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新视野大学英语1词汇表(按单元排序) b

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分类: 学海无涯

Unit 1
Passage B 
Keys to Successful Online Learning
community n.   1. [C] a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. 团体;界
     2. [C] the people who live in the same area, town, etc. 社区居民;社区
expand v.   make or become larger in size, number, or amount (使)变大;(使)扩张;(使)膨胀
aware a.   having knowledge or understanding 意识到的;知道的
unique a.   1. unusually good and special 极不寻常的,极好的
     2. being the only one of its type 唯一的,独特的,独一无二的
ideal a.   1. the best or most suitable that sth. could possibly be 最好的;理想的
     2. as good as one can imagine, but not likely to be real 想象的;理想化的
forum n.   [C] a place where people publicly discuss sth. 论坛;讨论会
remove vt.   1. get rid of sth. so that it does not exist any longer 消除
     2. take sth. away from the place where it is 移开,挪走
visual a.   relating to seeing 视觉的
barrier n.   [C] sth. that prevents sb. from doing sth., or limits what they can do 障碍
hinder vt.   make it difficult for sb. to do sth., or for sth. to develop 阻碍,妨碍,阻止
addition n.   1. [U] the act of adding sth. to sth. else 添加
     2. [C] sth. that is added to sth. else 增加物
reflect v.   1. think quietly and deeply 深思,考虑,反省
     2. show or be a sign of a particular situation or feeling 反映, 体现
environment n.   [C, U] the physical and social conditions in which people live 环境;周边状况;自然环境
critical a.   1. very important 极为重要的,关键性的
     2. giving a careful judgment of the qualities of sth. 评论的
perspective n.   [C] a way of thinking about sth. 视角;观点
peer n.   [C] a person of the same age, class, or position 同龄人;同等地位的人
instruct vt.   1. teach sb. sth., or show them how to do sth. 教育,指导
     2. officially tell sb. what to do 指示,命令;通知
 instructor n.   [C] a teacher 教师;指导者
arise vi.   (arose, arisen)  
     1. come into being; appear; happen 出现;发生
     2. (from) come from (由……)引起,(由……)产生
absolute a.   complete or total 完全的;十足的
 absolutely ad.   completely and in every way 完全地;十足地
explicit a.   expressed in a clear and direct way 清楚的;直截了当的
comment n.   [C] an opinion about sb. or sth. 意见;评论
  vi.   express an opinion about sb. or sth. 评论
reinforce vt.   make sth. stronger 强化;加固
requirement n.   sth. that is needed or necessary 要求;要求的东西
likely ad.   probably 可能地
  a.   probably going to happen, or probably true 可能的;有希望的
commit vt.   1. decide to use for a particular purpose 使用;用于
     2. do sth. wrong or illegal 犯(错误、罪行等);干(蠢事、坏事等)
★  assimilate vt.   take in new ideas, information, etc. 吸收,理解,掌握
provide vt.   give sth. to sb. or make sth. available to sb. 提供
input n.   [U] information or some other kinds of resources that are put in/into 输入;投入
essential a.   completely necessary 必不可少的,非常重要的
  n.   [C] (usu. pl.) sth. necessary 要素;要点
challenge vt.   1. question the rightness of sth. 质疑,对……表示怀疑
     2. invite sb. to compete against oneself 向……挑战
  n.   [C, U] sth. that needs a lot of skill, effort and determination to achieve 挑战,考验
normally ad.   in the usual way or to the usual degree 通常;正常地
sequence n.   1. [C, U] a series of related events, actions, etc. that happen or are done in a particular order 连续;一连串
     2. [C, U] the order that sth. happens or exists in 次序,顺序
 sequential a.   connected with or happening in a particular order 连续的
vital a.   1. very important 极其重要的
     2. full of life and force 有生命的,充满生机的
personally ad.   by oneself 亲自
effective a.   1. producing the desired result 有效的,起作用的
     2. being put into practice 生效的
facilitate vt.   make it easier for sth. to happen 使容易;有助
 facilitator n.   [C] sb. who helps people do things effectively 促进者,推动者
Phrases and Expressions 
play a role  1. do sth. and have an influence on it 起作用
   2. act a role in a play or film 扮演一个角色
be/become aware of  know about a situation or a fact 认识到,知道,觉察到
in addition  what is more; moreover 另外,加之
reflect on  think carefully about sth. 深思,考虑
speak up  1. say sth., esp. to express an opinion 说出意见或看法
   2. speak louder 大声说
be finished with  complete the job that one was doing 做完,完成
allow for  consider sth. when making a plan or decision 为……留出余地;考虑到
on sb.'s part/on the part of sb.  done or experienced by sb. 某人所做的;就某人而言
catch up (with)  improve and reach the same standard as other people 赶上,追上
remind sb. of sth.  make sb. remember sth. 使想起;提醒


Unit 2
Passage B 
Is There a Generation Gap?
