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新视野大学英语1词汇表(按单元排序) a

(2010-11-02 17:59:13)











分类: 学海无涯

Unit 1
Passage A 
 Learning a Foreign Language
reward vt.   give sth. in return for good and valuable doings 奖赏;回报
  n.   [C, U] sth. as a return for good and valuable doings 奖赏;回报
 rewarding a.   giving sb. satisfaction, pleasure, or profit 值得做的,有益的,有意义的
frustrate vt.   1. cause sb. to have feelings of disappointment 使沮丧,使灰心
     2. cause the failure of sth. 使挫败,使受挫折
junior a.   having a low position, level, or rank (地位、水平、层次)较低的
  n.   1. [C] sb. who is younger 年少者
     2. [C] sb. of low or lower position (地位或等级)较低者;晚辈
positive a.   1. helpful and encouraging in achieving sth. 积极的
     2. definite; allowing no room for doubt 确实的,明确的
senior a.   having a higher position, level, or rank (地位、水平、层次)较高的
  n.   1. [C] sb. who is older 较年长者
     2. [C] sb. of high or higher position (地位或等级)较高者;长辈
former a.   of an earlier period 在前的,以前的,旧时的
  n.   (the ~) the first of the two people or things just mentioned 前者
unlike prep.   not like; different from 不像;和……不同
intimidate vt.   create a feeling of fear 恐吓,威胁
opportunity n.   [C, U] a good moment or chance for doing sth. 机会,时机
online a.   connected to other computers through the Internet 联线的;联网的;在线的
  ad.   doing sth. online 联线地;联网地
communication n.   [U] the action of sending and exchanging information 交流;交际;通讯
medium n.   [C] (pl. media or mediums) a method for giving information 媒介,媒体
  a.   of middle size, amount, or quality 中等的
modem n.   [C] 调制解调器
access n.   1. [U] the right to have or use sth. 享用权
     2. [U] the means of entering a place 通道;入口
participate vi.   take part 参与,参加
virtual a.   1. created by the computer to be similar to the experience of real life 虚拟的
     2. almost what is stated 实质上的;实际上的
commitment n.   1. [U] the hard work and loyalty that sb. gives to an organization, activity, etc. 投入, 致力,献身
     2. [C] a promise to follow certain beliefs or actions 承诺,许诺,保证
discipline n.   1. [U] a state of order and control; self-control 纪律;自制能力
     2. [C] a branch of learning 学科
minimum a.   the least, or the smallest possible 最低的,最小的
  n.   [sing.] the smallest amount 最低限度;最少量
assignment n.   [C] a piece of work given to a particular person 任务;作业
embarrass vt   make sb. feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable 使尴尬,使难堪
 embarrassing a.   making sb. feel embarrassed 使人尴尬的;令人难堪的
 frustration n.   [C, U] the feeling of being disappointed, annoyed, or upset 沮丧;不安;灰心
post vt.   put up sth. on a screen, wall, or notice board 发帖子;张贴
continual a.   1. continuing without stopping 不间断的,不停的
     2. happening again and again 多次重复的;频繁的
 continually ad.   1. continuing for a long time without stopping 不间断地,不停地
     2. repeatedly for many times and over a long period of time 多次重复地;频频地
reap vt.   1. get sth., esp. sth. good, as a result of what one has done 获得,得到
     2. cut and gather a crop of grain 收割;收获
benefit n.   [C] anything that brings help or profit 益处,好处
  v.   be useful or helpful to 有益于
insight n.   [C, U] an accurate or deep understanding of sth. 洞悉;深刻的见解
communicate vi.   exchange feelings, opinions, or information with other people 交流;交际
  vt.   make (opinions, feelings, or information) known or understood by others 传达;传播
favorite a.   (BrE favourite) best liked or most enjoyed 最喜欢的
  n.   [C] sb. or sth. that is loved above all others 特别喜爱的人或物
gap n.   [C] a big difference between two amounts, situations, or groups of people 差距;分歧
Phrases and Expressions 
at times  sometimes but not usually 有时,偶尔
be worth sth./doing sth.  be rewarding enough for the time, effort, money, etc. 值得……的
not only... but also...  不仅……而且……
far from  not... at all; rather than 一点都不
a couple of  two; a small number of 两个;一些,几个
get/have/obtain access to  have the right to have or use sth. 有权享用;可以使用
participate in  take part in 参加
keep up with  keep the same speed as 赶上;不落后
feel like sth./doing sth.  want to have or do sth. 想要;想做
give up  stop doing or stop trying to do sth. 停止,放弃
think out  consider all the aspects and details of sth. before doing it 仔细考虑;推敲;琢磨
come across  meet, find, or discover sb. or sth. by chance 偶然遇到;偶然发现
reap the benefit(s)  get sth. as a reward for sth. done 获得益处,得到好处
trade for  exchange for 用……换……
give sb. insight(s) into  give sb. a deep understanding of sth. 深刻理解
now that  because of sth. or as a result of sth. 既然,由于
instead of   而不是;代替
reach out to  communicate with; contact 接触,联系

