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pb note-0108

(2007-06-25 16:53:35)
分类: english
 1.route 66
    n.路线, 路程, 通道
pb <wbr>note-0108pb <wbr>note-0108
the Eighth R-Army
a train [bus] route
route-proving flight

2.Send 50,000 volts coursing through his body for a crime he didn't commit.

3.How we just gonna fly out of our cages and right into your cell, right into New York City? 

fly out:冲出,突然怒骂

4.ramp斜坡, 坡道, 敲诈

 pb <wbr>note-0108

5.Then you better figure it out.


Student 1: I Don't know what do do.
6.I'm coming along on this endeavour whether you like it or not. 

endeavour <英>尽力,竭力

7.I won't take that piece of crap along.

8.The state provides $25,000 insurance,plus donations from the Corrections Officers' Foundation<基础, 根本, 建立, 创立, 地基, 基金, 基金会>... 

insurance:保险, 保险单, 保险业, 保险费

donation:捐赠品, 捐款, 贡献

a blood donation
make [give] a donation

9.We have some leads<线索>.

10.I'll walk you to your car.

11.tactics战术, 策略

steam-roller tactics



without precedent in history

13.contractor订约人, 承包人 承造者;承包者;立约者;承建者

labor contractor
labor contractor

14.17 days from now,they strap my brother to an electric chair.
Send 50,000 volts coursing through his body for a crime he didn't commit.

15.-You know, if there's anything that you want to get off your chest, you can tell me. 
-And I promise I won't get angry.

-Yeah. God forbid

-break room休息室

16.-Forget it. The guy's a boy scout. 
 "boy scout:童子军 slang for naive"pb <wbr>note-0108

17.-check it out.
 "Look at this and think about it."
 Check it out, this guy is totaly crazy.
18.-You found your cat yet? 
-Still MIA.  <missing in action 战斗中失踪的(人)>

19.- You could always get another.
- I don't want another. Besides, it's a moot point. She was grandfathered. 
 Once she's gone, no more pets.
历史上总有那么一些“悬案”,惹得大家争论百年、千年,也未争出个所以然。这种“争论不休”的问题,可用短语a moot point来表达。

就词的强弱意义而言,a moot point最初指“有待商榷的问题”,源于盎格鲁-撒克逊时代的“国民议会”。当时,贵族、高级教士总要定期集会,处理一定时期内遗留的司法、行政问题,这种“解决问题”的集会常被称作“mot”或“mote”。当然,“解决”实质上是“讨论”的过程,久而久之,mot/mote和由此演变的moot在词义上延伸为“有待商榷的问题”。

现代意义上的a moot point(争论未决、争论不休、毫无意义的争论)源于法学院的学生。如果看过热门韩剧《爱在哈佛》,想必您也明白,法学院的学生经常开moot court(模拟法庭)。法庭上的案件很多是凭空想象的,其间的争论也往往停留在纯理论层面,所以,人们常把这种辩论称之为“无休止、毫无意义”。

看两个例句:Whether Shakespeare actually wrote the poem remains a moot point among critics.(这首诗是否出自莎翁之笔有待商榷。)

It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first.(讨论鸡生蛋还是蛋生鸡,毫无意义。)

-Still tugging on that leash, eh?   
 leash:牵狗的链子或皮带pb <wbr>note-0108
 tug :用力拖, 吃力地搬运, 苦干, 用拖轮拖, 拖拉
 20.-And this is the part where I extend a formal invitation. 
 to extend a warm welcome to him
 The bank has promised to extend your company credit.
21.-The way I see it, you're in here doing 60 to life for vehicular manslaughter<杀人, 一般杀人罪>.

22.-I'm not the one in possession of it.    
 in possession of<拥有>


-Taking a dive at 10,000 feet with 1.5 million in cash and a hastily packed parachute
24.-might make for a pretty rough landing. 
rough landing<硬着陆>
parachute降落伞pb <wbr>note-0108

25.- You using rubber cement? - Yeah.
cement:水泥, 接合剂pb <wbr>note-0108pb <wbr>note-0108


   arson纵火, 纵火罪

27.-32 years without a blemish.

 blemish  pb <wbr>note-0108skin blemish

jeopardise使受危险, 危及

headline press//头条新闻

28.Up to you which one. 你来决定哪一个

29.-We need to do a survey of the residence,make sure your environment reflects the terms of your probation.

30.-If that parole board date ever comes, I want to be ready. 
I can't jeopardise that. Sorry. 


31.-I, uh... I couldn't find anybody to cover for me, anyway. 
-I hope you don't feel like you owe me anything.


32.-- How long ago you quit smoking?

-I feel a kinship with you, Charles.  More than any other con here. 
 And we've seen a lot. Haven't we? 
-Sure have. 


33.-We've both been around long enough to know  that when a con starts that snitching business, he's not long for this world. 
-Don't put me in that position, boss.
-If you don't tell me who killed Bob before I leave this cell,  our friendship goes with it.

34.-I just... I don't get it. 
-What is there to get? 
-He doesn't fit the profile. 
  Right? The man's got a graduate degree. He lives in my neighbourhood. 
 Guys that like hang out in Streeterville, 
  they pay $200 for Cubs tickets. They don't rob banks.
  hang out: walk around chilling on the streets. Maybe eating out while walking.
35.-you're gonna drive yourself crazy. 

-I'm sorry, Burrows. Both of them were dead by the time the paramedics got there. 
paramedics  护理人员
fugitive逃亡者, 亡命者, 难捕捉之物

36.-That's messed up, man.  搞糟, 陷入困境, 粗暴地处理
quandary困惑, 窘境, 进退两难
-Well, I'm in a quandary and I need your help. 
-Name it. 

