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(2009-03-02 23:22:07)




Relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Happiness is largely a choice. Feel gratitude for all of the good in your life.

Smile. Once you have enough to pay for life’s basics think to yourself: “I’ve won.” Happiness is contagious: find someone who is happy and stand close to them.

Play. Create. Happiness is attainable. Slow down and enjoy the scenery. Be spontaneous. Happiness is perched on your windowsill, invite it in.

Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. Surround yourself with positive, life-affirming people.

Make others happy. Have big dreams. Enjoy the journey. Grab every single morsel of happiness which comes your way. Be on the look out for moments of pleasure and wonder.

Take care of your body. Be happy right here, right now, while working towards a better tomorrow. Forget about the Joneses. Forgive. Do for others. Become absorbed in activities that cause you to enter the “flow” state: that state where you forget yourself, lose track of time, and stop worrying. Develop the habit of positive self-talk. Plant a beautiful garden.

Get sunlight and fresh air. Engage your mind in a puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, sudokus, or crossword puzzles. Listen to music. Make music. Quiet your mind chatter.

Meditate.Practice yoga, tai chi, or Qigong. Get a box of six Guatemalan worry dolls: before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll and put them under your pillow; while you sleep, the dolls will take your troubles away.

Make smart money choices. View difficulties as challenges to be overcome. Remember that it’s not a good story if there aren’t any dragons.

Get involved in a cause that’s important to you. Have a cat or a dog; pet them often. Perform random acts of kindness, anonymous or not.Surround yourself with pleasant smells: jasmine, lavender, sandalwood . . . Put things in perspective. Go for a brisk walk. Stretch. Go to a museum.

Find a hobby you love. Engage in pleasurable activities.

Spend discretionary income on experiences, such as dining out and travel, instead of purchasing goods.

Count your blessings. Resolve to have a bad memory: release the past. Be yourself, however strange and weird that may be. Ask yourself: what can I do to become happier? Read a good book.

Climb on a tire swing. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Embrace change. Simplify. Think big in the long run, but think small in the short run. Remember the following line from the film “American Beauty”: “. . . it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.”

Get rid of things that make you unhappy. Make happiness a priority in your life. Do something hedonistic: think afternoon at a spa or going out dancing.

Be curious. Engage in novel activities. Take on new skills. Learn new things. Think back to when you’ve been happiest: what were you doing? Create satisfying, meaningful connections with other people. Practice deep breathing. Savor small authentic moments that bring you contentment. Happiness is a state of mind. Have a small pleasure to look forward to every day: coffee out on the patio, going through a favorite magazine, visiting a beloved friend, baking cookies . . . Search for the sacred in the ordinary. Do a cartwheel when nobody’s looking. Take George Eliot’s declaration to heart: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Laugh often. Ask for what you want. Hang a hammock; lie in it. Find work you love.Let go of fear.

Have courage. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones is to let them see you living a happy life. When you’re happy you give others permission to be happy as well.

Love. Entertain hope. Cope with difficult situations with ingenuity. Spend time contemplating nature. Accept that sometimes you’ll be sad, that’s just part of life. Make happiness the ultimate goal in your life. Fake it until you make it: act happy.

Create a serene environment. Resolve to be a little bit happier today than you were yesterday. Tilt your head back and let out a raucous peal of laughter . . .











找一个自己喜欢的爱好. 参加一些娱乐性的活动。








笑口常开.想要什么,勇敢地说。 挂上一个吊床,在里面躺一会儿。找一份你喜欢的工作,释放恐惧。

鼓起勇气. 在你能给的所有礼物中,对你所爱的人来说,最大的礼物就是让他们看到,你过着幸福的生活。如果你快乐,那就意味着你给了人家一个快乐的理由:他,也一样能快乐。

爱. 拥抱希望。用智慧来解决难题。花些时间来观察自然。接受那些偶尔的不快,那些只是生活的一部分。让快乐成为你生命的终极目标。在你得到快乐之前,即使不快乐,也要要假装快乐。



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