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横亘三水 共品尊荣——与上海正地豪生大酒店总经理柏拉乔先生品味酒店人生

(2011-04-14 10:04:22)


 Overlooking Three Waters with Honor and Glory
—— A Sip of Hospitality Life with Mr. Neftali Bracho, General Manager of Howard Johnson Plaza Waigaoqiao Shanghai
横亘三水 共品尊荣

This is where Huangpu River, Yangtze River and East China Sea converge. This is where Hengsha,Chongming and Changxing islands face each other across the river. From Zhangxuan, Director General of Transport in Yuan Dynasty to Gaoqiao Uncle Du Yuesheng, the colorful river of Shanghai history flows silently beside here, recording every changing scene in each era. The 800-year memory of the place is imprinted with profound cultural details. Even upon the background of today’s modernity, these vicissitudes leave a distinctive flavor in the history of the city. Sipping a cup of fresh tea, we listened to Shanghai stories told by the American sitting opposite us, amazed at the special connection between China and this General Manager who has 30-year experience in hospitality industry.


Howard Johnson Plaza Waigaoqiao Shanghai, launched last year, is a favorable addition to thehospitality industry in Waigaoqiao. As the General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Bracho said, “There are only two international deluxe hotels in this area and we are honored to be one of them. After a year’s operation, we have not only blazoned the fame of Howard Johnson but also emboldened customers’ trust in us. It is a good demonstration of our five-star quality.” In the running of the hotel, Mr. Bracho has implemented the principle of seeking the new on the basis of keeping essential features of the hotel brand and tried his best to attend to every detail personally.


Howard Johnson Plaza Waigaoqiao Shanghai possesses a high-quality service philosophy and refined facilities, which could be observed in its 301 elegantly designed guestrooms including 44 executive suites and 2 imperial suites, Howard Johnson Club Floor and Howard Johnson Club Lounge. A variety of details noticed by us during our visit validated General Manager’s pursuit forperfection. For example, he placed ancient grooved screens at the entrance of private rooms in theChinese restaurant Ho Yuet, which supplement the ambient appeal while protecting customers’privacy. Ho Yuet Restaurant specializes in an array of Cantonese mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the famous chef in a comfortable modern design setting. Abandoning the traditional Chinese restaurant model, it offers a comfortable and spacious dining environment with a bright western décor and avant-garde style. The refraction of lights from different angles creates a shiny but restrained sense of beauty while the simple but elegant decoration complements the vibrating folk music. Riviera Coffee shop is an elegant all-day dining restaurant offering an extensive international buffet and a la carte service for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, customers could dine in style with their special a la carte menu designed by the executive chef, offering international favorites. We were surprised to find a unique statue of God of Wealth at the entrance of the restaurant, which was purchased by Mr. Bracho personally from Yu Garden. Other details such as helping the service with the trolley and some slights movements all reveal his care for the staff and passion for his career.


It is not pure luck that made Mr. Bracho become the general manager of a hotel. Indeed, it is a long and steady journey starting from a service staff imbued with hardships and efforts that only the traveler himself would savor. Therefore, he places more emphasis on staff training and gives English lessons to hotel employees every week. “Every hotel employee needs a systematic training,” so he said. “Iknow it is difficult to learn a language, so I would try my best to encourage them to master English, which will offer great benefits to their future.” At times,solicitude does not take the form of words but rather sincere consideration for others. This is probably Mr. Bracho’s principle in treating people. The General Manager has had an extensive experience with Marriott and Starwood Hotels. Arriving in Shanghai in 1993, his first assignment was at the Westin Tai Ping Yang and Howard Johnson Plaza followed by other assignments in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Nanjing. Now he is in charge of Howard Johnson Plaza Waigaoqiao Shanghai, after working in almost every corner of the country. “I am glad that I could work in so many different cities in this beautiful country. Every city in China has its distinctive culture and beauty, which attract me strongly. I accumulate life experience and understandings everyday in every city. All these make the solid basis for my future work or life.” Mr. Bracho declared.

According to Mr. Bracho, only change could introduce new energy into things while maintaining their essences. During the past 16 years, Waigaoqiao Bonded Area, relying on the development of Pudong District, has realized a rapid economic progress with the firm principle of wide-ranging opening-up, cultivating a port industry with three major functions of international trade, modern logistics and advanced manufacture. As the integration of Bonded Area and Port is being implemented and the construction of Shanghai as the international shipping center is being accelerated, the coordinated development of international port and waterway industry and Waigaoqiao modern logistics will be further promoted. The logistic industry of Waigaoqiao will play an important role in domestic or even world logistic supply chains and the area will become one of the key purchase, distribution and logistic centers in China and Asian Pacific Regions for multi-national corporations. Such a future is favorable for the hotel as it indicates an inexhaustible flow of customers into this area. The management of the hotel will examine the latest trend to welcome various challenges. Every week about 30 to 50 customers’ feedbacks are randomly selected for further study in order to improve hotel service and facilities so that it could sustain its premier position in the area.


Mr. Bracho’s natural ability of experiencing and perceiving life has painted splendid strikes to his life. In nearly twenty years in China, he has kept the habit of viewing and contacting more things to enrich his experience whever he stays. He came here as early as the first batch of international hotels entered Shanghai and has witnessed the development of hospitality industry in the city. Although Waigaoqiao was perhaps still a land of wilderness at that time, Mr. Bracho held the firm belief that the future of local hospitality was brilliant. As a Shanghainess, I was surprised by his rich knowledge about Shanghai, which has enabled him to perceive many details that most people would overlook and that are essential to the hotel development and customer attraction. Maybe only a person who knows how to enjoy life could do his job better. Mr. Bracho wishes to deliver this concept to his employees and even customers. He announced that “our hotel is in the vicinity of many touring spots such as Gaoqiao Park and Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park. Many city dwellers are obsessed with fame and fortune. I hope that they could regress to the true meaning of life to enjoy the sense of happiness that each aspect of life brings. ”The General Manager practices a reasonable and balanced attitude toward his employees and hotel development. Only an sincere care and devotion would result in perfection and enable a person to manage an international deluxe hotel with ease.


Sitting beside the window, we appreciated the impressive view of the winding Yangtze River flowing into the sea. At this moment, maybe Mr. Bracho’s heart was filled with expectations for the future and confidence in his hotel. With honors and ambitions, Howard Johnson Plaza Waigaoqiao Shanghai is sailing up to its glorious future.

    这里是黄浦江、长江和东海“三水并流”的地方,这 里与横沙、崇明、长兴三岛隔江相望,这里悄无声息的流淌过上海几百年来的繁花似锦,从漕粮海运第一人张宣到“高桥爷叔”的杜月笙无不记录了上海每个时代的历史变迁。八百年记忆印刻着深厚的文化底蕴和丰富的人文资源,时至今日在现代文明城市的显像背后还能闻到历史沧桑的余味。共品一盏清茶,听着坐在面前这位美国友人娓娓道来的上海故事,让人感叹这位有着30年酒店经验的总经理是否和中国有着特别的情愫。




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