Unit 2
Passage A
Deep Concern

New Words   
concern n.   1.[U] a feeling of worry 担心;忧虑
     2.[C] sth. that makes sb. worried 关心的事;担心的事
  vt.   1.make sb. feel worried 使担心;使忧虑
     2.be about sth. 涉及,与……有关系
click vi.   make a short, sharp sound 发出咔嗒声
  n.   [C] a short, sharp sound 咔嗒声
blast vi.   produce a lot of noise, esp. music 发出响亮的声音(尤指音乐)
  vt.   break up by explosion 爆破
  n.   [C] an explosion 爆炸
forth ad.   out; forward 出来;向外
burst vi.   (burst, burst) move somewhere suddenly or quickly, esp. into or out of a place 冲,闯
horrible a.   1.very bad or unpleasant 糟糕的;使人不愉快的
     2.shocking; frightening 可怕的;令人恐惧的
stuff n.   [U] sth. that one does not know the correct name 东西
  vt.   push sth. into a space 填;塞
rhythm n.   [C, U] a regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements 节奏
grab vt.   take sth. suddenly or roughly 抓住,夺得
thorough a.   including every possible detail 全面的,彻底的
 thoroughly ad.   carefully and completely 完全地;彻底地
★  makeup n.   [U] paint, powder, creams, etc. that people put on their face 化妆品
toast n.   1. [U] bread made brown by heating 烤面包
     2. [C] an act of drinking, esp. in order to thank sb., wish sb. luck, etc. 祝酒,干杯
  vt.   hold up one's glass and wish sb. success, happiness, luck, etc. 祝酒,干杯
disgusting a.   very unpleasant 令人厌恶的,令人反感的
bug vt.   (infml.) bother; annoy; trouble 打扰;使烦恼
■  eyeliner n.   [C] 描眼膏;眼线笔
■  tattoo n.   [C] patterns made by putting ink into the skin 文身
  vt.   have patterns made by putting ink into the skin 在身上刺文身
pierce vt.   make a hole in 穿孔于,打眼于
bolt vi.   move fast or run away suddenly 奔;窜
upset a.   feeling ill, worried, or anxious 不适的;心烦的;苦恼的
  vt.   (upset, upset) make sb. worried, anxious, or ill 使心烦;使苦恼;使不适
knot n.   1. [C] an uncomfortable feeling, esp. in the stomach, caused by fear, anger, etc. 紧张(感);心窝揪紧
     2. [C] a join made by tying rope, cloth, etc. (绳索、布条等打成的)结
awful a.   very bad or unpleasant; terrible 糟糕的;可怕的
tune n.   [C] a number of musical notes that form a pleasing pattern of sound 曲调;旋律
 tuneless a.   without tune; not having a pleasant tune 不成调的;不悦耳的
offensive a.   causing offence; unpleasant 讨厌的;令人不快的
▲  lyric n.   [C] (~s) words of a song, esp. a popular song 歌词
appeal vi.   1. (to) attract; interest 使喜欢;吸引
     2. make a strong request for help, support, etc. 恳请;呼吁
rid a.   no longer annoyed by sb. or sth. unpleasant or unwanted 摆脱……的
  vt.   (rid, rid) make sb. or sth. free from sth. unpleasant or unwanted 使摆脱,使去掉
 piercing n.   [C] a hole made through part of one's body in order to wear jewelry there 刺穿的孔
negative a.   1.bad or harmful 不好的;负面的;消极的
     2.saying or meaning no 否定的
influence n.   [C, U] an effect on sb. or sth. 影响;作用
  vt.   have an effect on 影响
patience n.   [U] the quality of being able to remain calm, esp. when there is a difficulty or one has to wait a long time 耐心;忍耐(性)
anchor n.   1.[C] sb. or sth. that provides support and a feeling of safety 依靠,靠山
     2.[C] a heavy metal object that is dropped into the water from a boat in order to keep the boat in one place 锚
identity n.   [C] who or what a person or thing is 身份;本体
Phrases and Expressions 
along with  together with 一起,一道
turn off  stop using a piece of equipment by moving a switch 关闭
burst into  1. enter a place suddenly 闯入
   2. start suddenly 突然开始
over and over  again and again; repeatedly 一再,反复
reach for  move one's hand or arm in order to touch or hold sth. 伸手去摸;伸手去取
turn up  increase the amount of heat, sound, etc. by moving a switch 调大,开大
turn down  reduce the amount of heat, sound, etc. by moving a switch 调小,开小
as well as  in addition to 除……之外;和
turn on  cause water, gas, etc. to flow or equipment to operate 打开开关
as usual  in the way that happens most of the time 像往常一样,照例
in peace and quiet  calmly; in a peaceful state 平静地
wake up  (cause to) stop sleeping (使)醒来
make one's blood boil  make sb. angry 使某人生气
get rid of  1. free oneself from sth. unwanted or unpleasant 摆脱;除去
   2. throw away or destroy sth. that one does not want 丢弃;扔掉
knots in one's stomach  an unpleasant tight feeling 紧张,不安
in any case  no matter what happens 无论如何;不管怎样
talk sth. over  talk about sth. thoroughly and seriously, esp. in order to settle a problem or reach a decision 商议;讨论
Proper Names 
Sandy  桑迪(人名)
Steve Finch  史蒂夫·芬奇(人名)
Jane  简(人名)

Unit 3
Passage A
A Good Heart to Lean on   More than I realized, Dad has helped me keep my balance.