New Words   
concept n.   [C] a thought, idea, or principle 概念;观念
consistency n.   [U] the quality of always being the same 一致性;连贯性
response n.   1.[C] a reply 回答
     2.[C, U] an action done as a reaction to sth. 反应,回应
★  refute vt.   prove that sb. or sth. is not correct 反驳,驳斥
tend vi.   be likely to do sth. 倾向于,趋于
  vt.   take care of; look after 照料,照顾
evaluate vt.   judge the value, quality, or degree of sth. 评价;评估
 evaluation n.   [C, U] a judgment about the value, quality, or degree of sth. 评估;评价
guidance n.   [U] help and advice 指导,引导
career n.   [C] a job or profession one is trained for and intends to follow for part or the whole of one's life 职业;一生的事业
trend n.   [C] a change toward sth. new or different 趋势;倾向
apply vt.   use sth. such as a method, idea, etc. 使用,应用
  vi.   request sth., esp. in writing 申请
individual a.   single or particular 单个的;个别的
  n.   [C] one single person or thing 个人;个体
■  teen n.   [C] (infml.) a teenager 少年,十几岁的孩子
relate vi.   (to) be able to understand a situation or the way sb. feels or thinks 理解;适应;和睦相处
  v.   show or make a connection between two different things 把……联系起来
entitle vt.   1.give a title to a book, play, etc. 给(书、剧本等)题名;定名
     2.give sb. the right to have or do sth. 使有权做;给予……的资格
attitude n.   [C] a way of feeling or thinking about sb. or sth. 态度;心态
▲  contagious a.   1. (of an action, thought, etc.) that is likely to cause a similar response in others 有感染力的
     2. (of a disease) that can be passed from one person to another 传染的
confidence n.   1.[U] the belief that one can do sth. well 信心,把握
     2.[U] the belief that sb. or sth. is good and one can trust them 信任,信赖
 self-confidence n.   [U] confidence in oneself 自信
sound vi.   (linking verb) seem 听起来;好像
■  interrogation n.   [C, U] the process of asking sb. questions for information, sometimes using threats 审问,盘问
adopt vt.   1.decide to use sth. 采用;采取
     2.take sb. else's child into one's family and legally become its parent 收养,领养
curiosity n.   [U] the desire to know or learn 好奇心;求知欲
view n.   1.[C] an opinion or idea about sth. 观点,意见
     2.[U] ability to see sth.; sight 视力;视线
oppose vt.   disagree with sth. such as a plan or idea and try to change or stop it 反对
★  rebellion n.   [C, U] opposition to sb. in authority; refusal to obey 反抗;反对;对(权威等的)蔑视
▲  chore n.   [C] a regular piece of work or job, esp. in a house 家庭杂务;日常零星工作
conflict n.   [C, U] a state of disagreement or argument between people or groups 冲突;争论
  vi.   (of ideas, beliefs, etc.) cannot exist together or both be true 冲突;抵触
▲  credibility n.   [U] the quality of deserving belief and trust 可信性;可靠性
ruin vt.   destroy or spoil completely 毁坏,毁掉
▲  carton n.   [C] a box made from stiff paper or plastic 硬纸盒;塑料盒
admit vt.   accept or agree that sth. is true or sb. is right 接受;承认
acceptance n.   [U] the act of accepting or being accepted 接受;认可
 self-acceptance n.   [U] the act of accepting oneself 自我接受
tolerance n.   [U] the ability to accept or allow sth. that one does not like or agree with 包容;宽容
perfection n.   [U] the state of being perfect or without fault 完美
 imperfection n.   [C, U] the state or quality of not being perfect 不完美
approach v.   move closer 接近,靠近
  vt.   begin to consider or deal with 处理
  n.   1.[C] a method of doing sth. or dealing with a problem 方法;途径
     2.[U] the act of moving closer 接近,靠近
 hurtful a.   painful to the feelings 伤感情的;刻薄的
argument n.   1.[C] a disagreement, esp. one that is noisy 争论,争吵
     2.[C] a reason given to support or oppose sth. 论据;论点
humor n.   [U] (BrE humour) the quality of causing fun 幽默;诙谐
possibility n.   [C, U] sth. that might happen or be true 可能(发生)的事;可能性
■  awaken v.   wake up or make sb. wake up 醒来;唤醒
neglect vt.   give little or no attention to 忽视,忽略
  n.   [U] failure to look after sth. or sb. properly 忽略,疏忽
Phrases and Expressions 
as a result  because of sth. that has happened 结果是
in turn  1.as a result of sth. 因此,转而
   2.one after the other, esp. in a particular order 依次;轮流
tap into  understand sth. such as people's ideas, beliefs or attitudes 了解
get ahead  make progress or be successful 取得进步;成功
look to  depend on sb. to do sth. 依赖;指望
feel like  feel as if 感觉好像;似乎
the way  (used to introduce a clause) in the way that 以……方式,以……方法
sound like  seem 听起来;似乎
rather than  instead of 而不是
point of view  a particular way of seeing or judging a situation, person, event, etc. 观点,意见
as opposed to  used to compare two things and show they are different from each other 与……对照;而不是
get across  (cause to) become understood or accepted (被)理解;(被)接受
be concerned about  give one's attention to or worry about sb. or sth. 担心
check in  1.(AmE) call a person to say where one is and what one is doing 打电话报平安
   2.report one's arrival, as at a hotel desk, airport, etc. 登记入住;办登机手续
put sth. away  put sth. where one usually keeps it 把某物收好或放好
lose one's cool  lose one's calmness and self-control 失去冷静
awaken sb. to sth.  make sb. aware of sth. 使某人意识到某事


Unit 3
Passage B 
