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英国航空公司全新 Club World 公务客舱申城展露风姿

(2008-01-05 23:04:16)



英国航空公司全新 <wbr>Club <wbr>World <wbr>公务客舱申城展露风姿

英国航空公司全新 Club World 公务客舱
British Airways Showcases New Club World in Shanghai
Edit: Gigi
    英国航空公司今日在上海隆重介绍其全新Club World公务客舱,其崭新设计及设施为公务客舱订立了新标准。为了让其客户及大众能一睹其风采,由现在直到2007年12月2日(星期日),该公司特意把一个全新Club World客舱设置在于上海梅龙镇广场大厅作公开展示。
     全新Club World公务客舱将于2008年在往返北京或上海到伦敦希思罗机场的航机上推出。从概念构想、设计到实施,新Club World都秉承了英国航空公司一贯的“为您而设计”的宗旨,它的每个细节都把现代尊贵旅客的要求考虑在内,为旅客提供前所未有的舒适享受、私人空间、自如感及科技便利。在新Club World座位于梅龙镇广场展示期间,观众除了可以亲自体验全新Club World的设施,更可参与幸运抽奖,头奖是双人来回上海及伦敦的Club World机票。
    英国航空公司在2000年首创为公务客舱引进完全平卧睡床,随后不断引领潮流,成为航空业界的楷模。全新Club World公务客舱的总投资额达到1亿英镑(约人民币15.7亿元),根据“为您而设计”方针而打造的新Club World公务客舱服务,在照顾旅客登机前、在机上及着陆后的需要方面无微不至。
    英国航空公司的新Club World把原来六尺长的睡床加宽25%,并引入独有无重状态的Z型睡床,以高度符合人体工学的姿势给予膝关节及背部最大的支持,座位并可延伸到6尺6寸,这些设计全为确保旅客能够在睡觉、小休或观看电影时完全放松,舒适地休息。
   每个座位配备电子控制的私人屏幕,它采用Lumisty技术,保证旅客在睡眠,工作或享受全新Club World公务客舱的娱乐系统时能拥有足够的私人空间。旅客可通过高科技的音频/视频点播系统,选择欣赏多达100套电影及电视节目,70片音乐光盘和20款游戏,自由决定何时享受那种娱乐。座位上设有轻触摸屏,让乘客可随意控制娱乐节目,不用费心在座位寻找遥控器。
  如果旅客兴起希望在午夜之后吃宵夜,他们可以随意在全新ClubWorld公务客舱的Club Kitchen,尽情享用各式各样的美食和饮品。

   英国航空公司中国区总经理霍思慧表示:“随着中国在全球经济的位置日趋重要,本公司往来北京/上海及伦敦的航班深受市场欢迎。中国是英国航空公司的策略性市场之一,我们深信新Club World将令本公司的中国市场业务百尺竿头,更进一步。”
   霍思慧表示:“我们也看到越来越多的休闲旅客选择Club World服务,以便在旅途中能享受五星级的舒适和豪华设施。新Club World是‘为您而设计’,因此旅客可以随心所欲享用各种无与伦比的产品及服务。”
     英国航空公司推出全新Club World后,由于机舱重新设计,Club World公务客舱将增加434个座位,整个机队的载客量将增加百分之八。整个新Club World计划全面出台后,英国航空公司的公务客舱座位数目将比世界其它航空公司都多。
     从香港到伦敦乘坐英国航空公司航机的旅客,可在所有航机上享用到全新Club World公务客舱。无论从上海、北京或香港出发的旅客都可以通过ba.com,在预定机票时或起飞前24小时预留自己喜爱的座位,并且可以自己打印登机牌,从而节省在机场的时间。
     此外,乘坐Club World公务客舱的乘客可以免费托运三件行李,每件行李不超过23公斤,并且还可免费托运高尔夫球棒或滑雪撬。
A revolutionary new standard of business class travel arrives in Shanghai today, as British Airways unveils its new Club World cabin to customers and the public at the Westgate Mall in downtown Shanghai.
The new Club World, which will be available between Beijing/Shanghai and  London in 2008  is on public display at the Hall of Westgate Mall from Thursday 29 November until Sunday 2 December 2007. From concept to design to implementation, British Airways has remained true to its premise of ‘designed around you’. Every element of the new Club World experience takes into account the requirements of the modern premium traveller, offering passengers unprecedented levels of comfort, privacy, flexibility and technology.  Visitors to the mall can experience for themselves the latest in business class luxury as they explore the new Club World cabin display, and what’s more, they can enter an on-stand prize draw to win two return Club World tickets from Shanghai to London.
Since the introduction of fully-flat business class beds in 2000, British Airways continues to lead the way as a pioneer in redefining industry standards. With this £100 million (approximately RMB 1.57 billion) investment, the ‘designed around you’ new Club World experience anticipates passengers’ every need pre-flight, onboard and after landing.
As well as increasing the width of its six-feet long fully-flat beds by 25 per cent, British Airways has introduced a new unique zero gravity ‘z’ bed position that supports the knees and back in a highly ergonomic seated recline, and which also extends the seat to six-foot-six inches – all designed to ensure customers achieve a feeling of complete relaxation, rest and well-being whether sleeping, snoozing or watching movies.
Electronically-operated privacy screens using Lumisty technology assure privacy to sleep, work or enjoy the upgraded Club World entertainment system. Customers can choose from more than 100 movie and TV channels, 70 CDs and 20 games through the cutting edge audio-video-on-demand system, which offers customers ultimate control over what to watch and when. No more worrying about the trying to locate the remote control, all this is accessible through an interactive touch-screen panel.
Those who fancy a midnight snack in-between meals can indulge themselves whenever they please in the new on-board Club Kitchen, which offers a wide range of food and beverage choices that are available whenever temptation strikes.
“In line with the growing importance of the China market in the global economy, the popularity of our Beijing and Shanghai to London Heathrow routes has been soaring in recent years. We are confident with the new Club World we’ll be even more appealing for customers in this strategic market,” said Sara Janine Thorley, British Airways Manager, China.
“We are also seeing increasing numbers of leisure travellers opting to upgrade to Club World and enjoy the feeling of five-star pampering and luxury in their personal time.” she continued. “As such, the entire new Club World concept is designed around you, the customer, however you choose to use it - and the product and service provided is second to none.”
The cabin re-design means an additional 434 Club World seats will be flying, a capacity increase of eight per cent across the fleet. When completed, British Airways will fly even more business class beds around the world than any other airline.
Passengers travelling on British Airways to London via Hong Kong can already enjoy the new Club World on all flights. Whether flying from Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong passengers can reserve their favourite Club World seat at time of booking or up to 24 hours in advance via ba.com, and print off their boarding card to save time at the airport.
Furthermore, Club World passengers can check-in 3 pieces of luggage up to 23 kilos each, as well as golf clubs or skis for free.


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