New Words   
lean vi.   1. be against a wall or other surface 倚,靠
     2. bend in a certain direction 倾斜,倾向,偏向
balance n.   1. [U] mental or emotional calm 平静,镇静
     2. [U] a state in which all weights and forces are evenly spread so as not to fall 平衡,均衡
  v.   (cause to) be even and keep in balance (使)平衡,(使)均衡
  vt.   consider in relation to sth. else; compare 权衡,比较
severe a.   1. very bad or serious 恶劣的,严重的;剧烈的
     2. strict or hard in thinking or treatment 严格的,严肃的,严厉的
 severely ad.   in a strict way 严重地;严格地,严厉地
cripple vt.   make sb. unable to walk or move properly 使跛,使残废
  n.   [C] sb. who is physically disabled, esp. unable to walk 跛子,瘸子
inward a.   1. located within; inside, esp. in the mind or spirit 在内的,内部的(尤指头脑中、精神上)
     2. going toward the inside 向内的
 inwardly ad.   in mind or spirit 内心(或精神)方面
bother vt.   make sb. feel worried or upset 使苦恼
  vi.   make an effort to do sth. 尽力,费心
coordinate vt.   cause different parts, body parts, etc. to work together very well 使协调
halt v.   stop 暂停,中断,中止
  n.   [sing.] a stop or pause 暂停,中断,中止
impatient a.   1. easily annoyed; not patient 不耐烦的,没有耐心的
     2. very eager to do sth. or for sth. to happen; anxious 急切的,渴望的
pace n.   1. [sing.] speed of walking or running 步速;走(跑)的速度
     2. [sing.] the speed at which sth. happens 速度,速率;节奏
  vi.   walk with slow, regular, even steps 踱步,慢步走
adjust v.   (to) become or make suited (to new conditions) (使)适应
subway n.   1. [C] (AmE) a railway under the ground in a city 地铁
     2. [C] (BrE) a path for walking under a road or railway 地下通道,人行隧道
despite prep.   in spite of 尽管,不管
nasty a.   1. unpleasant; horrible; disgusting 令人不快的,令人厌恶的
     2. unkind 不友善的,恶意的
wagon n.   1. [C] a kind of cart for children 儿童手推车
     2. [C] a four-wheeled box for carrying heavy loads, pulled by horses or oxen 四轮运货马(牛)车
cling  vi.    (clung, clung)  
     1. (to) hold sb. or sth. tightly 抱住,抓紧
     2. (to) continue to believe or do sth. 坚持,忠于
rail n.   [C] a bar that is fixed along or around sth. 栏杆,护栏
 handrail n.   [C] a long bar that is fixed to the side of stairs for people to hold while walking up and down (楼梯等的)扶手,栏杆
tunnel n.   [C] a passage under the ground dug for cars, trains, etc. to go through 隧道
amaze vt.   surprise sb. greatly 使惊异;使惊讶
subject vt.   (to) cause to experience sth. unpleasant 使遭受(痛苦等),使蒙受
stress n.   1. [C, U] continuous feelings of worry 持续的压力,忧虑,紧张
     2. [U] special attention or importance 强调,重视
  vt.   give particular importance to 强调,重视
complaint n.   [C, U] a written or spoken statement in which sb. complains about sth. 投诉;意见
envy n.   1. [U] the feeling of wanting sth. that sb. else has 妒忌;羡慕
     2. [U] object of envy 妒忌的对象,羡慕的目标
  vt.   have the unhappy feeling of wanting sth. that sb. else has 羡慕;妒忌
owner n.   [C] a person to whom sth. belongs 物主,所有人
precise a.   exact, clear and correct 精确的;准确的
 precisely ad.   exactly; just 准确地,精确地
engage vi.   (in) take part in or be involved in sth. 参与,参加
  vt.   1. employ sb. to do a particular job 雇用,聘用
     2. attract sb.'s attention and keep them interested 使全神贯注;引起注意
local a.   belonging to a particular place or district 地方的,当地的,本地的
  n.   [C] sb. who lives in the place talked about 当地人
knowledgeable a.   knowing a lot 知识渊博的
occasion n.   1. [C] a time at which sth. happens (事件发生的)时刻,时机
     2. [sing.] a suitable or right time (适当的)时机,机会
     This is not an occasion for fun and games. 这可不是寻开心的时候。
     I'll buy one if the occasion arises. 如果有机会我就会买一个。
punch vt.   1. hit hard with the fist 用拳猛击
     2. make a hole in sth. using a metal tool 打孔
shove v.   push roughly 推挤,推撞
content a.   satisfied and happy 满足的,满意的
aid vt.   give help or support 帮助,援助
  n.   [U] help 帮助,援助
 unaided a.   without help 无助的;独立的
kid v.   make jokes about sb. in a friendly way 开玩笑
urge vt.   strongly suggest that sb. does sth. 竭力劝告;敦促
  n.   [C] a strong wish or need 强烈愿望,迫切需求
dive n.   1. [C] the act of pretending to be struck down to the ground in boxing (拳击中)假装被击倒
     2. [C] an act of jumping into water with head and arms going in first 跳水,潜水
  vi.   jump into water with head and arms going in first 跳水,潜水
reluctance n.   [U] unwillingness to do sth. 不愿,勉强
worthy a.   1. deserving respect 值得尊敬的;高尚的
     2. (of) deserving sth. 值得的,应得的
 unworthy a.   not honest or morally wrong 不诚实的;卑鄙的
regret vt.   feel sorry about sth. one has done 后悔;遗憾
  n.   [U] a feeling of sadness about sth. that has happened 后悔;遗憾
complain v.   say that one is not satisfied with sth. 抱怨,诉苦
trifle n.   [C] sth. that has little value or importance 无价值的东西;琐事
envious a.   (of) wanting sth. that sb. else has 妒忌的,羡慕的
Phrases and Expressions 
lean on  depend on 依靠
grow up  develop from being a child to being an adult 成长,长大
let on  tell sb. sth., esp. sth. that has been kept secret 泄露,透露
start out  begin going somewhere 出发
make it  1.manage to arrive somewhere on time 及时赶到
   2.be successful at sth. 办到,做到
even if  although 即使,虽然
on one's way (to)  while going somewhere 在路上
even though  in spite of the fact that; even if 虽说,即使
break out  begin to happen 突然发生,爆发
on leave  away from work or duty 休假
see (to it) that  make sure that sth. is done 务必做到
Proper Names 
Brooklyn  布鲁克林(美国纽约市行政区名)
Manhattan  曼哈顿(美国纽约市行政区名,由曼哈顿岛等构成)
Ebbets Field  埃贝茨棒球场
Dodgers  道奇队(纽约一棒球队名)


Unit 4
Passage A
How to Make a Good Impression

New Words   
impression n.   [C] an opinion or feeling about sb. or sth. 印象
conscious a.   1. noticing or realizing sth. 有意识的;意识到的
     2. awake and knowing what is happening around 清醒的;有知觉的
 consciously ad.   aware of having done sth. 有意识地;有知觉地
reaction n.   [C] the way a person or thing responds to sth. 反应
range vi.   vary between certain limits (在一定范围内)变动,变化
  n.   1. [sing.] the area of power, responsibility, etc. that sb. has (职责等的)范围
     2. [sing., U] the distance over which sth. can be sent, heard or seen (视觉、听觉的)范围;射程
introduction n.   1. [C] the act of telling people each other's names when they first meet 介绍,引见
     2. [U] the act of bringing sth. into use for the first time 引进,采用
spouse n.   [C] a husband or wife 配偶
interview n.   1. [C, U] a formal meeting at which people are asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job, course of study, etc. 面试
     2. [C] an occasion when people are asked questions about their lives, experiences, or opinions for a newspaper, TV program, etc. 采访,访谈
  vt.   ask sb. questions during an interview 面试;采访
encounter n.   [C] a meeting with sb. by chance 意外(或偶然)相遇
  vt.   meet sb. or sth. without planning to 意外遇到;遭遇
focus v.   (on) give special attention to one particular person or thing 使(注意力等)集中
  n.   [sing.] the thing, person, situation, etc. that people pay special attention to 中心,集中点
★  persuasive a.   able to make other people believe or do sth. 有说服力的,能使人相信的
presentation n.   [C] an event at which a person describes or explains a product or idea 描述,陈述
physical a.   1. having to do with one's body 身体的,肉体的
     2. having to do with things that can be seen 物质的,有形的
rate n.   1. [C] the speed at which sth. happens 速度
     2. [C] the number of times sth. happens within a certain period 比率,率
pitch n.   [U] the highness or lowness of a voice or a musical note 声音或音调的高低度
tone n.   [C] the sound of sb.'s voice that shows what they are feeling 声调;语气,口气
absorbed a.   so interested in sth. that one does not notice anything else 专注的;全神贯注的
■  how-to a.   (infml.) giving information on how to do a particular thing 提供入门知识的;教你怎样做的
stride vi.   (strode, stridden) walk with long steps 大踏步走,阔步行进
  n.   [C] a long step 大步
impress vt.   make sb. feel admiration and respect 给……留下深刻的印象
shake n.   [C] an act of moving sth. up and down or from side to side 摇动,摇晃
 handshake n.   [C] the act of shaking sb.'s hand 握手
consistent a.   always having the same opinions, standards, behavior, etc. 一致的;一贯的
 consistently adv.   in a consistent way 一致地;一贯地
address vt.   make a formal speech to a large group of people 向……作正式讲话,对……发表演说
match vt.   be suitable for a particular person, thing, or situation 和……相一致,和……相配
depress vt.   make sb. feel unhappy 使抑郁,使沮丧
 depressed a.   very unhappy 抑郁的,沮丧的
audience n.   [C] a group of people who watch or listen to a play, concert, speech, etc. 观众,听众
contact n.   1. [U] a state in which two people or things touch each other 接触
     2. [U] communication with a person, organization, etc. 联系;交往
relax v.   make or become less worried or annoyed (使)放松,(使)轻松
 relaxed a.   feeling calm and not worried or annoyed 松弛的,放松的
■  lighten v.   1. make or become more cheerful (使)轻松,(使)愉快
     2. make or become less heavy or forceful (使)减轻,(使)放松
powerful a.   1. able to influence or control what people do or think 有影响力的;能控制他人的
     2. physically strong 强壮的,强健有力的
entertainment n.   [C, U] things that are intended to amuse or interest people 娱乐;供消遣的东西
roar vi.   make a loud noise by laughing or shouting 大声叫喊,咆哮;大笑
★  brood vi.   think and worry about sth. a lot 沉思;担忧
Phrases and Expressions 
make up one's mind  make up one's mind make a decision 下定决心,打定主意
range from... to...  vary from... to... (在一定范围内)从……到……变化,变动
be committed to  be willing to work hard at sth. 献身于,投入于
be absorbed in  be so involved in an activity that one cannot think about other things 全神贯注于,专心于
fix one's eyes on  look at a thing or person carefully 凝视,盯住看
drive sb. crazy  make sb. feel very angry or annoyed 逼得某人发疯
at one's best  in the best state 处于最佳状态
lighten up  (used to tell sb.) not to be so serious about sth. 放轻松;别太当真
take sb. or sth. seriously  think sb. or sth. is important and should be given attention to 认为某人或某物重要
Proper Names 
Ailes  艾尔斯(人名) 



