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Old Year Out with Luxury, New Year In with Harmony 褪去浮华辞旧岁,天地人和喜迎春

(2011-03-02 09:15:29)


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Old <wbr>Year <wbr>Out <wbr>with <wbr>Luxury, <wbr>New <wbr>Year <wbr>In <wbr>with <wbr>Harmony <wbr>褪去浮华辞旧岁,天地人和喜迎春

Old Year Out with Luxury, New Year In with Harmony
—— Achievements Review with Mr. Rauf Malik, General Manager of Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park


At the same time and same place as last year, we sat down with Mr. Rauf Malik, General Manager of Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park to review the achievements by the hotel in the past year. Last time, Mr. Rauf Malik portrayed a grand blueprint for the newly opened hotel. This time, he would present us a satisfactory finished picture.
Not many people may know that although Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park has been opened for only one year, its preparations took nearly ten years, which implies careful and thorough preliminary arrangements. As the owner of the hotel, New Development Group, established in 1992, is a prestigious multi-company in Shanghai with major businesses in real estate development, hotel business, wood industry, storage and warehousing, trade and financial investment. Possessing 16 subsidiary companies with total assets up to 10 billion RMB, the group contributes annually to the national taxes of 500 million RMB. Such a strong background and a refined management team are the solid base for the hotel’s success. Since we took a snapshot of Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park last time, we would now examine the hotel from a different angle and penetrate into the reasons for its success.

The passed 2010 was a booming year for hospitality industry in Shanghai as the Expo attracted more than sufficient customers into the city. Now that the Expo has finished, would Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park continue the glory? The General Manager has distinctive views in regard to this question. Mr. Rauf Malik said, “Hotels in Shanghai should not only attract clients with grand events such as the Expo, but also pay attention to local customers for a long term development. This would be a foresighted strategy.” With the development of the city, particularly a metropolis like Shanghai, people are caring more about life quality. Apart from the normal busy schedule, they would like to change their lifestyles at times for a relaxing and peaceful retreat. The hotel has perceived this and hence is focused on developing and sustaining long-term clients with a service philosophy that trust and quality should coexist.

Food and beverage are naturally among the top criteria if local customers are to be attracted. Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park is proud to own a perfect set of catering facilities as well as various outstanding restaurants and bars. Sakitori, the Japanese Restaurant in the hotel has been awarded as one of top 5 “HOTELS 2010 Best Hotel Restaurant”. Featuring Japanese grill, Sakitori provides modern Japanese cuisine combining tradition and fashion. The authentic fresh flavor and fragrance represent the true meaning of Japanese cooking. The Pastry Team has won the Golden Prize of China Baking Competition. In the bakery Java+, freshly made breads and pastries as well as a variety of hand-made chocolates are available everyday. In addition, there are other restaurants of different styles. The Chinese restaurant Pearl, which features the special cuisines from the Pearl River Delta, has private dining rooms with French windows that both accommodate the requirements for privacy and elevate the aesthetic level. Park Café has a simple and stylish design based on contemporary French cafes, offering buffet and a la carte menus of south-east Asian, Chinese and western flavors. The Lounge would be a perfect choice for tea or brief breaks, where the home-made pastries send out irresistible temptations. All these being not enough, one can ascend to the rooftop bar - Panorama on the top to enjoy the magnificent view of Changfeng Park and Suzhou River and to experience a perfect pleasant moment in peace. The DÔME Wine Bar, with simple designs, has a number of high quality wines which add another highlight to the hotel. Meanwhile, room service is available 24 hours a day. The professional service team would satisfy any individual catering requirements at all hours.
Located in the neighborhood of Changfeng Park, Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park enjoys a natural advantage as the Yin Chu Lake and 30-meter-high Tie Bei Hill in the park form a unique landscape. Over 20 scenic spots in the park spread out in front of the hotel. Besides these outside attractions, the hotel offers considerate services to make their customers discover their real inner self.
Mr. Rauf Malik is a person who emphasizes “friendly treatment”. According to him, “ever since I came to China, I have regarded Shanghai as another home, not only because I like China and Chinese culture but also because my friends in China have treated me friendly as family members.” He has lived in different cities in China and perceived different local cultures. Even hotels in different cities have distinguishing features because of the cultural diversity. Nevertheless, Mr. Rauf Malik holds the firm view that the key to get along with people is sincerity. “Many hotel customers are my old friends. We have developed our friendships step by step through details from being total strangers to acquaintance and eventually mutual trust. This is very important.” Maybe this is the secret for Mr. Rauf Malik’s success. It is probably a natural behavior from his side, yet it opens a window for others to understand him and the hotel managed by him. Sometimes during his patrol in the hotel, he would do simple things for customers who have no knowledge of his identity. He enjoys it. “I like to get in touch with my clients in the most direct way. I pay no attention to my own position when communicating with them, but would rather to understand their needs as a friend.” For years, his excellent work has deeply impressed his customers and listed him among the best general managers in the industry. He was recognized as one of the “100 Hotel Figures in China” and the Best Hotel General Manager in China. At the 5th China Hotel Starlight Awards, he won the Best Hotel General Manager in China for his outstanding achievements.

“I bear great thanks to the hotel owner whose supports have enabled me to do what I aspire to without restraints.” Mr. Rauf Malik, a direct and generous man, would give thanks to all who have supported him, including his family, friends, superiors and hotel employees. He commented sentimentally that the owner had taught him that “give” and “take” are both important. Unlike the common practice that a hotel is examined solely by its attainments, New Development Group emphasizes efforts more than results. “I am very lucky to be included in the team. Leaders have confidence in the team and the professionalism of the team ensures a bright future of the hotel. This is what I would call a respect return. When you treat others with utmost sincerity, the others will treat you with the same respect. We have applied this method in our associate training so that our customers may experience the same treatment.” It seems that Mr. Malik has maintained the philosophy that the harmony between people would lead to harmony in society.
When the Old Year fades out with luxury, the New Year steps in with harmony. Expectations and efforts of last year have born abundant fruits this year. Even our reporter could not refrain himself from making jokes on the red envelops everywhere in the hotel. Last year has surely been a profitable “golden year”. Mr. Rauf Malik, with all associate in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park, has kept his promise and laid a strong foundation for the hotel’s future development. All the hardship and aspiration have transformed into victorious smiles on faces of the hotel associate, which radiate into every customer’s heart.




“我非常感谢业主方对我工作的支持,让我可以没有束缚的开展我想要做的工作。”马立祺先生就是这么直接并且爽快的人,他感谢所有在他身边支持他的人,家人、朋友、领导,直至酒店的员工。他不无感慨的表示,业主方让他明白了付出和收获都不容忽视的道理,很多的时候,人们只注重管理者让酒店所取得的成就,而在这里则不同,大到总经理,小到每一个员工,新发展集团都始终更加注重员工付出的努力大过取得的成就。“我非常幸运跻身在这样的团队之中,领导们对团队非常有信心,而这个团队的专业也可以保证酒店的未来。这就是我所说的尊重反馈,如果你全身心的去对待对方,那么别人也会用相同的尊重来善待你,我们也把这种方式运用到酒店人员的培训,让客人也能感受到这种关怀。”“Lovely People”,马立祺先生依然贯彻着不变的人和则天下和的理念。



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