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力宏专辑周记 00/09/02~00/09/08 No.13

(2006-07-31 14:13:29)
分类: 力宏日记

力宏专辑周记 00/09/02~00/09/08 No.13
力宏专辑周记 <wbr>00/09/02~00/09/08 <wbr>No.13
Dear Friends,
  To be happy. I think this is the most important and most difficult task of a human being. I’m not talking about the eating MacDonald’s cookies and cream ice cream happy, or buying a new pair of Prada shoes happy. I’m talking about the kind of happy when you can say to yourself, “I am truly a happy person, there is nothing more I’ll ever need.” It comes from within, that much I know, and few people are lucky enough to be blessed with it.

  The greatest day of my life was June, 5 1998. I had just graduated from college, and signed a new record deal with Sony. The whole world was before me, and if this wasn’t enough to put me in good spirits, on top of it all, it was my big brother’s wedding day. My brother Leo and I are the best of friends. Having grown up together, I can honestly say I have spent more time with him than anyone else in the world. Even so, we only understand each other well enough to know that we are very different people. He has always been a scientist, and I have always been musician. And although the quests of scientists and musicians may be one in the same, we have different basic beliefs and methods of finding answers.
  我生命里最重要的一天是1998年的6月5日。当时,我刚从大学毕业,并且与新力签下新的唱片约,整个世界就在我面前;但这还不足以让我兴奋到最高点,这一天是我哥哥的大喜之日。我和哥哥 Leo是最要好的朋友,我们一起长大,老实说,我和他在一起的时间比世界上任何人都来得长。虽然如此,我们很清楚知道他和我是两个很不一样的人。哥哥一直都是位科学家,而我一直是个音乐人。虽然科学家和音乐家所追寻的东西在某一部份或许相同,但我们各自有着不同的信念和寻求答案的方式。
  A year previously when Leo called me up in my dorm and said, “Lee-hom, I just proposed to Stacy”, I was in a state of panic. I thought he had done something rash, perhaps getting engaged was in some twisted way an act of rebellion, that would be more like him. I told him he was probably working too hard in the lab, and needed a vacation. “Take it easy, be careful” I said, “let’s not do anything we might regret”. I basically said to him everything that I might say to a man pointing a gun in my direction. His indefensible rebuttal was, “I honestly can’t imagine being happier with another person”. I couldn’t argue with that. At that time, I cursed under my breath, for I knew Leo was using his finely tuned debating skills on me. His uncanny ability to win arguments had won him so many competitions in the past. However, on June 5th, I became convinced that what he said was true.
  在此一年前,有一天哥哥打电话到宿舍告诉我:「力宏,我刚刚向Stacy求婚了。」我顿时慌张起来。我认为他做了个鲁莽的决定,也许订婚是他叛逆的另一种表现,而那真的很像他会做的事。我对哥哥说他一定是在实验室里太辛劳了,需要放假。「别急,要当心」,我说,「别做会让自己后悔的事。」我几乎是把我所想到的话都对他说了,就好像被人用枪指着脑袋时会做的事一样。哥哥没有什么反驳地说:「我不能够想象和谁在一起会比和她在一起更快乐。」我无法再辩驳下去。那时,我暗地里咒骂,因为我知道 Leo又在我身上使出他厉害的辩论伎俩。他这一身高明的争辩本领以前为他赢了不少比赛。无论如何,到了6月5日这一天,我被他的话说服了。

  On this day, I saw Leo in almost unrecognizable form. Standing next to his fiance Stacy, he was happier and prouder than I’d ever seen him in his life. Much happier than at his college or high school graduations, or any birthday or Christmas. Happier than when he’d beat me in chess or a video game. His happiness that day was indefensible. There was no, “let’s have a rematch”, or “best out of three”. He knew he was about to win a bigger game.
  那一天,我看到一个完全不一样的 Leo。站在未婚妻 Stacy身旁的他,是我看过最快乐和最骄傲的他。比在高中和大学毕业典礼或生日﹑圣诞节的他都还来得更快乐,也远比在下棋或打电动时击败我更加快乐,他那天真的是很开心的。没有「再比一回」或「三次定输赢」,他知道他将在更大的游戏中胜出。

  As the day progressed, I watched my brother turn from a bachelor to a married man. This transformation made a huge impression on me. Though only two and a half years older than me, my brother knew what he wanted in life, and was happy. His words, “I honestly can’t imagine being happier with another person” echoed in my head throughout the day, and I was knew that I was witnessing the greatest miracle in life: love. I write about it all the time in my songs, and I believe strongly in its power. However, to possess it in one’s own life.that is a rare gift.

  In my studies as a musician, I have come to realize that there is some connection between love and happiness, but I can’t tell you exactly what the relationship is. Nor have I heard of a scientific way to create either of the two. If I ever find out, I’ll be sure to let you know. But in the meantime, I’ll keep looking for answers in my own ways: through music.

May you find inner happiness this Mid-Autumn Festival,



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