Unit 5
Passage A
The Battle Against AIDS

New Words   
AIDS n.   [U] Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 获得性免疫缺陷综合征(艾滋病)
acquire vt.   get or gain sth. 获得
immune a.   1. safe from a disease or illness 免疫的
     2. not affected by sth. 不受影响的
deficiency n.   [C, U] the state of having none or not enough of 不足;缺乏
★  syndrome n.   [C] an illness which consists of a set of physical or mental problems 综合征
diagnose vt.   find out what illness sb. has by examining them 诊断
infect vt.   1. cause sb. to have a disease 感染
     2. affect; influence 影响;感染
HIV n.   [U] human immunodeficiency virus 艾滋病病毒,人体免疫缺陷病毒
virus n.   1. [C] a living thing which can cause a disease 病毒
     2. [C] a program that enters a computer and destroys information 计算机病毒
rural a.   of or like the countryside 农村的;乡村的
constitute vt.   make up; form 组成,构成
segment n.   [C] a part of sth. 部分
alarm vt.   cause sudden fear or worry 使惊恐,使担心
  n.   1. [U] sudden fear and worry 惊慌
     2. [C] a piece of equipment that warns people about danger, the time, etc. 报警器;闹钟
 alarming a.   frightening or worrying 令人惊恐的;令人担心的
federal a.   联邦的,联邦制的
implement vt.   carry out or put certain decisions into practice 实施,执行
organization n.   (BrE organisation)  
     1. [C] a group of people with a special purpose 组织,机构
     2. [U] the adjusting or planning of parts so as to form an effective whole 组织,安排
emerge vi.   appear or come out from somewhere 浮现,出现
network n.   1. [C] a group of people that are connected or work together 人际关系网,联络网
     2. [C] a system of lines, wires, roads, etc. that are connected to each other 网络
combat vt.   take action to stop sth. bad or harmful 与……斗争
  n.   [U] fighting, esp. during a war 战斗
resource n.   [C] (usu. pl.) sth. that can be used to increase wealth or help achieve sth. 资源
creative a.   producing new ideas or things 创造性的,有创造力的
 creatively ad.   in a creative way 创造性地,有创造力地
 educational a.   connected with education 教育的;与教育相关的
client n.   [C] sb. who pays for the services or advice of a professional person or organization 客户,顾客
publication n.   1. [C] sth. published, such as a book or magazine 出版物
     2. [U] the act of making sth. known to the public; the process of getting sth. published 公布;发表;出版
appointment n.   [C] an arrangement for a meeting at an agreed time and place for a particular purpose 约会,约定
educate vt.   teach or train sb., esp. at school 教育;训练
 stylist n.   [C] sb. who cuts or arranges people's hair as their job 发型师
literacy n.   [U] the ability to read and write 有文化;识字
literature n.   1. [U] printed material about a subject 资料
     2. [U] written works which are of artistic value 文学
solve vt.   find an answer to or a way of dealing with a problem 解决;解答
illustrate vt.   show the meaning of sth. by giving pictures or examples 说明
establish vt.   start a school, an organization, etc. 建立,创办
■  buster n.   [U] (infml.) sb. or sth. that ends a situation or stops an activity 克星
risk n.   [C, U] the possibility that sth. bad or dangerous may happen 危险性;风险
  vt.   put sth. in a situation in which it could be lost, destroyed, or harmed 使遭受(失去、毁坏、或伤害)的危险
pressure n.   [C, U] a way of living or working which causes a lot of anxiety 压力
define vt.   give the meaning of; describe exactly 下定义;描述
 redefine vt.   consider and explain sth. in a new way 重新说明
▲  marital a.   connected with marriage 婚姻的
plague vt.   cause pain, suffering, or trouble to sb., esp. for a long period of time 折磨;使苦恼
  n.   [C] a disease that spreads quickly to a large number of people and causes death 瘟疫;传染病
establishment n.   [C] an organization or institution, esp. a business, shop, etc. 机构,单位
emphasize vt.   (BrE emphasise) give particular importance or attention to sth. 强调
regardless ad.   without being affected or influenced by sth. 无论如何,不管怎样
solution n.   [C] a way of solving a problem 解决办法;解答
crisis n.   [C, U] an urgent, difficult or dangerous situation 危机;紧急关头
cure n.   1. [C] a medical treatment to end an illness 治愈,治疗
     2. [C] a solution to a problem (解决问题的)办法,措施
  vt.   1. stop sb. from being affected by an illness 治愈,痊愈
     2. solve a problem or improve a bad situation 解决问题;改善状况
represent vt.   1. be sth. 表示,应视为
     2. be a sign or symbol of sth. 表示,象征
     3. act or speak officially for another person or group of people 代表
epidemic n.   [C] a widely or rapidly spreading disease 流行病,传染病
threaten vt.   1. be likely to harm or destroy sth. 威胁到,危害到
     2. say that you will cause sb. harm or trouble if they do not do what you want 威胁,恐吓
racial a.   connected with race 种族的
distract vt.   take sb.'s attention away from sth. 使转移注意力,使分心
efficiency n.   [U] the quality of doing sth. well and effectively 效率;功效
 inefficiency n.   [U] the quality of being unable to do a task effectively 效率低下,无效
 undeclared a.   not officially announced 未正式宣布的
Phrases and Expressions 
be infected with  make sb. get a disease 感染(疾病)
in place of  instead of 代替
suffer from  experience sth. unpleasant, e.g., an illness 受……之苦,患(某种疾病)
hand out  give sth. to each person in a group 分发,散发
set up  start a company, organization, etc. 建立,创立(公司、机构等)
at risk  in danger 有危险,有风险
regardless of  without being affected or influenced by 不顾,不管
guard against  prevent sth. from happening 防止……发生
wipe out  destroy or get rid of sth. completely 彻底摧毁;消灭
distract sb. from sth.  take sb.'s attention from sth. 使分心
sign up for  put one's name on a list to take part in sth. 报名参加
Proper Names 
Latino  拉丁美洲人


