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(2007-12-25 14:33:44)


Yesterday is the midwinter of lunar calendar, today is really getting cold, and it’s raining, make me fell the winter of south is coming. I dressed in the same as yesterday without any speacial feeling in the morning, but I was quivering with cold when I stayed in office. Then I sent a message to my husband and ask where he was, he answered me that he was in GZ and just bought a new dress for me. I felt faint at his message. I hadn’t tried on the cloth, how dare he buy it? Anyway, it’s warm in my heart, a lovely husband!
The New Year’s Day is coming, there are so many things waiting for discussing with the boss couple. But I knew they would not come since today is boss’s birthday and Sunday. What a coincidence, my husband’s birthday in ID card is the same with my boss. Actually my husband was born at the dusk of December 22, and registered in the morning of December 23, that’s why all of his certificates show the birthday is December 23. Besides, my previous boss of the Haikou Company was born on  December 24. Not too many coincidences, but too small the world is.
My replacement of previous company told me she would make a job-hopping recently, would go to an America company with high salary and good welfare. The most important thing to her is the new company located in city center, near her boyfriend company. Good news! It’s invisible reminder and pressure for me compare with those fresh person’s great progress on their jobs, I found my job is too steady these years. Stabilization is not bad, but it’s real good if we can make a continue improvement in steady job. Although making improvement need a period of time, but we still need often to make a self-check if what we have devoted into was enough and has created value no matter it’s tangible or intangible. And this is what I should focus on and learn from.
I spent more than one hour to read the new version of <Labor Law> today. In my opinion, it shows that government are mainly supporting poor and disadvantaged people, all policies are trending to protect the benefits of laborers, and the employers have to protect by themselves. It is the same as the management in a company. The strong usually are strict with themselves without any supervision, but on the contrary, the weak need us to giving more supporting, and then we can finally became a strong team!
The following is my last part translation for <Money and Happiness> (The End):
Nothing comforts like cash. In times of crisis—a debilitating illness or loss of one’s home—money can come in pretty handy. But for all its benefits, it cannot fortify you against the inevitable pain and sadness that follow the crisis. For that, researchers say, you need close friendships. “Human beings are social animals,” notes Alex Michalos, professor of philosophy and social sciences. “They’re not built to handle things alone.”
没有东西比现金更能安慰人。在危机时刻—在生命垂危或失去家庭的时候,钱可以提供相当的方便。但它所有的好处,也不能让你战胜危机过后不可避免的痛苦和悲哀。对此,研究者说,你需要友情。“人类是社会动物,”哲学和社会科学家Alex Michalos说,“人们从来都不是独自应对一切。”
Tom and Rachel Leihbacher’s friends have always been instrumental in their lives. For years they worked on church projects together and hosted summer barbecues at one another’s houses. But the Leihbachers didn’t really know the true value of their friends until 1988, when their son Tommy was born with severe birth defects. By the time Tommy was two, he’d had a dozen costly operations.
Tom和Rachel Leihbacher的朋友们一直为他们的生活作出努力。多年来他们一直共同从事于教堂工程并在另一个人的家里做东做夏日烧烤。但直到1988年当他们的儿子Tommy带着严重的天生缺陷出生,Leihbachers都没有真正知道朋友的真正价值。Tommy两岁时,已做了数十次昂贵的手术。
Friends rallied to the family’s side. After the Leihbachers spent an entire summer in the hospital with Tommy, close friends from church snatched a key to their house, cleaned the place thoroughly and stocked the refrigerator for their return. Another time, friends gave them a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant and baby-sat for Tommy so the couple could go. Concerned by the family’s medical bills, they started a fund for the child, holding benefit concerts and rummage and bake sales.
“Our friends are an invaluable part of our lives,” Tom says, “Not so much for the things they did for us, but for their deep, abiding moral support. They helped pull us through. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on.”
If you could fulfill all your desires, you’d be happy. She was born in a New York City mansion, the only child of a multimillionaire. By the time she reached adulthood, she could fulfil any desire—from the B-25 bomber she reportedly refurbished for luxury travel, to her ceiling-high goldfish tanks. Yet whent heiress Doris Duke died last year, news reports detailed a lonely life of deep unhappiness.
如果你能实现你的所有心愿,你将会幸福。她出生在纽约市的大厦,一个亿万富翁的独生女儿。当她成年时,便可实现自己的任何心愿—从她报导中讲的为了豪华旅游而翻新的B-25轰炸机,到装在天花板上的金鱼水箱。然而当继承人Doris Duke去年过世后,新闻详细报道了一个极度不幸的孤独人生。
Is fulfilling one’s desires, then, an undesirable goal? Not at all, experts say, but they claim true happiness comes more in the striving to fulfill desires than in the attainment.
If you passed Joan Smith on the street you’d never know she’s the highest-ranking female biathlete in the United States. She has competed in two Olympics, but has yet to win a medal.
如果你在街上碰到Joan Smith,你也许从不会想到她是美国最高级的女性滑雪射击手。她已经两次参加奥林匹克比赛,但尚未赢得奖牌。
What keeps her competing? “I do it purely for love of the sport and the chance to achieve,” Smith says. “It’s given me a tremendous sense of self-esteem.” Left back in the first grade, Smith struggled in school. Then, at 13, she began combining cross-country skiing with target shooting and discovered her talent, “Biathlon training made me realize that not everything comes easily,” she says. “Winning a medal wouldn’t change the good things I ‘ve gotten out of this sport and the positive ways it has affected me.”
In a recent study of 55 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, China and the Philippines, researchers at the university of Illinois discovered something amazing: In countries where families had an average annual income of at least $10,000 per person ($40,000 a year for a family of four) it was usually found that additional amounts of income added very little to their sense of well-being. Although each individual family’s situation will differ, the study found that people as a whole have a positive sense of well-being.
Happiness and wealth aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s possible to have both-or neither. But most believe that those who have happiness, in the long run, have more. Even author Oscar Wilde, that dean of materialists, agreed:” Ordinary riches can be stolen from a man. Real riches cannot. In the treasury house of your soul, there are infinitely precious things that may not be taken from you.”
幸福和财富不是相互排斥的。可能同时拥有,也可能同时没有。但多数人相信拥有幸福的人,从长远看,会拥有更多。甚至作家Oscar Wilde,唯物主义系的系主任也赞同:“通俗意义的财富是可以被偷窃的,而真正的财富不会。在你灵魂的宝库里,有无数珍贵的东西,它们是不可能从你那里被夺走的。”


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