The Right Son at the Right Time
New Words   
elderly a.   old or becoming old 年长的,上年纪的
collapse vi.   1. (of a person) fall down and become ill or unconscious 病倒,昏倒
     2. (of a building, wall, etc.) fall down suddenly 倒塌,塌陷
  n.   1. [U] the act of falling down suddenly 倒塌;塌陷
     2. [C, U] a sudden failure in the way sth. works 突然失败;崩溃
ambulance n.   [C] a vehicle equipped to carry sick or injured people to hospital 救护车
county n.   [C] an area that has its own local government in some countries 县;郡
locate vt.   1. be in a particular place 设置于;位于
     2. discover the exact place of sb. or sth. 确定……的位置
emergency n.   [C, U] sudden serious event or situation that must be dealt with immediately 紧急事件,紧急情况
 emergency room    a special room in hospitals where doctors try to save people who are in critical condition (医院)急诊室
marine n.   [C] a soldier trained to fight on land or sea 海军陆战队员
  a.   1. of, near, living in the sea 海里的,海生的
     2. of ships and their goods and trade at sea 海运的,海事的
apparent a.   1. easy to see or understand; very clear 明显的,显而易见的
     2. seeming; unreal 貌似的;表面上的
 apparently ad.   according to how sth. looks; seemingly 表面上,看上去像
corps n.   [C] a trained army group with special duties and responsibilities 特殊部队,特种部队
vehicle n.   [C] a thing such as a car, truck, or cart used for carrying goods or passengers 交通工具;车辆
marsh n.   [C] an area of soft wet land 沼泽(地带),湿地
military a.   of or for the army, navy or air force 军事的,军队的
sole a.   one and only; single 唯一的,仅有的
enable vt.   make sb. able to do sth. 使能够;使可以
lobby n.   [C] an outer room, entrance hall, or room before main room(s) 门廊,门厅;接待室
extend vt.   1. stretch out one's arms or legs 伸开,展开
     2. make longer or larger in space or time 使(在空间或时间上)扩大;延长
  vi.   continue for a particular distance or a certain period of time 延伸;延续
wrap vt.   1. put one's arms or hands around sth. 搂住;握住
     2. put paper or cloth over sth. to cover it 包;裹
limp a.   lacking strength or energy 无力的,没精神的
  vi.   walk with difficulty because of an injured leg or foot 一瘸一拐地走
squeeze vt.   press sth. firmly with one's hands 挤;压;捏
  v.   get into or fit sth. into a small space 挤进;塞入
encouragement n.   [U] the quality or act of encouraging 鼓励
dim a.   1. fairly dark, not bright 暗的;朦胧的
     2. (of chances) not good or not likely to happen (成功的机会等)暗淡的;渺茫的
 dimly ad.   in a dim way 模糊地;朦胧地
occasional a.   happening, but not often or regularly 偶尔的,偶然的
 occasionally ad.   sometimes; not often or regularly 偶然地,有时
bang v.   knock or hit hard with a loud noise 猛击,猛撞
  n.   [C] a sudden loud noise; a sharp knock or blow 猛击(声);猛撞(声)
staff n.   [sing., U] the people who work for an organization 员工,全体工作人员
exchange vt.   give sth. and receive sth. at the same time 交换;交流
moan n.   [C] a long low sound, usually of pain or unhappiness 呻吟
breathe v.   take air into the lungs and send it out again 呼吸
inform vt.   tell sb. about sth. 通知,告诉,报告
sympathy n.   [U] the feeling of being sorry for sb. who is in a bad situation 同情,怜悯
interrupt v.   stop sb. from what they are saying or doing 打扰,打断;插话
  vt.   make sth. stop for a period of time 使中断;使暂停
startle vt.   give sb. a shock or surprise 使大吃一惊,使吓一跳
exit v.   leave a place 退出;退场
  n.   [C] a way out 出口
personnel n.   1. [U] the department in an organization that deals with workers, esp. with their hiring and benefits 人事部门
     2. (pl.) people who work for a company, organization, etc. 全体人员,员工
Phrases and Expressions 
come to  become conscious again 苏醒,恢复知觉
now and again/then  at times; sometimes 不时地,有时候
call for  demand; ask to see 要求
set out  start a journey 出发
for a while  for a period of time 一会儿,一段时间
pay attention to  watch, listen to, think about sb. or sth. very carefully 注意,关注
hold to  1. hold sth. tightly 握住,抓住
   2. keep believing in an idea or a principle 坚信;忠于
with that  after doing that 接着,随即
turn out  happen in a particular way or have a particular result 结果是,证明是
Proper Names 
North Carolina  北卡罗来纳州(美国州名)



Unit 4
Passage B
Body Language
New Words   
statement n.   [C] sth. one says or writes 说法,叙述;声明
snap a.   done quickly and suddenly 匆忙的,仓促的
judgment  n.    (BrE judgement) 
     1. [C, U] an opinion 看法,意见;判断
     2. [U] the ability to make wise decisions about what to do and when to do it 判断力;识别力
seemingly ad.   in a way it appears 从表面上看起来;似乎是
instant a.   happening immediately 立即的,即刻的
sign n.   1. [C] an event, fact, etc. that shows sth. is happening or exists 迹象;标志
     2. [C] a piece of paper, metal, or wood with words or a picture that gives people warnings or instructions 招牌,指示牌
▲  immaturity n.   [U] the quality of behaving in a way that is typical of sb. much younger 不成熟
lack n.   [sing., U] (of) the state of not having any or enough of sth. 缺乏;不足
  vt.   not have any or enough of sth. 没有;缺乏
assume vt.   think that sth. is true even though one has no evidence 假定,想当然认为
acquaint vt.   make sb. or oneself familiar with or aware of 使认识,使了解
★  behavioral a.   (BrE behavioural) relating to the way sb. behaves 行为的
