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(2006-06-05 20:23:48)
OK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee. 好啦,Philip。这是你的第三杯咖啡了。
We should get to work, 我们得开始做事了,
or we won't be finished by dinnertime. 要不然晚餐时间到了我们还没做完。
I guess we must. 我想我们是该开始了。
We must. 我们是该开始了。
OK. The beginning of my famous Thanksgiving apple pie. 好。开始做我最拿手的感恩节苹果派。
One apple. Two apples. Three apples. Four apples. 一个苹果。两个苹果。三个苹果。四个苹果。
Come on, Philip! 快点,Philip!
Get busy with your famous apple pie. 快做你拿手的苹果派吧。
There's much more to be done. 要做的事太多了。
Now, the ingredients. 现在,看看配料。
What goes into my apple pie besides apples? 除了苹果以外,我的苹果派还要放什么?
Ah, yes. Flour, sugar, butter. 哦,对了。 粉,糖,黄油。
Butter, nice and cold and hard. 黄油,新鲜且又冷又硬。
OK, here are the walnuts. 嗯,核桃在这。
Last but not least, 最后但同等重要的,
the reason my apple pie is famous--cinnamon. 我的苹果派就是靠它出名的---桂皮粉。
Cinnamon ...桂皮粉……
Ellen, where's the cinnamon? Ellen,桂皮粉放在哪儿?
If there is any cinnamon, 要是有的话,
it's in the cabinet with the salt and pepper. 应该跟盐和胡椒粉一起放在橱柜。
Salt, pepper, dill weed, garlic powder, cinnamon. Ellen? 盐,胡椒粉,莳萝,大蒜粉,桂皮粉,Ellen?
Yes, Philip. 什么事,Philip?
Is it possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon? 是不是我们忘了买桂皮粉?
Yes, it is possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon. 是的,我们可能忘了买桂皮粉。
Well, how can I make my famous apple pie without cinnamon? 这下好啦,没有桂皮粉我那道著名的苹果派怎么做?
Good morning. 早安。
Oh, hi, Robbie. Good morning. 哦,Robbie,早安。
Good morning. Robbie. 早安,Robbie。
Can you do me a favor? 你能帮我个忙吗?
Sure, Dad. What? 当然,爸爸。干什么?
Remember my apple pie on Thanksgiving? 记得在感恩节我做的苹果派?
What do you love about it? 你最喜欢中间的什么?
The apples? 苹果吗?
No. The sssss... 不。是sssss……
Cinnamon. 桂皮粉。
Right. We don't have any cinnamon. 对。我们没有桂皮粉了。
I'll go down to Henry's grocery. He's always open. 我到亨利杂货店去买。那儿总是开门营业。
I'll get some for you. 我去替你买一些。
That's my boy! 好儿子!
Oh, put your heavy jacket on, Robbie. 把你的厚夹克穿上,Robbie。
It's cold outside. 外面很冷。
Alexandra might call. Alexandra可能会来电话。
Tell her I'll call her right back. 告诉她我会马上给她回电话的。
OK. 好。
Thanks, Son. 谢谢你,孩子。
Uh, why does he always have to slam the door? 唉,为什么他老是砰一声地关上门。
Hello.... Hello, Alexandra. How are you? ... Fine. 好……Alexandra。你好吗?……很好。
Robbie just went to the store. Robbie刚去商店。
He'll be back soon. 他很快就回来。
He said he'll call you. 他说了他要给你打电话。
... Oh, oh, I see.... Oh ... certainly. ……嗯,嗯, 我知道了。……嗯……一定。
Well, do you have the phone number there? 那么,有那儿的电话号码吗?
