrow, in confusion and in conflict.  请问这句怎么翻译好?
无径之途(534424375) 11:12:24
孤星之爱(396211233) 11:14:13
无径之途(534424375) 11:16:39
稻城客(241032500) 11:17:03
樹.(23386054) 11:17:14
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稻城客(241032500) 11:17:14
稻城客(241032500) 11:22:36
樹.(23386054) 11:23:56
稻城客(241032500) 11:24:21
The Awakening of Intelligence
无径之途(534424375) 11:25:22
稻城客(241032500) 11:25:47
无径之途(534424375) 11:26:38
无径之途(534424375) 11:26:46
稻城客(241032500) 11:27:48
unless they have established between themselves a relationship in which there is no conflict whatever.---------------- 其中的“between themselves”怎么翻译
无径之途(534424375) 11:29:58
这是说两个人要想有真正的交流必先建立真正的关系,所以between themselves就是指他们想要交流的这两个人
稻城客(241032500) 11:30:17
无径之途(534424375) 11:33:13
稻城客(241032500) 11:34:39
无径之途(534424375) 11:36:12
稻城客(241032500) 11:38:07
请问 那里 要改?
无径之途(534424375) 11:40:11
稻城客(241032500) 11:41:41
忠于原著  做到了,这里没有“文化背景不同”的问题
樹.(23386054) 11:42:01
稻城客(241032500) 11:42:39
樹.(23386054) 11:43:23
稻城客(241032500) 11:43:36
They may accept various forms of belief, or do social work, but all that has no value, unless they have established between themselves a relationship in which there is no conflict whatever.
无径之途(534424375) 11:43:38
樹.(23386054) 11:44:41
稻城客(241032500) 11:47:06
稻城客(241032500) 11:48:55
而不是两个人之间 ,是自己和自己之间???
无径之途(534424375) 11:58:36
稻城客(241032500) 12:03:57
稻城客(241032500) 12:15:58
稻城客(241032500) 12:16:07
无径之途(534424375) 12:20:45
好不好,去问问没看过英文原著的人,问他们怎么理解的你翻译的这句话,看他们理解的偏差和原文的意思大不大,你不就知道了。   给你一个建议,翻译要以篇为思考切入点,而不是句


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