estimate vt.   judge the value, size, cost, etc. of sth. 估计,判断
 overestimate vt.   think sth. is better or higher than it really is 过高估计;过高评价
obvious a.   easy to notice or understand 显然的,明显的
partial a.   not complete 部分的;不完全的
 partially ad.   partly; not completely 部分地;不完全地
account vi.   1. (for) explain or give a reason for 作出解释,提出理由,说明
     2. (for) form a particular amount or part of sth. (在数量、比例方面)占
  n.   1. [C] a report or description of sth. that has happened 记述,描述;报告
     2. [C] the plan by which a bank looks after money for sb. 账户
imagine vt.   1. form a picture or idea in the mind 想象,设想
     2. think; believe 认为,以为
briefcase n.   [C] a flat case for carrying papers or documents 公文包
rub vt.   press and move one thing against another 擦,磨擦
behavior n.   [U] (BrE behaviour) the way one acts or behaves 行为,举止
aggressive a.   1. ready or likely to fight or argue 挑衅的;侵略的
     2. determined to succeed or get what one wants 积极进取的
resent vt.   feel angry about sth. unfair 对……表示忿恨;怨恨
 resentful a.   feeling angry about sth. unfair 充满忿恨的;怨恨的
function n.   [C, U] the purpose that sth. has 功能;作用;用途
status n.   [U] sb.'s social or work position 地位;身份
aspiration n.   [C] (usu. pl.) a strong desire to have or do sth. 强烈的愿望;志向
 definitely ad.   without any doubt 无疑地;肯定地
project vt.   show or present oneself or one's qualities in a certain way 使(自己的特点)呈现;表现(自己)
  n.   1. [C] a carefully planned piece of work 计划,规划;工程
     2. [C] a piece of study or research 科研项目;课题
promote vt.   1. raise sb. to a higher position 提升,晋升
     2. help sth. to develop or increase 促进,增进
ornament n.   [C] sth. added to make sth. else look better 装饰品;点缀品
jewel n.   [C] 宝石;宝石饰物;首饰
means n.   [C] (pl. means) a way of doing or achieving sth. 方法,方式,手段
conviction n.   [C] a very strong belief or opinion 坚定的信仰;确信
campaign n.   [C] a series of things aimed to produce a particular result 运动
religious a.   1. relating to religion 宗教的
     2. having a strong belief in one's religion 笃信宗教的,虔诚的
token n.   [C] sth. that stands for or is a sign of sth. else 标志,象征
membership n.   [U] the state of being a member 会员身份,会员资格
badge n.   [C] 徽章;证章
economic a.   relating to trade, industry, and the management of money 经济的
architecture n.   [U] the style and design of a building 建筑式样,建筑风格
rigid a.   strict 严格的,死板的
norm n.   1. (~s) generally accepted standards of social behavior (行为)准则;(道德)规范
     2. [C] sth. that is usual or normal 标准;准则;规范
style n.   [C] the particular way that sb. does sth. 方式,风格
 lifestyle n.   [C, U] the way one lives 生活方式
Phrases and Expressions 
the minute  as soon as 一……就……
find out  discover 找出,查明,发现
in relation to  relating to; concerning 有关,关于
become acquainted with  get to know sth. or sb. 与……相识,了解
pick up  get a skill, language, a piece of information, etc. by chance 学会;得到
in part  to some degree; partly 在某种程度上,部分地
be/feel at home  be/feel comfortable or relaxed in a place or situation 感到无拘束
be content with  be satisfied or happy with 对……感到满足
a wealth of  a large number or quantity of 大量的,丰富的
after all  1. used for saying that sth. is true despite what was said before 终究;最终还是
   2. used to say that sth. should be remembered or considered 毕竟
Proper Names 
Phi Beta Kappa  PBK联谊会(美国大学优秀生和毕业生的荣誉组织,成立于1776年),PBK联谊会会员


Unit 5
Passage B
The Last Dive at the Olympics
New Words   
commence v.   begin or start 开始
thrust vt.   push sth. somewhere roughly 猛推;猛塞
apart ad.   being separated from each other 分开地
initial a.   happening at the beginning 起初的,开始的
 initially ad.   at the beginning 起初,起先
intense a.   having a very strong effect or felt very strongly 强烈的,剧烈的
bleed vi.   (bled, bled) lose blood 流血
haste n.   [U] great speed in doing sth., esp. because time is limited 匆忙
trial n.   1. [C] (~s) a sports competition in which people are tested and chosen for a later competition 预赛,选拔赛
     2. [C, U] a process of examining a case in court 审判
     3. [C, U] a process of testing to find out quality, value, etc. 试验,检验
significant a.   very important 重要的;意义重大的
★  endanger vt.   put sb. or sth. in danger 使……处于险境
spill vt.   accidentally pour a liquid out of a container 使溢出;使溅出
  vi.   (of a liquid) flow out of the edge of a container 溢出;溅出
■  adoption n.   1. [C, U] the act of adopting a child 收养
     2. [U] the act of starting to use a plan, method, etc. 采用
explore vt.   discuss or think about sth. carefully 探讨,研究
  v.   travel around an area to look for sth. such as oil, minerals, etc. 探索,探测
mug vt.   attack and rob sb. in a public place 对……行凶抢劫
prior a.   1. (to) before 在……之前
     2. happening or existing before a particular time 事先的,预先的
■  springboard n.   [C] a strong board for jumping on or off, used for diving or doing gym 跳板
unfortunately ad.   with regret or sad feelings 不幸地;遗憾地
coach n.   [C] a person who trains people in sports for games, matches, etc. 教练
  vt.   train or teach; give instruction or advice to 训练,指导,辅导
assist v.   help sb. to do sth. 帮助,协助