Unit 6
Passage A
The Trashman

New Words   
 trashman n.   [C] a person who deals with trash 垃圾清理工
haul vt.   pull or move sth. from one place to another 拖,拉;拖运
trash n.   [U] (AmE) waste matter; rubbish 垃圾,废物
continuous a.   happening or existing without stopping 连续的,不断的
 continuously ad.   without stopping 连续地,不断地
wicked a.   extremely bad or evil 极坏的,邪恶的
 wickedly ad.   badly; extremely 非常地
barrel n.   [C] a round container with flat bottom 桶
tremble vi.   shake slightly 颤抖,发抖
dump vt.   drop carelessly; throw away 倾倒;抛弃
  n.   [C] a place for dumping waste 垃圾场
route n.   [C] a way from one place to another 路线
outdoor a.   happening or done outside 户外的
outdoors ad.   outside; in the open air 在户外;在野外
greenhouse n.   [C] a glass building for growing plants 温室
lengthy a.   very long 冗长的,过长的
civilize vt.   (BrE civilise) make sb. behave in a more polite way 使有教养,使文明
 civilized a.   polite and reasonable 文明的,有礼的
register v.   1. realize or notice sth. 意识到;注意到
     2. put one's name on a list 登记;注册
retreat vi.   move back or away 后退;撤离
  n.   [sing., U] the act of retreating 后退;撤离
indoors ad.   into or inside a building 在室内
peculiar a.   1. strange 奇怪的,罕见的
     2. typical of a particular person, place, etc. 独特的
rage v.   shout angrily (at sb.) 大怒;怒吼
  n.   [C, U] a strong feeling of anger 大怒,发火
spontaneous a.   happening by itself without being planned 自发的;即时的
 spontaneously ad.   in a way that happens naturally 自发地
monster n.   [C] a creature that is ugly and frightening 怪物,妖怪
graduate vi.   complete one's studies and receive a certificate or diploma 毕业
  n.   [C] sb. who has finished their studies at a high school, college or university 毕业生
 garbageman n.   [C] (also garbage man) trashman 垃圾工
folk n.   1. (~s) (esp. AmE) one's parents and family 家人;亲属
     2. (also ~s) people in general 人,人们
  a.   traditional and typical of people who live in a particular area 民间的;民俗的
boast v.   talk too proudly about one's abilities, achievements, etc. 夸口,吹嘘
yell v.   shout 大叫,大喊
original a.   1. first; earliest 原先的,最初的
     2. new and different 新颖的;与众不同的
 originally ad.   in the beginning 原先,原来
employment n.   [U] paid work 职业,工作;就业
muscle n.   [C, U] one of the pieces of flesh inside the body 肌肉
sore a.   painful, esp. from a wound or hard use 疼痛的
contrary a.   opposite 相反的
harm n.   [U] damage or hurt 伤害,损害
  vt.   hurt; cause damage to 损害,伤害
frank a.   open and direct in speech or manner 坦诚的,直率的
 frankly ad.   honestly and directly 坦率地(说)
philosopher n.   [C] a person who studies the nature and meaning of existence, reality, morals, etc. 哲学家
■  plumber n.   [C] a person who fits and repairs water pipes 管道工
theory n.   [U] general principles or ideas of a subject 理论
economist n.   [C] a person who studies economics 经济学家
Phrases and Expressions 
head to  go to 去;去往
make the rounds  go around from one place to another 逐一巡查、访问
go with  match; suit 与……相配
look sb. in the eye(s)  look directly at sb. 坦然正视某人
at the sound of  as soon as one hears 一听到
nothing but  only 只是
be/feel ashamed of  feel embarrassed or guilty of 为……感到羞耻;为……感到惭愧
boast about/of  speak too proudly of 吹嘘
stay away from  keep away from; remain at a distance from 避开
stay at  remain at 停留在
contrary to  completely different and opposed to each other 与……相反
look down on/upon  think that one is better or more important than sb. else 蔑视;看不起
be in for  be going to experience (sth. unpleasant) 将遭遇
hold water  be true or reasonable 经得起考验;可靠
leave behind  not take sb. or sth. when leaving a place 忘记带;留下
Proper Names 
Steve  史蒂夫(人名)
John Gardner  约翰·加德纳 (人名)


