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Part Five

(2007-01-13 23:43:04)
分类: Sentence Patterns 口语句型
81.It is said that...据说••••••
1. It is said that we’ll have a new manager.听说我们要有新经理了。
2. It is said by the Bible that Adam is the very first human being in the world.
3. It is said that drinking much pure water is good for health.
A: Why don’t we Chinese have our own Valentine’s Day?
B: Of course we have. It’s on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.
A: Oh? Why is that day?哦?为什么是那天?
B: It is said that the Cowherd and the Spinster, the lover stars in heaven, can only meet on the seventh Eve, so this day has become the Lover’s Day.
82. It makes sense.有道理。
1. It makes sense to take care of your health.注意自己的健康是明智的。
2. It doesn’t make sense to read such a boring novel.
3. It makes (no) sense to keep it as a secret.保守这个秘密(没)有意义。
A: Harry, do you like the opera?哈利,你喜欢歌剧吗?
B: No, not really.不,不怎么喜欢。
A: Why is that? It is called real art.为什么?它可是被称为“真正的艺术”。
B: Well, it’s very expensive and they’re usually singing in another language. That kind of gets on my nerves.
A: Yeah, that makes sense.是啊,也有道理。
83. It seems like...那好像是••••••
1. It seems like there are hundreds of people in the room, it’s too crowded and noisy.屋里好像有几百人,又挤有吵。
2. It seems that nobody knew what had happened.好像没人知道发生了什么事。
3. It seems that something is wrong.好像有什么事不对劲。
A: Mary, do you remember when we met?玛丽,你还记得我们认识的时候吗?
B: I won’t ever forget it! I was sitting in the cafeteria all by myself...
A: And I came up and asked to sit by you...而我走过来,要求坐在你旁边......
B: Oh, it seems like it was just yesterday.哦,那好像是昨天刚发生的事一样。
84. It will do.行了。
1. It will do to set the clothes tree in the corner.把挂衣架放在墙角就行。
2. Will it do?这样行吗?
3. It will do. You may leave.这样就行。你们可以走了。
A: How would you like your hair cut?您的头发想理成什么式样的?
B: I want it short.剪短就行。
A: Then, I’ll just trim it.那我就给您修剪一下。
B: It will do.行。
85. Just because...只是因为••••••
1. We didn’t stay just because the weather was bad.我们没留下只是因为天气不好。
2. I bought the book just because I wanted to learn English.
3. Just because I was a little bit late, I was severely punished.
A: Hey, Mary, nice to see you again. I heard you’re going back home to the U.S..
B: Yes. I’m leaving tomorrow. I came here just because I want to say good-bye to you.
A: You’re so thoughtful. Wish you a good trip home. And we’ll miss you.
B: I’ll miss you too, my friends.我也会想念你们这些朋友的。
86. Just between you and me...我只告诉你••••••
1. Just between you and me, I think your brother is handsome.
2. Just between you and me, I cheated on yesterday’s exam.
3. Just between you and me, she wears too much make-up.
A: Do you think Mr. Johnson is a good worker?你认为约翰逊先生是个好员工吗?
B: Just between you and me, I think he’s lazy.别告诉别人哦,我觉得他很懒。
A: Haven’t you ever seen him working late?你没看见过他加班吗?
B: No, I haven’t.没见过。
87. Know better than...应该知道不该••••••
1. You should know better than to go swimming right after eating.
2. You are old enough to know better than to spend all your money on clothes.
3. I know better than to lend him any money to gamble.
A: Harry, come here immediately!哈利,立刻到这儿来!
B: What?有什么事吗?
A: Don’t take that tone with me! I saw you hit your brother.
B: No! He hit me first.不是的!是他先打我的。
A: I don’t care. You know better than to hit him. Go sit on your bed for 10 minutes.
88. Let it be.顺其自然吧。
1. I decide to just let it be.我决定顺其自然。
2. Let him be, he’s doing no harm.别理他,他不要紧,没事的。
3. Let the poor dog be.别惹那可怜的狗儿。
A: Did you hear what she said to me?你有没有听见她对我讲的话?
B: I heard it.我听见了。
A: What do you think I should do about it?那你认为我该怎么办?
B: Just let it be. Her rudeness will come back to haunt her.
89. Let’s make a bet...咱们来打赌••••••
1. If you don’t believe. Let’s make a bet.如果你不相信,咱们来打赌好了。
2. Let’s make a bet. But I’ll surely win.咱们来打个赌。但我肯定赢。
3. Let’s make a bet on the election.关于选举咱们来打个赌吧。
A: Do you think Tom will be elected president?你认为汤姆会选上总裁吗?
B: No, I think Harry will get it.不,我觉得哈利会选上。
A: Let’s make a bet on who gets it.那我们就来打个赌看谁会当选。
B: OK, loser buys pizza tomorrow night.好,输的人明天晚上请客吃比萨饼。
90. Let’s split the difference.让我们折中一下。
1. OK. Let’s split the difference, and then I’ll take it.
2. In that case, let’s split the difference.这样的话,让我们折中一下。
3. Let’s split the difference. I’ll give you 100.我们折中一下,我出一百。
A: This blouse is a special offer today. You can have it at 10% off the regular price.
B: It’s nice, but still too expensive. Can you give me a 20% discount?
A: No. 10% is my last word.不行,最多打九折。
B: Come on. Let’s split the difference, 15%.算了,让我们折中一下,八五折吧。
91. Look out!小心!
1. Look out! There’s a car coming!小心!有辆车来了!
2. Look out! You could fall off the edge here.当心!你别从边上掉下去。
3. Look out, Harry, that step’s not safe!当心,哈利,那个台阶不安全!
A: Look out! A small boy is rushing out blindly.注意!一个小孩乱跑出来了。
B: Gee, how dangerous! I’ve almost knocked him down.
A: You stopped just in time. Good for you!你停得及时。太好了。
B: I braked as hard as I could.我拼命地刹车。
92. Needless to say... 不用说••••••
1. Needless to say, one should be dressed neatly when being interviewed for a job.不用说,参加面试时应该穿上正式的衣服。
2. Needless to say, it’s difficult to do manual labor on an empty stomach.
3. Needless to say, we should fill up the gas tank before starting on our trip.
A: Is it true that rice is the staple food in most of Southeast Asia?
B: I’m not an expert, but that’s the impression I have.
A: Is rice your staple food, too?你的主食也是米吗?
B: Needless to say, as a Westerner, it’s bread.不用说,身为西方人,我的主食是面包。
93. Not only..., but also...不仅••••••而且••••••
1. She is not only a singer but also an actress.她不仅是歌手,还是演员。
2. Not only your father but also I don’t approve of your plan to travel alone.
3. He is good at planning his time, so he has enough time not only for work, but also for play.
A: Do you do morning exercises?你早晨锻炼吗?
B: Yes. I do one set of shadow-boxing every morning after I get up.
A: Shadow-boxing? How interesting! Do you think it really helpful for your health?
B: Definitely. It not only keeps me fit but also helps me concentrate on my soul.
94. Not really.并不完全••••••
1. Do you hate other’s smoking in the office? Not really.
2. Do you think we can get to the station on time? Not really unless we take a taxi.
3. Your parents must be worried about you. Not really. I’m not a little girl, anyway.
A: The road ahead is blocked. There might have been an accident.
B: Are there many accidents in the city every day?城里每天有很多交通事故吗?
A: Not really, but they are on the rise.并不是很多。不过正在不断上升。
B: Please drive slowly, we’ve got lots of time. Safety first.
95. No wonder (that)...难怪••••••
1. You eat so little. No wonder you are so slim.你吃得这么少,难怪你这么瘦。
2. Are you a librarian? No wonder you are so well read.
3. There is something wrong with your leg? No wonder that you walk so slowly.
A: Is there something wrong? You look so sad.出什么事了吗?你好像很伤心。
B: My house was robbed last night and the thieves stole all my furniture.
A: No wonder you look so upset. Have you called the police?
B: Yes, I have. But I have to wait.报了。但我还得等。