... Oh ... I see.... Please, I know he wants to talk to you.... ……啊……我明白……我知道他很想跟你说话……
Thank you, 谢谢,
and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too. 祝你和你的全家感恩节愉快。
Try to come by later for dessert.... Bye. 晚会尽量到这儿来吃甜点……再见。
That was Alexandra. 是Alexandra打来的。
She and the Molinas 她和Molina一家
are going to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins. 准备与亲戚一起过感恩节。
She doesn't have the phone number. 她不知道那儿的电话号码。
Oh, Robbie will be disappointed. 哦,Robbie会很失望的。
He'll be grouchy. 他会发牢骚的。
Maybe she'll call back. She promised. 也许她会打电话回来。她说了。
Here's your cinnamon, Pop. 这是你要的桂皮粉,爸爸。
It was a dollar and sixty cents. 花了一元六角。
You forgot to ask me for the change. 你忘了问我要找回零钱。
Or did you forget to give it to me? 或许是你忘了给我?
Thanks, Son. 谢谢你,儿子。
Alexandra called. Alexandra来电话了。
I'll call her back. 我给她回电话。
She said she'll call you later. 她说她等会儿给你电话。
She's not at home. 她现在不在家。
You should have your breakfast, Son. 你应该吃早点,孩子。
Make you feel better. 这样才会让你觉得舒服些。
Protein, vitamins. 蛋白质,维他命。
She said she'll call back? 她说过她会回电话?
Yes, she did. 是的,她说了。
Good morning, everyone! 各位早安!
Happy Turkey Day! 火鸡节快乐!
What's wrong? 怎么啦?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 没有啊。什么事也没有。
What's gotten into him? 他怎么搞的?
He missed a phone call. 他没接到一个电话。
From ...? 打来的人是……?
Yes, Alexandra. 对,Alexandra。
It's nice to see young love.... Oh, to be young again! 真高兴看见年轻人相爱……啊,能再恢复年轻多好!
Where's the coffee? 咖啡在哪?
"It's possible.
It's possible.
Could be.
It's possible.
We might.
We may.
It's possible.
Let's see."
Is it possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon?
"It's Thanksgiving Day,
and I need to make a pie.
We have sugar, apples, walnuts,
and time is going by.
It's possible there's something
I forgot to buy.
I need some cinnamon,
or I can't make the pie.
Is it possible we forgot?
Maybe we forgot.
Is it possible we forgot?
Could be.
It's possible we forgot?
Maybe we forgot.
It's possible we forgot.
Let's see."
Alexandra might call.
"It's Thanksgiving Day,
and I'm at home.
There's someone I want to hear from,
and I'm waiting by the phone.
She might call me real soon,
before we eat.
before we eat.
When she does, my Thanksgiving Day will be complete.
Yes, it's possible she'll call.
Maybe she'll call.
It's possible she'll call.
Could be.
It's possible she'll call.
She might.
She may.
It's possible she'll call.
Let's see."
Or maybe she'll call back. She promised to.
"It's possible.
It's possible.
Could be.
It's possible.
She might.
She may."
Mom, is it for me?
I love parades. 我爱看游行。
The Thanksgiving Day parade is always such great fun. 感恩节的游行总是如此有趣。
Look at that Superman balloon! 你看那个超人气球!
Wowee! Just floating along high above Central Park West. 啊哈!高高飘浮在中央公园西路上空前。
Don't you just love it? 你能不喜欢吗?
Oh, and the bands and the music. 哦,还有那乐队和音乐。
John Philip Sousa. John Philip Soussa的曲子。
I love his music. 我喜欢他的作品。
Da dada da da dada da da da da da da dada. 哒 哒哒 哒 哒  哒哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 哒哒。
Oh, look at that float, Robbie. 噢,你看那花车,Robbie。
Look at those funny-looking clowns. 你看那些滑稽的小丑。
It's for kids. 这是给小孩看的。
Maybe so, but parades always make me feel like a kid. 也许是,但这些游行总是让我觉得像小孩子。
Remember when you and your dad and I 还记得你,你爸爸和我
went to the Thanksgiving Day parade? 去参加感恩节游行的事吗?