Unit 7
Passage A
Face to Face with Guns

New Words   
cautious a.   careful to avoid problems or danger 小心的,谨慎的
scan vt.   examine sth. carefully but quickly 细看;审视
  v.   read sth. quickly 浏览,快读
unusual a.   not usual 不寻常的,不一般的
exception n.   [C, U] sb. or sth. that is not included 例外
■  portly a.   rather fat 肥胖的
shave v.   remove hair from the face or another part of the body with a razor 剃(胡须);刮(毛发)
 unshaven a.   not having shaved 未剃须的,未修面的
★  shrub n.   [C] a small bush 灌木(丛)
parking n.   [U] the act of parking a car or other vehicle 停车;停放
pad n.   [C] 垫,衬垫
pistol n.   [C] a small gun one can use with one hand 手枪
★  contrive vi.   succeed in doing sth. in spite of difficulties 设法做到
toss vt.   throw sth., esp. sth. light 扔,抛,掷
bark v.   say sth. quickly in a loud voice 大声嚷,吼叫
  vi.   (of dogs) make a loud, short sound (狗)吠,叫
instinct n.   [C, U] a natural tendency of behaving in a particular way 本能,天性
 instinctively ad.   without thinking; without having been taught (出于)本能地,(出于)天性地
sideways ad.   to or toward one side 向一边,从侧面
slight a.   1. thin and light 瘦小的
     2. small in degree 少量的;轻微的
enlarge vt.   make sth. larger 使扩大;使增大
polish vt.   1. make sth. smooth and shiny by rubbing 擦光,擦亮
     2. improve a piece of writing, a speech, etc. 提高,改进
 polished a.   1. shiny because of being rubbed 擦亮的,磨光的
     2. done with great skill 完美的;精湛的
attach vt.   tie or join sth. to sth. else 系;贴
criminal a.   1. relating to the part of the legal system that deals with crime 刑事的
     2. relating to crime 犯罪的,犯法的
  n.   [C] sb. who has committed a crime 罪犯
victim n.   [C] a person who suffers harm or death as a result of sb. else's action, a terrible event, etc. 受害者
identify vt.   recognize and correctly name sb. or sth. 辨认出,识别
offend vi.   break a law 违法,违犯
  vt.   make sb. feel upset or angry 冒犯,触怒
 offender n.   [C] sb. who does things against the law 犯法的人;犯规的人
detail n.   [C] a small part or piece of information about sth. 细节;详情
rip vt.   remove sth. quickly and violently using one's hands 撕掉,扯掉
wrist n.   [C] the part of one's arm where the hand and forearm join together 腕,腕关节
lawn n.   [C, U] an area of grass in a garden or park that is regularly cut 草坪,草地
dirt n.   [U] dust or soil 灰尘;尘土
temple n.   [C] either of the flat parts of one's head at the side of the forehead 太阳穴
Lord n.   [sing.] (in the Christian faith) God or Jesus Christ 上帝,耶稣基督
mercy n.   [U] kindness to sb. 慈悲,怜悯,仁慈
sin n.   [C, U] a wicked act, esp. one that breaks a religious law 罪恶;罪孽
  vi.   commit a sin 违反教规,违犯戒律
 sinner n.   [C] a person who sins (宗教、道德上的)罪人
footstep n.   [C] the sound made by walking 脚步(声)
fade vi.   gradually disappear 逐渐消失
span n.   [C] the amount of time that sth. lasts 一段时间,持续时间
fry vt.   cook food in hot oil 油煎,油炒
 fried a.   cooked in hot oil 油煎的,油炸的
eternal a.   without end; lasting forever 永恒的,永久的
 eternity n.   1. [U] the state of existence after death 来世;永生
     2. [U] time without end 永恒;永远
rob vt.   steal money or property from a person, bank, etc. 抢劫
 robber n.   [C] a person who steals from a person, place, etc. 抢劫者,盗贼
stiff a.   1. (of alcoholic drink) strong (酒)浓的,烈性的
     2. very firm; not easily bent or folded 僵硬的,不易弯曲的
additional a.   extra 额外的,另外的
★  robbery n.   [C, U] the crime of stealing 抢劫罪,抢劫(案)
album n.   [C] a book that one puts photographs, stamps, etc. in 影集;邮集
 album-sized a.    影集大小的;邮集大小的
current n.   [C] a continuous flowing movement of water, air, etc. (水、空气等的)流,潮流
  a.   happening or existing now 现时的,当前的
▲  woe n.   [U] great sadness 哀愁
foundation n.   1. [C] the idea, law, or fact on which sth. is based 基础;根据
     2. [C] an organization that provides money to research or charity 基金会
     3. [U] the act of founding sth. 建立,设立
★  discontent n.   [U] a feeling of being unhappy and not satisfied with sth. 不满;不满足
presently ad.   1. now 现在,目前
     2. soon 不久,一会儿
stick vt.   (stuck,stuck)  
     1. push sth., usually a sharp object, into sth. else 插入,刺入
     2. attach sth. to another using a substance 粘贴,粘住
dam n.   [C] a wall built across a river to hold back the water and form a lake behind it 堤坝,水坝
Phrases and Expressions 
face to face (with)  1. close to and looking at sb. or sth. 面对面的/地
   2. no escape from sth. and having to deal with it 面临着;面对着
pull into  move to one side and stop (车)停靠,驶向(一旁)
as if  in a way that sth. seems to be true 好像
attach... to...  fix sth. to sth. else 系在……上,连接到……上
have mercy on sb.  treat sb. in a kind way 对某人仁慈
get to one's feet  stand up 站起来
look through  search for sth. among a lot of others 浏览;查找
out of control  no longer in control 失去控制
eat (away) at  gradually reduce the amount of or destroy sth. 侵蚀;消耗
Proper Names 
KFC  Kentucky Fried Chicken 肯德基
Leslie  莱斯利(人名)
LAPD  the Los Angeles Police Department 洛杉矶警察局
Blake  布莱克(1757—1827,英国诗人和版画家)
Thames  (the ~) 泰晤士河


