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Unit 1  A Wonderful Present(下)英汉对照

(2006-09-16 20:34:53)

 Something about Jean Grace and her string of beads had made him feel once more the pain of his old grief. The child’s hair was yellow as the sunlight; her eyes were blue as the sea. Once upon a time Peter had loved a girl with hair of that same yellow and with eyes just as blue. And the necklace of blue stones had been meant for her.


 But one rainy night, a car had gone off the road and struck the girl whom Peter loved. After she died, Peter felt that he had nothing left in the world except his grief.


 Since then, Peter Richards had lived too much alone. He talked the people who came to his shop, but after business hours he remained alone with his grief. At last the grief for his lost love became grief for himself. In self-pity he almost succeeded in forgetting the girl.


 The blue eyes of Jean Grace brought him out of that world of self-pity and made him remember again all that he had lost. The pain of remembering was so great that Peter wanted to run away from the happy Christmas shoppers who came to look at his beautiful old things during the next ten days.


When the last shopper had gone, late on Christmas Eve, Peter was glad. It was all over for another year.



 But for Peter Richards, the quite night was over. The door opened and a young woman came in. Peter could not understand it, but he felt that he had seen her before. Her hair was sunlight yellow and her eyes were blue.


 Without speaking, she put on the counter a package wrapped in pretty Christmas paper. From her pocket she took some green ribbon and put it with the package. When Peter opened the package, the string of blue beads lay again before him.


 “Did this come from your shop?” she asked.


 Peter looked at her eyes no longer cold. “Yes, it did,” he said.


 “Are the stones real?”


 “Yes. They aren’t the best turquoise in the world-but they are real.”


 “Can you remember to whom you sold them?”


 “She was a small girl. Her name was Jean. She wanted them for her sister’s Christmas present.”


 “How much were they?”


 “I can’t tell you that,” he said. “The seller never tells anyone else what a buyer pays.”


“But Jean has never had more than a few pennies. How could she pay for them?”



 Peter was putting the Christmas paper around the necklace and tying the green ribbon just as carefully as he had done for Jean Grace ten days earlier.


 “She paid the biggest price one can ever pay.” He said. “she gave all she had.”


 For a moment there was no sound in the little shop. Then somewhere in the city, church bells began to ring. It was midnight and the beginning of another Christmas Day.


 “But why did you do it?” the girl asked.


 Peter put the package into her hands. “There is no one else to whom I can give a Christmas present,” he said. “It is already Christmas morning. Will you let me take you to your home? I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas at your door.”


 And so, to the sound of many bells, Peter Richards and a girl whose name he had not yet learned walked out into the hope and happiness of a new Christmas Day.




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