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stardust in the secret garden

(2007-10-19 23:49:15)
hi everyone,

sorry i haven't been online to update lately, but let me tell you what's been going on lately!

i have been feeling under the weather from what i at first thought was allergies, which it might have been, bc it got better and then got worse, so i think i ended up with a cold, sore throat and everything... needless to say, this has complicated things, bc i have been trying to work on my upcoming album lately.  oh yes, also, i am taking cold medicine right now, it's making me a little bit dizzy and light-headed, so hopefully this entry will make sense, i don't think i have the energy to proof-read or anything, so if there are mistakes or it seems really 亂 then pls forgive me!

*this next part contains slightly graphic details, so if you are squeamish about wounds and blood and scrapes, you might NOT want to read the following paragraph*
i accidentally sliced a chunk of skin out of my thumb while trying to peel a partially-frozen kiwi (our refrigerator gets overzealous sometimes and over-refrigerates things...) it was part carelessness, and partly bc i hadn't expected the kiwi to be frozen hard and slippery, and the knife just slipped, and instead of peeling the fruit's skin off, it peeled my skin off!  =p it has been quite troublesome, bc... first i cleaned the wound, and thought i could stick the flap of skin back on the wound, then found i couldn't bandage it myself, so thankfully ivy was home and she put a waterproof sealed band-aid on it.  i used neosporin plus (an antibiotic ointment,) which has a kind of topical anesthetic in it, so you don't feel much pain on the surface... and bc it wasn't hurting badly on the surface, just throbbing inside with my pulse sometimes, i assumed the wound was fine and went about with running errands, daily activities pretty normally.  when i got home, and was going to change the band-aid that night, i peeled off the band-aid to find that the flap of skin had moved so it was... askew on the wound!  so... well this i where it gets a little gross... i had to pull it up (painfully!  bc it had already started to 'stick' in a few places) and replace it just right, and at that time i had to wake up my poor mommy to put the band-aid on for me, (bc the wound is on the inside corner of the joint of my right thumb, a very inconvenient place, and i found out that every time i bent my thumb to grasp the band-aid, the flap of skin would shift and move off the wound again... ) and then i used medical tape to bind my thumb so that it would be stiff and un-bendable so that the skin would have a chance to 'stick' in the proper place!  with my thumb un-usable it was really hard for me to do anything properly, like using chopsticks, writing, typing, opening jars, etc for quite a few days, but of course it's much better now, the skin appears to be healing cleanly.  i took some photos (for my own personal photo-log of the incident) and it was quite difficult to get clear photos, bc i had to keep wiping the blood away so it wouldn't obscure the wound, and turning my thumb at angles so when the blood pooled up it wouldn't spill over the side of my finger and get my clothes stained.  however i will not post any of the photos here unless a large majority of ppl state that they really want to see photos, otherwise, don't worry about getting grossed out, haha...

on a happier note, my dear friend peggy  許哲珮 has been starring as 
the lead in her first musical, which is a mandarin version/adaptation of the book, "the secret garden," by frances hodgson burnett (祕密花園).  it's a very famous children's book, have any of you read it?  anyways, this musical play is for children and families, and it's really quite wonderful!  i have always said that peggy looks just like a little girl, and in the play, she is acting as a little girl!  it's very charming and cute to see her mannerisms (that we know so well) brought out and evolved into her character's mannerisms, and it's a lot of fun to "be a kid" and experience this story along with all the children in the audience...  =)  it has been playing in taipei on fridays, saturdays, and sundays last weekend and this weekend at 台北新舞台, and it will also be showing in 台中(11/03, one day only, 1430pm and 1930pm) and 新竹(12/29, also one day only, 1430pm and1930pm.)  anyways, peggy was feeling quite ill the past few days, it seems like there is some kind of cold or bug going around, she totally lost her voice and had to stay in the hospital!  hopefully she is feeling better now, and able to successfully complete the rest of her performances!  +oil, peggy!  if you are interested in seeing the secret garden, i think there will be information on her website, www.peggyhsu.com, and also at... http://www.artsticket.com.tw and http://www.ifkids.com.tw

upcoming things of interest... i really want to see "stardust"!!!  i have been waiting for this movie to come to taiwan for SO long... and finally, as of the 19th... f..i..n..a..l..l..y it is showing! ^-^  for those of you who don't know what "stardust" is, it is a movie adapted from the book "stardust" by one of my FAVORITE authors, neil gaiman!  this movie came out august 10th in the US,  and goodness why did it take so long to come out in asia?  2 months and 9 days later, really seems like quite a bit excessive in the slow department, especially when i have been waiting for years and years for something like this!  now that it's finally out, i am sick and busy, but i really hope i can see this movie in the theater soon, before it goes to dvd, otherwise i will have to wait for so much longer!  for further information, their official website is at
www.stardustmovie.com , (it's a very cool website, but in english) and i think the chinese translation of the movie title (in taiwan) is 星塵傳奇, sorry i didn't know where to find the title name used in m china...

well i have to get back to my homework and rest... 大家加油!祝你們每天能過的開開心心的!

translation: copied from e-school:



開心的是,我最好的朋友許哲珮在她演出的的第一部音樂劇擔任主角,本據是中文版,改編自『秘密花園』,由frances hodgson burnett所著。這是一本非常著名的童書,你們有看過嗎?然而,這齣音樂劇是為了兒童與家庭所演出,這實在是相當美好!我總是說peggy看來就像的小女孩,而在劇中,她就是演一位小女孩!看她的言行舉止(就如同我們所知的那樣)帶出及發展成她角色中的言行舉止真的很迷人很可愛,而且『當小孩』以及和一群兒童在觀眾席體驗這個故事真的是非常有趣…=)這齣劇已經在台北,上個週末和這個週末的星期五、六、日,在台北新舞台演出了,以及將會在台中(11/03一天,1430pm和1930pm)和新竹(12/29一天,1430pm和1930pm)。然而,peggy在過去幾天覺得非常不舒服,這似乎是某種感冒或病菌流傳,她幾乎沒有聲音,也必須待在醫院!希望她現在已經覺得好多了,而且可以完成剩餘的場次!加油,peggy!若你對看這齣秘密花園有興趣,我想在她的網站有資訊,在www.peggyhsu.com,還有在... Link 和 Link

感興趣的事情即將來臨…我真的很想去看『星塵傳奇』!!!我等這部片在台灣上映已經等了很久了…最後,在19號終於上映了!^_^ 對於不知道『星塵傳奇』是什麼的人,這是一部電影,改編自小說『星塵傳奇』,是由我最喜歡的作家之一neil gaiman所著,這部電影在美國八月10號上映,天呀為什麼過了這麼久才在亞洲上映?慢了兩的月又9天,真的似乎是異常的慢,特別是當我必須為了類似的事情等待好幾年!我身體不適又很忙碌,但我真的希望我可以盡快在戲院看這部電影,在出DVD之前,否則我又必須再等一段時間!對於更進一步的資訊,官方網站是www.stardustmovie.com (非常酷的網站,但是英文版),我想這部點影的中文翻譯是星塵傳奇,抱歉我不知道要去哪裡找中國大陸的翻譯…



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