37.-Bellick's squeezing tighter and tighter round here.  Eventually somebody's mouth is gonna start moving. 
 Thing is, Trokey, if I get popped for this, 
   what with my priors and predisposition to violent behaviour...  I'll spend the rest of my life in the SHU. 
   But if you come forward,  with only a drug conviction and a whole lotta remorse... 
- I can't.
- I ain't finished. 
-No need. I ain't going down for murdering no hack. I mean, you understand that, don't you? 
You ain't mad, are you? 
-No, Trokey. I'm not mad. 

38.-predisposition倾向, 素质; 癖性 (to)
remorse懊悔, 自责, 同情, 怜悯
go down下去, 下沉, 坠落, 下降, 平静下来, 被咽下, 被接受, 传下去
come forward自告奋勇,自愿

39.-It's a mock. It's a mock! You set me up. 
-Bad enough that you killed a guard. Don't try to lay it off on somebody else. 
He went to church only to mock.
lay off解雇/停止
Lay off! I don't need you to tell me what to do!

40.-You spend so many years fighting cops, prosecutors, judges 
 trying to take your freedom, 
 -you use every cent you had in attorney's fees, you wind up losing anyway... 
 -15 years of his life. 
 -Almost all of his son's childhood. 
 -I guess I can forgive him for wanting to hide away. Be left alone. 
 We'll be safe here until we figure out our next move. 
 -Hey, hold up here a minute. Hold up, here. 
 wind up表示“终止、结束”,例如:to wind up a company(结束公司的业务)。此外,wind up还有“使自己处于(某种状态或某个地方);极度兴奋;调紧琴弦;上紧发条”等意思。例如:He wound up drunk.(他不知不觉醉了。)
 hold up举手,停下来
41. custody保管
 The father was given custody of the children.

-I imagine heads would have rolled if he hadn't been caught.


-I want this place gutted. The dry wall's gotta be torn out. Studs gotta be removed. 
-Boss, we've got some toxic issues here. Asbestos to start with. 
-Take it up with the union. All I'm saying is this room's your only priority now. 
 It better be brand spanking new when you're done. 
 If anybody's thinking about getting cute, trying to trunk one of these tools out of here, 
 Brady's got the outline of every piece of hardware in here. 
  And at the end of every day, every single piece better match up, 
 or you're all going to the hole. 

gutted :容易消化的
 gutted此处可译为肝肠寸断,形容他的悲痛(也可能是更多的是气愤,要看上下文).失望,沮丧 <失恋>
[复]内脏, (幽门到直肠间的)肠子, 勇气, 剧情, 内容, 肚子, 内脏, 海峡
取出内脏, 摧毁(房屋等的)内部装置 
Fire gutted the house.
He was gutted when she finished the relationship.



-T-Bag has already sealed his fate.

-Before the conversation can continue, Sucre, Abruzzi and Michael file back into the prison.

-Pope details the various insurance payouts to which she is entitled. But Shauna doesn’t want compensation; she wants justice.

Once Shauna is beyond earshot,

-T-Bag reminds them that if he gets pinched for Bob’s murder, then he’s going to sing about Michael’s plan.

-LJ recalls a bittersweet memory from fifth grade,
intuits直观[觉], 直接认识到
bittersweet又苦又甜的, 苦乐参半的

-Across the cell block, Michael and Sucre watch Bellick tear apart a cell looking for evidence of Bob’s murder.
tear apart

-They know they need to turn him in, but if they do, T-Bag is going to blow everything. Sucre shakes his head. “We’re screwed either way, aren’t we?”

-Lincoln explains that he’s earned the title of “trustee” by having a spotless record for almost 30 years.

-On the side of a distant rural road, a bruised and bloodied Nick cleans his wounds.

-In his cell, Sucre hatches a plan for how to burn down the break room.

-Inside the bowels of the prison, Michael places a can of tuna on the ground in an attempt to lure Marilyn towards him.


-She asks for answers but Michael walks off

-Officer Hale with Juvenile Court<少年法庭>

- he needs to inspect the home to make sure it’s on par with the conditions of his parole.
on par with//等同于

-huddle:拥挤, 卷缩, 草率从事, 挤作一团

-In a Chicago alleyway, a barefoot LJ stumbles in terror, eyes red from crying and panic on his face.
alleyway:小巷, 窄街, (船上的)通道
stumble:绊倒, 使困惑, 蹒跚, 结结巴巴地说话, 踌躇

-He’s the one guy in here I think I can get through to
get through to:接近

-T-Bag strolls into Trokey’s cell with a simple question of allegiance.
stroll:漫步, 闲逛, 四处流浪
 stroll the beach.在海滨溜达
allegiance n.忠贞, 效忠

-T-Bag confides that he feels the heat of Bellick closing in and it’s only a matter of time before someone opens his mouth about Bob.
 confide:倾诉, 委托, 信赖
 confide in someone


-Outside on yard P.I., Michael slings a bag of concrete over his shoulder and hefts it to Lincoln
who is mixing cement.
heft:举起试重量, 举起


-Crouching behind a utility box, Lincoln watches the C.O.s for his chance to flee. Just as he stands to make his move, Michael grabs him and tackles him from behind, “You go out there, they will gun you down!”

-They beeline towards Trokey and T-Bag,
mattress n.床垫, 空气垫, (用以护堤等的)沉床


-T-Bag plays innocent, even feigning outrage at Trokey’s accusation.
feign 假装, 装作, 捏造, <古>想象


-T-Bag tousles Cherry’s hair and ducks back into his cell. Cherry lingers outside a look of self-loathing on his face.
tousle 弄乱, 搅乱
loath adj.不情愿的, 勉强的 loathing 讨厌, 嫌恶


-well-appointed设备完善的, 配备齐全的

  • a well-appointed kitchen
  • a well-appointed apartment


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