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分类: 基础英语对话


JOANA: Anyway, you were about to mention the gifts you had to buy.您应该去给家里人买小礼品了。
MRS. FARIAS: Yes. What do you think I ought to get for your father?知道,你看我给你爸爸买件什么礼物好呢?
JOANA: He has just about everything, doesn''t he?他什么都不缺,对吗?
MRS. FARIAS: That''s the trouble.这真麻烦。
PAUL Hi, Mama. Hi, Joana.你好妈妈,你好乔安娜!
MRS. FAmAS: I''m glad you''re home early. Do you know how to fix the lock on that suitcase?It''s stuck.今天你回来的这么早,我真高兴。你知道这提箱的锁怎么锁吗?真难弄。
PAUL It probably needs a little oil.该上点油了。
MRS. FAmAS: Paulo, I don''t know what to get for your father. Do you have any suggestions?鲍罗,给你爸爸买点什么礼物好?你有什么好主意吗?
PAUL Why don''t you get him a pocket calculator?买个袖珍计算器好吗?
MRS. FAmAS: That''s a wonderful ideal I hope he doesn''t already have one.太好了,但愿现在他还没有这玩意儿。
PAUL I doubt it. There, the lock''s okay now.我想他还没有。呶,锁好了。
MRS. FAmAS: Good. Thank you, dear. Where should I look for a calculator?太好了,谢谢你,亲爱的。你让我去哪儿买计算器?
PAUL I know a place where I can get one on sale. I''U pick one up for you tomorrow.我知道一个地方卖计算器,明天我给您买回来吧。
MRS. FAmAS: Thank you, dear. You know, when I get home. I''m going to wish I were back here. I wish there were some way for all of us to be in the same city, or at least, the same country.好吧,亲爱的,你知道,我一到家,就总想回到这里来,真想我们大家都在一个城市里,哪怕在一个国家里也好呀。


UNIT 40 第四十章
A Pseudonym 假名

[The door bell ring at Michael''s apartment][米其尔公寓的门铃响了]
MICHAEL: Hi, Pedro. How are you doing?彼卓,是你啊,有事吗?
PEOR Fine. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. 你好,我是路过这儿,顺便来看看你。
MICHAEL: Come on in. [Pedro comes in]进来吧。[彼卓进到屋里]
How about some coffee?喝杯咖啡吧?
PEDR Sounds good.好的。
MICHAEL: What''s new? You look tired. 怎么啦?你好像很累。
PEOR I''m trying to find a present for Miguel. He''s leaving at the end of next week.我想送给米盖尔一个礼物,他下个星期末就要走了。
MICHAL: That''s too bad.太糟了。
PEDR He thinks so, too.他也这么说。
MICHAEL: What about Marta?那玛塔呢?
PEDR Who knows? I don''t ask any questions. They act like teenagers in love. They cling to each other as if there were no tomorrow. 谁知道!我什么也不问。他们简直像十几岁热恋的孩子,俩人依依不舍,好像过了今天就没有明天了。
MICHAEL: You''re cynical today.你又嘲笑她们。
PEDR Realistic. In a week, she won''t remember his name.现实些,一个星期之后她就会忘掉他的名字。
MICHAEL: Come on, Pedro.得啦,彼卓。
PEDR I''ll make you a bet. How much? Five dollars?我敢跟你打赌,多少钱?5美元?
MICHAEL: OK. A five-dollar bet. Shake. [They shake hands]好吧,就打5美元的赌吧,握手算数。[俩人握手。]