enjoyable a.   giving sb. pleasure 令人愉快的,可享受的
triumph n.   [C] an important victory or success after a difficult struggle 胜利,成功
  vi.   (over) gain a victory or success after a difficult struggle 获胜,成功,击败
partner n.   1. [C] a person one is married to or having a sexual relation with 配偶,(性)伴侣
     2. [C] a person that sb. does a particular activity with 伙伴,搭档
confuse vt.   make sb. feel they do not understand sth. 使困惑,使糊涂
vapor n.   [C] (BrE vapour) a form like a gas which is made up of tiny drops of water or other liquids in the air 蒸气
 vaporize v.   (BrE vaporise) (cause to) change from a liquid into a vapor; disappear (使)变成蒸气;(使)蒸发;消失
compete vi.   take part and try to win in a competition 竞争;参赛
scare vt.   make sb. feel frightened 惊吓,使惊恐
repetition n.   [U] doing or saying the same thing many times 重复
confident a.   having belief in one's power or ability 自信的,相信的
 scoreboard n.   [C] a board on which the score of a game is recorded (体育比赛)记分牌
leap vi.   jump high into the air, often landing in a different place 跳,跳跃
quit v.   stop (doing sth.) 停止,放弃
Phrases and Expressions 
in haste  quickly or in a hurry 匆忙地
call sb. names  say sth. nasty or insulting about sb. 骂某人
have a shot at sth.  have an attempt to do sth. or achieve sth. 尝试,企图,努力做某事
take first place  be the first or top, esp. in a match 获得第一名
for fear (that)  for fear of sth.; in case sb. makes sth. bad happen 担心,生怕
start with  begin with 从……开始
Proper Names 
Olympics  (the O~) 奥林匹克运动会
Seoul  首尔 (韩国首都,前称汉城)
Samoan  萨摩亚人
Ron O'Brien  罗恩·奥布赖恩 (人名)


Unit 6
Passage B
The Company Man
New Words   
acquaintance n.   [C] a person that one knows but who is not a close friend 相识的人;熟人
@★  addicted a.   liking to do sth. so much that one does not want to stop 上瘾的;入迷的
devote vt.   give a lot of time, energy, etc. to sth. 致力于;献身于
vice-    (used in compounds) next in importance to the rank mentioned 副的
conceive vt.   form an idea of; imagine 构想出,设想
 conceivably ad.   imaginably; believably 可想象地;可以相信地
retire vi.   stop working at one's job, profession, etc., usually because of age 退休
spot n.   1. [C] a position 职位,地位
     2. [C] a small mark on sth., esp. one that is made by a liquid 污渍,斑痕
     3. [C] a particular place 地点,场所
afford vt.   (usu. used with can, could, able to) able to spend, give, do, etc. 有能力做;承担得起
executive n.   [C] a person who has an important position in a business 主管;行政领导
  a.   concerned with managing and making decisions, esp. within a company 执行的;行政的
divide vt.   separate and give out or share 分配;分享;分用
admire vt.   have a feeling of great respect for sb. or sth. 敬佩;钦佩
ignore vt.   take no notice of; refuse to pay attention to 忽视,不理睬
survivor n.   [C] a person who continues to live after an accident, war, etc. 尚活着的人;幸存者
accurate a.   exactly correct 准确的,精确的
 accurately ad.   exactly and correctly 准确地,精确地
survive vt.   live longer than sb. else 比……活得长
  v.   continue to live after an accident, war, etc. 活下来,幸存
beloved a.   very much loved by sb. 所深爱的
manufacture vt.   use machines to make goods in large quantities (大量)生产,制造
neighborhood n.   [C] (BrE neighbourhood) a particular part of a town and the people who live there 社区;街坊邻居
odd a.   1. not regular or fixed 临时的;不固定的
     2. strange; unusual 奇怪的,异常的
widow n.   [C] a woman whose husband has died 寡妇
■  deceased n.   (the ~) sb. who has died 死者,已故者
replace vt.   1. take the place of 取代,代替
     2. change sb. or sth. for another 更换,替换
bear vt.   (bore, borne) bravely accept or deal with an unpleasant situation; endure 忍受;经受
■  straighten v.   make or become straight (使)变直
finance n.   1. (~s) the money one has and the way one spends it 资金;财务状况
     2. [U] the management of money 财政;金融
stock n.   1. [C] a share in the capital of a company 股份;股
     2. [C, U] the supply of things that a shop has for sale 存货,库存
option n.   1. [C] the right to buy or sell sth. in the future 买卖某物的权利
     2. [C] a choice one can make in a particular situation 选择
wind vt.   (wound, wound) 
     1. (up) cause sb. to become nervous and worried 使紧张;使不安
     2. turn a part of a machine around and around to make it work 上满发条
■  line-up n.   [C] a line of people 一排人
★  discreet a.   careful about what one says or does 谨慎的,慎重的
 discreetly ad.   doing sth. carefully so that people do not notice it 小心地,谨慎地
inquiry n.   [C] (also enquiry) a question sb. asks to get information 询问,打听
replacement n.   1. [C] sb. or sth. that replaces another person or thing 替换的人或物
     2. [U] the act of replacing 替换,代替
Phrases and Expressions 
die of  die because of sth. such as an illness 死于
care for  1. look after 看护,照顾
   2. (used in questions and negatives) like 喜欢
stay up  not go to bed 熬夜
straighten out  deal with a problem or a confused situation 解决(问题);理清(混乱情况)
and all that  and so on; and all such things 等等,诸如此类
pick out  recognize sb. or sth. among others 认出
ask around  ask in many places or ask a lot of people 到处打听
Proper Names 
Phil  菲尔(人名)
Helen  海伦(人名)

Unit 7
Passage B
Should I Have a Gun?