You were four or five years old, I think. 当时你才四五岁,我想。
Hello, hello.... Oh, hi, Susan. 喂,喂……啊,嗨,Susan。
How are you?... Here's Mom. 你好吗?……妈妈就来了。
Hello, Susan. 喂,Susan。
Yes, he missed a phone call from Alexandra. 对,他没接到Alexandra打来的电话。
Yes, I know, but he'll get over it. 是的,我知道。他过一会就好了。
Good. Then you'll be here about five? 很好。那么大约在五点左右来?
Oh, fine. 嗯,很好。
I look forward to seeing you and Harry and Michelle. 我很想见Harry和Michelle。
Drive carefully. 开车时小心。
Good-bye. 再见。
Taste Ellen's turkey dressing. 尝尝Ellen的火鸡填料。
It's delicious. 味道好极了。
I'm not surprised. 我一点也不觉得奇怪。
It's Grandma's recipe. 这是奶奶的配方。
It's my favorite part of the meal. 这是全餐中我最爱吃的部份。
What about my famous apple pie? 我那著名的苹果派怎么样?
Dad, your apple pie is my favorite dessert. 爸爸,你做的苹果派是我最爱吃的甜点。
How's the parade? 游行怎么样?
OK. 还好。
Mom! Is it for me? 妈妈!是我的吗?
No, Robbie. 不,Robbie。
Who was it? 谁来的电话?
Wrong number. 打错号码。
Philip, would you join me in the kitchen, please? Philip,请你跟我来厨房帮忙,好吗?
It's getting late. 时间不早了。
We have vegetables to prepare. 我们还得准备蔬菜。
Can I help with anything? 我能帮什么忙吗?
No, honey. 不用,亲爱的。
You just relax with Grandpa. 你只要轻轻松松陪爷爷就行了。
I'll get you to help serve later. 等一会我会叫你帮忙端菜。
Ellen reminds me so much of Grandma. Ellen真让我想起你奶奶。
What time does the Michigan football game come on? Michigan足球赛何时开始?
Four. 四点钟。
Philip! Philip!
I'll be back to see the game. 我到时候来看比赛。
Grandpa, when did Dad graduate from Michigan? 爷爷,爸爸是什么时候从Michigan毕业的?
Let me think. 让我想想。
He graduated from medical school in 1960 他在一九六零年从医学院毕业
and from the University of Michigan in 1956. 一九五六年从Michigan大学毕业。
Did you go to Michigan, too, Grandpa? 你也是Michigan大学的吗,爷爷?
Yup. I graduated in 1937. 是的。我是一九三七年毕业的。
I've got to start thinking about college soon. 我很快也得开始考虑大学的事了。
Likes and Dislikes
Grandpa loves the Thanksgiving Day parade.
I love parades.
Philip likes to make apple pie.
One apple.
Two apples.
He really enjoys it.
And Robbie is fond of Alexandra.
Philip likes Ellen's turkey dressing.
And Grandpa loves Thanksgiving Day.
Happy Turkey Day.
Philip is crazy about football.
What time does the Michigan football game come on?
And Robbie is crazy about Alexandra.
Why does he always have to slam the door?
Ellen doesn't like that sound.
She can't stand it.
And Robbie hates waiting for Alexandra to call.
He can't stand waiting.
But Robbie really likes his mom's turkey dressing.
It's my favorite part of the meal.
And you can guess his favorite friend is ...
That's right. Alexandra.
He's fond of her.
He's crazy about her.
He's wild about her.
He likes her a lot.
OK, everybody. 好啦,各位。
I want to welcome Harry and his daughter Michelle 我想对Harry和他女儿Michelle
to Thanksgiving with us. 来参加我们的感恩节晚餐表示欢迎。
Thank you, Dr. Stewart. 谢谢你,Stewart大夫。
Call me Philip. 叫我Philip。
OK. 好的。
But first, I think we should take a moment 不过首先,我想我们应该用一两分钟
and remember the meaning of Thanksgiving. 来追忆一下感恩节的意义。
Philip, I took Michelle to a school play   Philip,我带Michelle看过学校演出的
about the first Thanksgiving.  第一次感恩节历史剧。
Well, why don't you tell us about that, Michelle? 那好,能否给我们讲一讲, Michelle?
Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims, 感恩节是关于清教徒的,
the first settlers in America. 他们是第一批来美国定居的移民。
They shared the first harvest with the Indians 他们与印第安人分享首次收获
and gave thanks. 和感恩。
All right. 很正确。
Then in that spirit let each of us give thanks. 现在本着同样心意让我们开始感恩。
Each in his own way. 每个人用自己的方式来表达。
Who wants to begin? 谁先开始?
I will. 我来。
I give thanks for being here with my family and for being well, 我感谢能在这里和家人同住而且很健康,
so I can enjoy you all. 让我享受到你们大家的温馨。
All rihgt! 太好了!
We love you, Grandpa. 我们爱你,爷爷。
I'd like to give thanks for a healthy year, a good job, 我感谢这一年来身体健康,工作顺利,
and for meeting Harry and Michelle. 并且认识了Harry和Michelle。
We'd like to give thanks for meeting Susan  我们要感谢认识了Susan
and the Stewart family. 和Stewart一家人。
I love you, Daddy. 我爱你,爸爸。
Thanks, Harry. 谢谢你,Harry。
That was very kind of you. 你真好。
I'd like to give thanks for Grandpa coming to live with us. 我感谢爷爷到这儿和我们一起生活。
And I'd also like to thank my math teacher 我还要感谢我的数学老师
for giving me a passing grade. 给我及格分数。
And call me, Alexandra. 还有,打电话给我,Alexandra。
Oh, Robbie! 啊,Robbie!
She'll call. 她会打的。
You go first, Marilyn. 你先讲,Marilyn。
I'm thinking. 我还在想。
You go first. 你先来。
Well, you all know I'm working on my photo album. 好吧,你们都知道我正在进行我的写真集。
It's not finished yet. 现在还没有完成。
And I'd like to thank Marilyn for being so patient. 我要感谢Marilyn没有不耐烦。
Thanks, Richard. 谢谢你,Richard。
I should thank you for encouraging me 我应该感谢你一直鼓励我
to keep working on my fashion designs. 继续我的服装设计工作。
I'm lucky to have a husband with an artistic eye. 我很庆幸,我丈夫具有艺术的眼光。
Oh, we have a lot to be thankful for. 啊,我们有很多需要感谢的事情。
For the food on this table. 感谢这桌上的丰盛食物。
Just like the Pilgrims. 就像早年清教徒那样。
I'll go along with that, Ellen. 我也有同感,Ellen。
Well, help me serve, Robbie. 好,帮我分菜,Robbie。
It was a wonderful meal, Mrs. Stewart. 真是一顿精美的晚餐,Stewart太太。
Thank you. 谢谢 。
And now to see the end of the football game. 现在去看看足球赛的最后一段。
Exactly. 正合我意。
Where are you going, Philip? 你上哪去,Philip?
Remember, the Michigan football game? 记得吗,Michigan足球赛?
And Michigan needs a touchdown. Michigan队需要得分。
Did you forget something? 你是否忘了什么东西?
Dad, your famous apple pie. 爸爸,你最著名的苹果派。
Just let me see the score, Ellen. 让我去看看比分,Ellen。
Go ahead, Philip. 去吧,Philip。
We should all take a little break before dessert. 吃甜点之前我们大家应该稍微休息一下。
Oh, who could that be? 啊,这会是谁呢?
Oh, it must be Alexandra. 一定是Alexandra。
I invited her to come by for dessert. 我邀请她来吃甜点。
You did? 请了她?
