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(2009-02-02 12:08:40)




分类: 周一穿行直播间


超级贴士:  turning point
China's lunar new year spending up strongly 2009春节消费明显增长
China to Help Graduates Find Jobs in 2009 今年国家帮助毕业生找工作
Eating less fast food is good for your health 少吃快餐保健康



Since financial markets have been stable during the past six weeks, and economic growth is unlikely to fall further than the fourth quarter, the first half of this year could well be the turning point, he said.
上面报道中提到的turning point就是指“拐点”。“拐点”本来是个数学名词。学过高等数学的人都熟悉它,当平面曲线经历从上凸至下凹或从下凹至上凸的分界点,此点便称为“拐点”。通俗地讲,就是我们常说的“转折点、契机”。例如:After joining the company, my career has had a very smooth development. It seems that this job-hopping is a turning point for me(我来到新公司发展得不错, 看来这次跳槽是我的一个转折点)。This is a turning point in history.(这是历史的转折点)。
走出“拐点”,可以说成是turn the corner,如:Time for dollar to turn the corner?(美元即将走出拐点?)经济形势突然出现向上的“拐点”,还可以用turnaround来表示,如:The turnaround could not come at a better time(这是逆转局势的最佳时机)。
除了turning point外,在口语中,我们还经常用a big break来表示“大转折、大的突破”之意。如:When the star was taken ill, the understudy finally got her first big break(主角生病的时候,那个候补演员终于得到了第一个露脸的机会)。

Song 1 




在一系列扩大内需、拉动消费的政策和措施推动下,这个春节黄金周, 消费市场供需两旺,商家赚钱,消费者也获益良多。交易额一路攀升,可谓“牛”劲十足。

consumer spending 消费开支
The Ministry of Commerce 商务部
Bustling 熙熙攘攘的 忙碌的  bustling commercial and shopping area
Subsidize 资助 补贴
household electric appliance 家用电器

China's consumer spending has risen strongly during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday period.
The Ministry of Commerce said nationwide retail sales climbed to 290 billion yuan, or 42.5 billion U.S. dollars, during the seven-day period.
That represents an increase of nearly 14 percent compared with the same period last year.
Lin Jingrong is vice general-manager of the Beijing APM, a popular department store in Beijng's bustling commercial and shopping area of Wangfujing.
"Customer volume in Beijing APM exceeded 200,000 a day during the peak time and sales volume increased by 20 to 30 percent."
The Ministry of Commerce estimated that nationwide sales of food at major stores during the past week jumped 23 percent, while beverage sales gained 17 and a half percent.
Sales of household electric appliances, aided by a government programme to subsidize purchases in rural areas, grew at nearly 18 percent.



Implement 贯彻 执行
Downturn 低迷时期
Exacerbate 恶化 使加剧
free service 免费服务
job fair 招聘会
career guidance 职业指导
career aptitude test 职业测评
hunt for a job 找工作

The Chinese government is working to implement a series of measures to help college graduates find jobs amid a downturn in the economy.
Our reporter Dan Dan has more.
The global economic slowdown is increasing the gap between China's labor supply and demand. Official statistics show that a total of 24 million people need to find jobs this year, six million of whom are fresh graduates.
"Big companies have reduced their employment and small enterprises perhaps will not attend campus job fairs this year. I feel we won't have many employment opportunities."
"It's hard for us to find a job right now. We are facing fierce competition and the limitation by our major is also a problem."
Min Hong, an official from China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, says the international financial crisis is exacerbating China's unemployment problems.
"The year of 2009 will see a severe unemployment situation. Many graduates, migrant workers and jobless people are facing difficulties in finding a job. So the government has decided to provide them with a series of employment services."
Min Hong says relevant government departments are working together to promote employment for college graduates by launching various free services, like job fairs, career guidance and career aptitude tests.
On the other hand, the official says the government also encourages graduates to start their own business.
"A university graduate, registering as unemployed, can apply for the low-interest micro-loan to launch his own business. We will also hold free training classes to teach graduates how to start and operate an enterprise."
Meanwhile, favorable policies and allowances will also be given to graduates working at base-level posts in rural areas and communities.
In addition to the efforts made by the government, some have suggested fresh graduates pay more attention to the changes of the outside world while hunting for a job.
Raymond Wang is marketing manager of Manpower, the world's leading employment service company.
"In addition to keeping faith, I think especially for graduates, they have to understand what the most sought-after skills in the market are. They need to understand what's going to be the hot industry. They have to keep an eye on that. Meanwhile, if they get a temporary job, I will suggest that they do the temporary job because it can help them get more working experience."