New Words   
handle n.   [C] the part of sth. that one holds when using it 柄,把手
  vt.   deal with or control 处理,处置
bullet n.   [C] 子弹
advocate vt.   publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things 主张,拥护,提倡
  n.   [C] sb. who publicly supports sb. or sth. 拥护者,提倡者
ignorance n.   [U] lack of information or knowledge 无知,不知
statistics n.   1. (pl.) a group of numbers that represent facts or describe a situation 统计;统计数据
     2. [sing.] the science of collecting and examining numbers for patterns 统计学
previous a.   coming or happening before or earlier 以前的,先前的
 previously ad.   before now or before a particular time 以前,先前(地)
violence n.   [U] behavior that is intended to hurt other people physically 暴力(行为)
violent a.   involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people 暴力的
affect vt.   1. influence or cause sb. or sth. to change in a particular way 影响
     2. have a strong effect on sb.'s emotion 打动;使感动
transport vt.   move sb. or sth. from one place to another 运送,搬运
residence n.   [C] a person's home; a large house of sb. important 住处,住宅;公馆
intend vt.   1. plan, mean, or make sth. for a particular person or purpose (为……而)准备,打算使……成为
     2. plan or mean to do sth. 想要,打算,计划
injure vt.   harm or hurt sb. 伤害,损害
confront vt.   1. face sb. or sth. unpleasant, difficult, etc. 使面对
     2. (of problems, difficulty, etc.) appear and need to be dealt with 面临,遭遇
imagination n.   1. [U] sth. only existing or happening in one's mind 想象;幻觉
     2. [C, U] the ability to form pictures or ideas in one's mind 想象力
reality n.   [C, U] what actually happens or is true 现实,实际
apartment n.   [C] (esp. AmE) a set of rooms for living in 一套房间;公寓套房
intention n.   [C, U] what sb. intends to do 意图,打算,目的
 intentionally ad.   on purpose 故意地,有意地
omit vt.   not include sb. or sth. 省略,遗漏
dominate v.   have control over a place or a person, or be the most important person or thing 支配,统治;在……中占首要地位
 dominating a.   controlling or having a lot of influence over sb. or sth. 有支配力的,有影响力的
Negro n.   [C] (offensive) a black person 黑人
gas n.   [U] (AmE, also gasoline) the liquid that is used as fuel for motor vehicles 汽油
cashier n.   [C] sb. whose job is to receive or give money in a shop, bank, etc. 出纳员,收银员
reveal vt.   make sth. known; show 揭示,展现;使显露
anxiety n.   [C, U] a feeling of worry or fear 焦虑,担忧
automobile n.   [C] (also auto) a car 汽车
automatic a.   1. (of an action) done without thinking or like a machine 不加思索的;机械的
     2. (of a machine) that can work by itself 自动的
 automatically ad.   1. without thinking about what is being done 不加思索地,无意识地
     2. by the action of a machine, without a person making it work 自动地
disgust vt.   make sb. feel annoyed or upset about sth. 使(某人)反感,使厌恶
★  confrontation n.   [C, U] a situation in which people or groups are arguing angrily or fighting 对抗,冲突
guilty a.   1. feeling ashamed and sorry because one has done sth. wrong 内疚的;愧疚的
     2. having done sth. that is a crime 有罪的;犯罪的
★  guilt n.   1. [U] the feeling of having done sth. wrong 内疚
     2. [U] the fact that one has broken a law 罪,犯罪
bet v.   (bet, bet)  
     1. risk money on the result of a race, game, match, or a future event 以(钱、物等)打赌
     2. be very certain 确信,敢说
gasoline n.   (=gas) 汽油
Phrases and Expressions 
be immune to  be not affected by 不受……影响的,对……有免疫力的
believe in  consider sth. to be true; have faith or trust in 相信……的存在;信任
be capable of  be able to 有能力(做)
be intended for  be provided or designed for a particular person or purpose 打算供……之用;为……而准备
hear of  learn about; gain information about 听说,得知
at the sight of  when seeing 一看见
live with  accept sth. unpleasant 忍受,容忍
Proper Names 
Claiborne  克莱尔本街(地名)
Jackson  杰克逊街(地名)
Carlton  卡尔顿街(地名)
Tulane  图兰街(地名)


Unit 8
Passage B    
Ways of Increasing Creativity
New Words   
 creativity n.   [U] the ability to create new ideas or things 创造力
chill v.   make or become cold (使)变冷;冷藏
  n.   [sing.] a feeling of coldness 寒冷;寒意
dip vt.   put sth. into a liquid and lift it out again 蘸,浸
applaud v.   express good opinion or favor by clapping one's hands 拍手,喝彩;称赞
remark vt.   say sth., esp. about sth. one has just noticed 评论;谈论
  n.   [C] a comment 评论;谈论
decade n.   [C] a period of ten years 十年
convince vt.   make sb. feel certain that sth. is true 使确信,使信服
capacity n.   1. [C, U] one's ability to do sth. 才能,能力
     2. [sing.] the ability to hold or contain sth. 容量,容积
impulse n.   [C] a sudden wish to do sth. 冲动;刺激
potential n.   [U] qualities that exist and can be developed 潜力,潜能
  a.   likely to happen or become so, although not actually existing at present 潜在的
reservoir n.   1. [C] a large amount of sth. that is available and has not yet been used 贮藏,蓄积
     2. [C] 水库
concrete a.   definite and specific 具体的
capture vt.   1. catch sb. or sth. 捕获,捕捉
     2. seize; occupy 夺得;占领
 fleeting a.   passing quickly; not lasting long 飞逝的;短暂的
carriage n.   [C] 四轮马车
scarcely ad.   1. only a moment ago 仅仅;才
     2. almost not; hardly 几乎不
awake v.   (awoke, awoken) wake up or make sb. wake up (使)醒来;唤醒
recall v.   bring back to memory; remember 回想,回忆起
fortunately ad.   by good chance; luckily 幸运地
sketch v.   make a quick or simple drawing or painting 勾画,绘草图
fertile a.   1. (of a person's mind) inventive; full of new ideas (思想、创意等)丰富的
     2. (of land) able to produce good crops (土地)肥沃的,富饶的
advantage n.   [C, U] a good quality or condition 优势;有利条件
productive a.   1. achieving a lot 有收益的,富有成效的
     2. producing or able to produce goods or crops, esp. in large quantities 多产的
disturb vt.   interrupt sb. or make sb. worried or upset 打扰;妨碍;使烦恼
 undisturbed a.   not being disturbed 未受打扰 (或妨碍) 的
associate n.   [C] a partner or colleague 合作人;同事
invent vt.   make or produce a new thing or idea for the first time 发明,创造
 inventor n.   [C] a person who invents sth. 发明者,发明家
claim vt.   state to be true, even though not proved 声称;自称
