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日记 [2008年10月21日]

(2008-10-21 21:26:10)


分类: 人生杂谈

When you fall in love with a woman, must loudly tell her. Girls very reserved, not easy at the same time a sense of security. If you love her, told her several times to say there is no connection between the two. "I love you" three words, the girls are never tired of hearing. When you no longer love her, not to hurt her, a man can be as much as possible not to harm women, the fault would have pushed to them, not because they do not want to say is a love. A woman's heart is very fragile, vulnerable and not easy to restore. Do not think that old couple, do not sweet talk and the romantic. After all, a woman is a small woman. Any woman can not resist the gentle man.
There are self-esteem of men, women also, women do not mind sometimes to friends in the small vanity, and that is you have self-confidence, so I hope you strong than others.

She was walking on the street, no matter how tired you are, do not want to see how she was trying on a set of clothes, do not have any patience, because a woman's nature is to go shopping, and the beloved people and shopping , But also embodies the love of your time, while your task is to the wealth and labor expenses, but the woman saw the exultant expression, you should think this is worth it.

Women then a few days every month, a bad temper are light, as if to re-seriously ill. Women are by nature should be taken care of. That is a few days, so gentle with her, the benefits of the future is definitely the man.

Women need to accompany, not always to their friends, brothers, the invitation is not to drink, that is, play cards and occasionally go to entertainment can be, but women still have to go. Handle the relationship between the two, always sound good.

Like a woman who loves the cooking laundry, help you proper arrangements for all, it was the performance of your love, it is sometimes you have to do cooking so that a woman was also pleased about the occasional pleasant surprise is the promotion of An effective way to feelings of both sides.

When a woman tell you, "I am strong, you do not worry about me", you must note that women are strong for such a talented man, as a general rule, women are weak, when she was a strong change Perhaps that is when you leave. Therefore, at any time in the pet was a woman, and when their baby or child the same.

Do not let a woman in emotional despair, when a woman on the feelings of despair, is also the most difficult to change the decision. At any time, do not hurt women, hurt women Shoubu Qi.

Love a woman is to love her, love her, holding hands in fear of a run, with the fear of the mouth.

In fact, a woman's request is simple, as long as a man loves her enough. Men in the pursuit of the cause at the same time, at a little bit careful in dealing with love, a woman will return to the feelings of his life.

If you do not love her, let her. Do not simply enjoy her care and tenderness, and then carelessly looking forward to another girl, found in only after that we Fen Shouba, or simply.

In your friend and her friends in front of a total not to put on a pair of big men Laihuan to call it. Women are willing to take care of you, you meet the big man on the "three from the four virtues" of preferences, because she loves you, you pet her, but she does not mean that he is willing to be used as servants and the client.

She agreed to things you no longer have to be small. Women want to have a strong reliance on the shoulder, you want to tell her everything, but if you are small things done, how she was going to rely on you? When she said that some of the things you do not approved by the accused or not to go cold, so her how to put their trust in you have to tell you the truth?

Do not always get along when you play the game or on a computer. When you joy, she may have found it out in the cold, and you only pay attention to your computer.

Women always have a few days is the period when it is not rational control. No matter how she was hysterical, unreasonable, moody, you must be inclusive, she coaxed her. Never show impatience and unhappiness.

Do not think that the general yearning for the three four-wife union, said that ancient man you really happy, saying that three people would like to visit. She put her only as you, you want her as the sole. Often you put it that way, she can rest assured that you will go out to her sister, Hupenggouyou it? Do not praise her roots in the presence of total friends, not to her than other women also concerned. Women are sensitive animals, is not she do not trust you, she only care about you too, I hope you can like.

Not the total in the presence of her face staring at other women, not to praise the general's beautiful people. Or why you can not do. I hope you love the woman she is, what it is today, you want to be in the hearts of the most beautiful sexy love the most important.

Whether there is another woman Xian-hui motherhood, but what is a child. Do not want you to think about how she was, how much would be considerate of your feelings, how do you to the center. She also hoped that their children can be as wayward as the hope that there are individuals like pet as a child she loved her pet, take care of her concern for her, not just the same as a child to obtain her love and tolerance.

The wrong thing, she wanted to hurt the recognition and action to her Pei Bushi. Occasionally the so-called men to lay down their face, can warm the hearts of her injuries. Do not say we have to change the offense or the next, she can forgive you the occasional mistake, but can not keep repeating the same mistakes.

Never betray. Do not want to "red flag at home would not fall, the colorful flags fluttering outside," Do not dress as a woman.

Her feel secure, not necessarily marriage. But: no matter rich or poor, health or disease, dependent love, Bulibuqi until death separated us.

In fact, many women looks very strong, the heart is weak or need to care for the men. You do not care that she gave her money, but you will always remember the naughty from the roadside flower bed to steal back the Naduo put in the hands of her Chinese rose. She was busy in the kitchen when you come back from a kiss, she will feel happy sweet. When you cross the road, on the left of you hold her hand tightly, no matter what age, she will feel safe.























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