I like Ellen. 我喜欢Ellen。
You know everyone, Alexandra. 你认识每一位吧, Alexandra。
No, she doesn't know Harry Bennett and his daughter Michelle. 不,她不认识Harry Bennett和他女儿Michelle。
Nice to meet you. 幸会。
Hi. 好。
Hello, Alexandra. 你好,Alexandra。
Hi, Marilyn. 嗨,Marilyn。
Hi, Susan. 嗨,Susan。
Happy Thanksgiving. 感恩节快乐。
And Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie. Alexandra给我们带来了一个南瓜派。
Please sit down, Alexandra. 请坐,Alexandra。
Dad, Richard--Alexandra's here. 爸爸,Richard Alexandra来了。
Michigan needs a touchdown. Michigan队需要一次底线得分。
Three minutes to play. 还剩三分钟。
Hi, Alexandra. Welcome. 嗨,Alexandra。欢迎。
Hello, Alexandra. 你好,Alexandra。
Yes, Michigan needs a touchdown. 是啊,Michigan队需要一次底线得分。
One tiny little touchdown, with just three minutes to play. 一次小小的底线得分,只剩下三分钟了。
You want Michigan to win. 你希望Michigan队赢球。
How'd you guess? 你怎么晓得?
And Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie. Alexandra给我们带来了一个南瓜派。
What happened? 怎么啦?
We forgot to turn the oven on. 我们忘了开烤箱开关。
We did? 我们忘了吗?
Philip, why don't you go    Philip,你何不去
watch the last three minutes of the game. 看完那最后三分钟的球赛。
I will serve coffee and pumpkin pie. 我来准备咖啡和南瓜派。
OK. I'll be back in a few minutes. 好,过几分钟我就回来。
Robbie, would you bring the dessert plates. Robbie,你把甜点盘子拿来。
And, Marilyn, would you pour coffee, please. Marilyn,请你倒一杯咖啡。
Sure, Ellen. 当然,Ellen。
How was your Thanksgiving dinner, Alexandra?你的感恩节晚餐怎么样,Alexandra?
Just wonderful, Mr. Stewart. 好极了,Stewart医生。
The Molinas are a large family. Molina家是一个大家族。
I love being with them. 我喜欢和他们在一起。
I'm glad you came by, Alexandra. 我很高兴你来,Alexandra。
I am, too. 我也一样。
Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown! 底线得分!底线得分!底线得分!
Great Thanksgiving. 美好的感恩节。
Lots to be thankful for. 要感谢的事很多。
Michigan scored a touchdown. Michigan队底线得分。
Alexandra came by. Alexandra来了。
And nobody misses Philip's famous apple pie. 并且没人会想到Philip著名的苹果派。
Oh, Grandpa! 啊,爷爷!
On Thanksgiving Day, people in the U.S.A.
get together with family and friends.
I want to welcome Harry and his daughter
Michelle to Thanksgiving with us.
Thank you, Dr. Stewart.
Hello, Alexandra.
Hi, Marilyn. Hi, Susan. Happy Thanksgiving.
And Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie.
Please, sit down. Alexandra.
Hi, Alexandra. Welcome.
Hello, Alexandra.
The first Thanksgiving was in 1621.
Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims,
the first settlers in America.
They shared the first harvest with the Indians
and gave thanks.
Thanksgiving is a day with many traditions.
People eat traditional foods like turkey and turkey dressing.
And fruit pies, like apple pie and pumpkin pie.
Families enjoy modern traditions, too,
like watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on television.
Don't you just love it.
Oh, and the bands, and the music.
John Philip Sousa. I love his music.
And people watch the afternoon football game.
Touchdown! Touchdown!
And Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks.
I give thanks for being here with my family
and for being well so I can enjoy you all.
Well ... I'd like to give thanks for a healthy year,
a good job and for meeting Harry and Michelle.
It's a special holiday, a day to be with people you love.
We love you, Grandpa.
I love you, Daddy.


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