engineering n.   [U] the work involved in designing and building roads, bridges, machines, etc. 工程
string n.   [C, U] a strong thread, esp. used for tying things up 细绳
■  pliers n.   (pl.) 钳子
motion n.   [U] the act of moving from one place or position to another 运动
@★  pendulum n.   [C] 钟摆
swing v.   (swung, swung) move back and forth or from one side to another from a fixed point 摇摆,摆动
context n.   1. [C, U] the general conditions in which sth. takes place (事情发生的) 环境,背景
     2. [C, U] words that come before and after a word, phrase, statement, etc. 上下文
transfer v.   move from one place or job to another 转移;调动
principle n.   [C] a basic truth, law, or theory 原则;原理
enhance vt.   improve 提高,增强
vitamin n.   [C] 维生素
therapy n.   [C, U] the treatment of illness 治疗
novel a.   not like anything known before; new 新颖的,新奇的
 potentially ad.   possibly true in the future, but not true now 可能地;潜在地
fascinating v.   extremely interesting 迷人的;有吸引力的
Phrases and Expressions 
right away  at once; without delay 立刻
act on / upon  act according to 依照……行动
come one's way  occur so that one has it or gets it 发生在某人身上;可以被某人利用
fall asleep  go into a state of sleep 睡着
take advantage of  1. make use of 利用
   2. treat sb. unfairly in order to get sth. (不公正地)利用某人
bring sb. together  arrange for people to meet and do sth. together 使聚在一起;使联合
lead to  cause sth. to happen 引发,导致
at once  at the same time; all at one time 同时
set (sth.) in motion  cause (sth.) to start moving or happening 使……运转起来;启动
back and forth  going in one direction and then in the opposite direction 来回,前后
take up  start doing sth. as a habit, job, or interest 开始从事;对……产生兴趣
Proper Names 
Edison  爱迪生(1847—1931,美国发明家)
Picasso  毕加索(1881—1973,西班牙画家)
Shakespeare  莎士比亚(1564—1616,英国戏剧家和诗人)
Ludwig van Beethoven  路德维希·凡·贝多芬(1770—1827,德国作曲家)
Salvador Dali  萨尔瓦多·达利(1904—1989,西班牙超现实主义画家)
Edwin Land  埃德温·兰德(1909—1991,美国发明家,宝丽来相机的发明者)
Polaroid  宝丽来相机
Santa Fe  圣菲(美国新墨西哥州首府)


Unit 9
Passage B   
A Major Question of Majors
New Words   
echo vi.   (of a sound) repeat because it hits a surface and returns (声音)回响
  n.   [C] a noise that is repeated because the sound hits a surface and returns 回音;回声
 hallway n.   [C] a passage in a building or house that leads to many rooms 走廊;通道
await vt.   wait or be ready for sb. or sth. 等候,等待
abortion n.   1. [C] the removal of a developing baby in order to end a pregnancy 堕胎;人工流产
     2. [C] sth. that fails to develop, progress, or mature, as a design or project 失败;流产
database n.   [C] a large collection of data stored in a computer system that can be found easily 数据库
available a.   able to be got, used, etc. 能得到的;可利用的
 indecision n.   [U] the state of being unable to make a decision 迟疑不决
ban vt.   forbid, esp. by law 禁止;取缔
  n.   [C] an order banning sth. 禁令
predict vt.   say sth. in advance 预言
breakthrough n.   [C] an important discovery that comes after a lot of hard work 突破;重大发现
fate n.   [C] the things that happen to sb., esp. unpleasant events 命运;厄运
host vt.   provide the place and everything needed for an organized event 招待;接待;主办
  n.   1. [C] a person or organization that provides the place and everything needed for an organized event 主人;东道主
     2. [C] sb. who introduces guests and programs, esp. on television or radio 主持人
pose vt.   ask a question 提问题
  vi.   sit or stand in a particular position to be drawn, photographed, etc. 摆姿势
instance n.   [C] an example of a particular situation 事例
expert n.   [C] sb. who is very good at or have special knowledge about sth. 专家
  a.   having a special skill or special knowledge 熟练的;有经验的
surgery n.   [U] medical operation 手术
naval a.   relating to the navy 海军的
aircraft n.   [C] (pl. aircraft) a plane or other vehicle that can fly 飞机;飞行器
target vt.   aim at sb. or sth. 瞄准;以……为目标
  n.   [C] sth. one tries to achieve; a goal 目标
 spoonful n.   [C] the amount that a spoon will hold 一匙的量
★  navigation n.   [U] the movement of a ship or an aircraft along a planned path 航空;航海
numerous a.   many 很多的
fluent a.   speaking or writing in a smooth and correct way 熟练的;流利的
mechanic n.   1. [U] (~s) the science that deals with the effects of forces on objects 力学;机械学
     2. [C] a person who repairs or works with machines, esp. as a job 技工;机械师
advertise v.   try to persuade people to buy sth. by announcing it in a newspaper or on TV 为……做广告
 advertising n.   [U] the activity or business of advertising 广告;广告业
waken v.   wake up or make sb. wake up 唤醒;醒来
enormous a.   extremely large 巨大的,庞大的
 enormously ad.   very or very much 很,非常
 oversleep vi.   (overslept, overslept) sleep for longer than one intended 睡过头
survey n.   1. [C] a general description or report about a particular subject or situation 概况
     2. [C] an act of finding out information about sth. 调查;研究
  vt.   ask a lot of people questions in order to find out their attitudes or opinions 调查
 best-selling a.   well sold 畅销的
filmmaker n.   [C] sb. who produces or directs a film 制片人;导演
prosperous a.   rich and successful 富裕的;繁荣的
involve vt.   1. take active part in a particular activity 积极参与
     2. include sth. 包含;包括;需要
Phrases and Expressions 
catch phrase  a short phrase that many people know because a famous person often says it 流行语;口头禅
drop out  leave an activity, school, etc. before it has finished 中途退出;辍学
figure out  succeed in solving or understanding sth. 想出;理解;明白
would rather... than...  prefer to do or have sth. 宁愿……不愿……
care about  be concerned about 关心
as to  concerning sb. or sth. 至于;关于
page through  look at a book, magazine, etc. by turning the pages quickly 翻看;浏览
end up  be in a particular situation or place after a series of events 以……结束;最终达到
as long as  if 只要
do with  used for saying how sb. uses sth. 利用;处置
Proper Names 
Elkins  埃尔金斯(人名)
Albertson  艾伯森(人名)
Jacqueline Susann  杰奎琳·苏珊(1918—1974,美国作家)
David Janssen  戴维·简森(1931—1980,美国演员)


Unit 10
Passage B   
Website Resources:The Best Aid for Cheating?