Unit 8
Passage A   
Birth of Bright Ideas

New Words   
satisfactory a.   good enough for a particular situation or purpose 令人满意的
flash vi.   1. (of an idea) come suddenly (想法、灵感等) 突然产生
     2. pass quickly 飞驰,掠过
particularly ad.   especially 特别是;特别地
glow vi.   produce a soft, steady light 发光
creation n.   1. [U] the act of creating sth. 创造
     2. [C] sth. that has been created 作品;艺术品
mystery n.   [C] sth. that is not fully understood or difficult to understand 谜;神秘的事物
reasonable a.   showing common sense; fair 合理的;适当的
psychology n.   [U] the study of the mind and how it works and influences behavior 心理学
 psychologist n.   [C] a person who is trained in psychology 心理学家
process n.   [C] a series of actions or things that produce a particular result 过程;进程
personality n.   1. [C] a person who is well known to the public 名人
     2. [C, U] sb.'s character, esp. the way they behave toward other people 个性;性格
intensify v.   make or become stronger (使)增强,(使) 加强
genius n.   1. [C] a person of exceptional natural ability 天才
     2. [U] strong natural ability 天赋
philosophy n.   [U] the study and understanding of the nature and meaning of existence 哲学
invention n.   1. [U] the act of inventing sth. 发明,创造
     2. [C] sth. that has been invented 发明物
logic n.   [U] a set of reasons sb. uses in order to reach an opinion 逻辑推理
signal n.   [C] sth. intended to give information, such as a sound or action 信号,暗号
dramatic a.   1. great and sudden; exciting and impressive 引人注目的;激动人心的
     2. about drama or acting 戏剧的;演戏的
compose v.   write a piece of music, a letter, a poem, etc. 创作 (文学或音乐作品)
  vt.   (be ~d of) be formed from 由……组成
occupy vt.   1. keep sb. busy at sth. 使忙于
     2. fill up (time or space) 占用 (时间或空间)
fling  vt.    (flung, flung)  
     1. move oneself or part of one's body suddenly or forcefully 突然 (或急速) 地移动
     2. throw sth. with force 猛扔;抛
couch n.   [C] a long comfortable seat; a sofa 长沙发
miracle n.   [C] sth. that cannot be explained by known laws of nature 奇迹
■  mighty a.   having or showing great power, strength, or force 强大的, 巨大的
orchestra n.   [C] a large group of musicians playing many different kinds of instruments 管弦乐队
 orchestral a.   relating to or written for an orchestra 管弦乐的;管弦乐队的
contrast n.   [C, U] a difference shown by comparing people or things 对照;差异
 mathematician n.   [C] a person gifted or learned in mathematics 数学家
combination n.   [C, U] sth. that results from two or more things being combined 结合,合并;组合物
surge vi.   move quickly as if in waves 汹涌;涌现
combine v.   (make) exist or work together (使)结合;(使)联合
stable a.   not likely to move or change 稳定的
existence n.   [U] the fact or state of existing 存在
observe vt.   watch sb. or sth. carefully; notice 观察;注意到
explosion n.   1. [C] a sudden burst of sth. like a blast 爆发,迸发;爆炸
     2. [C] a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of sth. 激增;扩大
exemplify vt.   show sth. by an example 举例说明
certainty n.   [U] the fact or state of being certain 确定;确定性, 必然性
enthusiasm n.   [U] great positive feeling for or interest in sth. 热情;积极性
representative a.   (of ) typical of a particular group or thing 典型的,有代表性的
count v.   calculate how many people or things there are in a group 记数,点数目
 countless a.   too many to be counted 无数的,不计其数的
source n.   [C] a place from which sth. comes or is acquired 源泉,来源
 instinctive a.   based on instinct (出于) 本能的
responsible a.   1. (for) being the cause of sth. 是……的原因
     2. (for) having the duty of looking after sb. or sth. 有责任的,承担责任的
■  disorganize vt.   destroy the organization of sth.; throw sth. into confusion 使混乱,打乱
 disorganized a.   not arranged in a clear order 杂乱无章的;无计划的
element n.   [C] a necessary part of a whole 元素;成分
Phrases and Expressions 
sleep on sth.  not make a decision about sth. important until the next day 暂时不作决定,过一晚再作决定
a gift from the gods  an unexpected benefit that is greatly valued 天赐;走运的机会
depend on  happen according to 依靠,依赖
write down  write sth. on a piece of paper 写下来
be occupied with  be busy with 忙于做,专心于
seek for  try to find; look for 寻找
as though  as if 好像
take shape  develop into a clear and definite form 成形
put into  express in (以……方式) 表达
at work  having an effect; in operation 在起作用
arrive at  reach (a decision, solution, or result) 达成 (协议),得出 (结论)
search for  try to find; look for 搜索,寻找
fill sb. with sth.  make sb. feel an emotion strongly 使充满 (感情)
Proper Names 
Richard Wagner  理查德·瓦格纳(1813—1883,德国作曲家、剧作家)
Rhinegold  《莱茵河的黄金》(瓦格纳作品名)
Spezia  斯佩齐亚(意大利西北部港市)
Henri Poincare  亨利·庞加莱(1854—1912,法国数学家、物理学家和作家)
Fuchsian functions  富克斯函数
Descartes  笛卡尔(1596—1650,法国哲学家、数学家)


Unit 9
Passage A
College Success Made Easy

New Words   
fantastic a.   extremely good, attractive, enjoyable, etc. 极好的;极出色的
error n.   [C, U] a mistake 错误
whatsoever ad.   used to emphasize a negative statement 任何;丝毫
arouse vt.   1. cause an emotion 引起;激起
     2. wake sb. up 唤醒
magnificent a.   very good or beautiful, and very impressive 出色的;壮丽的;宏伟的
remarkable a.   worthy of attention; unusual 值得注意的;显著的
 schoolwork n.   [U] work that students do for school or in classes 作业
ease n.   [U] ability to do sth. easily 容易,不费力
  vt.   make sth. less painful or severe 减轻;缓解
devil n.   [C] a person, esp. one who is annoying 家伙;人
factor n.   [C] one of the things that help to produce a result 因素
outstanding a.   extremely good 优秀的;突出的
infinite a.   very great, and seeming to have no limit 极大的;无限的
 infinitely ad.   very much, used esp. when comparing things 极其;非常
accomplish vt.   succeed in doing sth. 完成
 accomplished a.   good or skillful at sth. 熟练的;有才艺的
mission n.   1. [C] an important task that sb. has been given to do 任务;使命
     2. [C] sth. that one feels one must do 职责
investigate vt.   examine a crime, problem, etc. carefully, esp. to discover the truth 调查;审查
mysterious a.   full of mystery; not easy to understand 神秘的;难以理解的
analysis n.   [C, U] a careful examination of sth. 分析
peak n.   [C] the highest point or level 最高点;高峰
excellence n.   [U] the quality of being extremely good 优秀;卓越;杰出
credit n.   1. [C] a successfully completed part of a course at a university or college 学分
     2. [U] belif or trust in the truth of rightness of sth. 信任
responsibility n.   1. [U] the state of being responsible for sb. or sth. 责任
     2. [C] a job or duty that one must do 职责;义务
amount n.   [C, U] quantity 数;数量
  vi.   (to) equal to; add up to 等于;总计达
entertain vt.   1. be ready and willing to think about sth. 考虑;怀着
     2. do sth. to amuse or interest people 使快乐;给……娱乐
alternative a.   different from sth. else and able to be used instead of it 供选择的
  n.   [C] sth. that can be chosen instead of sth. else 供选择的东西
★  irregular a.   not following the usual pattern of grammar 不规则的
grant vt.   give sb. sth. 给予
  n.   [C] an amount of money given to sb. for a particular purpose 资助;拨款
cease n.   [U] stop; end 停止;终止
  v.   stop doing sth. or stop happening 停止
concentration n.   [U] the process of giving all one's attention to sth. 集中精力;专心;专注
adapt v.   change one's behavior or attitude to deal with a new situation (使)适应
  vt.   change sth. for a different purpose 改编;改装
weird a.   very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain 离奇的;难以理解的
profit v.   be useful or helpful to sb. 有益于,有利于
  n.   [C, U] money gained by trade or business 利润,赢利
alter v.   change or make sb. or sth. change (使)改变
performance n.   1. [C, U] how well or badly a person does a particular job 成绩;表现
     2. [C] the act of performing a play, dance, etc. 表演
Phrases and Expressions 
stand out  be much better than others 突出;出色
no matter how/where/what, etc.  used to say that sth. is the same whatever happens 不管怎样(哪里,什么等)
turn in  give sth. to the person who is in charge 上交
with ease  without any difficulty 容易地,不费力地
sit back  make no effort to do sth. 闲坐着;不作努力
get behind  not do as much as one should have done 拖延
get sth. out of the way  finish or deal with sth., esp. sth. difficult or unpleasant 完成或处理某事
strike sb. as sth.  give sb. a particular opinion or feeling 给某人某种感觉或印象
have to do with  be connected with sb. or sth. 与……有关
plow through  finish sth. that is difficult or boring 艰难地完成
adapt to  change one's behavior or attitude so as to be used to sth. new (使)适应


