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If He Were Not the General Manager  如果他不是总经理

(2007-04-03 15:55:33)

Mr. Christophe Lajus, General Manager of
Crowne Plaza Fudan Shanghai

 采访/Interview: Rose Yang  /Story: Bread  Gu haiyue

Christophe Lajus, the General Manager of Crowne Plaza Fudan Shanghai, is an extravert and optimistic French gentleman. He has a rich experience in the hospitality industry spanning over twenty years in the Caribbean countries and Asia, possessing a strong basis in hotel F&B and sales. As the General Manager, he is open and outgoing, willing to take challenges. He shoulders heavy duties and earnestly practices what he advocates. Wise and witty, he has made great achievements on his position, gaining a high reputation in the local hospitality market in just half a year after his taking up the post. His latest location before Crowne Plaza Fudan was Holiday Inn Resort Yalong Bay Sanya, where he served as the General Manager for three and a half years. Under his leadership, the hotel wsa awarded the "Employee Engagement Award 2005", and received the honor of "Holiday Inn the Best Mid-market Hotel Brand In Asia Pacific and the World" from the InterContinental Group.
Off duty, Christophe is actively involved in charity. He has no reservation in helping those in need. It is his greatest pleasure to make everyone around feel happy. As for food, steamed dumpling stuffed with minced pork is his favorite, which he can even make by himself. He dreams to have a pastry shop in a luxury hotel, where customers can relax and relish. What he says unconsciously reveals the French romance in his nature. In addition, Christophe likes fishing as the peaceful atmosphere of fishing irons out all his daily worries. He is also interested in golf, in which one enjoys a broad and beautiful view as well as a sense of success immediately achieved after a full strike. Keeping his diet and exercises in control is Christophe's secret of a healthy life, which has given him a strong body and good mentality. Optimistic, out-going, generous and enthusiastic, he manages to keep himself in the best state all the time at work. Years' experience in sports enables him to perceive at first sight whether the others take part in sports activities regularly and whether they are physically and mentally healthy.  
In his leisure time, Christophe enjoys traveling. Away from the pressure of work, he indulges himself in the enjoyment of nature, the azure sky, sea, sunshine, trees and every little pleasant surprise on the trip. He likes staying at different hotels, sharing his rich experience in management with his counterparts. As the Chinese saying goes, one loves what one does. In Christophe's case, he does what he loves. He is infatuated with the hotel business just as the French people are with food. His passion and commitment are sure to bring in a line of surprising pleasures for his guests. That's where his success comes.  
Now Christophe has taken the leadership of Crowne Plaza Fudan, which is located in Yangpu District in the north east corner of Shanghai. The district has a comparatively weak foundation in business, entertainment and hospitality industry and is less prosperous than the city center. This is a big challenge for Christophe, who, clear about the importance of balance, releases the tension through sports, spa and gastronomic delights, as well as watching TV. Despite the heavey pressures, he is never a person to give up easily. With an acute sense, he has latched on the advantages of the hotel --- a convenient transportation, modern designs, feature F&B, powerful conference functions and a high Value for Money. He is confident that with his rich experience and knowledge in this field and a bustling business market in Yangpu, Crowne Plaza Fudan will play a pioneering role in the district, thus lifting the local hotel accommodation and service level onto a higher stage.


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