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警察追踪诱拐婴儿案 Police track Illinois lead in Kentucky baby abduction

(2006-10-19 06:32:20)
分类: 政治*新闻
HENDERSON, Kentucky (CNN) -- A search is under way for a mother and her boyfriend who are believed to be on the lam with her nine-month-old baby after a social
worker was beaten to death.
美国有线新闻网肯塔基州亨德森消息 -- 警察正在搜寻一位婴儿的母亲和她的男朋友,据信他们在把一名社会工作者打死之后携带她的9个月大的婴儿畏罪潜逃.
Boni Frederick's body was found in the Henderson,
Kentucky, home of the mother, Renee Terrell, after a
scheduled supervised visit.
警察追踪诱拐婴儿案 <wbr>Police <wbr>track <wbr>Illinois <wbr>lead <wbr>in <wbr>Kentucky <wbr>baby <wbr>abduction

An Amber Alert was issued for Saige Terrell. The little boy was placed in foster care because of neglect, said police Sgt. Dwight Duncan.
德怀特.邓肯警官说,当地政府为赛格.特雷尔发出了黄色警告. 由于得不到良好的照顾这位小男孩被看护所收留.

Saige is believed to be with his mother and her boyfriend, Christopher Luttrell, 23, police said Tuesday.

The victim's vehicle may have been spotted Monday night at a gas station near Smithboro, Illinois, in rural Bond County, police said.

Police have issued a warrant for Renee Terrell, 33, on kidnapping charges.

Employees from the state's Cabinet for Health and Family Services found the body of social worker Boni Frederick, 67, of Morganfield, Kentucky, Monday in the mother's home, where Frederick had taken the child for the supervised visit. The child had been placed in foster care because of neglect, said police Sgt. Dwight Duncan.
警方说,星期一州政府健康和家庭服务部门的工作人员在肯塔基州的摩根费尔德,这位男婴母亲的家中找到了现年67岁的社会工作者博内.费雷德里克的尸体. 也就是费雷德里克带孩子去进行监督探视的地方. 这名孩子因得不到母亲的良好的照顾而被看护所收留.

According to an autopsy done Tuesday, Frederick was beaten to death. She suffered multiple blunt and sharp-force injuries, said police in Henderson.
警方称,根据星期二的验尸结果证明费雷德里克是被打死的. 她被用顿器和锐器击打,多处受伤.

Duncan said Frederick was supposed to be at the mother's home from 9 to 11 a.m. to supervise the visit. A family services spokeswoman said co-workers went to the residence after they had not heard from her.
邓肯说,费雷德里克大约是在上午9点到11点之间在这名男婴母亲的家中监督探视的. 一位家庭服务中心的发言人说,在得不到她的消息之后,同事们便去了这位母亲的住所.

Frederick worked with the department for 15 years and was a "passionate, dedicated" employee, said spokeswoman Vikki Franklin. As a social service worker, she said, Frederick's primary duty was transporting children to and from family visits and doctor appointments.
发言人维威克.富兰克林说.费雷德里克为这个政府部门工作了15年,她是一名"充满热情和勇于奉献"的雇员. 作为一名社会服务工作者费雷德里克的主要职责是接送孩子去参加探视和带孩子看病.

She also said that it is common for a social worker to travel alone, but if a worker is concerned about safety, he or she can request an escort by a police officer or another social worker.
这位发言人还说,社会工作者通常一个人接送孩子. 假如他们觉得有安全问题,可以要求一名警官或另一名社会工作者陪同前往.

Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher has ordered flags at all state office buildings to be lowered to half-staff in memory of Frederick.

"The first lady and I extend our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and co-workers of Boni Frederick, a social service worker who died tragically Monday in the line of duty," Fletcher said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been touched by this tragedy."
"费雷德里克作为一名社会工作者因公在星期一悲惨的死去了,我和我的夫人在此向遇难者的家属,朋友和同事们深表同情" 弗莱彻说,"我们为受此悲剧影响的人们祈祷并表达我们的关切."

Flags will remain at half-staff through sunset on the day of Frederick's funeral, according to the governor's Web site. Funeral arrangements have yet to be released to the public.
根据肯塔基州政府网站发布的消息,降半旗的过程将一致持续到费雷德里克葬礼当天日落为止. 关于葬礼的安排还没有向公众透露.

Police believe the couple fled in Frederick's car, a white 2000 Daewoo Nubira four-door station wagon with Kentucky license plate 675 DRV. The vehicle is missing.
警方认为这两个家伙是乘费雷德克里的一辆白色大宇旅行家2000四门旅行车出逃的. 该车牌照为肯塔基州的675 DRV. 这辆车仍没有被找到.

Renee Terrell is described as 5-feet-5, 240 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses. Christopher Wayne Luttrell is 6-foot-2, 150 pounds, with blue eyes and tattoos on his arms.
瑞尼.特雷尔身高5英尺5英寸,体重240磅,棕色头发,眼睛为棕色,戴一副眼镜. 克里斯多弗.韦恩.拉其奥身高6英尺2英寸,150磅,蓝眼睛,双臂有纹身.

Police said Luttrell is wanted in Louisville, Kentucky, for a parole violation.

The state's Amber Alert Web site describes the child as "developmentally disabled," with a scratch on the right side of his face, and a rug burn on the back of his neck. The couple may have family in Evansville, Kentucky, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, it says.
州政府的黄色警告网站上透露说,这名男婴有残疾,脸的右侧有抓痕,颈后部烧伤的痕迹. 这一对逃亡者分别在肯塔基州的艾温斯维尔和印地安娜州的福特韦恩有家.
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