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Chapter 1-Case Application-会计一班-Raise the Roof (1)

(2008-03-24 23:16:30)








分类: Chapter 1 作业

Lipschultz , Levin & Gray利普舒尔茨——莱文——格雷公司

You might be surprised to find the passionate emphasis placed on people at a CPA firm. Yet, at Lipschultz , Levin & Gray(www.thethinkers.com), self-described” head bean counter”  Steven P. Siegel recognizes that his people make the organization. He describes his primary responsibility as assuring that LLG’s clients have the best professionals working for them .And the best way to do this , Siehel feels is by developing the creativity, talent and diversity of its staff so that new knowledge can be acquired and shared without getting hung up on formal  organizational relationships or having employees shut away in corner offices.

当你发现CPA企业在人员管理方面倾注了那么大的热情时,你也许会感到惊奇。但是,在利普舒尔茨——莱文——格雷公司自称为具有算盘珠般的头脑的斯蒂文 P西格尔认识到正是员工构成了组织。他认为他的主要责任是保证LLG公司的客户得到最好的专业人员为他们服务。在西格尔看来,达到这一目的的最佳途径是开发员工的创造性、聪明才智和多样化,以便新知识的获取和分享不会受到正式组织的阻碍或者是有员工被冷落在办公室的角落里面。

The commitment to its people starts with the company’s mission ,which says “LLG’s goal is to be preeminent provider of the highest quality accounting ,tax and consulting services .LLG accomplishes this goal by leaving no stone unturned in exploring new and superior alternatives of supplying our services, and developing such methods on a global basis. Our environment promotes creativity, individual development, group  interchange , diversity, good humor family and community, all for the purpose of assisting in our clients’ growth.” To further demonstrate that   commitment, Sigel has implemented several significant changes at LLG. Because he’s convinced that people do their best intellectual work in nontraditional settings, every telltale sign of what most people consider boring, dull CPA work has been eliminated .None of the firm’s employees or partners has an office or desk to call his or her own .Instead, everyone is part of a nomadic arrangement where stuff (files, phones, laptops) is wheeled to a new spot every day. Everywhere you look in the company’s offices. You see versatility, comfort, and eccentricity. For instance, a miniature golf course is located in the middle of everything. The motivation behind this open office design is to create opportunities for   professionals to gather---on purpose or by accident---without walls, cubicles, or offices to get in the way.


Visitors to LLG realize that the firm is different as soon as they walk in the door. A giant, wall-mounted abacus (remember the image of bean counters) decorates the interior. And visitors are greeted by a “welcome wall with a big-screen television that flashes a continuous slide show of one-liners about business, life and innovation. The setting may be fun and lighthearted, but the LLG team is seriously committed to servicing its clients. So serious in fact that they state:” we have one goal. To  ‘Delight’  you. Good, even great, is not enough any more. We will ‘dazzle’ you and we will integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for you and with you ; we will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationships; we will return your phone calls, facsimiles and e-mails within 24 hours; we will always provide exceptional service, designed to help you add significant value to your business; we will meet the deadlines we ser together with you; we will communicate with you frequently, building a win-win relationship with you; and You will always know in advance our fee arrangement for any service”.



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