盐分与健康共识行动组织 WASH. 最近公布的一项研究显示外出就餐对健康有害,因为快餐食品中的盐分和油的使用量超标,这也是心血管病的重要诱因。大家吃饭要多多注意哦
Eating-out 下馆子
Overload 过载 超标 (听MP3音乐不能OVERLOAD,同样生活中的任何事情都不能OVERLOAD)
Cardiovascular disease 心血管病
blood pressure 血压
stroke 偏瘫 heart disease 心脏病 kidney failure 肾衰竭

World Action on Salt and Health has released new research stating that eating-out can seriously damage your health because fast food is overloaded with salt and oil. As a result, it is a major contributing factor to the world biggest killer, cardiovascular disease.
An investigation of restaurants across the United Kingdom has recently been completed as part of a global campaign to force the food industry to cut down on salt and highlight World Salt Awareness Week.
The Consensus Action on Salt and Health, affiliated to the World Action on Salt and Health, claims that some restaurants are serving meals with unhealthy levels of salt.
Graham MacGregor is Chairman of the World Action on Salt and Health.
"They already know exactly how much salt, fat, sugar and calories is in their food because it's very well controlled and I would guess most of the restaurants we surveyed would have that information, but they choose not to give it to the public for reasons I don't understand and they ought to."
The organization measured the salt content of almost one hundred popular dishes from sixteen popular restaurant chains in the UK.
Almost three quarters contained three grams of salt, the maximum amount recommended to adults in Britain and America. It is double the amount considered safe for youngsters to consume regularly.
But that wasn't the worst of what the researchers uncovered. More than a third of the restaurants in the survey were serving dishes with six grams of salt, or more.
The World Health Organization has warned that the trend for fast food with high salt content is taking its toll on our health.
It causes high blood pressure which in turn is linked to serious illnesses such as strokes, heart disease and kidney failure.





春节回家对于很多中国人来说是一个很头痛的问题,因为火车旅行非常的拥挤,但是对于我们今天的主人公BRUCE CONNOLLY 来说,却是他最喜欢的事情,正是在80年代的一次或者旅行中,这位来自格拉斯哥的英国人爱上了中国,回国之后,他也通过多种方式宣传中国,办展览,和人分享自己的中国之旅。今天我们就带大家去认识这位对中国一往情深的英国人 Bruce Connolly.

It's China's Spring Festival travel peak again. As millions of Chinese embark on a train journey to reunite with family back home, rail travel becomes a real headache in China. But to Bruce Connolly from Britain, the train is undoubtedly the transportation he loves most. It was during the course of his train journey all the way from his hometown Glasgow to Hong Kong in 1987 that Bruce fell in love with China. Since then, he has returned to China every vacation and has covered almost the whole territory. When back in Britain, he tried to promote China by putting on photo exhibitions and giving lectures about his experiences in the Orient. I caught up with Bruce Connolly to talk about his fascinating rail journeys across Europe and China and some of his many experiences in China.



这位来自苏格兰的英国人,退休后住在北京,BRUCE可以说是中西文化 传统与现代融合的一个范例, 闲暇时,他喜欢在北京的胡同遛弯,喜欢在城区溜达,喜欢和本地人聊天,记录着这个城市的点滴。

After retiring in 1997, Bruce Connolly moved to Beijing. A city, Bruce considers to be a perfect example of east meeting west and tradition meeting modernity. During his spare time, Connolly likes to walk around small hutongs tucked away in the downtown areas and chat with authentic Beijing locals, recording the unique livelihood of the city.




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