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过山车,热辣妹,冰和高尔夫 R?

(2012-03-23 15:56:39)









过山车,热辣妹,冰和高尔夫 <wbr>R?



过山车,热辣妹,冰和高尔夫 <wbr>R?


99%的时间我都在试高尔夫R,因为我10年前曾经开过,非常好奇新的高尔夫有什么变化,说实在的,“变化非常大!”。90年代时候,一般人会认为高尔夫是一个很‘靠谱’,单调,安全的车。(靠谱的意思,就是每次启动肯定会没问题而不会让你失望,可能这个要求比较低,但是当你在-30度的天气状况下,这个要求真的很重要!)那时候高尔夫还只是一个很普通的车,没有劲儿,开起来也不刺激。 当我们从90年代进入到2012年时候,高尔夫R完全做了一个“变形金刚”似的的改变。高尔夫曾经的形象就是一个乖乖的,四眼女生,现在,变成了一个很性感,时尚的女人了!(用“女”的参考因为一般我们老外总是说车子是女性)。现在我还会说高尔夫R没劲儿了吗? 我说了很普通了吗? 我说开起来不是很好玩吗?

过山车,热辣妹,冰和高尔夫 <wbr>R?


2012年的高尔夫R是一个“什么都有”的小型的车子,先分析一下我的“喜欢” 和“不喜欢”。


-椅子特别舒服, 坐下时候很想穿上一条新的牛仔裤一样的感觉。





-我没有自己的高尔夫R.(这个也是一个小小的暗示给大众集团,如果这个活动之后不需要这些车,请送给我啊 我不是很贪心, 只需要一辆高尔夫就好了!谢谢)

过山车,热辣妹,冰和高尔夫 <wbr>R?

 除了体验高尔夫R和尚酷R的项目以外,还交了很多新的朋友,尤其在己的D组里。当天试驾的有五十多人分成四支不同的队,(A-D组),我在D组。见到了各种职业各种爱车的达人,比如:改装车手,化妆师,时尚专家,专业汽车记者等等。在我们的试驾环节中还包括一个PK赛,就是看看试驾训练之后,谁开的更好,更快。参赛之前我对自己很有信心,觉得自己应该是D组中开的最好。但是,比赛的时候不小心的把档位挂错,把自己淘汰了。只能期待下一次的试驾和挑战了。试驾环节中最大的惊喜就是活动最后的项目:和我们德国专业赛车教练一起开车(其实不是一起开车,就是做在旁边看看真正的会开车的人是怎样!)一直在想怎么描写给大家听这个“经验“有多么刺激,就这么说,”这个比全球任何的过山车还刺激!“ 太棒了!  

Rollercoasters, Hot Babes, Ice And Golf?

In my wildest dreams I would have never thought would have been weaving in and out of cones kicking up snow at a speed of 80km, on a frozen lake in the middle of Inner Mongolia.  Finishing off one of the most fulfilling day of my driving career, I experienced the thrills of learning to brake, turn, speed around a course and have a PK competition while driving the hot new Golf R and Scirocco R.    Obviously these two cars look good, but the question I’m sure your asking me is, how did they really perform, and especially on Ice?

99% of my time was spent testing the Golf R because, well quite simply because it had been 10 years since and I was really interested in how things have changed, and let me tell you things have changed.  The reputations of the Golfs in the 90’s was one of a dependable car which had good safety and were reliable.(basically meaning every time you turned the key it would start and wouldn’t leave you stranded,this might not sound like much but when you live in -30 Celsius weather it means A LOT!) Along with being a relatively “normal” car the golfs really didn’t have much punch and weren’t really that much fun to drive.  Let’s turn the dial and go from the 90’s into the year 2012 where the Golf has taken an almost “transvestite” makeover.  The Golf R has been working out and transformed itself into a sexy, fashionable gorgeous woman! (Well cars in the people sense are usually made the comparison to the female gender) Did I say the Golf didn’t have punch? Did I say it was a relatively normal car? Did I say it wasn’t much fun to drive?

 The 2012 Golf R is packed full everything you want in a small sized vechicle, lets begin the list from the list of Likes and Disikes.


-How when I sit down in the seats they seem to fit around my bottom like a new pair of blue jeans

-The Steering wheel is hot! A mix between a jet control wheel, Fl and car wheel

-The S gear, which I like to call the “Super ” gear, not sure what it does, but know when I put into action it really goes!

-Winter ABS Saved my life, well at least in the test drive, no smart winter  ABS,  no more me….


-I don’t own one.

(This is also a message to the Volkswagen group, if your not going to use the cars from the test drive, I’m not greedy, just one Golf please! Thank you!)

Aside from rocketing around the ice in the Golf and Scirocco also made a lot of new friends especially from our group D.  The day had grouped the participants into 4 teams A-D, I was put into D.    Met all types of car lovers from all types of different careers, Car remodeling, makeup artists, fashion experts, Car critics etc.   There was also a special PK event where we all competed against each other to see who was the fastest laps.  I was convinced I was the best driver in our group but unfortunately my “bad habits of keeping my right hand on the stick” I accidentally bumped it into neutral and lost out.  Along with thinking I was the best driver in the group I quickly found out I was far off from being a good driver as we sat beside the German Professional drivers as they ripped around the track.  All I can say is, “It was better than any roller coaster I’ve ever been on!”. Awesome.


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