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090105 周一老外

(2009-01-05 14:10:49)



分类: 周一穿行直播间

超级贴士:人才库 talent pool
China's consuming market is prosperous in the three-day New Year's vacation
China Youth Daily: Universities Must Provide Relevant Business Training
Beijing Railway Department Sees more than 300,000 travelers on the first day of 2009


人才库 talent pool
请看《中国日报》的报道: In the next six months, when Chinese companies enter overseas markets, they will see a veritable talent pool of directors, managers and even CEOs from western companies to choose from due to the recession.
上面的报道中,talent pool就是“人才库、人力资源库、人才储备”的意思。我们都知道talent通常用来指一个人的“天资、才干”等,如musical talent(音乐才能),talent show(才艺表演)等;在这里talent用来指代“人才、有才干的人”,而“发掘人才的人”叫做talent scout或者talent hunter,跟我们平时说的“猎头”意思相似。
Pool常见的意思是“水池”,在这里,它特指an organization of resources that can be shared or used,即“资源库”之意,相似的用法有oil pool(油藏),以及我们原来说过的另一个用法car pool(拼车)。




Dampen 使沮丧 The bad news dampened our spirits. 这恶耗使得我们精神沮丧。
economic recession 经济衰退
exceed 超过  exceed one's authority 越权

Though the global financial crisis has dampened worldwide consumer spending, urban retailers in China have been thriving during the three-day New Year's holiday. In Beijing, consumer spending has exceeded one billion yuan, or nearly 160 million U.S. dollars, a 16-percent increase compared with the same period last year. It also sets a new record. Zhang Cheng takes a closer look.
According to the newly released figures from the Ministry of Commerce, retails sales in one thousand major shopping stores across China witnessed a 13 percent growth year on year.
In Beijing, price tags with discounts can be found in every corner of supermarkets and shopping malls, attracting thousands of consumers who have rushed in to buy their favorite goods.
Here is one shopper in a department store in Beijing.
"The price of this piece of clothing has been reduced by 300 yuan. I like it very much, and I believe I've made a good choice."
In stores in Shanghai, retailers are offering 70 to 90-percent discounts on everything from daily necessities to luxury goods. The situation is the same in many other major cities around the country.
As an economic recession gradually penetrates every corner of people's lives, many have started living more frugally. Businessmen have had no choice but to reduce their prices or offer tempting promotions to entice shoppers.
The effect has been obvious.
Wang Chunli is general manager of the Cai Shi Kou department store, a major gold and jewelry store in Beijing.
"The turnover of our store had exceeded 62 million yuan on January 1st. The turnover in two days has altogether exceeded 120 million."
Official figures indicate that total retail sales in Beijing this New Year's holiday have increased by more than 30 percent. Some stores report their sales have jumped by as much as 65 percent compared with same period last year.
Some restaurants in the capital are also offering special meal discounts and promotions. They have reported huge and robust increases in their revenue during the three-day holiday period.
Official data indicate that their average turnover has increased by 18 percent during this time. Some major restaurants have reported nearly 70 percent growth in business revenues over the same period last year.
Li Weiwei is an official with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce.
"At the end of last year, the Beijing Government adopted some new measures in terms of social security to resolve the public's latent concerns about their daily lives, and in a way successfully encouraged them to consume during the holiday period in the meantime to eventually boost domestic consumption."


Undermine 破坏
Boom 繁荣
Commentary 评论
actual condition 实际情况

Business is definitely not booming for one group of entrepreneurs in China.

The latest data from the labor and social security department in China's coastal province of Guangdong indicate that the success rate of start-up companies by university students there is only about 1 percent, much lower than the global average success rate of 20 percent and the country's average success rate of 10 percent.

A commentary in the China Youth Daily says although few people succeed in starting a business the first time around, the high failure rate of graduates in Guangdong will undermine university students' enthusiasm for starting their own businesses.

The article notes that business graduates in Guangdong should be faring better with their efforts, because the government has provided supportive policies to encourage them to start their own businesses.

But it also points out that Chinese students lag behind their western counterparts in terms of practical experience, coordination and teamwork. Professors lack practical experience in establishing start-ups, so they merely repeat theories from textbooks or imitate successful cases from abroad.

The article says although the West is advanced in establishing start-ups, and that the successful experience of Microsoft Corp.'s co-founder Bill Gates is worth learning, it remains open to question whether China should copy western business models.

In the context of China's actual conditions, what the university students need is specific techniques on how to set up a business in the country. But it is difficult for them to receive such instruction in China's university system at present, the paper says.

In response, the article calls for the country's higher education sector to provide practical training to better prepare students for the real business world.

exclusive counter 专用柜台
peak 高峰
around-the-clock 连续不间断的 昼夜的

Beijing Railway Department Sees more than 300,000 travelers on the first day of 2009
Migrant workers in Beijing will find it easier to buy train tickets home this year during the Spring Festival travel season, which usually sees the movement of tens of millions of people across the country.

For the first time Beijing's railway authority says it has set up exclusive counters for migrant workers to buy group tickets during the peak Spring Festival travel period, which started on January 1st this year.

Yao Hongren is the spokesman of the Beijing West Railway, which saw 200,000 travelers on the New Year's Day.

"If more than 20 migrant workers would like to buy tickets on the same train, their companies can book group tickets at the exclusive counter. If a relatively large number of migrant workers would like to buy tickets, for example more than 500, we will ask the Beijing Railway Bureau to arrange a specially chartered train for them."

Railway officials in Beijing said there were more than 300,000 travelers at railway stations in the capital city on the first day of the peak travel period.

The increasing number of passengers across the country, mostly migrant workers and college students, has pushed the start of the annual 40-day peak transportation period ahead 10 days during Spring Festival, which falls on January 26th this year.

Two of the capital's major railway stations, the Beijing Railway Station and the Beijing West Railway Station, will add more than 180 extra nonstop passenger trains during the travel peak period from January 1st to February 19th.

They already have more than 400 ticket counters operating around-the-clock.




邓亚萍是乒乓球历史上最伟大的女子选手,她5岁起就随父亲学打球,1988年进入国家队,先后获得14次世界冠军头衔;在乒坛世界排名连续8年保持第一,是排名世界第一时间最长的女运动员,成为唯一蝉联奥运会乒乓球金牌的运动员,并获得4枚奥运会金牌, 1997年后,她先后到清华大学、英国剑桥大学和诺丁汉大学进修学习,并获得英语专业学士学位和中国当代研究专业的硕士学位;2002年邓亚萍 在国际奥委会道德委员会以及运动和环境委员会两个委员会担任职务;2003年,邓亚萍成为北京奥组委市场开发部的一名工作人员。



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