New Words   
website n.   [C] a place on the Internet where information is available 网站
cheat v.   act dishonestly for one's own benefit 欺骗;作弊
  n.   [C] a person who cheats 骗子
nerve n.   1. (~s) the state of being nervous or worried 神经过敏;紧张不安
     2. [C] 神经
ultimate a.   1. greatest 最大的
     2. being at the end or happening in the end 最终的,最后的
nightmare n.   1. [C] a terrible experience or event 恐怖的经历;可怕的事情
     2. [C] an unpleasant and terrible dream 恶梦
★  illicit a.   not allowed by laws or rules 非法的;违规的
link n.   [C] a tie or connection 纽带
  vt.   join or connect 连接
contemporary a.   1. of the present time 当代的
     2. of the same time 同时代的
  n.   [C] a person who belongs to the same period of time 同时代的人
fake vt.   make or copy sth. to trick people 伪造;造假
  n.   [C] a copy of sth. that is intended to trick people 假货,赝品
  a.   made to look like sth. real in order to trick people; unreal 假的;伪造的
appropriate a.   proper or suitable 合适的,适当的
purchase vt.   buy 购买
  n.   [C] sth. that one buys 购买物
download vt.   transfer information from a network to a computer 下载
reconcile v.   make peace or find agreement between two parties 和解;调和
 irreconcilable a.   impossible to bring into agreement 不可调和的
moral a.   relating to right and wrong and the way people should behave 道德的,道义的
dilemma n.   [C] a difficult choice between two things 进退两难;难处
expense n.   [C] an amount of money sb. spends on sth. 花费,费用
■  on-file a.   recorded or kept in a file or in a database 存档的
per prep.   for each 每,每一
consumer n.   [C] a person who buys and uses goods or services 消费者
readily ad.   1. easily 容易地
     2. willingly 乐意地
semester n.   [C] (AmE) a term 学期
■  emporium n.   [C] a large store selling many different things 商场
press vt.   push firmly 压;按
  n.   [sing.] newspapers and the journalists who work for them 报界;新闻界
hail vt.   1. say how good or important sb. or sth. is 向……欢呼;拥戴
     2. call out to sb. by name or in greeting 招呼
 authorship n.   [U] the fact of being the person who has written a book, play, poem, etc. 作者身份
authentic a.   real; not false or copied 真的;非复制的
perception n.   1.[U] the ability to notice or understand sth. 洞察力;理解力
     2.[C] a particular way of looking at or understanding sth. 看法;领悟
 perceptive a.   quick to notice or understand things 洞察力强的;理解力强的
▲  twitch vi.   move with a quick sharp pull of a muscle 抽动,抽搐
  n.   [C] a sudden slight movement of the body 抽动,抽搐
intellectual a.   1. concerning the ability to think in an intelligent way and to understand things 智力的;理解力的
     2. well educated 有知识的
  n.   [C] a person who is well educated and interested in art, science, literature, etc. 知识分子
property n.   1. [U] the thing or things sb. owns 财产;所有物
     2. [C, U] land, buildings, or both 地产;房地产
     3. [C] (usu. pl.) a quality or feature of sth. 属性;特性
issue n.   1. [C] a subject that people discuss 问题;议题
     2. [C] a newspaper or magazine printed at a particular time (杂志、报纸等)期;号
  vt.   officially make a statement, give an order, warning, etc. 颁布;发表
incline vi.   tend to 倾向于
cynical a.   not believing people are sincere or honest 愤世嫉俗的;玩世不恭的
notion n.   [C] an idea, belief, or opinion 概念;观念;看法
incidence n.   [sing.] the number of times sth. happens 发生率
honesty n.   [U] the quality of being honest 诚实,正直
 inventive n.   able to think of new and original ideas 善于发明的,有创造能力的
proof a.   (usu. used in compounds) having or giving protection 能防……的
  n.   [C, U] evidence that shows sth. is true 证据
 cheat-proof a.   protected against cheating 防止作弊的
structure vt.   plan or organize sth. 组织;构造;安排
  n.   [C, U] the way that the parts of sth. are put together or organized 结构;组织
transform vt.   change sb. or sth. completely 改变,改造
■  handout n.   1. [C] a paper containing information which will be dealt with in a lecture or talk 印发的讲稿
     2. [C] sth. given to people for free 施舍物;救济物
drama n.   [C] a play 戏剧
narrative n.   1. [U] the process or methods of telling a story 叙述;叙述手法
     2. [C] a story or an account of sth. that has happened 故事;记叙文
curb vt.   control or limit sth. that is harmful 抑制;控制
  n.   [C] a rule or control that limits sth. 抑制;控制
strategy n.   1. [C] a plan or method that sb. uses to achieve sth. 对策;策略;计划
     2. [U] the art of planning movements of armies in war 战略;兵法
basically ad.   simply; essentially 基本地
Phrases and Expressions 
for free  without charge or cost 免费
hand over  give to another 递交
do the trick  do what one wants done; accomplish the purpose 达到目的
hail as  recognize sb. or sth. as being good 称赞为
a little bit  to a small degree 有点
be inclined to  be likely to; tend to 倾向于;容易(做)
sort of  to some degree 有几分;近似
be a question of sth.  used to say what the most important fact, part, or feature of sth. is (重要的)是……的问题
make the most of sth.  make the best use of sth. or get the best possible result 充分利用某物
Proper Names 
Collegiate Care  “大学关心”网
Hamlet  哈姆雷特(莎士比亚戏剧《哈姆雷特》的男主人公)
Jane Morrison  简·莫里森(人名)
Berkeley  (此处指)加州大学伯克利分校
Gary Handman  加里·汉德曼(人名)
Arianne Chernock  阿里亚尼·彻诺克(人名)
Leslie Farmer  莱斯利·法默(人名)


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