Unit 10
Passage A
Being Honest and Open

New Words   
demonstrate vt.   1. show or prove sth. clearly 表明;证明
     2. show and explain how to do sth. or how sth. works 演示;示范
  vi.   take part in a march to protest or support sth. 示威;游行
integrity n.   1. [U] the quality of being honest 诚实;正直
     2. [U] the state of being complete 完整;完全
morality n.   [U] beliefs about what is right and wrong 道德;道德观
boundary n.   1. [C] the farthest limit of sth. 界限;局限
     2. [C] the dividing line, esp. between two areas of land 边界
convenience n.   [U] a condition that makes it easier to do sth. 方便;便利
inner a.   1. personal or secret 内心的;隐秘的
     2. inside 内部的;里面的
compass n.   1. [C] a tool for showing direction, with a needle pointing north 指南针
     2. [C] (also ~es) a tool used for drawing a circle 圆规
scarce a.   not much or many compared with what is wanted 不足的;缺乏的
triangle n.   [C] a figure or shape with three straight sides and three corners 三角(形)
consist vi.   (of) be made up of 由……组成
firm a.   strong or steady and not likely to change 坚定的;稳定的
 firmly ad.   strongly; steadily 坚定地;稳定地
★  surgical a.   of or used for surgery 外科(手术)的
assistance n.   [U] help or support 帮助;援助
ensure vt.   make sure that sth. will happen properly 确保;保证
instrument n.   1. [C] a tool that is used for doing a particular job 工具,器具
     2. [C] sth. used for making music 乐器
sponge n.   [C] 海绵
assure vt.   1. tell sb. that sth. will definitely happen or is definitely true 使确信
     2. make certain sth. will happen 确保
protest v.   strongly disagree with sth. 反对;抗议
  vt.   state very firmly that sth. is true 申明;断言
  n.   [C, U] a strong complaint or disagreement 抗议
concede v.   yield; admit defeat 让步;认输
  vt.   admit sth. is true, often unwillingly 承认
intelligent a.   smart or bright 聪明的
clarify vt.   make clear; explain 澄清;解释
appoint vt.   choose sb. for a position or job 任命
progressive a.   1. happening or developing gradually 逐渐发展的
     2. improving or changing according to new ideas 进步的,先进的
 progressively ad.   gradually and steadily 逐渐地
dwarf n.   [C] a person who is much smaller than usual size 侏儒
giant n.   1. [C] a person who is much bigger than usual size 巨人
     2. [C] a person of great ability 伟人
  a.   extremely large 巨大的
genuine a.   real; true 真的;真实的
core a.   most important or most basic 核心的
  n.   [C] the central or most important part 核心
rely vi.   (on) depend on; trust in 依赖;信赖
external a.   1. easily seen but not essential; on the surface 外在的,表面的
     2. outside 外部的,外面的
inevitable a.   certain to happen or cannot be avoided 不可避免的
 inevitably ad.   unavoidably; certainly 不可避免地
preserve vt.   1. keep; protect 保存;保护
     2. store 储存
tough a.   1. hard; difficult 艰难的;困难的
     2. strong and able to deal with difficult situations 坚强的;强壮的
mature a.   1. behaving in a sensible way, like an adult 成熟的
     2. fully grown and developed 长熟的,成熟的
conscience n.   [C, U] the sense of right and wrong 良心;良知
component n.   [C] a necessary or essential part 成分;部件
enrich vt.   1. improve 改善,改进
     2. make rich or richer 使丰富
fashionable a.   popular; following the fashion 时髦的,时尚的
yield vi.   (to) agree to do sth. that one does not want to do 屈服;屈从
  vt.   produce 出产;生产
@★  tempt vt.   make sb. want to have or do sth. 引诱;诱惑
attraction n.   1. [C] sth. that attracts sb. 有吸引力的事物
     2. [C, U] a quality that makes sth. attractive 吸引;吸引力
rear a.   at or in the back 后面的
  n.   [sing.] the back part; back 后面;背后
 rear-view n.   [C] a sight of what is behind 后视
Phrases and Expressions 
middle ground  a position which is between two very different ones 中间道路;折中
sell out (to)  do sth. that is disloyal to one's principles or beliefs 出卖(原则或信念等)
at hand  1. being considered 在考虑中
   2. near in time or place 即将到来;近在手边
in short supply  lacking; not quite available 缺货;短缺
the bottom line  the most important factor; the main or essential point 重要因素;关键的东西
demand of  expect sth. from sb. or sth. 期待;要求
stand for  1. support a set of aims or principles 主张;支持
   2. represent 代表;象征
confront with  bring face to face with; force to deal with or accept the truth of 面对;对质
think of  1. consider sb. and their needs or situation 考虑;为……设想
   2. remember sb. or sth. 想起;回忆起
do fine  do a good job 干得好
give sb. credit  give sb. praise 赞扬
in other words  that is (to say); put in a different way 换言之
win the day  be successful 获胜;成功
Proper Names 
David Ogilvy  戴维·奥格尔维(人名)
Ogilvy & Mather  奥美广告公司
Robert Schuller  罗伯特·舒勒(人名)


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