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You can rob me of anything but a mirror 只要给我留面镜子,你抢劫什么都可

(2007-01-03 13:40:57)

You <wbr>can <wbr>rob <wbr>me <wbr>of <wbr>anything <wbr>but <wbr>a <wbr>mirror <wbr>只要给我留面镜子,你抢劫什么都可

It is true that all girls in all ages are eager to be beautiful and more beautiful.Due to the existence of girlsworld becomes rich and colourful.


Needless to say the features(curves/skin/face/hair)of girlsclothes they put oncosmetics they useearings and necklaces they wearare all charming sceneries to the whole world.


I am so proud of being a girl who is able to slick up herself.Looking back to my childhoodI used to playact the queen or princess in the little comedies made by myself dreaming of a kingdom like a myth.


I remember clearly that I tricked myself up with bed sheets as my long dress and my mom’s scarf as my veil.That kind of dressing style was mostly influenced by the dramaI guess.


Coz I was quite zealous for the first season of this drama which was played everyday and attracted by various beauties either fairies or ghostes.And their images had been planted in my mind.I do suppose the dressing I took on above was from the Spider ghostes and Jade Rabbit ghostes.


usually I would coat my nail with some kind of plant whose liquid was pink.Each time my mom saw meshe would grab me and take me to clean it off.I kept silent but enjoyed the whole course of make-up stealthily.


What was more important,it was one andience _myself who made me joyous from the square mirror located in my sitting-room.When I entered the middle schoolmy mom bought me a small red elliptical mirror.It has two sidesmirror on the front side and a pic of famous star of that time in the rear side.It was very cheap but I considered the little mirror as a treasure of my own.


I would take a look at my mirror before I went to school and after school.You might laugh at me and thought I was a self-love girl.I admitted I was at that moment.However,I was so shy then and I always looked into my mirror when I was alone.


I hadnot given up this habit until college. Maybe you could find nothing in common with your roommates but you might have the same mirror in your bags.Girls were all at class with a mirror as a stationery.They listned to the professor while glanced at the mirror once in a while.I became one member of the half mirror half class girls group soon.


As an office lady later till nowIt is necessary for me to face-paint in some special occasions for instance a pary/a meeting/a fair etc.The mirror is absolutely indispensable to check the make-up at any moment.Ordinarily I have my face naturally and put a mirror in front of me on the desk of my office.


Each time I see myself in the mirrorI will show a smile on my face and steadfast eyes.It seems myself in the mirror gives me the encouragement and support constantly.I love to keep the mirror along with me all the time! It is the best buddy and best soulmate in some way !Huhuh



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