96. On second thought, ...仔细想了之后,••••••
1. On second thought, I’m going home on this vacation.
2. I’ll do it, on second thought.仔细想了之后,我干。
3. On second thought, I won’t tell her the truth.仔细想了之后,我还是不告诉她真相。
A: Would you like a cup of coffee?你要不要喝一杯咖啡?
B: No, thank you.不,谢谢。
A: I’m going to get one for myself. They make really good coffee here.
B: On second thought, I will have a cup.仔细想过之后,我想我还是要一杯。
97. only if...决不••••••除非••••••
1. A student is allowed to enter this room only if a teacher has given permission.
2. Seat belts are effective only if they are correctly adjusted.
3. We can only reach agreement if we both put our cards on the table.
A: My shirt needs ironing. Could you please help me with that, Mary?
B: No way. Do it yourself.不行。你自己干吧。
A: Please, I promise this is the last time.求求你啦,我保证这是最后一次。
B: OK, I’ll iron your shirt for you, but only if you make me a cup of coffee.
98. ... only too well...••••••很••••••
1. I know only too well how you feel.我很了解你的感受。
2. I’m only too pleased to help you.我很乐意帮助你。
3. The holiday was only too short.假期太短了。
A: Harry is so down that he won’t talk to anyone.哈利好沮丧,不和任何人说话。
B: I know only too well what that’s like.我很能知道那种感受。
A: What do you mean?你什么意思?
B: I was very sad when I was laid off last year.去年我被解雇时我也很沮丧。
99. ... or / otherwise...否则••••••
1. Hurry up or you won’t make the train.快走,要不然你赶不上火车了。
2. Put on your jacket, or you’ll catch a cold.穿上衣服,不然你会感冒的。
3. Do it now. Otherwise, it will be too late.马上干,否则就太晚了。
A: I’m very sorry, sir. My car has broken down.非常抱歉,先生。我的车坏了。
B: Sorry to hear that. Can we do anything about it?真遗憾。还有办法吗?
A: I’m afraid not. 恐怕不行。
B: Then I have to call another taxi, or I’ll be late.那我只好叫另一辆车了,不然我就晚了。
100. People say that..., but I think...人们都说••••••,但我却认为••••••
1. Some people say that music has gone downhill since Beethoven, but I don’t really agree.有人说从贝多芬以后音乐就走下坡路了,但我不很同意。
2. People say that boys usually do better work than girls on exams, but I think it is not necessarily the case.
3. Some people say that older persons are no use for the world, but I entirely disagree with them.有些人说老年人对这个世界没用,但我完全不同意。
A: People say that you never have a real winter in the South China, but I don’t think so.
B: Why? 怎么?
A: I did experience a winter with snow in Kunming, the Spring City.
B: With snow in Kunming? That’s crazy! 昆明下雪?难以置信。


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