MICHAEL: YOU take your coffee black, right?你喝不加牛奶的咖啡对吧?
PEDR Right, thanks.对,谢谢。
MICHAEL: I have a favor to ask.我想求你帮个忙。
PEDR What is it?帮什么忙?
MICHAEL: I''m entering an art competition, and I''d like to use your name.我要参加一个绘画比赛,我想用你的名字。
PEDR What do you mean?为什么?
MICHAEL: I don''t want my father to know I''m entering the competition.我不想让我父亲知道我参加这个比赛。
PEDR O.K., if you want it that way. You finish the painting, and I''ll be happy to sign my name. I love to see an artist working. 好吧,如果是这样,你来画画,我来签名。我倒很爱看你们这些艺术家工作。
MICHAEL: Here''s the brochure. They call the contest "Young Artists'' Competition. " [Pedro reads the brochure. ]这是小册子,他们把这次比赛称作“青年艺术家绘画大赛”。[彼卓看小册子]
PEDR Money, Brazil, and Joana ! Did they design this contest especially:for you? Good luck. Are you submitting something new?金钱,巴西和乔安娜,这是他们特别为你设计的吗?你好福气,你不准备送几幅新作品吗?
MICHAEL: yes.是新的。
PEDR May I see it?让我看看好吗?
MICHAEL: There''s nothing to see. I''ve finished painting my canvas white, and now I''m stuck, Maybe I need a break. Have you had dinner yet?没什么可看的,我刚把底布涂成白色,我现在有点累了,是不是该休息一会了?你吃饭了吗?
PEDR No.没有。
MICHAEL: I haven''t, either. Do you want to go downtown?我也没吃。你想不想进城?
PEDR I''m broke.我一分钱也没有。
MICHAL: OK. I''ll call that place around the corner and have them deliver a pizza. How''s that?没关系。我打电话要个*角落的位置,再要些意大利馅饼。你看怎么样?
PEDR Fine.好吧。

UNIT 41第四十一章
Sleepless Nights 失眠

JOANA: HOW'S the painting coming?画出来了吗?
MICHAEL: I don't Know. Last night I was up till 3:30 or 4: 00, and even though I'm exhausted, I can't sleep. I haven't been sleeping well for a week. 不知道,昨天晚上虽然我精疲力尽,可怎么也睡不着,这一个星期我都没睡好。
JOANA: That's probably because you're too tense.这倒有可能,因为你太紧张了。
MICHAEL: I don't know what's wrong.我也不明白到底怎么了。
JOANA: Great paintings aren't created overnight, Try to relax.一幅杰作,也不是一个晚上就能创作出来的。还是放松点。
MICHAEL: That's easier said than done.谈何容易。
JOANA: I'm sorry.对不起!
MICHAL: NO, don't apologize.没什么。
JOANA: What's the subject of the painting?画的主题是什么?
MICHAL: That's the problem. I want to do a portrait. 我正在考虑。我想画一张肖像。
JOANA: Of whom ?谁的肖像?
MICHAEL: A woman, A modern woman. But that's all I know. I've been drawing all week, but I don't like anything I've done. 一个女人的,一个现代女性的肖像。可是你看,画了一星期了,没有一张让我满意。
JOANA: What's the problem? Do you know?那到底是什么问题?你知道吗?
MICHAEL: Me. I'm the problem. I think I'm going stale. 我,是我的问题。我觉得我在后退。
I've been painting for ten years, I should be able to do better than this.我已画了十年的画了,应该画得比这要好。

JOANA: I'm sure you will. Even if you spend a few sleepless nights, it's worth it. 我相信你能画好,即使是几个晚上睡不好,也值得。
MICHAEL: What do you think I should do?你认为我该做什么?
JOANA: Take a break for a few hours.休息几个小时。
MICHAEL: No. I mean, do you think I should give up and go into business with my father?不,我是说,你看我是不是该放弃绘画,跟我父亲去经商?
JOANA: What I think doesn't matter. You've got to be happy with what you do. Besides, that decision was made years ago, wasn't it?我看这些无关紧要。你做的工作会给你带来乐趣,而且这是你几年前决定的,对吗?
MICHAEL: It was. But things change. Which is better for now ?对,但是事情变了,现在对我们来说哪样更好呢?
JOANA: Michael, what do you want me to say? It's got to be your decision.米其尔,你想让我说什么?这事应由你自己决定呀。
MICHAEL: I'm not asking you to decide for me. I just want to know what you think. You must have your likes and dislikes.我不是想让你为我做决定,我只想知道你是怎么想的,你一定有你喜欢和不喜欢的。
JOANA: Maybe I don't. Maybe I don't know what to think.也许我没有。也许我不知道该去想什么。
MICHAEL: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. 对不起,我没有勉强你的意思。
JOANA: All I mean, Michael, is that I agree with what you're doing. If you can be a successful artist, fine; if you can't, go into business with your father. But at least give yourself the chance to find out.米其尔,我是意思是我同意你所做的。如果你能成为一个成功的艺术家,也好。否则,跟你父亲去经商也行。但至少应给自己一个发现自己的机会。
MICHAEL: There's something else, of course, Joana. If I go into Dad's business, I have to stay here. You know that. 乔安娜,如果我进了父亲的公司,我就只能到此为止,这你是知道的。


