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终级奢华假日体验 尽在索菲特经典传奇酒店

(2008-01-31 16:26:58)



终级奢华假日体验 <wbr>尽在索菲特经典传奇酒店

终级奢华假日体验 尽在索菲特经典传奇酒店
Sofitel Legend Offers Ultimate Luxury Holiday Experiences
Edit: Wendy  Photos: by Sofitel El Gezirah
      索菲特奢华酒店品牌发布了其全球品牌提升计划。该计划重要的组成部分之一是索菲特奢华酒店将新创两个姊妹品牌——索菲特经典传奇酒店(Sofitel Legend)和索菲特“非常”精品酒店(So by Sofitel),从而更好地满足高端奢华酒店市场中不同细分市场的需求。前不久,全新索菲特经典传奇酒店——开罗索菲特格吉拉岛酒店便率先在全球范围内推出。酒店建造在极富吸引力的旅游胜地,巧妙地将法式风情与当地文化精华融为一体,传统与现代完美融合且极富传奇色彩,专为那些追求终极奢华体验的尊贵宾客提供独一无二的假日享受。
开罗索菲特格吉拉岛酒店(Sofitel EL Gezirah)
      酒店的所有区域都在法国著名设计师Pierre-Yves Rochon的指导下进行了翻新,以确保极致的高雅与舒适。纯粹的线条、高雅的陈设、色彩协调的织物和地板、合理利用的灯光等等,所有元素的完美结合共同打造了这座精致独特的酒店。一抵达酒店,宾客就会在大堂安宁的氛围中感受到快乐,更不用说50间套房或者383间大床房所带来的魅力体验。每间客房设备完善,并且都有一个阳台,从那里宾客可以观赏到尼罗河的壮观美景,还有河面上的三桅小帆船……除此之外,酒店还提供最为现代化的设备,让客人可以在尽情享受的同时,随时与外界保持联系。
Sofitel recently revealed its ambitious strategic plan to elevate the brand into the premium-end of the international luxury hotel market. As a part of the re-positioning plan, Sofitel Luxury Hotels will broaden its luxury offer with the creation of two sister brands, Sofitel Legend and So by Sofitel, to address niche segments in the luxury market. Currently, Sofitel announced the opening of legend hotel worldwide, namely Sofitel El Gezirah. The new Sofitel creation is located in the world’s most attractive destinations, by the artful blending of its French origins and the very best of local cultures, to provide unique holiday enjoyments to guests who are seeking for ultimate luxury experiences.
Sofitel El Gezirah: a sanctuary on the Nile, in the heart of Cairo.  
Tucked away on the island of Gezirah in the heart of the Egyptian capital, the Sofitel El Gezirah Hotel is a haven of tranquillity. The hotel now offers its guests luxurious, refined architecture, high-tech facilities, delightful cuisine in its five restaurants and, of course, a superb spa.
“Egypt is a gift from the Nile,” wrote the Greek historian Herodotus. This mythical river, which paints a green valley across the middle of desert, flows through Aswan, Luxor and, finally, Cairo, covering a distance of over 6,600 kilometres. Along the way the Nile is dotted with islands, including El Gezirah, located in Egyptian capital’s centre. Here, to south of the chic Zamalek district where magnificent villas have sprung up next to modern buildings, is the Sofitel El Gezirah. Far from the bustling city centre, this peaceful oasis with beautiful gardens is a destination of choice for travellers seeking tranquillity. Thanks to its strategic location – a few minutes’ walk from the Opera and the government buildings – it is also a popular choice among business travellers.
All areas of this contemporary-style hotel have been revamped by renowned French decorator Pierre-Yves Rochon, ensuring the utmost in elegance and refined comfort. Pure lines, prestigious furnishings, delicately-coloured fabrics and flooring, intelligent use of lighting...all contribute to the ultimate refinement of this exceptional venue. Upon arrival, one can delight in the calm airy lobby, before discovering the charm of one of 50 suites or 383 spacious rooms. Each well-appointed room has a balcony from which guests can take in the splendid view of the Nile and its feluccas. In addition to this intimate comfort, guests can benefit from the most modern equipment to remain in touch with the rest of the world.
Because hospitality is a way of life for Sofitel, the El Gezirah Hotel’ five restaurants combine the very best of local culture with the Sofitel’s French Touch offering a subtle mix of Oriental and Western cuisine. Guests will also enjoy visiting one of the most famous restaurant-lounges, the Buddha Bar, and winding up the evening on a playful note at the Casino Barrière.
In addition to the pleasures of fine dining, the hotel also proposes the benefits of its Spa treatments. Far from the hubbub of the city, weary travellers can relax in the hammam, sauna or the whirlpool bath, exercise in the fitness room or in one of the two pools (outdoor and indoor), or treat themselves to a massage or beauty treatment in a booth overlooking the Nile.
The Sofitel El Gezirah, located less than 5 hours by plane from Europe, is a stunning destination for a weekend getaway and the chance to discover or revisit Cairo. A not-to-be-missed opportunity to admire the masterpieces in the Egyptian museum and the treasures of Oriental architecture, lose one’s way in the khan el-Khalili souq or wander through the Zamalek district, before returning to the hospitable atmosphere of an exceptional hotel.


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