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日记 [2008年09月01日]

(2008-09-01 16:12:30)


分类: 与学习有关的东西

一、考研英语核心语法考点解析(Highlights on Grammar)

1. Being friendly is a virtue that many Americans value highly.

2. When one’s memory of an emotionally painfully experience leads to serious anxiety, forgetting may produce relief.

3. Using extremely different decorating schemes in adjoining rooms may result in disharmony and lack of unity in style.

4. It is no good reasoning with him.

5. It is a hard job pumping facts into unwilling pupils.

6. Observers are waiting for the dominoes to start falling.

7. Other states are going to consider making a similar law to deal with euthanasia.

8. Neither rain nor snow keeps the postman from delivering our letters which we so such look forward to receiving.

9. Denying this will be shutting one’s eyes to facts.

10. One part of critical thinking is distinguishing between facts and opinions.

11. Price is the regulating mechanism in the American economic system.

12. If properly handled, a history of long and effortless success may become a driving force.

13. I am considering accepting your suggestion at present.

14. Americans stopped taking prosperity for granted.

15. This entails reducing our dependence on the North American market.

16. This process of thinking about what you read includes evaluating it, relating it to what you already know, and using if for your own purposes.

17. Water power results from the sun’s creating vapor and subsequent rain.

18. Serious damage can be done without the victim being aware at the time that damage has occurred.

19. Problems in dispute can be settled without the participants leaving their homes.


20. One example of demand exceeding supply is the railroad’s contribution to the rush-hour traffic.



1)Those who cheat on tests should be severely punished by the school authority.

2)A host of problems have arisen along with the quickening pace of modern life and psychological problem is one of them which deserve our attention.

3)The people’s opinions about such phenomenon vary from person to person.

4)Thanks to educational reform, the past two decades has witnessed a great progress of education in China.

5)With the rapid development of modern society, many great changes have taken place in all walks of life.

6)It is commonly believed that the rise in living standard is the inevitable result of the rapid economic development.

7)According to this graph, we can clearly see that China has experienced an alarming increase in population from 1970 to 1980.

8)Recently, the phenomenon of juvenile crime has aroused wide concern.

9)It is advisable to put great emphasis on the construction of infrastructure.

10)The people without the basic survival skills will find it hard to remain alive in the fierce competition of modern life.

11)There are a variety of natural resources available on the earth.

12)According to the reasons mentioned above, I don’t favor the idea of having a telephone installed in every campus dormitory.

13)I am in favor of the idea that more satellite cities should be built to cope with the housing problem.

14)The volunteer activities make our campus life more colorful and fruitful.

15)Preserving the environment effectively is crucial to sustainable development of the world.

16)The Internet keeps us well informed about the current events throughout the world every day.

17)I am writing to inform you of my final decision to quit my current job.

18)We should arouse / enhance people’s awareness of the environmental protection, which is vital to the global sustainable development.

19)As is shown in this picture, there is a dramatic change in the people’s lifestyles during the past two decades.


20)The most striking difference between home life and dormitory life is that students must begin to take responsibility for their own action.

21)The scientific researches have indicated that excessive smoking will do severe harm to people’s health.

22)It is impossible for those children who are brought up in the comfortable environment to endure the hardships in the life.

23)As for me, I have made up my mind to be a volunteer for the 2008 Olympic Games mainly for three reasons.

24)Nowadays, job interviews have become an effective way for one to apply for a position. Specifically speaking, the interview may help the interviewer to acquire a proper judgment on whether the interviewee is the right person or not for a particular position.

25)If we have confidence in ourselves, we can overcome the difficulties we encounter in the life, which means our chances of achieving success will increase.


26)It is urgent to address such a complicated problem through taking some steps.

27)Everyday, we can see fresh water around us. So many people think that fresh water is inexhaustible. On the face of it, this idea seems reasonable, but when we consider it in detail, we find it quite wrong.


28)According to official reports, the cities in China are suffering from an average shortage of 10 million cubic meters of water everyday. And what is worse, people are still wasting water a lot. So we need to keep it in mind, “ Save just a little everyday, and we will help lessen the tension of the fresh water shortage.”

29)It is well known that there is a definite link between smoking and some serious diseases.

30)Modern society now is undergoing great changes and we need to get well prepared for the forthcoming challenges and opportunities.

31)The tourism industry of China has been booming these years due to the implementation of opening policy

32)It is a controversial issue whether or not young people should have idols of their own.

33) Sometimes a teacher has a great impact on a student all at once, but in other cases, a more gradual influence takes place.

34) According to the report issued recently, the severe climate changes made the ups and downs of the world’s temperatures more difficult to explain. This report warned us of the dangerous environmental changes which could be caused by the greenhouse effect.

35) According to some scientists, carbon dioxide will absorb the energy radiating from the earth instead of letting it pass through into space.

36) Scientists disagree as to how to account for the gradual warming of the atmosphere : some think it is due to natural temperature ups and downs while others are strongly against this theory.

37) The report strongly warned against the consequences of not tackling the greenhouse problem right away; it argued that the problem is real and must be controlled. Unfortunately , some people just turn a blind eye to the Greenhouse effect , and worst of all, many just treat it as a cry of wolf.

38) According to the latest studies, the increase of carbon dioxide levels must have resulted from the burning of coal, oil, natural gas and the like.

39) One of the most serious effects of the greenhouse problem is that the warming of the atmosphere would dry up rivers and bring drought to some fertile areas.

40) Some people are not concerned about the greenhouse threat that faces the world. Even so, they cannot ignore the fact that the earth’s temperature has been on the rise for the last several decades.

41) Scientific research shows that the average global temperature has been continuously on the rise, though people try to account for this in different ways.

42) Scientists are comparing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to a huge “blanket” which holds in the heat energy radiating from the earth.

43) If the greenhouse problem is due to the rise in carbon dioxide levels, we have to find ways to control the use of fossil fuels which release the harmful gas.

44) Although the threat of nuclear war might make the greenhouse effect look, by comparison, to be a minor issue, we must still take it seriously.

45) It can be concluded that owing to the burning of fossil fuels mankind is partly to blame for the greenhouse effect.

46)The authority concerned will impose a fine on any store selling fake or shoddy goods.

47)High-achieving students do not necessarily put in more time at their studies than their lower-scoring classmates.

48)Working hard is important, but knowing how to make the most of one’s abilities counts for much more.

49)The most striking difference between home life and dormitory life is that students must begin to take responsibility for their own actions.

50)There has been an increasing awareness of the importance of communication with the rapid development of modern society. In this competitive society, those who attach great importance to the cultivation of the ability to communicate with others can quickly accommodate themselves to this constantly changing world and stand a chance of success.


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