UNIT 42第四十二章
Reading and Refocus 阅读与提高

Volume I No.10
by Henry LEEDS
In case you've never stopped in at the World's Fair Ice Cream Parlor, let me introduce you to it. First, the facts:
Our World's Fair Ice Cream Parlor is one of the largest ice cream parlors you will find anywhere in the world.It is open until midnight, seven days a week, and the staff is always ready to serve you and your friends.
Our ice cream parlor hasn't really been there for a hundred years. It just looks that way. In fact, they have been selling ice cream for only two months now.
Inspired by a more elegant age, the careful manners and the old-fashioned costumes of the staff were designed to make you.the customers, feel at home.
Let me now tell you about the ice cream. They tell me that the recipe they use has been making ice cream lovers happy since .
They have flavors'that you've never heard of. And all of them are delicious. I will describe only one of their specialties. It is called the Kitchen Sink. What is a kitchen Sink? It is a huge stainless steel dish, about twelve inches wide, eighteen inches long, and about eight inches deep, which is filled with twenty different kinds of ice cream.
on top of all this are piled whipped cream, nuts, fruit, and chocolate syrup. I warn you, this dessert is only for the strongest of stomachs. Don't worry, though. They have desserts for every taste and pocketbook.

第一课 世界博览会会刊
而所有这些冷饮都可口。我只介绍其中的一种,它叫Kitchen Sink。什么是Kitchen Sink?它是一个大不锈钢盘子,大约十二英寸宽,十八英寸深,里面装着二十种各式各样的冰激凌。

A Letter from Brazil Dear Joana and Paulo,

I just wanted to tell you that I arrived here safe and sound.
Your father was fine. He was a bit lonely while I was away, but it was nice to find out how much we missed each other.
He's really a good man. You know, he was sick while I was visiting you, but he never told us because he didn't want us to worry.
He was probably right. He knows how I worry.
Anyway, he's better now, although I wish he would take better care of himself.
How are you, Paulo? How I admire your ability to learn languages!
I must tell you how nice it was to come home to Brazil where everyone in the street speaks Portuguese.
I realize now how much energy it took to speak English !
And Joana, keep me informed of your plans. I wish your father could meet Michael.
Your father wants to add a few words at the end of the letter. Take care of yourselves, and please write when you get a minute.
Love, Mama
Your mother had a wonderful time with you both, but I'm glad to have her back home. Paulo-one of my clients, Mr. Cortisoz will be in New York next week. If it is not too much trouble, I'd like you to do whatever you can to make his stay more pleasant. If he doesn't call you, fine. I'll be in New York on business in October. I'll see you both then.
Take care, papa
第二课 来自巴西的信


A Thousand Voices
[Jim Yamamoto wrote this essay to accompany his application to college. In the end, he sent in the one about his parents because he liked it better. But we liked this one, too, and thought you might like to see it]
From the earliest times, people have held sports competitions.
The athletic few compete on the field while the rest of us participate from the safety of our seats.
Today sports are certainly as popular as ever, and because of radio and television, we can now compete from a distance. In fact, for important competitions, the whole world becomes one big stadium.
It is hard to say why humans like organized games. The reasons that we enjoy sports probably differ from person to person.
Whether little kids are kicking a ball around a city playground, or million-dollar-a-year athletes are playing in a modern stadium, the excitement of competition, motion, discipline. and beauty are in the air.
Who doesn't stop to watch a ball game in the street or a swimmer in a pool? What parents are not proud to see their children carried off the field by thankful fans?
For the players, the joys of sportsmanship can include punishing self-discipline and the friendship of teammates.
Then there is that special thrill that comes only to a lucky few. It is the thrill that comes from hearing a thousand Voices shout your name. But personal victory is only one kind of victory. In every game someone must lose, but mankind wins every time an athletic record is broken. It is this sapect of sports that brings people together.
Even in defeat, no one says to an athlete, "So what?" You say, "Good try!" And when your pride gets hurt and your muscles are sore, you say to yourself, "That's part of the game. I'll win next time!"
第三课 沸腾的欢呼声


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